A week after the Battle of Hogwarts found Harry Potter in Hagrid's hut, alone and sad, mourning the death of his parents, friends and family. Fred, Remus, Tonks, Lily, James, Dumbledore, Sirius and so many others had died to save him and the wizarding world. Harry had won the battle, but what was victory when you suffered heavy losses? Just like Mahatma Gandhi, Harry thought. Ever since the Battle, he had been on the run hiding from Ron, Hermione, Ginny and the others. He didn't want to enjoy his new found freedom at other innocent people's cost. Harry was getting more miserable as each second passed.

He recalled what had happened after he'd killed Voldemort. The room had gone silent for a few seconds and then people were all around him. When no one was looking, he'd put on the Invisibility Cloak and picked up Voldemort's 11 and a half inch yew wand with unicorn hair. After that, he'd been up to the Headmasters' chamber to tell Dumbledore that he was going to be replacing the Elder wand in his tomb and that he was going to be using Voldemort's wand along with his own. He'd repaired his own holly 11 and a half inch wand with the Elder wand. After that, still under his Cloak, he'd gone up to Hagrid's house and knocked. It was empty, of course. He'd not put on the lights, he hadn't eaten anything either. He'd gone to sleep with his head on the table and had been woken up by Fang's persistent licking some hours later. Hagrid was bending over him, trying to get Fang off.

"Yeh al'right Harry?" Hagrid had asked. Harry had nodded and told that he just wanted to be left alone.

"I understand," Hagrid had said. "I'm gonna be off, you stay here as long as you want ter, Harry." And that was the last Harry had seen of anyone. He'd taken bottle after bottle of FireWhiskey until he fell in a drunken stupour. He'd continued doing it for the rest of the week.

And now, as he sat there, the tears ran down his cheeks. He couldn't help it. It was too much. He'd never bargained for this. Then, suddenly, he heard someone coming towards the hut. He didn't get up, he didn't raise his wand. He just sat there, and waited for whoever it was to show themselves. The door flew open and Harry saw a pair of brilliant blue eyes. His heart leapt. Dumbledore, he thought. He had blue eyes. But then, his heart sank, for he realised that Dumbledore was dead and nothing could bring him back. Just like his parents.

"There you are Potter," the person said. He was tall and looked just like Dumbledore. The only oddity was that his nose wasn't hooked like his old headmaster's.

"Get up boy," he said roughly and pulled Harry up by the scruff of his shirt. "Thought you'd drink to death would you?" He slapped Harry hard across the face.

"Ow," Harry howled. "What was that for?" He winced again as the man raised his hand. But the expected blow didn't come. Instead, his head cleared. He was fresh. But his clothes still reeked of FireWhiskey.

"Listen to me, Potter," the man said.

"Your're Aberforth, aren't you?" Harry asked, recogonising the man.

"What if I am?" Aberforth asked gruffly. "It ain't gonna do you any good."

He took a vial out of his pocket and handed it to Harry. "Drink this," he said. "It's Pepper-Up potion. Will get your energy back."

Harry took it and downed it. It was tastless, almost like water. After a few seconds, he felt better. He found that he could stand up on his own.

"Come with me," Aberforth said. "Put your Cloak on," he added, as he opened the door. They walked down the lane towards the castle. The damage to the castle from the battle was tremendous. The beauty that was always with it was gone, it looked like a ruin of some sort. People had been helping to repair, probably the students and teachers, and it could be seen. The towers were all up again. Harry shuddered at the sudden thought of moving out of a giants path during the battle. He wanted to see Ginny. He wanted to be with her. But not right now. He first wanted to know where he was going and why.

"Abe," Harry said, hurrying to keep up with him. "Where are we going now?"

"Always nosy, aren't you?" Abe snorted. "We are headed to the Headmasters' chamber. We will give you training there for your upcoming task."

Harry was alarmed. He didn't want any other job to do. He just wanted to be left alone. "Look here, Abe," he started. "I just want some peace and rest. I don't want anything else. I want to finish my Seventh year and then get the hell outta this place."

"Patience, Harry," Abe replied. "Everything will be explained. Just come along with me."

So Harry followed, uncertain what the job would be. They crossed the Great Hall and headed up the marble staircase. The went past the Room of Requirement and came to the Gargoyle's guarding the entrace to the Headmasters chambers. Abe gave the password and went inside. Harry followed and they went up the spiral staircase. When they reached the top, Abe pushed open the door and stepped inside. After Harry had stepped inside, Abe said, "Silencio," and turned to face Harry again.

