I'm going to make you love me

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Chapter 1:

I hate packing. I'm more of a 'ball all my clothes up and shove it in anyway possible' type of person. Which so far, wasn't working so well.

"give it here" Alice growled, from behind me, grabbing the suitcase, and dumping all of the contents on the bed.

"hey" I complained. The little pixie at my side rolled her eyes, placed both her hands on her hips and then raised one of her perfect eyebrows.

"Bella you are a terrible packer. Why don't you go get some candy for the journey and I'll pack your suitcase?" she wasn't so much asking as demanding, but I was stubborn, and she knew that.

"that's not fair. I almost had it done, before you tipped it all out" I huffed, placing my own hands on my hips.

"No you didn't" she almost yelled "I've been watching you for half an hour wrestling with your suitcase. It wasn't going to fit! Now go!"

I rolled my eyes but left the room. Alice was my best friend. We'd known each other since kindergarten. She shared her crayons with me, and I gave her half of my tootsie bar. After that first day, we were inseparable. In the gloomy town of Forks, she was my only source of fun. Where others made fun of me, she made me fun. When others called me 'freak' she'd shake her head and tell me she was one too then. She was my best friend. Always has been, always will be.

We'd both applied to the University of Phoenix, trying to get as far away from forks as possible. I was studying my undergraduate in English, whereas Alice was studying a business course. She wanted to open her own fashion boutique.

We'd been here a full year. Going home for the first time since moving here. We'd managed to avoid going home for Christmas and spring break, and all the other breaks. Telling our parents that we were spending it with friends. It wasn't a lie. We were with friends. But the reason we didn't want to go home, was because we were both scared. Scared to go back to the life we had in Forks. We were shadows in forks. Barely seen. Invisible if you don't look careful, and we allowed that. We welcomed that. Because we'd rather go unnoticed, than be the butt of the jokes and laughter. We'd moved the Phoenix to define ourselves. Break out of our shells. And that's what we've achieved. I like the 'new' me. I'm not afraid to speak up and be heard. To hold my head high, and give my opinions. Unfortunately it took us a year to realise that just because we were going home, it doesn't mean we have to go back to our old selves.

I ran round to the corner store just outside out dorm room, and picked up Alice's favourite candy. Jelly Beans, Salt Water Taffy and of course a few Tootsie Bars. I ran back as fast as possible, knowing the Alice was re-arranging what I had packed, adding and taking items as she saw fit. Luckily for me, I ran five miles every morning, so I had built enough stamina to run to distance from the store to our dorm in only a few minutes.

I burst through the door, slightly out of breath and winced at the loud bang that was created, of the door hitting the wall. Alice, startled, jumped up off her spot on her bed, and rolled her eyes at me as she saw me eyeing my now closed suitcase.

She was holding her small silver phone to her ear, and listening intently to the person on the other end.

"Okay. We'll see you in a bit." she dropped the phone from her ear, and hit 'end'.

"who was that?" I asked.

"just my brother. He's picking us up from the airport" she replied, shrugging her shoulders.

My heart began the race, just at the mention of Alice's brother. "brother?" I asked, trying to sound nonchalance.

"yeah. He's coming home too and he's bringing his new girlfriend. I told you this before" my heart plummeted my my shoes at the word girlfriend. She'd never mentioned he had a girlfriend, yet alone that they were serious enough to be meeting the parents. Alice must have noticed my expression because she continued.

"I know right? If anyone had told me, Emmett would be serious about any girl I would have laughed in their face. She must really be something" she laughed.

Relief filled me, as I realised she was talking about her other brother. "Edward's coming home too" ah, this was the name I was waiting for "he's also bringing someone home. Apparently his friend...Joseph or something...oh I dunno what his name is, anyway apparently he can't go home because...of something, so Edward invited him home" I laughed at her very vague answer, wanting to asked more, but not wanting to seem to eager on the subject.

Edward was Alice's twin brother. I'd known him as long as I'd known Alice. He was the first boy I'd ever crushed on. First boy I'd ever fallen in love with. And he was oblivious to it all, because I was too chicken shit, to tell him. At the end of school he'd decided he wanted to go to university of Chicago, studying biology. He wanted to be a doctor. Which kinda made me love him more. He always had such an amazing personality. He was compassionate and sweet. Caring and generous, funny, loyal and smart. The list could go on...

and if his personality wasn't enough, he looks like an ambercrobi and fitch model. His hair was a messy disarray, that looked like he'd gone all night having rounds of passionate sex. his green eyes looked as though they could pierce you with one glance. They were such a beautiful emerald colour, so unique, so him. His nose was imperfectly perfect. It had a slight bump in the middle from when Emmett had broken it during wrestling. Edward was 10, Emmett 12. his lips looked soft, and the bottom was slightly more plump that the top. They looked even more amazing when he pulled them back into his signature crooked smirk, that would make any girl swoon if on the end of it.

