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It wasn't pretty…fires burned over the country and the Elemental Nations were in shambles. Bodies littered the forests, the deserts and the great villages. Most of the Shinobi had survived the outbreak of the demons, as it was so bluntly put. There was one Shinobi, though…one boy who stood above the rest in the fight against the creatures. His name…was Uzumaki Naruto. He had fought and fought against the creatures to protect his friends and fellow villagers. While his friends commended him, though, the villagers still condemned him.

The Uzumaki now stood upon the shattered remains of the head of the Yondaime Hokage. The Great Faces were destroyed when Naruto had to use his stronger jutsu to take care of the undead. Now…it was over…somehow…after years of surviving…the demons had finally been eradicated. Tired…nearly broken…Naruto sat down on the rubble and lied his head down, allowing himself to fall into blissful sleep.

Almost as soon as Naruto had fallen asleep, he awoke within his mindscape. Years ago, in order to cope with the outbreak of the demons, Naruto had shifted the landscape of his mind to be a peaceful retreat for when he had his rare moments of a good sleep. It was now a sprawling land of green grass and flowing rivers. Trees were placed randomly off in the distance, Naruto could see the one who helped him build this place.

Not too far down the river he had awakened beside, the human form of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. She stood in the water as bare as the day she was born, though Naruto could never figure out when or how she was born. She had midnight black hair that fell over her pale form down to her hips. She was perfectly shaped, as Naruto figured most of the Demon Queens were, and her breasts were nothing to shake a stick at…not too big nor too small…as Naruto had once put it to his group…they were just right. She had curves where curves were needed and her eyes blazed with a dominant fire but the aura around her was so calming that Naruto could never stay scared or angry for long.

Naruto stood himself and walked over to her bathing form. He simply stood at the edge of the river and smiled before chuckling. Kyuubi quickly looked up and playfully covered herself with pouty lips. "Haven't I taught you manners over these years, Naruto-kun? What did I say about walking in on a woman during her bath?" Naruto simply laughed and sat down at the edge. "You're in my mind, Kyu-chan. There really is very little privacy in here. Anyway…I came here for a reason."

This piqued the fox demons interests. "Oh? What is it, Naru-kun?" Naruto laid back and heaved a sigh of great relief. "This damn thing is finally over. We were finally able to kill the last of the demons. The sad thing is, the collective councils of the Nations want to wipe this event from the pages of history. They want things to seem as if it never happened…" Kyuubi sighed at the information he gave her. "While I am happy that it is finally over and I am angry that the Council would wipe it away…there are far greater things at work in the universe. Such as another outbreak in another time on this world."

Naruto stared at her like she was insane. "What are you talking about? Another outbreak of this would be impossible!" Kyuubi got stern with him. "Before this, people thought that these things were nothing but fiction! Another one of the outbreaks is going to happen. It will happen in the distant future…and I believe that you are the only one that can stop it…" Naruto was starting to get confused. "If it were in the distant future, then how in the Hell would I be able to stop it anyway! I'm here not there…"

Kyuubi sighed and stood up before snapping her fingers. Soon a black dress appeared on her but it was cut so that it did not touch the water. She walked out and motioned for Naruto to follow her. He listened and they walked on down the river. "Naru-kun…this is not going to be the only outbreak in history…there will be another one. But it will be far more dangerous than this one due to the world and its higher population in the future." Once again, Naruto was confused. "Wait…how in the Hell can you see the future?"

Kyuubi stop walking and sighed once more. Naruto stopped and turned to face her, waiting for his answer. She looked at him and started to explain. "Naruto, we Bijuu are timeless beings. When we were born from the Juubi, we were given slight fractions of its abilities as well. One such ability that I myself was granted is the ability to see into any time period. That is not the only power that I gained from him, though, but that comes later. With my ability, I was able to see that this outbreak will most certainly not be the last. As a matter of fact, I'm simply setting the stones in place by telling you this because I foresaw this conversation as well. One of the other things that I noticed in this vision is that the people in the future possess only enough chakra to simply live. That is the main reason that the outbreak will be so bad. Our abilities and jutsu are unusable to them. That is why I am going to do what I plan on doing." Naruto was starting to get it, but he still didn't know her plan. "What is your plan, Kyu-chan?"

