Title: I'll always need you
Author: bleedforyou1
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: PG
Beta: vanessawolfie
Summary: He paused when he saw Harry's back muscles tense. Maybe…Harry just wanted to be alone right now.
Word count: 300
Warnings: slash. fluff.
Note: Happy love-y dove-y day, everyone :) Comment and tell me what you think?

Draco looked out into the backyard, the tea in his hand slowly going cold as he watched the figure move around restlessly.

Harry paced back and forth, moving his hands in agitation and then shaking his head before kicking a nearby stone and yelping and then going back to pacing. He had been doing this for a while, probably two hours already—all because of today's date. It had been five years since the day Voldemort had been defeated, and every year was the same thing. It hurt Harry so much to think of that day, and while the rest of the Wizarding World was celebrating, Harry was in so much pain that Draco didn't know how to help.

With a start, Draco blinked when Harry finally sat down on the wooden bench at the end of the backyard and sat hunched, his head bowed down. Draco's heart ached as he watched his lover sit there, his shoulders heavy with the weight of the world. He put his tea down on the dining table and opened the glass door, going outside in the lovely spring weather.

He paused when he saw Harry's back muscles tense. Maybe…Harry just wanted to be alone right now. Sighing, Draco leaned down and kissed the top of Harry's head, taking a deep breath—Harry, his Harry, had the most intoxicating smell.

"I'm here, in case…" Draco traced his fingers through Harry's hair and sighed. "In case you ever need me."

He began to turn away, feeling helpless, when he felt soft fingers encircle around his wrist and pull him back.

"I need you," Harry said, his voice husky as he pulled Draco's arm until Draco was sitting in his lap, where Harry held him close, resting his head upon Draco's shoulder. "I'll always need you."