"Have a seat boy," he said. "And then pull out your wand." Harry did as told. He looked around the familiar room. When Dumbledore had been here, the room was full of strange silver instruments. It looked almost the same now and Harry saw that the Pensieve was missing from it's usual place, and wondered where it could have gone.

"Do you know how to make a Wizards Oath?" Abe asked, pulling out his own wand. When Harry shook his head he said, "Right."

"Whatever is going to take place in this room is strictly between the both of us. No one else may know what is about to happen here. Understood?" When Harry nodded, he told Harry to hold out the wand in his palm and repeat after him.

"I pledge to Merlin hereby that I will comply by the terms put forth by Aberforth Dumbledore and will not repeat these holy words to anyone. If I do not do so, then my life is pledged to the afore-mentioned person."

Harry's wand emmited a pale golden light and so did Aberforth's. The met in mid-air and comined to form a sharp golden color.

"There," Aberforth said. "That should take care of the Oath. Now, we have some visitors." With that he clapped his hand thrice and with a faint pop, a hooded wizard wearing emrald robes came out of thin air. "This is an Unspeakable from the Department of Mysteries," Abe continued. "You can call him by his codename, 'Will.'

The hooded man nooded to Harry and he had the feeling that he had met this man somewhere before.

"Thank you Abe," the hooded man said, his voice mechanical and charmed to sound like a robot. "I will take over from here." With that, the man pulled his back and pointed his wand at his throat. Where the hooded man stood before, stood a very familiar man. The man had a pronounced limp and a scarred face. One of his eye seemed magical, it could rotate and see through things. It was just like the eye Moody had. And when Harry looked closely, he found out that it was indeed Moody.

"Moddy?" Harry stammered shocked. "B-but you're dead!" The man smiled.

"Yes, Harry," he said. "I'm Moody. I staged my own death at the request of my boss. He nodded towards Dumbledore's portrait. Harry looked and he saw his previous Headmaster sitting there, looking at the ongoing proceedings with a twinkle in his eye.

"You've taken the Oath, I suppose?" Moody questioned, taking a swig from an hip flask. "If you have, then we can continue. And what's that smell? You been drinking?"

Harry nodded sheepishly.

"Drinking is never going to do any good Harry," a new voice said. It sounded very familiar to Harry and he looked over to see the portrait of Severus Snape, eyeing him unapprovingly. "Only cowards drink to turn their faces away from danger. Brave men keep their wits until the very end."

Albus chuckled. "Severus is going all philosophical nowadays," he told Harry, smiling.

"You would too," Snape snarled at Albus. "Just because you staged your death doesn't mean you keep away from sins old man."

Harry, Abe, Albus and Moody laughed.

"Anyway," Moody sighed, turning back to look at Harry. "I'll explain how I staged my death earlier. First I'll need you to join the Unspeakables for a short peroid of time until the job is over.

"We've had heavy losses on both sides," Moody continued as he paced the lenght of the room, his magical eye swivellingaround the room. "But the most greatest loss is the loss of your parents Harry. Not to mention the loss of Frank and Alice. Lot's of parents sacrificed themselves for the sake of their children Harry. Before Voldemort's terror reign, Hogwarts was attended by 800 students all over. Now all we left is around 200 students. The war was a great loss. Voldemort's senseless killing was unberable. The Order of the Phoenix was formed, and many people who were against Voldemort joined forces. We did all we could, we fought till the end, but where did leave us? We lost loved ones. Hell, both the sides lost loved ones. The Heir of Slytherin never completed his task, because Salazar never meant it to be like that."

Moody stopped pacing and turned to face Harry. "You want to see your parent's don't you?" he asked. When Harry nodded, he continued. "I'd like you to go back in time, 20 years back, to be precise. I want you to save your parents from Godric's Hollow and keep them safe. Then when Peter Pettigrew betrays them, you and a few other Unspeakables will set up a trap for him."

Harry stared at Moody as though he'd gone mad.

"Don't you stare at me," Moody snapped. "After that, Voldemort will be greatly weakned from the battle. You know where all the Horcruxes are, don't you?"

Harry nodded and asked, "You want me to go destroy the Horcruxes?"

"Bravo," Moody said, beaming. "You will be leaving now. You will not take anyone with you from this world. You will travel alone. You'll go back 20 years in time. You will not be born yet. First thing you do is meet your parents. Sirius, Remus and Pettigrew are most likely to be there. You will tell only Sirius, James and Lily who you are. Bind them to a Wizarding Oath. After that you will need to report to the Unspeakable's office in DoM. They will understand time-travel and they will also know that I have sent you because of my magical signature."

