Authors Note: any translation will be at the end of chapters. Italics are other languages. I am using a Translator so if they are wrong then let me know. enjoy :3

Note number two: i got the idea to do a GermanyxRomano fanfic from some Cosplays I wanted to do. My Fiancée dresses as Romano and I've always wanted to dress as Germany and yup thats where it came from, I know I'm lame lol.

Grinning, Ludwig lifted Romano's face again, and without a moment's warning, the German kissed the Italian, causing Romano to wiggle and Squirm so much he almost fell off of the sink entirely. But thankfully Ludwig was there to catch him before he fell. Chuckling lightly he held onto Romano, feeling the shorter boy wrap his arms around his neck, and his legs around his hips. "What was that for?..." Romano muttered while looking away from the tall Blonde, he tried to avoid his eyes, those bright, wonderful blue eyes that seemed to make him melt with just a single glance. "just testing to see if my theory was correct..." Snapping his gaze back at him, Romano snapped, "What theory!" Laughing a bit, Ludwig walked out of the kitchen and into the Living room, Romano still in his arms. "when I said you and Feliciano were alike...I wanted to see how much alike you two really are.." he spoke before clearing his throat. "Feliciano...he keeps wanting me to go on dates with him...but he's too innocent and cute...and i like that...but for me...there also has to be some toughness in with it..." Romano's eyes widened a bit, "Non sono sveglio!" he yelled while wiggling in Ludwig's arms.

Sighing, Ludwig sat on the couch, yet Romano didn't move from where he was in the German's arms. He stayed with his arms and legs around the German man as if it were natural. "you didn't deny that you like me...shocker..." Ludwig grinned. Romano's eyes went wide, "your..your full of yourself!" he snapped, "I don't like you! not at all! your just a stupid potato!" Ludwig grinned with a chuckle, "then why haven't you escaped yet?...I'm not holding you that tightly..." Seeing the Italian in his arms Blush brightly once again, Ludwig ran his fingers along Romano's red tinted cheek, "Nett" he smiled brightly.

Freezing in place, Romano gave a scowl, "I don't Like you!" he continued to deny his attraction for the blond man over and over again, though Ludwig knew the boy would break sometime soon. "Sie liegen" he muttered with a sigh, "just tell me the truth..." Romano simply Glared at him for a moment before quickly kissing the man, thought when he went to pull away, the German kept a good hold on him as he deepened the kiss. the boy tasted like tomatoes and spices, that right there would never get old. Adjusting their position, Ludwig placed Romano on his back before towering over him, their lips still locked together in a heated kiss.


Prendalo- Take me

Fratello stupido- stupid brother

Dio! le cose che faccio per voi! -God! the things i do for you!

che cosa ora? - what now?

Non sono sveglio - I am not cute!


Guten Tag - Good day

dieses ist fein - This is fine

Nett - Cute

Sie liegen - you lie