She looked him in the eye and spoke. "I am going to tear a hole in the fabric of time and send you to the time of the outbreak. But I am putting you also in the place that the prospective leaders will be." Naruto nodded and spoke again. "Where would that be, Kyu-chan?" Kyuubi waved her hand and the sight of a building appeared in what seemed to be a pretty peaceful place. "This is Fujimi High School. It is much like the civilian academy was in your village. It is on a much higher level than your is though, being that it offers far more courses than your academy does. There are no Shinobi academies here though. It is like I told you; they can no longer harness the chakra we do. They have either forgotten and it diminished or someone simply wrote it from history and everyone turned a blind eye. How it happened I am not sure but if I send you then they stand a much larger chance. After all, sending a Jinchuuriki would make the biggest difference in the world!" Kyuubi spoke the last part with a cute cocked head, closed eyes and a smile.

Naruto chuckled at her but quickly got serious. "If you think that I can make a difference in the next outbreak, Kyu-chan, then I'll go. But…" "Yes, Naru-kun?" Naruto looked at her for a minute before continuing. "May I say my goodbyes first? I'd like to explain this all to Baa-chan as well…" Kyuubi smiled at him and walked up to him, taking his cheek in her palm while looking up at him. "I would never deny you that, Naruto-kun. You may say your goodbyes and talk to your Hokage. But remember, we must leave tomorrow." Naruto is, once again…confused. "Why tomorrow! I thought that you could time travel!" For what seemed like the millionth time in the last few minutes, Kyuubi sighed once more. "While I can do that, unfortunately I have been unable to completely master it. Before I was sealed within you, I was only able to jump in thousand year intervals into the future or past. Tomorrow will mark a perfect three thousand years to the start of the next outbreak. The thing is, though, is that I've never tried to take me and another to a different time. If we go…there may be no coming back for you."

Naruto nodded solemnly but did not waver. "If the human race may be snuffed out by another outbreak of this Hell on Earth…then I am willing to do whatever it takes and take whatever risks that I must. Even if it means that I won't see my friends anymore." Kyuubi looked at him and started to smile. She then spoke to him in a low voice. "Okay, Naruto-kun. Go now; spend your last day with your friends. When you awake in the morning, meditate and I will walk you through the time travel process." Naruto nodded as he closed his eyes and began to fade from his mindscape.

Outside, things were already being set into motion as Naruto awoke from his sleep. Shinobi had already begun to rebuild the destroyed buildings. Naruto suspected that he had been out for a few hours since the sun was now high in the sky. He looked around and saw the first person that he wanted to see…Tsunade. He quickly ran over to her with a purpose.

As he came closer, he saw that she was overseeing the survivors that they had stashed away within the Hokage Mountain safe rooms to make sure that they were not infected by their bite. He stopped a few feet away from her as he saw that she was very busy. Not trying to be selfish, Naruto waited for what felt like hours until she finally noticed he was standing there. She waved other medic ninja over and walked over the Naruto with a smile on her face. "Naruto-kun, how are you? Can you believe that this is all finally over?"

Naruto chuckled darkly and stared at the ground with cold, dead eyes. 'It's over for you guys, at least.' He looked back up to her with a weak smile on his tanned and dirtied face. "That's actually what I wanted to talk to you about, Baa-chan…" Tsunade got a questioning look on her face and followed Naruto as he began to pace off. She came up beside him. "What do you mean, Naruto-kun?" Naruto stopped walking and sighed much like Kyuubi had done so much when he talked to her about the situation. He turned to Tsunade with a sullen look on his face. "Baa-chan…I can't stay here…"

Naruto's first words shocked Tsunade to no end. She felt her eyes beginning to burn…she didn't want to lose her godson because of this. "What do you mean? Why can't you stay?" Naruto's face seemed to get darker. "Because while this thing is over for all of you…it is not over for me. Kyuubi talked to me when I slept a few hours ago…" Tsunade's following gasp was understandable to Naruto. He had never told anyone that he had started talking to Kyuubi. Hell…they still thought that he and the fox hated each other with a deadly passion. Tsunade's next words shocked Naruto, though. "What did the Kyuubi say, Naruto-kun?"

Not willing to look a gift horse in the mouth, Naruto continued. "She told me that there will be another outbreak…far more dangerous than this one…but it is far from here. She is going to take me there tomorrow and the odds of me coming are low. I wanted to tell you before I left." Naruto could see that Tsunade was ready to cry. "What if I say no?" Naruto gave a weak smile and looked down, but then hardened and looked back up again. "I would still go. If what she told me is accurate, then I may be the wildcard in the outbreak. Where it is, they cannot use chakra which in turn means that they cannot use jutsu. With me, they would stand a greater chance."

