"I'm confused," Hardison stated after a beat, "Are you expecting, Sophie?"

"What would she be expecting?" Parker asked immediately.

"There's something wrong with you," Eliot growled with a roll of his eyes.

"Yes," Sophie squeaked in an uncharacteristically quiet voice, "I'm pregnant."

"Score," Parker cheered.

"Please," Hardison begged as he kept his eyes trained on the very still mastermind standing by the door, "Tell me Nate's the father."

"And if he isn't," Eliot kindly added with a growl that meant death would take place, "who is?"

"It's a funny story actually," Nate laughed nervously at that.

"Boy or girl?" Parker questioned enthusiastically at the news that it was indeed Nate and Sophie's baby.

"When?" Hardison demanded sternly.

"And what are the two of you going to do?" Eliot added because he and Hardison were actually on the same wave length for once. Hurt Sophie and die.

"When we took down Moreau," Nate replied sheepishly, "Apparently we had a very nice celebration that night."

"I told him we needed to tell you sooner!" Sophie blurted out to the surprise of everybody, "but no, he wanted to keep it a secret and then he was all nice and sweet and bribed me with flowers and music and a very romantic dinner that I didn't even know he was capable of and dates, lots and lots of dates. I was bribed!"

"Boy or girl?" Parker repeated with absolutely no surprise in her voice whatsoever at the grifter's frantic cry.

"Six months?" Hardison demanded with an air of venom, "You've been together for six months?"

"Why are we just finding out about this now?" Eliot demanded as he tried to remember if his last question was answered.

"I wouldn't call it together," Sophie mumbled to the table because she was trying her hardest to morph into it out of embarrassment.

"I would," Nate stated with a snap of his head in Sophie's direction as if he had been hurt by the words she had spoken.

"Boy or girl?" Parker shouted because that was what was important.

"They don't know yet, mama," Hardison explained carefully, "The baby isn't far enough along yet."

"Answer my questions," Eliot demanded once the young thieves were finally taken care of.

"Sophie answered your last one," Nate defended solemnly, "and then we found out about the baby and didn't know how to break the news to you."

"We were supposed to have until your little con," Sophie stammered unhappily, "We were going to tell you then."

"They knew about our con?" Parker asked with disappointment.

"Nate and Sophie," Hardison shook his head at the thief, "of course they knew."

"What are you going to do?" Eliot demanded earnestly.

"We don't know," Nate sighed after a pause, "We were too busy figuring out how to tell you."

"We're obviously keeping the baby," Sophie added on though that table was definitely doing a good job of hiding her now.

"How come you're not further along?" Parker asked as she noticed the grifter's stomach was still unnoticeably pregnant.

"Baby didn't happen until a couple weeks ago," Nate explained sheepishly as he seemed to become fascinated with the floorboards all of a sudden.

"Six to eight weeks ago he tricked me into falling into bed with him," Sophie commented as the table seemed to become more dominant during her crouching for cover.

"You didn't exactly put up that much of a fight," Nate argued back with a glare pointed at the table, "and it wasn't just six to eight weeks ago."

"That's my story and I'm sticking to it," Sophie cried out in desperation as she popped her head up from under the table long enough to respond.

"I like pregnant Sophie," Parker stated with a smile, "She's easier to understand and it's harder for her to hide her emotions. Reading her is nice."

"And she has that glow," Eliot nodded along with the thief, "Nate's going to die though."

"I'm still deciding which one I want to kill more," Hardison argued with that protective look he doesn't usually wear, "Though Sophie is very well-protected by the table right now so Nate is looking like the obvious candidate."

"She was wearing this dress," Nate had the audacity to argue, "and she looked really nice and she didn't exactly make it easy to resist."

"You put your hand up my skirt first!" Sophie hollered back and then gasped because she realized what she said.

"How sad is it that it makes total and complete sense that they wouldn't sleep together unless they were drunk first?" Parker demanded of the boys.

"If they start going into detail about how the baby was made I'm going to kill them," Eliot stated with a growl.

"Why did you keep this from us?" Hardison demanded simply.

"I'm pregnant, Hardison!" Sophie shouted as she finally decided it was safe to come out from under the table now, "It's not exactly easy for me to explain considering whom the father is and everything else that's going on in my head! The kid's not even going to know my real name because its father is going to call me Sophie all the bloody time!"

"And she's the one who started it by putting her tongue in my mouth," Nate growled profusely, "and I cannot say no to that woman's tongue!"

"Um..." Parker gasped at the mastermind's last comment.

"Ewe," Hardison finished for her as his face began to turn to a very impressive shade of purple.

"Run!" Eliot warned angrily as he flexed his muscles in preparation for the kill.

-I'll leave the rest up to you! -