Title: Kurosaki Ichigo, I hate you, I don't love you!

Pairing: Ichi/Ishi

Genre: romance, drama, humor

Chapters: Multi, no idea how far it will go

Word count: 6,562

Spoiler/s: anime episode 11/12, manga chapter 33+(roughly)

Full summary: "You wanted me to notice you… if it's that important doesn't it mean you have a romantic interest in me?" Ichigo was a moron, Uryuu had already established that so it would make sense he would come up with logic like that. It was stupid, how could something like that be true? Then if Ichigo wasn't wrong… Set in the time frame shortly after Ichigo and Ishida meet.




Final thoughts: This was planned to be a oneshot, but then… shit happens. Enjoy your slowly updated fic.

Kurosaki Ichigo, I hate you, I don't love you!

Chapter One: Kurosaki Ichigo, I hate you!


A sigh escaped the Quincy's lips as his steps slowed to a stop. "Kurosaki, haven't we done this before?"

Silence followed the question for several moments before finally Ichigo stepped out of his hiding place.

"When did you notice?"

"When we left school. We've also had this same discussion before. How can I not notice that you were following me, Kurosaki? It's the same as it was last time; just because you are blind to my presence doesn't mean I'm blind to your's. How could anyone not notice your reiatsu with it how it is?" the bespectacled teen pushed his glassed back up the bridge of his nose and sighed heavily.

"It upsets you that much that I don't notice you?"

"Wha? What the hell are you saying now, Kurosaki?" Uryuu's cheeks flushed with mild anger as he glared halfheartedly at the other male. "What is it you want?"


"You followed me from school, so I'm asking you what it is you want." the Quincy's expression was that of annoyance.

"Oh, I wanted to talk." Ichigo's usual scowl was absent from his face while a relatively clueless look took it's place. His brows were still knit together like they always seemed to be but they lacked the angry-looking pressure that normally held his face in a irritable look.

His expression alone piqued Uryuu's interest.

"Obviously." the raven haired male nearly sneered, instead he settled for a haughty glare.


Uryuu huffed in annoyance and folded his thin arms over his chest "Well, Kurosaki, what is it you wanted to talk about?"

"Last time you were upset because I didn't notice you."

"What are you talking about?"

Ichigo frowned deeply and stepped closer toward the Quincy. "When we first met you were really upset because I didn't notice you…" he stopped several feet short of the highest ranking student in his class.

"What… I wasn't upset, I was demonstrating how truly blind you are to reiatsu."

"You seemed pretty damned upset." the orange haired male's scowl returned.

"Is that all you wanted to talk about? It looks like it's about to rain and I don't want to get caught in it, so..."

"Can we go back to your place and talk?

Ishida offered him a tired glance but didn't say anything more as he turned back around and began walking in the direction of his home.

It was only minutes from the Ishida residence when the rain set in drizzling in a light sheet over everything. Uryuu glanced back over his shoulder at Ichigo who had remained quiet throughout their trip and was now following close behind him in silence.

The duo reached Uryuu's house with damp hair and clothes moments after the rain had begun. Even as they walked to the front door of the small modern size house both boys were silent.

The raven haired male unlocked the front door and opened it before stepping inside. Ichigo then did the same. Both removed their shoes and dropped their bags by the door.

Uryuu finally broke the awkward silence that had lasted since they had established where they were going to talk by the simple question "Do you want anything to drink?" which Ichigo merely shook his head 'no' to.

The Quincy then left the room and returned moments later with two towels one of which he gave to Ichigo and the other he began patting himself dry with. Ichigo did the same.

"So, Kurosaki, what is it you wanted to talk about?"

A short silence passed before Ichigo answered. "When we first met you were upset about me not noticing you before, so you have a romantic interest in me then, right?"

Uryuu's hair was slightly tussled from the rubbing he had done on it with the towel. Several ebony colored locks had managed to retain just enough moisture to allow them to mat to his forehead. His narrow sapphire eyes widened with the statement as he looked at the substitute shinigami incredulously. "What?"

"Rukia, showed me something. that let me come to the conclusion that you have a romantic interest in me," Ichigo's expression was completely serious, so much so the Quincy couldn't help the chocked snicker.

