A long time ago.. There were five heroes, and before they met they were nothing alike, now heres a story about a starlord a berserker a mage a dragonslayer and a healer. But first here are some back storys. now heres the back story about the berserker fado. A long time ago before Fado was a berserker and he was 6, Fado was in a clan of warriors in training and got angry when he was even hit in training and when he is angry he gets to wield more power, years later when he was 12 the group got tired of his power and kicked him out of the clan. And then he lived with animals and they taught him to be a berserker, and fado didnt understand humans that well and when he reached 16 he was captured and became a slave and months later he was saved from slavery by ye olde inn because they gave him a room because he ran from slavery and they knew he wanted a to live like a normal human. And he managed get a job at the inn and a month later he got a house. And here is the backstory about the starlord sapro, a long time into the future when sapro was 10, he was the toughest 10 year old mecha pilot and he was mean to the weak ones, and 2 years later he was defeated by a tough and nice mecha pilot and stopped being mean, four years later he was the only mecha pilot brave enough to fight this tough time warping mecha that was destroying soluna city, and his parents were terrified of losing him, and sapro was about to win but the mecha sent him back in time. and now the back story of the son of a great dragonslayer, xavier, a long time ago when xavier was 7, he would dream of being a great dragonslayer like his father and later when he was 10 he was allowed to fight wyverns with his father but he wanted to do tougher fights and went deep into a lair and got lost and his father searched for him for 10 years but never found him. and the mage Rauru jr. doesnt have a backstory he is just a guardian that uses magic. And last but not least Yumaria the healer she doesnt have a backstory either but she is a valleygirl.

And now ages for start of story




Rauru jr.:18