Authors Note: Well dear readers, that special place in hell that was reserved for me just got a lot hotter. A special thank you to those who encouraged and in some situations demanded that this get a second part. While at this time I am finished, one never does truly know.


This is a Mello/Near fiction

If you are a huge fan of Near, and hate seeing him used and abused turn back now. I also suggest that if you are not the legal age to be reading mature content or if the content within this is something that bothers you that you proceed no further and just hit the back button. Now for those brave (and old) enough to continue, this story contains foul language, sexual themes, toys (sexual) body modification, non-con and massive amounts of humiliation for Near!

Slave Screams

Near screamed, the pain of the needles sliding beneath his skin overloading his already battered senses.

His sobs muffled by the make shift gag, the white material that had once been the younger mans shirt, he used his eyes instead to plead for mercy.

Mello had been at it for the better part of the evening, alternating between beatings and torture. The pent up frustration and anger at having been beaten in rankings as a child finally being released. His pale flesh now marred by various bruises, welts and cuts.

The needles were removed with the same deliberate care that had placed them there, the slowness of withdrawal a torture in its own right, although the pain was minimal. Near wished that he could sigh in relief as the last one was cast aside, but he knew better. The deep thought that Mello had been in as he removed them had not been from the task at hand- no he had been focusing on what would be coming next.

His wait was not a long one, as Mello began positioning him so as to give the blond easier access to his ass. His whole body convulsed with pain as his balls were held in iron grip.

"Spread your legs." The command barked as he tugged on the sensitive sac.

Shaking in pain and fear, Near obeyed. "Good boy." The blond cooed behind him.

The hand on his balls retreated, quickly freeing his wrists from the cuffs that had bound them and then removed the gag. Near took a deep breath, willing himself to remain still and calm as he awaited further orders.

"Spread yourself slut." Near chanced a glance over his shoulder, unsure as to what he was being told to do.

Mello sighed, rolling his eyes rolling as his hands went to the others ass, spreading his cheeks apart. "Like this dip shit."

"Oh" He flushed red, hesitating only for a few second before complying.

After soft pat to his thigh to show approval Mello went to work. Fingers teasing the abused opening. "Have you ever been fucked before?" Slipping a finger in, he snickered as Near twitched in discomfort from the dry intrusion. "Not by toys, but by a man."

Near shook his head in answer, lower lip caught between teeth as he tried to silence a whimper.

"How about a woman? Have you ever stuck that pathetic excuse of dick of yours in a lady? Huh, how about Hal, you were pretty close with her. Did she ever let you touch her?"

Another shake of his head confirmed Mello's suspicion as to the state of his sexual experience further humiliating him as the older male gloated.

"Hal gave a good ride, that tight little body of hers," He slipped a second finger in him, probing deeper as he spoke. "Could take a fucking, but that mouth of hers. Fuck could she suck a damn dick. To the hilt, swallowing load after load. Even when Matt and I had her at the same time."

Near groaned, wishing that he had the courage to tell the other to shut up but he knew better, had already learned what such a move would cause him. So he just let him continue, doing his best to contain his disgust.

"Would you like that Nate? Me and Matt. Same time? One fucking you while other is getting sucked off." The fingers were removed and replaced by something larger, blunter that now sought entry.

Nears mind reeled as he realized what it was, panic overriding any sense of fear he had for repercussions as he began to struggle. Mello acted quickly, a hand on his neck pressing him down and keeping him as place as he entered him in one stroke, Nears choked cries causing him to snicker.

"Fuck Nate. Oh fuck." He moaned, pounding into him brutally.

"Ahh stop, please." Near pleaded.

Mello leaned over him, his tongue teasing the outer shell of his ear. His thrusts became faster, deeper until hips jerking and with an almost pained sounding groan he came. Pulling out, he pushed Near away, snarling as he spoke.

"I will never stop, bitch. You are mine now. Welcome to hell."

Near curled up in fetal position, sobbing from the pain, humiliation and knowledge that this might never end. Mello walked over to him, having tucked his now flaccid penis back into tight leather and gave him a hard kick to his stomach.

"Bitch, I should pimp your ass out. Make you pay for keeping you. Got a lot of old acquaintances that I am sure would love that mouth and ass of yours."