Sorry for not updating sooner, I've been busy with exams and homework etc…

These words were suggested by Jake, so thank you!

I don't usually write dark Leia - I seem to prefer her on the light side and Luke on the dark side, but here goes!

Enjoy :)


He can't believe his eyes. "Your eyes can deceive you." He hopes with all his being that this is true right now. But in his heart he knows it's not. Leia stands there, with an air of arrogant confidence that wasn't present before. Her eyes are a sickly yellow and he can't control the shock that passes through him. Leia has fallen.


Her betrayal only sinks in when she lunges forward, igniting a blood red lightsaber. His mind is in overdrive, instincts kicking in and questions zooming through his head. His own emerald green lightsaber is ignited and blocking her attack within a second. He won't attack though. He will only defend.


He knows that whatever has happened to her can not be reversed. It pains him to see her like this; he knew that whatever or whoever turned her had to be powerful. She was not easily broken. She is talking now, offering him the chance to join her. He stays strong. He would not turn for their father, and he won't turn for her either. He feels numb as her lightsaber sinks into his side. He smiles at her. A smile of understanding and acceptance. Then…nothing.