Before I start, I know most seven year olds probably don't write in this much detail, or use these words or whatever. Brynn does. For some strange reason, she does. Plus, she lives in Brightvale. I just use that as my excuse. Everyone in Brightvale seems to be a clever-clogs at an early age, so Brynn is too.

The Month of Sleeping (January) At age 7

Week 1

This is the final night of my first week in the guard. It was quite busy. I've always wanted to be in the guard. So, when my parents finally agreed to let me join a few weeks ago, I was very excited.

I'd known it would be tough, but I didn't think it would be quite this tough.

I can't wait to get out on patrol. In fact, it was seeing the guards in the city, keeping the peace and such that first inspired me to join.

I was about two or three, and a couple or scary-looking men threatened my mother. She held my hand tightly and tried to stand up to them, but they said stuff like they'd 'kill the little girlie' (that was me) if she didn't hand over here purse. That was when a member of the guard stepped between my mother and the men and told them that if they weren't gone in three seconds, she'd have them in handcuffs and off to the dungeons in a heartbeat. They ran off then, scared.

The guard took her helmet off than, and I was surprised to see she was a girl. I'd never thought you got girls in the guard. She was a yellow zafara, and quiet pretty really.

She checked my mum over, calmed her down as she was 'in shock' and then turned to me.

"You don't really understand what's going on, do you?" She asked. I shook my head.

It all happened so long ago, yet I still remember it so clearly. It was that guard who persuaded me to join, and I never even knew her name. I hope to find out. That's my goal.

And if I could meet her and thank her properly, I'd find that even better.

Week Two

It was this week that I found out I don't get to go on patrol for a few months. A few MONTHS? How am I supposed to live that long? It's what I've always wanted to do! That, and have a sword.

Mind you, they haven't even let me have a proper sword yet. They said it'll be a few years until I get one of those.

Instead I've got a wooden one. Some of the older kids have blunted metal ones, which they say is the next step up. They seem better than my wooden sword, but I'd rather stay safe weapon-wise for now. I really don't want a dangerous weapon until I know how to use it properly. And I'm still learning sword-skills.

Week Three

A couple of bigger kids in the guard have been teasing me this week. There's a guy called Harry, who's a big lupe. He's got a little gang of kids, all older than me, and they tease me.

They have lots of reasons to do so, or so they say. They tease me because I'm young, because I'm a girl, because my hair colour. It seems the list is endless. I really don't know what to do. They said if I tell the grown-ups, that they'll beat me up. Physically. They've all already got their blunted metal swords, and my wooden one wouldn't fair so well. No doubt it would end up getting fisticuffs, and I don't think I can manage that. It's not my fighting style.

I can just hope that they'll move on in life. I don't really hope they find someone else to pick on, because then that poor person would have to go through it too. I just wish they'd leave me alone!

Week Four

I guess that wish was in vain. They still persist; in fact they seem to be getting even bolder as each day passes.

We got to write letters home today. I was scared of writing anything that could get me into more trouble with Harry (as my mum is a grown-up) so I missed that out.

I told her almost everything else. I wrote about the swords, the fact that I will find out about that zafara if it's the last thing I ever do. It's my secret dream right now, and I told my mum. I needed to tell someone who wasn't a notebook.

I gave my letter to a nice-looking draik man. He smiled and took it along with the other kid's letters, and promised to post it as soon as he could. I like him.

When he talks, it doesn't sound the same as when the other guards talk. They talk to us kids and it sounds like they're talking down to us, and they'll make their voice go syrup-sweet. It really doesn't help to make you feel better. Not at my age anyone.

I may be in the youngest age group at the guards, but I'm not three years old. I appreciate being talked to like I'm my age, not far younger.

Oh, great! We've got sword practice- I forgot! The five minute bell just went. That means I've still got five minutes to grab my sword, put my helmet on and get to training. I still have time...

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