"Just what are you saying, Kurosaki? That I'm in love with you because I wanted you to notice me and that this is all because something Kuchiki showed you?" Uryuu's icy sapphire orbs burned to molten at the mention of the challenge.

"Wha, no! No! Well... yes but not exactly like that!" Ichigo fumbled for several moments before he could correctly speak. "It's just that... Wait here a minute, okay?" the orange haired shinigami draped the towel around his neck and ran back toward the entrance. He fumbled with his bag for a moment then ran back to show Uryuu what he had managed to find.

"What interest would I have in your comic book, Kurosaki?" the bespectacled teen questioned once the book was offered to him. With only the short glance he'd offered the bundle of paper Uryuu could clearly see it was some girl's comic with a romantic couple holding one another on the cover.

"Just, look..." Ichigo thrust the book into Uryuu's chest.

The Quincy took it begrudgingly and began flipping through it's pages. After a moment Uryuu was still to clear up any meaning behind the book. "Kurosaki, I'm not seeing what you seem to want me to." he closed the book and offered it to Ichigo.

"Dammit, this, look..." Ichigo took the book and flipped through the pages until he found the one he had been looking for. "this is what I'm talking about, Ishida!" he waved the book at the other boy. "Ayu here," he pointed to some prettily drawn girl "has a crush on this guy, Hanabi, and works to get him to notice her..."

Uryuu was silent in response.

"She's in love with him, but in the beginning he didn't even know she existed until she began her plan to make him fall in love with-"

"You think I'm in love with you?" the sapphire eyed male half yelled as he offered Ichigo his iciest glare. "Tell me Kurosaki, what is one dramatic difference you notice about that fictional character named Ayu and myself?"

"Huh, what do you mean, Ishida?"

"She's... a girl, I'm - quite obviously - a man!"

"Yeah, so?"

"'So?' Kurosaki..."

"So, your saying that it's not true?"

"What?" the Quincy was sure to ask this slow and suspiciously.

"About you being in love with me. Working so hard to get me to notice you didn't have anything to do with a crush then?"

"Of course not!"

"Then, why would you go through so much trouble?"

"Why?" Uryuu's brows knitted together in confused thought. "I thought we already went over this, Kurosaki, I only wanted to show you the power of a Quincy."

"So that was it?"


"You would do anything for the Quincy name..." Uryuu couldn't place if this was meant to be a question or not.

"Kurosaki, is that it?"

Ichigo looked over at the other boy with a mixed expression, his lips were pulled down into a tight frown while his eyes were narrow but the brows dipped upward enough to soften the glare. He was silent for several minutes and Uryuu began to think he wouldn't answer before he offered his short reply in clipped tone "No."

"Then what else?" the Quincy was beginning to feel uneasy. Whatever it was Ichigo was getting around to he was doubting he would like it in the least.

Again Ichigo didn't answer in a prompt manner and choose to instead first turn his attention to the book still cradled loosely in his hand. He leafed through several pages, only pausing every once in awhile to skim over one of the pages content. "Is it really that odd to think you could have a crush on me?"

"Ichigo, I'm a man, and a Quincy... so it is, indeed, very odd." Uryuu pinched the bridge of his nose and lightly closed his eyes, trying to will the headache away.

"So it's wrong for a man to like another man?" the orange haired teen's expression was unreadable while his voice gave no more insight to what he currently felt. He didn't look up from the comic and continued to leaf through it's many pages.

"Well... I suppose not. I mean it is more common now days..." Uryuu at this point had bypassed uneasy and was settling in with damn right uncomfortable.

"Then why bring it up?"

"Why? Kurosaki, think for a moment, do you really think it's possible for me to have a silly little crush on you?"

"Is it that ridiculous?" the substitute shinigami offered the book he held a contemplative scowl but didn't bother looking over at the other teen present.


"You think it's impossible just because we're both men... and your a Quincy? Do you think I care about that at all?" He had stopped flipping through the pages of the book and now just held it in his tightly fisted hands.

"Do you want me to like you like that, is that it, Kurosaki?"

Ichigo was silent and after a few minutes had passed he once again began flipping through the pages in his comic.

