The Crowd

Glam nation was running smoothly just like it did every night. Allison and Orianthi opened the show and then Adams' concert started. Completely normal. Until Adam and Tommy unveiled their Meet My Band surprise.

Adam introduced Monte, Cam, and Longinue, and then it was Tommy's turn. Adam swung an arm over Tommy's shoulder and pulled him to the front of the stage. Tommy leaned up to Adams ear.

"Tell them!" Tommy whispered. Adam smiled down at the little guy.

"You sure?" Adam whispered back, being sure to keep the microphone away from his mouth. The crown was getting confused, who wouldn't be? No one can predict Adam Lambert.

"Do it PLEASE?" Tommy was begging now. Adam was willing, he just didn't know if Tommy was ready.

"If you're sureā€¦" replied Adam.

"I'm sure! Say it now." Adam finally turned his attention back to the crowd, speaking into the microphone again.

"Ladies and gentlemen, on the bass, Mr. Tommy. Joe." Adam took a diva pause after every other word but stopped completely to look down at Tommy. Tommy smiled back up at the taller male. Adam took his sweet time playing with the red fringe of Tommy's vampire shirt. Tommy couldn't take it anymore. He grabbed the mic and screamed

"Tommy Joe Lambert." Before giving the bejeweled cylinder back to Adam with a smile. The crowd was mostly confused. Adam grabbed Tommy's hand and showed to some fans in the front row. The fans started squealing when they saw the diamond engagement ring of Tommy's finger, plus a matching on eon Adams'. Soon the crown caught on and started cheering; their fan girl fantasy was now reality.

Tommy did his bass solo as rehearsed, handing the neck off to Adam when he was done. Adam smirked, wrapping his fingers around it and stroking. He moved his fist back and forth producing a "whan-whan-whan" sound. Tommy jumped every time Adams hand hit the end of the neck as a joke. Adam joked back, saying to the mic

"We did this for real last night." Tommy blushed and stopped jumping and Adam winked at him. The crowd started chanting "KISS, KISS, KISS" Adam shrugged, leaned over and kisses Tommy on the cheek, teasing both him and the fans. Tommy did the same thing, pecking Adams cheek. The crowd was screaming now. Adam kissed Tommy's cheek again. This had just become a competition. Tommy kissed Adam again and Adam kissed Tommy and then repeats. Adam leaned all the way over and kissed Tommy's other cheek with a smug look that said 'I Won"

Tommy grabbed Adams chin and kissed him on the lips. The crowd cheered wildly and it was obvious who'd won.