Authors Note: any translation will be at the end of chapters. Italics are other languages. I am using a Translator so if they are wrong then let me know. enjoy :3

Note number two: i got the idea to do a GermanyxRomano fanfic from some Cosplays I wanted to do. My Fiancée dresses as Romano and I've always wanted to dress as Germany and yup thats where it came from, I know I'm lame lol.

"Nyh~...Ludwig...please..." The Italian boy begged as the German softly nibbled his ear, "Romano..." The German whispered, his breath feeling hot like fire as it landed upon Romano's Icy cool skin causing the boy to shiver in sheer pleasure.

Squirming slightly, Romano wrapped his arms around Ludwig's neck while running his fingers through the man's short blonde hair. Normally it was neat and combed back, though due to Romano's hands gripping at his hair and lightly pulling it every so often, caused it to become messy and un-kept.

Biting down lightly onto Romano's shoulder, he could feel nails rake down his back making him bite down harder then before. "Nyah~" Romano moaned lightly before turning his head to look Ludwig in the eyes. His own Brown eyes meeting icy blue ones was enough to make the Italian melt right on the spot. "must you keep me waiting?...Prendalo Ludwig...Prendalo!"

Their lips met in a sweet, yet fiery passionate kiss. But something was wrong, what was that voice? "Romano!~ Romano!~"


Prendalo- Take me