Hey, so this is just some random word drabbles I decided to do. Enjoy :)
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars


He remembers his first kill. The thousands of people aboard the Death Star. Funny how he, a farmboy from Tatooine, would be the one to destroy that thing. His friends still saw him as the innocent farmboy after that but he knew better. He was different now. But what bothered him the most, was that he didn't know how he had changed.


Death. Everywhere. Frantic rebels darted along the corridors. Towards the X-wings. Or towards the control room. Or, even, towards them. Imperial stormtroopers. Here in their base. How they had found their base was beyond him and the least of his worries right now.


It had been a year. A year since he left Tatooine. A year since he met the princess and the smuggler. A year since his Aunt and Uncle had bought the droids from the Jawas. A year since his remaining family members had died. Or…so he thought.

Well, hope you liked them. If you have any suggestions on words you would like me to use, feel free to let me know.