Tsunade had small tears streaming down her face now and her face was starting to fall. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. She looked down with a pitiful frown. "Naruto-kun..." Naruto started to feel his own eyes burn with tears and closed the distance between them, pulling his grandmother into a tight hug. He clenched his eyes shut as he felt his tears begin to fall into her hair. "Baa-chan…don't worry about me…please don't cry…" Naruto's words only made her cry more, but underneath all of the tears, Tsunade gave a small but genuine smile as her thoughts ran through her head. 'My godson is finally a man…'

Tsunade pulled back and looked at Naruto with her smile on her face. "Naruto-kun…as long as you know what you are doing then I am happy. I will be sad, yes…but I won't stop you from doing what you think is right." Naruto smiled and pulled her back into the hug. When it ended, he spoke. "Baa-chan…thank you. But you know what that means you'll have to do, right?" Tsunade looked down and nodded. "I know…I'll bring up your resignation papers and sign them myself when the repairs to the Hokage Tower are complete. Since you'll be gone before them I'll have to sign them down as a dishonorable discharge, though." Naruto smile softly to reassure her, but if he were honest, the thought of a dishonorable discharge after all he had done for the village…burned him.

Naruto wiped the thought away and spoke again. "I know that…but it is needed. Well…I was planning on talking to the rest but I remembered that I have to pack a few of my things up. If this is going to be as bad as Kyuubi put it then I'm going to need all of my supplies. Since I'll be gone…can you gather them in your office when it's rebuilt and tell them where I am?" Tsunade simply nodded with a teary smile before she pulled him back into a hug. "Naruto-kun…I'm going to miss you…I really am…" When their hug broke, Naruto began to walk away, but he stopped and turned. "I know you will, Baa-chan…I know you will…" With his final words to her spoken…Naruto left without another word.

It took him some time and he saw the sun beginning to set, but he finally made it to his apartment. He chuckled to himself when he saw the state of the complex…perfectly intact. 'I guess that they had had enough of Hell…' He walked up to his apartment and opened the door to find that nothing had been touched by the looters that Konoha had experienced over the last few years of the outbreak. He chuckled darkly at this and went back to his room. 'I guess that I should be glad that I live in Hell…because at least they wouldn't think twice about what I might have.'

Opening up his closet, Naruto began to sift through his things before he was able to find what he was looking for. It was a medium sized chest underneath the trash that lied in his space. He dragged it out and started working at the lock. It took him some time but he finally remembered the combination after not opening it for so long. Tossing the small lock aside, Naruto opened it up and inside were three storage scrolls. One was black with white edges, another was white with black edges and the last one was very shiny yet dark red that was held closed by a silky black ribbon. The black one was on the left and the white was on the right while the red lied in the middle He sighed to himself as he thought, 'I never thought that I'd actually have to use these things…'

Tossing his depression over this situation aside, he pulled out the dominantly black scroll and opened it up on the ground. He removed the headband, jacket and pants of his orange jumpsuit and unsealed the first item. It was a pair of black cargo pants that had multiple storage scrolls around the waist. Inside the scrolls were well over hundreds of kunai knives and shuriken. He quickly put them on and then put on another pair of socks. He unsealed the next item, which happened to be a pair of black steel-toed boots. He quickly put them on and tied the laces, letting the cargo pants fall over them.

Naruto kept his black shirt on and then unsealed the second to last seal on the scroll. Inside of the seal was a long, black trench coat that fell down to just above Naruto's ankles. He slipped it on and inspected it to make sure that the years had not taken their toll on it. The sleeves were intact and fell down to cover half of his hands. Inside of the jacket were seals of resistance to keep it from ripping easily. Bending down, he unsealed the last seal. Out popped a myriad of items that Naruto proceeded to put on. He put on the black gloves first that had metal plates over the back of them. He then put on the black facemask that covered his mouth and the bottom half of his nose.

Hesitating at first, Naruto picked up the black banded headband and stared down at the Konoha symbol that was carved into the silvery metal. He sighed and placed it back down onto the seal and resealed it into the scroll. 'I won't need that where I'm going…' Naruto sat down on his knees and rolled the scroll up before putting it back in its place in the chest. He then pulled out the white scroll.