"Damn it, Kurosaki!" Uryuu hissed and yanked the book from the orange haired teen's hand. He tossed it across the room. He then turned his cold narrowed sapphire eyes back to Ichigo. "Answer me!"

"I.." Ichigo paused and slowly, alarmingly slow, he turned to face the Quincy. "I like you... Ishida."

The raven haired teen didn't respond at first and merely let his hard gaze drop to his lap where his hands currently sat twisting and fidgeting nervously. His ebony brows drew together as his face sketched into an indecipherable expression.

Ichigo found himself fidgeting nervously as well.

"Kuro...saki..." Uryuu spoke slowly letting the word slide slowly from his lips. "you are a shinigami and am a Quincy. We are both men. We are more rivals than anything else." he paused and turned his indecipherable gaze to the orange haired male. "A romance between us is impossible."

"I don't care about any of those things..." Ichigo held an almost pleading tone to his voice. He noted it himself and it bothered him. He himself hadn't realized his affections toward the Quincy until he had said them aloud in the form of 'I like you'. It was annoying to think his own feelings had gotten so out of control and that he was suddenly feeling so desperate to demonstrate those feelings to Uryuu and have them reciprocated.

"Well," Uryuu spoke in clipped tones. He pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose before continuing. "Kurosaki, I do."

"Damn it, Ishida!" he growled and grabbed the other by his still slightly damp shoulders. The two shared a silent stare, both scowling angrily. "Just because I'm a shinigami it's impossible with me?"

"Enough already, Kurosaki, as I've said..." he brushed Ichigo's touch away. "it's impossible. If you don't understand then I'll say it more clearly; you've been rejected, Kurosaki."

Ichigo's expression darkened.

A sudden flare of scorching anger swelled in the orange hair shinigami's chest. To have the feelings he didn't quite understand himself be so carelessly dismissed was too much. They were feelings he wanted to explore and yet Uryuu was willing to brush them off with such little thought.

"Like hell."

Before Uryuu could open his mouth to question Ichigo he grabbed his head, with a large hand on either side of the his face, and crushed their lips together.

Ishida didn't respond at first, shock freezing any movement he might have attempted. When the initial shock wore off his hands grabbed Ichigo's wrists and attempted to pry them from him. When that method failed he pressed his hands to the orange haired shinigami's chest and pushed with as much strength as he could muster in the current position. Ichigo didn't budge and Uryuu quickly began to panic.

Instead of backing off as Uryuu so clearly wanted him to Ichigo pressed closer. Had Uryuu's mouth not been so tightly sealed by his frowning lips their teeth would have met with a satisfying 'click'. Ichigo grabbed the wrists of the two hands that were currently pressed to his chest trying to shove him away and forced them out and upward over the Quincy's head. The two of them fell; Uryuu backward and Ichigo forward and on top of the other.

Ichigo pressed his lips more firmly against Uryuu's one last time before pulling away to look at the other with a heated gaze. "Uryuu..." he sighed and gently kissed his cheek.

Uryuu didn't respond well to the affection he was shown but instead writhed in Ichigo's grasp attempting to free himself. He panted heavily as he spoke "Kuro... saki, don't s-say... get... off..." he rasped out in between gulps of heavy breathes.

"...can't..." was the response he received from Ichigo.

He held both of Uryuu's wrists in one hand and lowered his free hand to lightly cup the raven haired male's cheek. "I can't, I can't stop... not until you realize..." Ichigo's chocolaty eyes were soft as they stared into the infuriated sapphire ones of his captive. "... your in love with me." As he finished his statement his eyes narrowed and grew dark with an emotion Uryuu didn't want to place.

Once more their lips were crushed together by Ichigo and once again Uryuu clamped his lips together tightly stopping any attempts to intrude.

Ichigo growled in annoyance.

Regardless of any annoyances he displayed or felt he quickly found a way to persuade Uryuu into parting his lips.

Ichigo's free hand slipped beneath the Quincy's uniform shirt and found it's way to the thin pale chest of his captive. In return the bespectacled teen gasped at the sudden skin on skin contact on such a intimate area of his body. Ichigo's long fingered hand traced soft circles on the now heaving chest. His calloused hand lightly brushed the raven haired male's hardening nipples with every stroke. While his hand played with his captive's chest his tongue snaked it's way into his mouth, hotly mapping the new area.

