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Pairings: Laxus/Natsu

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WARNING: Yaoi Lemons Language Humil Non Con Top Laxus

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Caught and Punished

Laxus catches Natsu trying to steal a second floor mission and he punishes him in front of the whole guild.

Natsu looked around quickly, he saw no one and thought it was safe to steal from the second floor mission board. He reached to grab a flier only to get caught by Laxus. "Well Well Well look what I caught a naughty Salamander."

"Oh shit Laxus!" Natsu said and began to struggle, but Laxus only tightened his grip. "Now now you're not trying to get out of your punishment are you?"


"Oh yes…" Laxus said with a smirk. "And since I caught you I get to punish you myself." Laxus's hand glowed with lightning and Natsu felt his body go limp against him. "Laxus…" Natsu growled out but yelped as he was stripped naked.

"Ahh such a cute little cock you have…" Laxus said as he touched Natsu's manhood. "Stop it…"

"Oh ho looks who's all tough." Laxus said before pulling him over his lap. Natsu was unable to resist but that didn't stop him from growling. "Punishment part 1 begins!" Laxus howled and started spanking Natsu. The pink haired boy cried out as his pale ass was turned red from the hard slaps.

Laxus grinned when he felt Natsu grow hard. "What's this the little salamander seems to enjoy getting punished, then let's turn it up…"

"No…" Natsu whispered but couldn't deny he was turned on. Laxus coated his hand with lightning and started spanking Natsu again. "Ahhhhh…." Natsu cried out.

"Such a bubble butt you have, so spank able and fuck able." The blonde male said with a smirk. Natsu froze solid and knew what Laxus was going to do. The lightning charged hand groped his stinging ass. "Ahh Laxus ahh…" Natsu was crying he was so hard it hurt, his ass stung and Laxus's lightning sent massive shocks of pain and pleasure run through his body, but it wasn't enough to make him cum, just drive him crazy.

"Tell me how much you want to cum, and I'll consider this punishment part over…"

"Never…" Natsu growled and Laxus smirked and started spanking Natsu again. Natsu writhed as the assault to his body drove him closer and closer to his release.

"Say it…" Laxus growled.

"Ah please Laxus…." Natsu moaned.

'I guess that's good enough…' Laxus thought as he brought a lightning charged finger and thrust into Natsu's hole. The pink haired male cried out in pleasure drowned pain and came. He blew his load all over Laxus's clothing.

The blonde male dropped Natsu on the ground. "Look what you did, you got my clothes all messy, and here I was going to let you off, but now the punishment continues."

"You bastard…"

The lightning mage stripped out of his clothes. "Won't be needing these…" Natsu gulped at the size of Laxus's hard cock.

"You're not putting that in me."

"Don't worry it won't hurt at all thanks to that little zap to your ass I did." Laxus threw Natsu at the railing and held him by his pink locks.

"LOOK HERE EVERYONE I CAUGHT A NAUGHTY DRAGON SLAYER TRYING TO TAKE A LEVEL 2 MISSION!" He shouted and thrust inside Natsu and buried his cock into the boys tight heat. Laxus groaned as Natsu's warmth gripped his length, it felt so good Laxus didn't wait he started thrusting.

Natsu cried out in pleasure drowned pain and his cock got hard. His face was flushed in embarrassment. Laxus had turned off his pain sensors and amplified his pleasure. His massive cock stretched him making him feel amazing and his cock a=had grown hard again. So now he was being fucked by the lightning user in front of everyone and he was enjoying every second of it.

The guild was forced to watch as Laxus fucked Natsu harder and harder the pink haired boy moaning in pleasure.

The salamander could do nothing but moan as his body was used. "Fuck you have such a great ass Natsu, I think I found the perfect level 2 mission for you…"

The boy only whimpered and Laxus drove into him harder hitting his sweet spot. "Being my toy, Ahahahaha…" Laxus laughed and Natsu screamed Laxus's name as he came his seed splashing out over the edge and onto the guild floor. Laxus moaned as Natsu's heat squeezed his hard cock. Laxus pulled Natsu close and came.

He flooded the boys belly with his hot seed.

"Guess your punishment's over." He gave Natsu another shock and the salamander could move again. Laxus pulled out and Natsu hit him.

"You perverted bastard!" Natsu hit him again and again but Laxus felt very little. Natsu was too weak from his 2 releases.

"Want me to punish you again?" Laxus growled before kissing Natsu's lips. Natsu pulled away from him. His face was flushed and his manhood was getting hard again. "Not here…" He whispered and Laxus smirked.

The two vanished in a flash of lightning but the whole town heard the cries of pleasure for hours and hours.