After another showdown with the turtles leaving the Shredder madder than ever, wanting to get rid of them, especially Leonardo, one of his ninjas stepped in to think of something for him. Shredder was letting his anger cloud his judgment right now.

The ninja went to look through articles on things that might prove useful to help get rid of the turtles, or at very least, Leo. He hated that turtle too. He was the toughest one to take down. He still remembered the time when Leo had put up quite the fight before he was nearly taken out. The second big battle with the turtles that had been.

All of a sudden, the ninja came upon an article on something new. Some pregnancy news of a new baby born in England that had been an abdominal pregnancy. He wasn't really into that sort of thing, but this was all too interesting. A baby that had been born at 28 weeks along and not in the mother's womb! It had survived that long living off the mother's bowel, gross, but it had.

That seemed all too interesting. If that could happen with her, maybe it could do with a certain turtle too. It was a way of torture for that mother. For Leonardo, he had a feeling he would find out sooner or later and he would learn to want it and at the same time, it would be a cause of constant pain for him. It could cause internal bleeding too. The perfect way!

The ninja went to Shredder. "Master, I know how you want to get rid of the turtles, especially the one that wears blue. I have the perfect idea of how to get rid of him!"

That made the Shredder perk up. "How so?"

"I know you might hate this idea somewhat, an idea to add another one of them into their family, but it's the perfect way!"

"Adding another? I don't want to deal with another turtle!" Saki shouted.

"Not just any turtle Boss. An unborn one, an abdominal pregnancy on the turtle. I read this article where a woman in the UK survived this, but the whole pregnancy was pure torture for her. I know the turtle is a boy, but if it worked on her, it could work on him. Boss, this baby's placenta lived off the large intestine for 7 months!" The ninja explained fast. "The turtle's demise could happen through his stomach."

Saki had hated the idea of even letting a newborn be added, but when he said the last things, torture through the stomach and ending his life, seemed like an interesting idea. "Ok. So it does have a possible intrigue to me. Do it then. Capture Leonardo, bring him here, impregnate him!"

"Yes Master, but should we let him go afterwards, or keep him here?"

"I don't want him here until he is officially pregnant! Let him go afterwards. If you can, wait till he's alone, then do it." Saki ordered.

"Yes Sir." The ninja said and left him alone.