Uryuu moaned softly and shifted uncomfortably. It wasn't so much a pleasure filled moan as it was a distressed one. He tugged roughly on his arms, attempting to break Ichigo's hold on them but failed.

Ichigo's tongue curled around Uryuu's and rubbed against it sensually.

The Quincy growled around the offending appendage, he had been avoiding being unnecessarily violent, but Ichigo was begging for it. He bit down, with a snap of his jaw, and caught Ichigo's tongue in between the tightly clenched teeth. He didn't hold the lock for long and quickly released the injured appendage.

Ichigo hissed and drew back, still holding Uryuu by his wrists. The hand that had been toying with his captive's chest cupped his now bleeding mouth.

"Fuck, Uryuu... what the hell?"

The other huffed angrily and hissed "What do you mean 'what the hell'?" around his labored panting. His eyes had narrowed to thin dangerous slits that almost had Ichigo second guessing his decisions.

"That hurt!" he growled and pressed the other more firmly into the plush couch cushions beneath them.

Uryuu ignored the soft material that he was pressed flush against in favor of answering Ichigo's statement "Well, Kurosaki, it sure as hell wasn't meant to feel good!"

Ichigo offered him a sour look in response but didn't look too angry, at least in Uryuu's opinion compared to the look he had received just earlier. "Just…" he paused, his breathing still labored but quickly calming. "what do you… think you're doing, Kurosaki?"

"What do you think…" Ichigo offered him a smirk as he leaned in close again. He kissed Uryuu's cheek softly then leaned closer and whispered hotly into his ear. "Uryuu?" his breath was hot against his neck and ear. He licked the shell of his captive's ear and smirked widely when it forced a shiver down his spine.

"K-k…" whatever Uryuu had planned to say was completely ignored in favor of Ichigo pulling back from him and swiftly ripping his shirt open. Buttons popped off and scattered throughout the room. Uryuu's sapphire eyes widened significantly at the sudden action. The surprised pause was all the time Ichigo needed to once more pin Uryuu's wrists above his head.

When Uryuu made a surprise sound in the back of his throat the smirk on Ichigo's face doubled in size. So the raven haired teen clamped his mouth tightly closed and silently made the resolve not to make another sound. However when the substitute shinigami brought his free hand to his chest once more his resolve was lost.

Large calloused fingers teased the hardening buds on the captive's heaving chest. Pinching one of the two and twisting it roughly as he leaned to capture Uryuu's lips again.

The bespectacled teen managed to twist his neck and snap his head to safety just in time to force Ichigo to kiss his jaw instead of the intended target that was his lips. Which forced the larger male to frown deeply in annoyance. He didn't push the kiss though, much to Uryuu's relief, and instead turned his attention elsewhere. Namely, Uryuu's neck.

"Well, if you prefer.." he purred and latched his parted lips onto the long slim pale neck that had been exposed to him through his captive's means to avoid a kiss on his lips.

Ishida responded animatedly. A chocked sound vibrating through his chest as his body tensed at the unwanted contact. His arms twisted and tugged sharply in an attempt to free themselves from the strong hands that held them prisoner.

Ichigo had pressed his mouth, open, against Uryuu's neck and was now nibbling and sucking at the tender flesh. A mixture of blood and saliva followed his mouth's trail. His teeth gently grazed the skin as he breathed hotly over the flushed skin. His free hand managed to snake up and gingerly stroke the other's cheek.

The raven haired male only shifted and moved uncomfortably as he struggled to escape Ichigo's touch. The attempts were pointless as the larger of the two roughly grabbed the other's chin and his head to remain still. Soft kisses showered down over Uryuu's face. The action would have been sweet and loving had it been someone Uryuu would have much rather be touched by.

"Ge-get the hell off of me!" his voice was weak and trembled, cracking at the end of the hysterical words.

"Uryuu..." Ichigo sighed softly in response and gently licked the other's cheek. Uryuu couldn't help the wince at the light sent of blood from Ichigo's mouth.

Although the only response Ichigo received was an irritated hiss and glare from the raven haired teen.

