Here it is guys - the end. It's a bit on the short side, but I think it wraps things up nicely. This has been such a fun story to write, and I'm so thrilled by the number of people who enjoyed it. Keep an eye out for updates to "An Awfully Big Adventure" and "Anniversaries".

Hermione stood on the hotel balcony looking out over Greece's Acropolis. It was the most beautiful place she had ever seen, and it was quiet enough to hear herself think. The wedding would be taking place in the same hotel in a few short hours. A sad smile reached her lips as she thought about the groom. Years ago, she had dreamed that she would be his bride, proudly calling herself Mrs. Weasley, and raising ginger haired babies with Ron by her side.

She remembered the first time she brought Draco to brunch with the Weasleys. It was the week after Harry and Ginny's wedding, and their reunion. She had expected a blow up; curses to be cast and fists to fly. After all, she had only told Harry, Ron, and Ginny about her involvement with Derek and Draco. The rest who had seen him believed him to be a mere gatecrasher at the reception, one last chance to get under Harry's skin. Ginny, Hermione soon learned, had a big mouth. It had been the youngest Weasley, though, who cautioned her family that Hermione could leave their family if she didn't like their behavior toward Draco. Thankfully, the family had been on their best behavior, including the twins who were prone to pranking any newcomers.

Introductions with the Weasleys had gone far smoother than those with Mrs. Malfoy. Narcissa Malfoy had a cold, distant air about her and a way of observing a guest that made them wonder what they had done wrong. Of course, she was an overly doting mother to her son. It had been two years since they had last seen each other, and it had taken a special reprieve from the Minister of Magic to allow the visit in the first place. Narcissa hadn't been happy that Hermione Granger appeared on her son's arm the first time he came back home. Dinner and dessert had been an intense affair, leaving the young couple breathing a great sigh of relief when it was over.

"Hermione? Are you here?"

She heard the voice, but didn't respond; too lost in her memories to form audible words. She remembered the proposal. They revisited the small Italian restaurant at the back of the alley near his old apartment. She had no idea what his intentions were that evening. He was thoroughly calm as they discussed the reprieves granted to the other young Death Eaters whose memories had been wiped. Not until they arrived at the Thames, and flooded by the lights of the backdrop, did Draco get down on one knee and ask the most important question of his life. "Will you marry me?"

With tears in her eyes and a diamond ring now on her hand, Hermione said yes. They married in a small ceremony, one that was unattended by their parents. The Weasley family was there in full support of the newlyweds, welcoming Draco into their family.

"Mrs. Weasley is beside herself with nothing to do," he joked, stepping out onto the terrace.

"That's what Lavender and Ron get for hiring a wedding planner," she replied, leaning back against his chest as his arms encircled her waist. "She won't have another wedding to plan until Victoire gets married."

Draco shrugged. "Well, at least she gets to be the doting grandmum for now."

Looking up at him, she smiled. "Is that your way of telling me she's watching Gabriel right now?"

"She asked, nay, begged me to let her," he replied defensively. "Besides, she was already watching James, and you know that pair won't be separated. Imagine, a Potter and a Malfoy getting along."

With a roll of her eyes, she stepped out of his grasp and reentered the room. "Don't worry, love. They're only six months old. You and Harry have plenty of time to fill their heads about how one family is better than the other. Speaking of Harry, did you two enjoy your male bonding last night?"

Draco flushed with embarrassment. In the years since his memory had been reversed, he and Harry had slowly become friends. It was Harry and Ron who gave him their blessing when he wanted to marry Hermione, and Harry had stood up at their wedding as best man. "We had fun," was his only response. "So, how much time do we have before the ceremony?"

Hermione peeled off her cardigan and draped it over the vanity chair. "Two hours. Why?" she asked, a wry smile forming on her lips. He closed in on her, embracing her lithe frame and letting their lips connect in a sweet, but hungry kiss. "Trying to get a start on baby Malfoy number two?" she joked when his lips moved to her neck.

His head pulled back, but his grip didn't slacken in the least. "I wouldn't be here now if it weren't for you," he spoke with sincerity, ignoring her playful remark. "Honestly, I don't know where I'd be. When the war happened, I never thought I'd make it out alive. I might not have even survived my sentencing if you hadn't worked your magic."

"Don't say that," she implored. "Blaise was..."

"Blaise was only able to do what the Ministry allowed," he interjected. "You saved me, Hermione, and I intend to spend the rest of my life showing you just how grateful I am."

"I love you," she murmured, smiling despite her tears. She pressed her lips to his once more.

"I will always love you, Hermione Malfoy," he replied.