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The Titillation in the Taxi

Booth felt the rain trickling down the back of his neck, freezing his skin just as his feet were frozen to the road. He watched her leave, the taste of her still in his mouth. It couldn't end like this.

"Hey, ho, ho. Hold the cab. Hold the cab. Hey!" A couple of long strides took him to the yellow hulk of the vehicle and he leaned over eagerly to rap a knuckle on the window.

Brennan smiled crookedly at him through the wet glass, hesitated for a heartbeat and then rolled the window down.

Booth ducked his head down close to hers and the clean scent of her washed over him, taking him by surprise. His mouth twisted teasingly, "So, you're afraid when I look at you in the morning, I'll have regrets?"

The look she gave him shot heat straight to his groin and when she spoke, the huskiness in her voice sent a shiver down his spine that had nothing to do with the cold and everything to do with need.

She laughed confidently. "That would never happen." Her lips curved even more and he ached to respond to their smug challenge. He hesitated for a split second, disconcerted, as Brennan reached to wind up the window but he got there before her, jerking open the door and sliding smoothly in beside her, snug and tight against her leg, curving his body around hers to fit into the space. She didn't budge. He muttered to the driver, urging him to get going, his eyes never leaving her face. The taxi finally pulled away from the curb and he let himself relax; she hadn't asked him to get out – that had to be a good thing. One last look over her shoulder, neon blue reflected on her face, and then she directed the electric intensity of her gaze to his lips, making them tingle as if she'd just run her tongue along their width.

"We are not spending the night together." She'd said the same thing outside the bar, in the rain, only this time her voice was edged with a plea, the words low and insistent.

He matched her tone, his expression mischievous. "I don't need all night." His hand skimmed her jaw and teased her neck, catching the leap of her pulse with his fingertips.

Brennan snorted at the audacity of his statement, unconsciously moving into the rhythm of his strokes. She shot a quick look at the back of the driver's head. The muted reggae from the front seat screened their conversation and he was oblivious to everything but the line of traffic ahead. She started when Booth reached over and placed his hand lightly on her leg, fingertips making lazy circles along her inner thigh.

He leant in to her and whispered against her cheek, "I've got everything I need right here." Tequila had fuelled his bravado, but the tiny upwards movement of her hips in response to his touch propelled him onwards. He let his thumb massage lazy circles along the length of her thigh, boldly inching higher and higher when he met with no resistance.

"What are you doing?" The question was calmly asked, only the breathy quality of her voice giving any hint that she was in turmoil.

"Exactly what you think I'm doing." He teased, loving that she was complicit in the game. His thumb stilled when the nail jagged the edge of her panties through the fabric of her trousers. "Want me to stop?"

Brennan stayed silent but her eyes searched his for several long moments before her expression shifted and she gave a small shake of her head. What was it about this man that told her instinctively that she could trust him? And there was no question that she wanted him; her body thrummed wherever it touched his. She flicked another look towards the front of the vehicle and then let her legs relax, sliding forward on the worn leather seat towards his hand.

Despite the fact he'd made such a blatant move on her, Booth was both shocked and exhilarated by the way her knees fell apart at his touch. That alone got him rock hard in seconds. He'd known the moment he'd clapped eyes on her that they would be going somewhere, but he had barely dared to hope that this would be part of their journey. The thought sent fire shimmying up his spine. He shifted a little closer, using the bulk of his body to help shield her from view. Placing a hand either side of her hips, he tugged gently, angling her pelvis towards him, watching her all the while for any hint of conflict on her face. She smiled back at him, her eyes alight with a heat matching his. With a quick flip of his thumb and forefinger he wordlessly loosed the fastening at the waist of her trousers, sliding the zipper down. He placed a large hand on the exposed flesh of her stomach and felt her pulse go wild, her fingers bunching into fists that pushed down hard on the lumpy upholstery. God, she was so hot, so beautiful. And right at this moment … so his.

Slowly and deliberately he ramped up the pressure, spreading the span of his hands over her hips, letting his thumbs start up again with those lazy circles, slipping the lacy edge of her panties away until his nails scratched gently through the dark pubic hair that was revealed to him. She drew in a quick breath, her eyes widening, but she didn't shy away, and he let his thumb dip teasingly against her clit. The lurch and rumble of the vehicle as it negotiated its way through the late evening traffic worked in his favor and he maintained the contact, channeling the vibrations of the rough ride through his fingers. Brennan tried to stifle the guttural moan that bubbled up from deep inside her, but was only partly successful. His pulse rocketed skyward in response to the sound and he took a shuddering breath to calm himself.

He leant in until his lips were against her ear and whispered with shaky amusement, "Oh, Dr Bones, you're going to have to do better than that or we're going to get sprung." He faltered as a blush stained her cheeks at his words and the sight almost undid him. He half turned his head towards the front and raised his voice a little, tone roughened by desire. "Hey, buddy. You want to turn up the music a little?"

"Sure, man!" The driver nudged up the volume a couple of notches. "You like to hear the rhythm, eh?"

Booth's eyes were locked onto Brennan's as he answered. "Like you wouldn't believe."

She still hadn't spoken more than a few inarticulate words, or touched him with anything other than her eyes. Her restraint turned him on all the more; her mute challenge was exhilarating. Her breathing became ragged as he touched his middle finger to his tongue and she followed the movement hungrily as he slid it back into her softness. Her hips began to squirm and the slow teasing circles were abandoned as he flicked her clit in ever increasingly rapid strokes. He shot a look at her face, watching her intently as her eyes half closed and she caught her bottom lip between her teeth, biting hard. He dipped a finger into her wetness and stoked the rhythm of his touch, faster and faster until she came apart, silent and shuddering, wet against his hand. She collapsed towards him, her breathing labored but, still, not a sound escaped her lips. Sweet Jesus Mary Mother of God, he'd never been so turned on in his life.

Brennan's eyes fluttered open and her breathing began to return to normal. She pulled the zip of her trousers up and rebuttoned them matter-of-factly before she looked at him. Her smile was Cheshire cat wide, and thoroughly sated. She lifted his hand to her mouth and sucked gently on his oh-so-industrious finger.

She spoke then, her voice low and deep and husky; liquid sexuality. "You boasted that you wouldn't need a whole night … what would you do if you had one?"

The taxi pulled over to the curb; they'd arrived at her apartment block.

Booth threw a twenty at the driver and looked back at her with a lopsided grin. He took her hand and drew her into the cool night air.

"Let's find out."

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