Ichigo sighed again, this time with more longing behind it.

With no warning in the least Ichigo's hand, that had been holding Ishida's head still, dipped low between their bodies and tugged at the fastening on the Quincy's pants. His hand slipped inside, beneath the layers of cloth, and grasped Uryuu's awakening arousal.

Uryuu's reaction was much more powerful than Ichigo could have expected. He threw his head back, his teeth clenching tightly as his back arched completely off the soft sofa. His muscles were tight, tense springs that snapped at the contact then instantly recoiled back as he attempted to curl in on himself to protect his body from any other strange touches Ichigo was bound to offer or force on him. He quickly found that his body wasn't able to completely protect itself due to Ichigo's restraint. He wasn't surprised, not by now.

"D-Don't you dare... K-Ku... Kurosaki!" though the demand was stuttered with small whimpers breaking between it's words it still held Uryuu's conviction well enough.

Ichigo didn't answer vocally, instead his hand tightened it's hold on Uryuu's member. His thumb roughly brushed over the tip, circling the organ's head in a sensual manner.

Uryuu shifted, a powerful shiver wracking through his body as he attempted to free his hands once more. His legs shifted and attempted to draw together but Ichigo was crouched between them. "B-Bastard!" the bespectacled teen hissed and glared darkly at his assailant.

"Just, calm down... you'll like it." the substitute shinigami promised and offered the heating arousal in his hand a long soothing stroke.

"Th-the hell I wi-will!" the captured male snarled and began struggling anew. His arms pulled roughly against their restraints as his body writhed in desperation to be set free of Ichigo's hold. "What moron would like this? What? Now get your hands off... get off, Kurosaki! This... this..!" The substitute shinigami was positioned perfectly so no matter how Uryuu struggled no harm would come to him. The worst Uryuu could do was to wrap his legs around the orange haired teen's hips and squeeze.

Uryuu doubted that would cause Ichigo much, if any pain; a bit of discomfort at best. Knowing Kurosaki, at the moment, he would have rather enjoyed that attempt very much.

"I like it..." the chocolate eyed male whispered hoarsely against Uryuu's ear as he edged the bodies even closer.

"That's..!" the sapphire eyed teen hissed as his voice caught in his throat momentarily when Ichigo nipped his ear playfully. "That's disgusting, Kurosaki! This is disgusting!" he tugged at his arm in a pointedly manner. "I hate this!"

Ichigo stopped his teasing movements against Uryuu abruptly after his last statement, he leaned back slightly. "You hate... what?" his brow furrowed with troubling thoughts.

The Quincy didn't plan to sooth those worrying thoughts away either. "You touching me! You liking this! Your teasing, your caresses, you kisses, your... your... I hate the idea of being sexual with you! I'm not even fond of the idea of being friendly with you! I only wanted your attention because I wanted to show you my superiority! I hate being near you... being close to you, I hate it!" as the thin male beneath him said the word 'hate' each time Ichigo's hands loosened their grip.

"The idea of being... sexual or romantically involved with you is disgusting! I hate it! I hate shinigami, I hate-"

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut the hell up already, Uryuu!" Ichigo yelled loudly his fingers tightening their grip around Uryuu's wrists, almost to the point of being painful. "Just... stop already..." his voice softened considerably, as did his grip on Uryuu.

Uryuu jumped at the opportunity for freedom. He yanked his hands free of Ichigo's slackened fingers and shoved the larger male off. He tumbled to the floor in a sulking heap of shinigami. "Don't touch me with your disgusting shinigami hands, Kurosa-" anything more he had wanted to say was cut off as Ichigo climbed, quickly from his spot on the floor, and once again pinned Uryuu beneath him. Their lips met in a rough kiss, one so fierce that Uryuu distantly thought he tasted his own blood mix with Ichigo's.

The raven haired male's sapphire eyes closed tightly as his hands pressed desperately against Ichigo's chest, trying to pry the orange haired teen off of him. He was grateful that his hands hadn't been pinned above his head this time but he still seemed to lack the ability to force the other off. This time it was due to his arm's own weakness compared to the larger male.

The thought only further angered the Quincy.

