Race For Her Life
Chapter 8

"Mission accomplished Rei." Michiru spoke to her at the end fo the race. "Thank you for doing this for me." she hugged her younger friend. "I can't wait to see the look on Haruka's face when I appear at her doorstep later tonight."

Rei just looked at her. "I've heard bad stories about that guy, was he really...that bad?" she watched as they finally finished cleaning up his car from the center grass.

"Yes. He didn't get it that I was with Haruka, and when he challenged her, I had thought about how her luck has gone, and knew this was for the better." she lowered her gaze. "This has hurt me so much, having to be away from Haruka until you could get rid of Masamune."

Rei looked back to her friend. "Gotta love racing, it's the only 'legal' way to kill someone." she tried to cheer up her friend, she wasn't proud of what she had done, but loved racing, and now that Michiru got her on a team, she was willing to do anything to repay her for it, including killing Masamune...

Haruka sighed as she sat on the sofa, leaning forward, running her finger around the rim of her wine glass and watching the fire in front of her. "I miss you Michiru." she sipped the last little bit of wine in her glass and stood to go and get more.

'Here goes nothing.' Michiru thought to herself as she ran her hands down her sun dress and looked at the house that she hadn't been in, in almost 2 months. Hesitantly she pressed the doorbell. 'Please be home Haruka.'

She held her wine glass in her hand as she went over to the door and opened it. "Mi..." she wasn't even able to finish, the glass slipped from her hand and hit the carpet by her feet, red wine staining the off-white carpet.

"Hello Haruka." She allowed her smile to show. "It's been a while."