Naruto rolled the white scroll open in the same place that the black scroll was. On the scroll were ten seals. Naruto unsealed the first one and simply inspected its contents. Inside of the seal was a stack of twenty blank seal tags. Naruto inspected these to make sure that they were not deteriorated or damaged in any way. When he was satisfied with the tags, he resealed them. Naruto then simply inspected the seals themselves over the other ones. 'Along with the twenty blank tags, I think that I have twenty of the others…Kyu-chan, what were they again?' Naruto then heard the sultry voice of Kyuubi in his head. 'If I remember correctly, then you packed the explosive tags, shock burst tags…hmmm…I think that you also packed the experimental ones too. It's a shame that we couldn't test that one out…I really would've liked to see what it could do.'

Naruto chuckled at the mock pouting that she did in his head. 'Well if things are going to go as you said that they would, then I think we will have plenty of opportunities to use them. The only problem is that being that we never tested them in an open environment, I'm not sure if I got the seal formula right.' Naruto sighed and closed the scroll up and placed it in one of his cargo pockets. He then moved to the last scroll.

The last scroll, the red one, was the single, most important scroll that Naruto possessed. When he thought about it, all the money that he had put into its contents probably paid for his own life. He carefully placed it down and removed the silky black band that bound it closed. He placed the ribbon above it on the floor and unrolled the scroll with extreme care, so as not to make the scroll bend in any way. When it was unrolled completely, Naruto looked at the intricacy of the seals that were expertly placed together in a way to make sure that the contents were perfectly preserved. Naruto pricked his finger so that only a single drop of blood was drawn and he dripped the single drop on the center seal, the blood seal.

Naruto watched as smoke began to pour from the seal in different places instead of bursting forth like his others had. Naruto had his reason for designing the seals like this though. He watched as the individual streams began to collaborate in the middle into a perfect sphere of smoke. Intrigued by his own seal design, Naruto kept watching as the smoke stretched from its ball form and formed a rod-like case of smoke landscape-wise on the scroll. Finally, the smoke burst into a cloud that covered the entire room.

When the smoke finally cleared the room via the window, Naruto looked back to see that his seal design had worked in the way that he had wanted. Naruto had designed the seal to split the item up into parts and seal them into different parts on the scroll that were to keep them each in conditions that would preserve them with no problem.

On the scroll now lied a Katana. It was no Katana that any sword smith would recognize, simply because it was not any sword smith that created the sword. Naruto had asked Kyuubi herself to create a blade for him that could withstand scratching, breaking and dulling. Kyuubi had quickly obliged to his request and used their combined chakra to create a blade that would make any sword smith worth his salt cry in wonder and make them get on their knees and beg for a chance to simply touch the edge. She had created…Shukketsu Souru.

The sheath of Shukketsu Souru was blacker than the deepest abyss. Its tsuba was black as well and rectangular in shape. It had no defining marks on it as it went down the white banded handle of the blade to the gold pommel of the blade capping it off. Naruto picked it up with care in both of his hands and stood up. He strapped the blade to his side inside of his coat and quickly and gracefully pulled the blade out with no resistance and only the sound of the blade ringing to signal its coming. He inspected the blade closely. He had no idea how Kyuubi had been able to create such a magnificent blade, but he was grateful to her for doing it so willingly.

Whilst Naruto inspected the blade, he heard Kyuubi's voice once more in his head. 'You can sense it, can't you? You can feel the presence within the blade. The energy rolling off of it in waves. You can feel the power…can't you?' Naruto nodded as he thought back to her. 'I can…and it confuses me. I knew that swords could be imbued with power…but this is far different. This thing that I'm feeling is not simply power…it feels like it is a living thing…and it feels oddly like your own presence.'

Naruto heard the chuckle of Kyuubi ring through his head and he smiled slightly. He loved the sound of a woman's happiness. 'That is because I have imbued the sword with a fraction of my soul, Naruto-kun.' Naruto's eyes widened as he looked over the blade with a newfound intrigue. 'You put a piece of your own soul in the blade? Why'd you do that?' 'Because I knew that whenever you used the blade a little extra help would never hurt. With a piece of me within the blade, your possession of Shukketsu Souru would grant you considerable dominance over the element of fire.'

Naruto nodded with acceptance to the answer and sheathed Shukketsu Souru. Naruto then turned to his door as he began to think to himself. 'Kyu-chan…do you think…maybe I should leave tonight? Leave so that I don't draw too much attention to myself when I leave in the middle of the day when everyone is awake?' Naruto heard Kyuubi sigh and couldn't help but chuckle at how many times she had done that in one day. 'I know you don't want to face your friends, Naruto-kun. But unfortunately you must rest before you go otherwise you may not survive the process of time travel. Rest, Naruto-kun…trust me when I say that you will need it.'