Ichigo was controlling him, forcing him to do as he pleased, and utterly humiliating him. Of course, they were rivals, so this was only another way for Ichigo to flaunt his power.

Or rather, this wasn't much different from what Uryuu himself did.

He called him out and forced him to participate in the challenge he himself constructed only to prove to Ichigo his existence as well as superiority to shinigami. He had flaunted his power to Ichigo.

Now Ichigo wished to return the favor and show him his own power.

Where Uryuu had risked people's lives to prove his point. Albeit, their was little doubt in his mind at the time that he could handle it all flawlessly. Ichigo now risks Uryuu's feelings to prove his point.

It was fair.

Ichigo had pulled away, only an inch, while all these thoughts processed then mixed into a blur inside Uryuu's head. "That's... some pretty shitty logic."

"What the hell is that suppose to mean, Uryuu?" he hissed in his ear. His breath was hot and moist, but Uryuu refused to allow the responding shiver to wrack his trapped body.

"Your reason for doing... this. I wanted to prove my superiority to you and so you want to do the same now... with a different method." his eyes were cold and hard as they stared into Ichigo's scorching ones.

"Damn it, Uryuu, this isn't about that!"

Said teen only stared back.

"No, well, I mean it is... but it's not like that! I just want..."

"What, Kurosaki? What is it you want?"

"You! Uryu! I want you!" Ichigo's voice was loud. Before the raven haired male could react to the spoken words Ichigo had flipped him so he now lay on his stomach, ripped his shirt from his body and yanked his pants down. Uryuu could only manage a startled sound. His hips were thrust into the air by Ichigo.


"Suck, and don't bite them." Ichigo cut him off easily and thrust two digits in front of his face. Uryuu only glared at them.

"Like hell."

"Damn it, Uryuu, this is only to make it less painful for you!"

A long suffering sigh escaped Ichigo after a short pause in movements and speech. He removed his fingers from in front of Uryuu's mouth. "Fine, have it your way..." with an exasperated expression Ichigo lifted his fingers to his own mouth and quickly coated them in his saliva. His fingers returned to the Quincy's body but they probed a new entrance this time. Gingerly Ichigo touched his digits to the tight ring of muscles that made up his captive's entrance.

"K-Kurosaki, you don't really intend to do this regardless of my own wishes do you?" he trembled slightly and Ichigo could feel the tightening in his muscles due to his apprehension.

"Do you want to make love with me, Uryuu?"

The raven haired male shivered powerfully but quickly gained control of his body and refused to let it move in the slightest. "No, I don't."

"Then yes, I do intend to."

Uryuu made a soft choking sound in the back of his throat. The sound changed rather quickly when Ichigo nipped his shoulder and gently stroked over his hole once more. "Sorry.." he muttered almost offhandedly and thrust a finger into Uryuu.

It was mildly painful, or rather uncomfortable, not something Uryuu would deem unbearably painful.

The long calloused digit pulled nearly out before slamming back down, deeply, into the hot cavern. He began wiggling, circling, and curling his finger to stretch and pleasure his cold soon-to-be-lover.

Uryuu grunted and grabbed handfuls of the sofa cushions but didn't seem persuaded to respond positively to the treatment. Ichigo slid the finger out and kissed Uryuu's shoulder in a soothing manner. He then thrust two digits into the forcefully awaiting teen.

The raven haired teen winced, this time the digits entrance hurt quite a bit.

He shifted uncomfortably. "Kurosaki, d-do you really understand... what your... do...ing?" his breath was now heavy and labored as his body trembled. He attempted to crawl away but Ichigo leaned closer and held him tightly close to his body. Uryuu's back molded tightly against Ichigo's chest and stomach. Ichigo had at some point opened his own shirt, but it was left on, hanging uselessly on his muscular frame. Both teens bodies were flushed and damp with their own and each other's sweat.

"Making love to you." Ichigo's voice was low, soft but stern.

"No..." Uryuu whispered back, his voice just as soft, "This is..." he bowed his head further, his damp silky hair falling over his pale sharp features. The thought of voicing what Ichigo was doing to him only seemed to make that matter worst and he felt weaker for it.

"Please, Uryuu, please..." his captor breathed hotly into his ear as he spoke. He sounded almost desperate.

