I'm going to make you love me

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Chapter 12.

We leave to mall, with a total of 16 shopping bags and 0 mattresses. Jasper's still pissed beyond words about Edward's behaviour in the mattress store. I felt a little guilty about it, they were best friends and they had technically fallen out over my sleeping arrangements, even if Edward was the driving force.

We picked up pizza on the way home, and were currently sat around eating it. Edward had his hand on my thigh under the table, and was torturing me, as his hand was slowly gliding up my thigh and just when he's inches from my promised land, he begins his journey back down towards my knee again.

Over and over. Up and down. Still not touching me where I want it.

Jasper's sat facing the other direction. He was acting like a baby, not even joining the conversation.

"eugh Bella, you wouldn't belive who called me earlier" Alice rolled her eyes, her nose wrinkled in disgust.

"who?" I asked, making everyone laugh as I spoke with a mouth full of pizza.

"Kate Denali"

"yuck" Kate wasn't horrible she was just...well...

"what's wrong with her?" Emmett asked.

"put it this way. The girl could talk as glass eye to sleep" is the best way I can describe her. Everyone else laughs at me. We'd met Kate on our first day at uni, and couldn't shake her off.

"totally" Alice agrees "After talking to her for about ten minutes you feel like cutting your own ears off, just so you don't have to listen to her monotone voice"

"this is dumb" Jasper suddenly sat up, dropping his half eaten slice of pizza back on the plate "I'm going to watch t.v." and he left the room without saying another word. Everyone rolled there eyes at him, he really was a drama queen.

"So what did she want?" I bring the subject back to Kate.

"Oh, did you know her sister lives in Seattle?" I shook my head and she continues "well her sister's twenty and Kate's staying with her over the summer. She wants to come visit us"

"oh no!" I whine "please tell me you told her not to" I begged

"how am I suppose to do that? Anyway I may have invited her to the surprise party I'm arranging for Jasper's birthday next week"

"you're arranging a party for Jasper's birthday?" Edward asked. He'd been asking me about his sister and Jasper for a few days now. He's suspicious and I'd promised not to tell anyone that she likes him.

"yeah" she shrugs "it's next Saturday. Anyway I'm just warning you she'll probably turn up."

"great" I groan, and Edward squeezes my thigh to try and comfort me. It tickles more than anything.


"okay. You ready?" Edward asked.

"yeah" I answer and I fix my jacket. Edward and I wanted to get out of the house on our own. Only we knew that if we told our friends one of them would want to come, or would suspect something. So we planned to sneak out.

It's 11pm, and everyone else thinks we've gone to sleep. We can't take his car, because we know that they'll either see the headlights from the front room where they are sat, or they'll hear the engine. So we're gonna go for a walk.

Sure, it might not be the most romantic thing ever, but we're going to be together and that's what's important. He opens the bedroom door just a crack, and peeks out.

"Okay, it's clear" He opens the door wide and slips out with him following me. He's smooth and quiet. I, however seem to stand on every and all creaky floorboards.

Every time I step too heavy or the the aforementioned floorboards, Edward turns around, trying not to laugh and says 'shhh', to which I'll flip him the bird.

When we've made it down the hall, we sit at the top of the stairs, listening. The faint sounds coming from the t.v. Let us hope that they're all in that room. Edward begins a light run down the stairs, and taken by panic I follow. In my haste my ankle gives way, and I find myself on my ass with a heavy thud.

Edward turns and I can see the panic in his eyes.

"I'm fine" I whisper as he helps me up.

"what was that bang?" I hear Emmett ask. Edward and I freeze in panic, neither of us knowing what to do.

"oh that'll be Edward and Bella" Rose answers. Okay, it's official we've been found out "they're banging" She adds on, and everyone laughs. I feel relief that they haven't found us, but Edward looks like he's ready to go in there and yell at them all.

I put my hand on his arm and shake my head. That seems to bring Edward out of his rage, and we continue to the back door.

Once we've slipped through it, we breath a sigh of relief.

"I think it's safe to say a career as a spy is out of the question for you" Edward laughs breathlessly as we begin a sprint into his back garden, and towards the forest. We planned to run so there's definitely no chance of being caught.

"well you should have known that I would be a terrible spy" I giggle. He's holding my hand, and I know it's not just to prevent me from falling, even though he's doing that too.

After a few minutes we stop and laugh breathlessly at the situation we've found ourselves in.

"Okay, let's just walk this way" he suggests and we walk to where he pointed to.

"so, are you going to make it up with Jasper?"

"why should I?" He asked "He's the one acting like a baby. I don't even get what's up with him." I let the subject drop after that. He obviously doesn't want to talk about Jasper and I don't want our first date to be unpleasant for him.

"so this Kate? You met her at uni?"

"yeah" I sigh "She's nice, it's just she's clingy and unshakable"

"what about other friends?"

"well...I have friends in classes and stuff, but it's mostly me and Alice. We like to keep to ourselves"

"so..." he hesitates "what about special friends?"

"huh?" I really had no idea what he was getting at. He was talking quietly now, and even in the dark, I'm certain I could see his eyes turn pink slightly.

"like...male special friends" I have to stifle a giggle. He's too cute.

"are you asking me if I've had a boyfriend before you?"

he shrugs "If you wanna talk about ex boyfriends" he tries to act like he's not desperate for the answer, but I know he is.

"no, I've never had a boyfriend before you. Actually this is my first date" I viably cringe at how pathetic that sounds.

"what? Your first date?" he groans.

Great I knew it. I am pathetic. Of course he wants someone with some kind of experience.

"I feel like a shit now"

"what?" I ask. That wasn't what I expected.

"I should have planned it perfectly. It should be perfect. Damn I'm a crap boyfriend and we've only been together a day"

ohhh...oh he's so sweet.

"oh Edward. Can't you see that this is perfect? Just being here with you" he stops in his tracks, and I automatically stop as well.

His eyes are intense and the green looks darker then I've ever seen them. His tongue swipes his lips and I can't stop a groan at the sight of it. His face is slowly making his way towards me, and I can't wait any longer. I stretch up, ignoring how our noses bump against each other.

I want his mouth and that's all that matters. His lips are soon on mine, and my hands find there way into his beautiful bronze silky hair. He groans as I pull it. His arms tighten around my waist, drawing me into his chest as close as possible.

We break apart when neither of us could breath, and decide to walk back home. It's getting late and cold. But he promised to take me somewhere special next time. Somewhere that when we tell people of our relationship, I'll be proud to say where we had our first date.

"what about you? Have you had any special friends?"

"well, I've dated a few girls. Nothing serious though. You're my first girlfriend." His cheeks tinged pink, and had we not been kissing a few seconds ago, I would have kissed him again.

"can I ask you something?" I ask hesitantly. I wasn't really sure I wanted to answer.

"you can ask me anything Bella"

"a few day's ago I heard you talking to Alice...you were talking about a girl you liked..." I trailed off, hoping he would know what I was trying to ask.

He chuckled "I should have known you heard that, though I am surprised you could be quiet enough to hide and listen" I hit him in the arm at that comment.

"but the girl?" I reminded him

"that girl that's you, you mean?"

"me?" I knew my jaw had dropped. I honestly thought he would have some beautiful girl he was pining after.

"of course it was you. Now come on, you're freezing, I don't want you getting a cold." we held hands as we walked towards the house, and after a few minutes he let go of my hand, and wrapped me up in his arm, his body heat keeping me warm.

We slipped through the back door, closing it quietly and remembering to lock it.

"well, well, well...what do we have here then?"

oh, shit!

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