Yes, Edward Cullen was practically a God among us beings. And so out of my league it was laughable. He deserved to be with a stunning blonde, with bright blue eyes, and a cheerleaders figure. That's the type of girl that should be on Edward's arm. Not someone like me. I was too plain.

"come on. We're already late, thanks to your packing disaster" Alice laughed as she pulled her suitcase off her bed. I grabbed the handle of mine and pulled...nothing.

"Jesus Alice, what did you fill this with? Bricks?"

"Bella, you can't go the whole summer in sweats and jeans" she rolled her eyes.

"you've been shopping haven't you!" I knew Alice all too well.

"you'll thank me when you meet someone for a holiday romance"

"we're going to forks. No one in forks interests me" I yelled.

"oh, stop being such a drama queen. It was just a few bits a pieces" and that was a bare faced lie, but I let it slip. I did after all, want to look good if I was spending the whole summer in Edward Cullen's company.

When I'd phoned and told Charlie I was coming home. He was very shocked, and then very apologetic. Apparently in the last year, he'd began dating Sue Clearwater. And because after both her children Seth and Leah had moved to university she'd bought a smaller house, she didn't have enough room for them both. Charlie, thinking I would be staying in Phoenix, offered them the two spare rooms in our house, and even though my bedroom would still be free, he knew how uncomfortable I felt around Seth Clearwater. So I was staying at the Cullen's, at Alice's insistence. I didn't mind. I would have spent everyday there anyway, may as well sleep there too. I was happy Charlie was ready to love again, after my mother's death ten years ago. And the Cullen's basically lived in a mansion, so there was room.

We made our flight on time. With five minutes to spare, and sat in out economy seats. The flight took off, and I was feeling to fidgety to read my book or listen to my ipod. So I played with the hem of my shirt, picked at my nails, chewed my lip, and constantly bounced my knee.

After half an hour, Alice slapped my bouncing knee with the palm of her hand. "would you stop that" she mumbled with a mouth full of jelly beans.

"I'm sorry. I can't help it" I replied, biting my lips again.

"your nervous. Why?" she asked, her face a picture of confusion.

"Alice..." I sighed "have we made the right decision? To come back, I mean?" my eyebrows furrowed in my confusion.

Alice sighed, loudly "yes this is the right thing. Bella you've changed so much in one year. You're hot now. I mean seriously hot. I can't remember a day going by where one guy hasn't asked for your phone number or given you his. And some of them are seriously cute. I don't understand why you don't call any of them. And as for all those people back in forks, screw 'em. You take all this new hotness, and you shove it in Jessica Skankley's face" Alice huffed.

"that doesn't seem pleasant for either parties involved" I joked, and Alice laughed.

"but seriously, why not date?"

The true was, I never called any of them because I never thought any of them were serious. Alice couldn't understand that though. Neither of us had, had a boyfriend before. Had a first kiss, or even gone on a date before. The difference between us being I was asked out a lot, but always turned them down, and she was so desperate to find someone but was never asked out. I couldn't see why. Alice was beautiful and funny. She was an amazing person. Yet, no males could see that.

"I'm just waiting for...you know...'the one'" I hedged.

Alice rolled her eyes "sure you are Bella" little did Alice know, I was waiting for 'the one'. My 'one'. Edward. I was waiting for him to 'see' me. Not see like look, but really see me. See me as someone. Anyone other than the old Bella Swan. I knew I would want no one else but him. I set my sights too high to want anyone else. It was him or nothing for me. And this summer, I was going to make Edward 'see' me. I was going to make him want me. I was going to make him fall in love with me.

With my new set determinism, I fell asleep, for the final leg of the journey, dreaming of expressive green eyes and crooked smiles.

I was woken up by Alice shaking me. "Bella, we're descenting now. We're at Seattle. Wake up" I grunted a reply, and pushed the hair out of my face. After Alice saw this she burst out laughing.

"What?" I asked. Maybe her tiredness was turning her hysterical.

"you look like cousin it" she yelled through her laughed. Her volume caused a few people to turn and stare at me, I smiled and waved as politely as possible.

We waited courteously for the people in the few rows ahead of us to exit the plane before we made our move. The worst part of a flight was the utter chaos getting off. Everyone was so desperate to get off that they don't realise if they just wait and stop shoving, everyone well get off easier.

The security checks and baggage clams, were another long wait. Once we'd both, successfully found our luggage, we went off in search of Emmett.

After ten minutes of walking around, and still not having found Emmett, we realised that he's probably walking around as well, looking for us, and we both kept missing each other, so we stood near a pillar, luggage taking up a large portion of the floor, and waited.

An arm suddenly wrapped around my shoulders, causing me to jump in surprise.

"well, if it isn't my favourite girls" a smooth, velvet voice spoke. He was so close I could feel his breath on the top of my head, in my hair. I wasn't prepared for our meeting to be so soon. And my confidence was defiantly shook after Alice calling my cousin it.

"Edward. Your here!" Alice yelled, jumping to hug her brother.

Oh shit!

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