"Kurosaki... What the hell has gotten into you?" he snapped his head to the side to glare at the subject of his frustration. His glasses now laid askew on his face, the left side dipping lower so the glasses nearly fell from his face.

"When I had thought that you liked me, I had been happy... really happy. So to find out it was all wrong... all because I'm a shinigami... that's not fair! Uryuu!" his fingers, which had ceased all movement during their exchange, thrust deeply into his body.

Uryuu couldn't help but arch his back and moan wantonly as pleasure shot up his spine.

The orange haired male grinned "You like that, huh?"

The other male didn't answer. His head bowed to let his silky raven tresses to fall over his features and shield them from Ichigo's wondering gaze.

"Even..." Ichigo slid his finger out slowly "if you don't like me," quickly he thrust his fingers back into the loosening hole "your body wants this." Once more he slid his fingers from the smaller man's entrance then slid them back in quickly. This time once the digits had entered Ichigo curled them then circled them around the tight channel.

Uryuu responded with a muffled moan as he crawled an inch or two forward, dragging Ichigo with him, to press his face into the couch's plush arm. His hands grasped desperately at the soft material, hugging his upper body as close to it as he could.

Ichigo then began scissoring his long fingers and Uryuu chocked over another moan.

A larger self-satisfying grin slid across Ichigo's face. Rather the Quincy liked him or not he was honestly enjoying what Ichigo was doing to his body. His ears and shoulders had flushed crimson while a thin sheet of sweat covered his flushed skin. His breath was ragged and his hair a damp mess.

Ichigo slipped a third finger in and Uryuu released a soft strangled cry but quickly muffled it with the couch arm. His back arched and his muscles tensed significantly. His body twitched.

Ichigo thrust the three digits in and out, going deeper each time, before he began a thrust and curl routine that had Uryuu grunting each time. He rotated the digits a few times before pulling them all three out completely. The archer whimpered softly.

"Uryuu... I'm," he paused and softly ran the hand that had been preparing Uryuu's hole over his slim torso "going to put it in."

"Do... do I really need an excuse for not being in love with you?" the bespectacled teen's voice shook much like his slim frame did.

"You can't love me because your a Quincy and I'm a Shinigami, I know." the orange haired teen frowned deeply.

"Or maybe I just don't find you attractive, or I may just dislike your personality. Have you ever considered these possibilities, Kurosaki?"

"Is that it?" Ichigo sighed, annoyance clear in his voice.

Uryuu opened his mouth to answer but was cut off by a loud moan. He quickly tried to muffle the sound by pressing his face into the couch arms again. Ichigo's hand had snaked around the smaller male's slim body to toy with his hardening arousal.


"Ichigo!" the substitute shinigami hissed and jerked almost painfully on the Quincy's member.

The raven haired male's body trembled in response his hips shifting at the enticing touch of the larger teen. Ichigo's hand stroked gently over the hardening length. He leaned down close to nip at the soft pale flesh of the archer's neck.

Without any further warning Ichigo pressed his own hard member to Uryuu's entrance and snapped his hips downward. With the sudden quick thrust Ichigo's entire engorged throbbing member was sheathed in the raven haired teen's wet hot body.

Uryuu's body jerked; his teeth snapped tightly together as his face pressed deeply into the couch arm. His muscles twitched as he released a strangled whine.

It was painful, more so than Uryuu had expected it to be.

Ichigo leaned close, his fingers brushing soothingly over the heated flesh of the bespectacled teen's cock as he whispered hoarsely "I love you, Uryuu." Simultaneously Ichigo's hips snapped back then forward as his hand gripped the hot hardening organ more tightly and began pumping it roughly. He buried his own burning member deeply within Uryuu's depths.

The muscles of his entrance twitched and tightened around the thickening arousal with each thrust. The pace only quickening with each snap of Ichigo's hips. Each time the cock was pulled nearly out it was then thrust back in quickly at a different angle until Uryuu released a loud pleasure filled moan and arched back into Ichigo. His back was much like the bow he used to fight Hollows and Ichigo couldn't help the grin that spread over his lips at the thought.

