Author's note: I think this chapter is pretty hot...

Shuurei gazed at the man beside her, perplex. Since then he had been controlling everything, making her feel his dominance over her, and now he was so casually handing the control over to her. She sat hesitantly, wondering how to begin, looking into his eyes from some sort of help she supposed, but then again she didn't really know what it was that she wanted to find in his eyes anyway.

Shuuei, leaning slightly backwards, his weight on his two hands, gave off a vibe of calmness and reliability. His lips were closed, yet he was smiling, and his eyes held a gentle, playful expression. Shuurei found him gorgeous, especially with his hair down like this. She moved toward him, slowly, and tentatively brushed his cheeks, watching as he closed his eyes to enjoy the caress. She let her hands travel to his neck, toward the nape, where she massaged him briefly before to move on to his shoulders, repeating the same motion. Shuuei let his head fall to the left, and the sight of his neck urged her to kiss him there. She decided to let herself act on instinct, to forget about reason and sensibility for a while, and to let her body speak openly.

Growing bolder upon that decision, Shuurei, still kissing and sucking on the Shogun's neck, slipped her hands into his evening robe to feel the toned muscles of his chest.

''So this is what a man feels like'' the Kou Princess thought to herself. ''Who would have thought that it'd be so pleasant to touch….a man's skin…'' She was definitely enjoying this. Although… she regretted a bit that Shuuei seemed to have quit his dominating mood. She wouldn't tell him but… she had also enjoyed it. Suddenly he leaned lower on his arms, causing his robe to loosen and reveal more skin. She let her caresses reach lower, onto his abs and near the pubic area. She hadn't yet touched it, but could somehow sense the throbbing erection that hid in the Shogun's lap.

Then Shuuei grabbed her head and pulled her closer to him, embracing her. Their loosened robes were falling from their shoulders as the bare skin of their chests pressed one against the other. From a slight movement of his head she understood that he wanted her to kiss him, so she happily complied, putting in her gesture her own desire to be kissed by him. She wanted him to feel it, that she wanted to kiss him too. And that was when it stuck her: Shuuei had never handed the control over to her: he had merely pretented it to be the case. With every little movement he made, she could read his desire, and had obeyed him carefully.

''What a man! But then again that's to be expected of Ran Shuuei'' was her last coherent thought before he caused her mind to go numb from kissing her.

Somehow he managed to get them both out of their robes, and reluctantly stopping from passionately kissing Shuurei for a moment, he laid her down on her flank and positioned himself behind her, holding her against him. In that position, she would feel secure and comfortable and he would have an easy access to her body.

''So Shuurei, next lesson is…how to pleasure'' he whispered into her ear, and his voice was like a lascivious temptation.

He grabbed her breasts and massaged them, flicking his thumb on her erect nipples and occasionally pinched them, which caused her to moan his name. Then she felt one of his large hands travel across her belly, reaching lower for her already wet womanhood. She gasped as she felt him touch her there, teasing with only the fingertips as he worked his way toward her clitoris with his thumb, while his longer fingers prepared to enter her folds. His other hand was still fondling her breast, and his mouth trailing kissing down her neck as he slowly pushed them in, one by one, pumping her in between each addition. Her moans were loud now and he could feel her shiver from pleasure.

Shuurei suddenly heard Shuuei groan next to her ear, and pull his hand out of her sex, but before she had time to wonder what was going, he had already picked her hand up and guided her toward his erection. She immediately understood what he wanted from her, and as she wrapped her hand around his hard shaft, beginning to pump him a bit clumsily at first, he had resumed his previous activities.

''Sh-ShuuEIIIII, please, please, Shuuei…st-stop…ah! Shuuei!''

Her respiration had become scattered. The waves of pleasure he sent through her body were so fierce she had to gather the little remaining amount of concentration she had left to masturbate him properly. She couldn't take it anymore. She couldn't.

''I know you're close, pretty Shuurei. Come for me, now.''

Not long after, his skilled hands, combined to his nibbling on her ear, got the better of her and he felt the inside walls of her vagina tighten against his fingers as she reached her release.

He granted her a few moments to settle down a bit, kissing her neck and cheeks. Then, sliding his fingers out of her, Shuuei laid down on his back, and swiftly grabbed her by the ankle, flipping her around so that she was now on all fours above him, her dripping sex just inches from his face. She grew shy to be exposed in that shameful way, but forgot all about it when she felt the Shogun's tongue flicker against her clitoris. His tongue on her like that…felt…so… divinely good….

In front of her now was Shuuei's tantalizing erection. She had touched it, but hadn't seen it yet. It stood so proudly, so dominating and manly, she felt the urge to pleasure it's owner, and resumed masturbating him. But then he paused from licking her only to let out the words: ''Your mouth, Shuurei.''

Without any hesitation, she obeyed him right away, licking along his shaft before to insert the tip of his cock in her mouth. She sucked it, trying to take him in as much as she could, really putting her heart into her fellatio. She felt so incredibly good with him right now, giving pleasure as she was receiving some, he really did blow her mind away. Although he was not manifesting his pleasure with sounds, as she was – he was a military man, after all - she felt sure, just by the way his hands ran through her hair or petted her hips, that he was enjoying himself too.

After a while, he announced, his voice coarse and broken, that he was going to come. Before she had any time to react, a warm, bitter liquid squirted out of his manhood, which she swallowed out of surprise, an involuntary act for which she got praised by Shuuei afterwards.

''You're pretty good, you know'' he added, pulling her down to him, and he kissed her. He kissed her lips, her nose, her eyes, her forehead, her cheeks, buried his face in her hair. Her naked skin pressed against his own and he felt a rush of blood revive his cock with another powerful gush of desire. If only that woman could be his…

She laid down in his arms, kissing his neck, his collarbone, his chest, hornier still than before. She felt it couldn't stop there. She wanted him, she wanted to be closer to him, closer still. She needed to become one with him, right now.


There was one thing that Shuuei loved most that his name meaning: ''please touch me more''. It was when his name meant: ''please do me now''.