Harry was excited at the prospect of meeting his parents at last. But, he had several doubts in his mind. He voiced one of them now.

"What will happen to my baby form once I finish this job?" he asked. "Will it still have the scar?"

"The baby will remain as long as you are there in that timeline," Abe answered. "Once you come back however, that baby will disappear as soon as you land here. Unfortunately, you will still have the scar."

There were a few minute's of silence in the room. The portraits were pretending to be asleep, however, Harry wasn't too bothered about it right now.

"Will I be able to confront Voldemort alone?" he asked quietly. "I mean, when I finished him off a week ago, it was just luck."

"You are a very powerful wizard Harry," Dumbledore spoke up, surveying Harry with the x-ray look. "There have only been 2 sets of powerful wizards of all time in this world Harry. The first were the Four Founders. The other set consists of Gellert Grindelwald, Tom Riddle, youself and me, Harry. We are all related in someway to the Four Founders' families. Peverell was a direct descandant of Godric and Salazar. That makes you and Tom Riddle distant cousins. Grindelwald was a distant descendant of Rowena Ravenclaw and the Dumbledore's were related to Hepisbah Smith."

Harry stared at Dumbledore. "B-but you never told me this," he blurted out. Dummbledore chuckled.

"Oh well," he sighed. "I thought it was quiet unnecessary. Two went in the right path and two took the wrong path. No one else can stop them, but the rest of the descendants of the Founders. "One small piece of advice, Harry. You can use the sand from the sand powder as much as you want. Don't hesitate. You can take anyone else you want from the other timmeline. You will age as usual. You will have ample time to prepare for the duel against Voldemort. Almost two years. Alastor and I will teach teach you various forms of magic during that time. The others will help out as well." Harry could only nod.

"One more thing, Harry," Dumbledore said. "You will also need to learn Specology. It is the branch of magic that is very different from the one we use. There are many advantages to that branch, Harry. It does not require a wand, but it requires a lot of willingness to understand the world around you. Everything has life. There is only one other person who has mastered this art and he is Lord Voldemort. You will learn on your own. While wandless magic is possible in our world, the art of Specology allows you to change your form frequently. The only downside is that it requires a soul whose Dark has not been revealed. Voldemort wasn't able to do this."

Harry was interested in Specology. "How long will it take to learn?" Harry asked.

"It depends on your willingness and your core magical power," Dumbledore said. "The greater the willingness to learn, the greater is fluency. The greater the power, the lesser the time. You will start learning Occlumency from me." With that said, the room lapsed into silence again. Moody had continued pacing the room again.

"Well, that's that," Moody said and came over to Harry. He put a hand into his pocket and pulled out a small ball. He placed it on Harry's forehead and immediately he felt the sensation of being suffocated. He felt someone clutching at his throat. But they went as suddenly as they came.

"Welcome to the Unspeakable group, Kane," Moody said. "You are Unspeakable Kane from now on. You will never reveal your true identity to anyone. Farewell. I hope we meet each other again."

Moody placed a vial of golden powder on the desk and conjured a large wooden box. "You will recieve the Time Turner powder in the DoM. Ask for them if this stock gets over." He handed the vial to Harry. Empty the vial over yourself and shout the time and date you want to travel to correctly and also remember to tell the place's name. You don't end up in the same place where you would be standing."

Harry got up and shook Abe's and Moody's hand and bade farewell to the portraits. He gathered up the Invisibility Cloak and picked up the vial from the desk and went over to approach the wooden box.

"You'll have to make sure that the powder doesn't fall on anybody else," Abe said. "It might take them along with you."

"Here," Moody said, handing Harry a small rucksack. "It has everything in it. Ron and Hermione helped to pack it. I've put your shrunken trunk inside the rucksack. Abe has given you a new Firebolt to replace your previous one. You'll find whatever you took for the Horcrux hunting inside it. Dumbledore also suggested that you take the sword of Godric Gryffindor and a few Basilisk fangs to destroy the Horcrux."

Harry was overwhelmed. He went over and hugged Abe and Moody. They hugged him back and wished him luck.

"The date is 18th July 1978, Potter Manor, Kent, London," Moody said. "It will be your parent's wedding day. Share your secret with all the Potters."

Harry walked back to the box and and threw the powder over his head shouting, "18th July 1978, Potter Manor, Kent, London."

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