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Race For Her Life
Chapter 1

'I can't believe I'm losing a race. I never lose races, what's happening to me?' Haruka thinks to herself, she was in the 5th position and in the last lap of one of the last championship races.

"That's it Tenou, hang your head in shame, do what you've been doing best lately." Masamune waved to his adoring fans, his evil grin working it's wonder toward an ashamed Haruka Tenou, who had just lost her third race in a row.

"I can't stand it Michi. What's happening to me?" she threw her helmet in the back seat of her car. She then leaned against the back end, crossing her arms across her chest. "I haven't won a race in the past three tries."

"Maybe you're just losing your talent Tenou." Masamune chimed in, a slight chuckle was picked up in his voice.

"Buzz off ass-hole." she turned her nose up and her head the other direction.

"I'm only trying to tell you the truth." her started flirting with Michiru. "Hey there cutie, how bout you come ride with a real winner and not some dyke loser like Tenou here." he grabbed ahold of her elbow. Haruka didn't even move to go after her. "What too afriad to even come after your girlfriend here?"

"I'd let go of her if I was you." Haruka grinned to herself, already knowing what would happen to him.

"Huh?" That's when Michiru kneed him in the grown, brushed off her hands and hugged a smiling Haruka.

"Don't say I didn't warn you." they both climbed into Haruka's car and she sped off, leaving him in pain and agony. As well as much discomfort, and embarassment.

"This just starts everything Tenou. You just wait and see." He groaned some and continued talking to anyone listening. "I'll get you."


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