The substitute shinigami continued to pound relentlessly into the same spot that had Uryuu moaning loudly and arching back. Uryuu's responses to the continuing abuse to his prostate and weeping erection was varying muffled moans and choked whimpers.

Ichigo thumbed the tip of Uryuu's hot arousal, pressing firmly against it then rubbing soothing soft circles that had it twitching in anticipation. Just as he moaned a particularly loud and needy warning moan Ichigo relinquished his hold on the scorching hot cock in favor of sliding it up his side, ever so slowly. As his hand left the erection and slid up the raven haired teen's body Ichigo slowed his pace, rotating his hips in a slow sensual dance. The movements were torturous but Uryuu didn't complain in the least.

Ichigo brushed a large rough hand over the reddened nubs on Ishida's chest. His hand continued slowly up his neck and caressed his cheek, pulling his face from it's hiding place in the couch arm. He turned it toward him.

The Quincy's darkly flushed face was dripping with healthy sheen of sweat. His glasses were barely hanging on his face. A small trail of saliva dripped from his parted lips that quick heavy pants and gasps frequently exited and entered. His sapphire eyes were wide with a small tear beading on his left lid. A wide mixture of emotions danced within his sapphire depths; fear, anger, sadness, hurt, pleasure, disgust, confusion, but the dominate emotion was something Ichigo didn't recognize but it worried him. It wasn't a positive emotion. It was something dark something he didn't want to see there.

So to rid Uryuu of that look Ichigo snapped his hips back then thrust deep, hard and quickly into his prostate. The unknown negative emotion was quickly smothered by pleasure but both were quickly hidden as Uryuu snapped his eyes shut and buried his head in the couch arm.

Ichigo smirked and slid his hand back down to the weeping cock of his not-so-willing-lover. Once more he began stroking it in time with his thrusts. Each thrust was hard and deep, sheathing Ichigo to the hilt. Each stroke of Ichigo's hand was rough but pleasantly so. His tongue lapped hungrily at the raven haired Quincy's shoulder and neck.

"I love you..." his voice was soft but firm.

He thrust deep and hard several more times. His hand pumping in time as he whispered "I love you, Uryuu!" a bit louder this time.

Uryuu moaned and mewled against the arm rest. His body trembling uncontrollably as his back arched and his legs shifted to allow Ichigo to go deeper. He pulled his face from the couch arm and released a strangled groan. A thin stream of saliva threaded down his chin, connected to the couch arm. His fingers flexed as undeniable pleasure crossed his features.

"I... I...!" Ichigo moaned loudly, unable to completely form word or coherent thoughts.

Sharply Ichigo's hips snapped down onto Uryuu, his throbbing hot cock burrowing deep within Uryuu and colliding heavily with his prostate. At the same time Ichigo gave Uryuu's hard member a tight sharp pump. White hot pleasure enshrouded both teens as they came.

A thick white stream spurted from Uryuu's cock, coating his stomach, lower half and couch in the milky substance. While Ichigo's seed buried itself deeply within Uryuu while Ichigo's voice rang loudly in the room "I lo-love you... I love you so goddamn much, Uryuu!" Ichigo thrust a few more times, milking his fading arousal for everything it was worth.

Both boys collapsed.

Both panted loudly as they laid there, Ichigo draped over Uryuu's back.

Several moments passed before Ichigo slowly pulled out. Streams of white leaked from Uryuu's abused hole as he did so.

He sat back so he was sitting properly on the couch, with his head thrown back on the head rest. "Damn... that..." he paused, then slowly lifted his head to look at Uryuu. The raven haired teen was yet to move an inch from where he had collapsed after their, session.


He didn't respond.

Ichigo's frown deepened.

Sure, Uryuu had been against it at first but he had come to enjoy it. He had come to see and understand Ichigo's feelings.


"Uryuu...? Hey... Uryuu..." slowly he reached over and grabbed the Quincy's shoulder. He tugged it toward him to turn the teen so he could see his face.

His eyes were cold dark narrowed slits of cobalt. His lips were pulled down into a tight frown with no sign of the blinding pleasure he had been feeling mere moments ago. His voice was low and menacing as he spoke his next words.

"Kurosaki Ichigo, I hate you."

To be continued...

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