Naruto sighed himself and walked over to his bed and sat down. He cradled his head in his hands as he started to think to himself. 'I still can't believe that all of this happened. Now that it's over…I leave to fight another outbreak. Did I do something in a past life to deserve this? Did I wrong someone that I shouldn't have?' Unable to think of a reason for the madness that he was being subjected to, Naruto simply lied down on top of the covers and closed his eyes, drifting into a dreamless sleep.

The next day was not something that Naruto was looking forward to. With everything that would happen that day, Naruto wished that he could just turn back time and be with his friends again. But now he was going to leave them all for good. He was going to leave with the possibility that he would never come back.

Naruto awoke to the sun shining in his face through his window and the sound of birds chirping for the first time in ages. He tried his best to smile, but the knowledge of what was to come was simply to foreboding for him to be happy. He sat himself up and did his best to fight back the tears that were trying to force their way past his eyes. He barely held them back as a few slipped past his guard.

Steeling himself as best he could, Naruto stood and grabbed Shukketsu Souru, strapping her to his waist inside of his jacket as he had done the night before. Looking toward his full body mirror that he had put in before the outbreak, he looked over his darkened form, save for his blonde hair which was pull back flat on top of his head. He chuckled to himself in a slightly cold manner. 'As much as I do not want to leave…I honestly think that maybe this was my calling in life. Maybe I was simply born to kill.'

Trying to keep the small piece of insanity that he had held onto over the last few years, Naruto pushed the thought aside and walked out of his room and continued out of his apartment. When he came outside, he saw that apparently, despite the fact that the village was in shambles, people were trying to return to normalcy. Their were small and simple stands set up along the streets and Naruto also saw that there were also Shinobi running about trying to get their daily schedules back on track.

Naruto sighed as he walked down the dirt streets towards the Great Fire Gates that divided Konoha from the Forest of Fire. 'I wish that I didn't have to go…I honestly wish that I could stay…but maybe this won't be so bad. Maybe it will be a good thing. For some reason…when I felt their blood on my hands…I could feel the ecstasy…Kyuubi…is something wrong with me?' 'No, Naruto-kun, there isn't anything wrong with you. It is only natural to feel what you are feeling after you went through so much. It was not only this outbreak and the one that you will now face, but everything that came before it as well. All of the neglect and lies that you were subjected to…it was all simply a time bomb that they had placed within you…ticking away to see how long it would take until you finally snapped. Your bloodlust is not your own fault…but as I said; a collaboration of their own wrongdoings.'

Naruto accepted the long and drawn out answer with a nod and a small smile. 'At least I'm not insane.' Naruto kept walking and walking as he left through the unguarded gates of the village. He walked for three hours until he heard Kyuubi speak. 'Naruto-kun, it is nearing that time in the future. Fujimi High School will be underneath the outbreak within the hour. You must leave now.' Naruto nodded and started to move faster towards a clearing that he knew very well. It was the same clearing where he remembered that Rock Lee and Sabaku no Gaara fought Kimimaro until said Oto ninja died of a disease. Naruto sat in the middle of the clearing and began to meditate so he could talk to Kyuubi a bit easier. 'Okay Kyu-chan, what do I do?'

Minutes passed until Naruto heard his reply. 'You will have to gather your chakra both massively equally into all parts of your body before you can perform this jutsu.' Naruto did as he was told and started to redistribute chakra equally throughout his body until he was completely sure that his chakra was perfectly equal in both capacity and flow. 'Now what, Kyu-chan?'

'It is actually quite simply. Now you must put an equal amount of my own chakra into your body. Then I will use our combined chakra to open up a hole in time and before it closes, you will jump in. It may hurt slightly but you will live at least.' Naruto felt a pang of fear in his spine and tried to run it away. He just did as he was told and started to leak Kyuubi's own chakra into his coils. When he had the right amount in each part of his body, he spoke back. 'Okay…I'm ready…'

'Okay, Naruto-kun. Just to let you know…while we're there, I will think of everything that I can to make sure that you get back home…I swear.' Naruto smiled and started to feel his eyes burn with the coming of tears. 'Kyu-chan…thank you…you are a great friend.' Naruto knew from the silence that Kyuubi was mulling over the comment and she enjoyed it as he felt a wave of warmth flow over him. Kyuubi then began feeding the information on the jutsu to him. At first he was confused…it was more a chant than it was a jutsu. He disregarded it and simply began to flash through the hand seals that came to his head while he chanted out the jutsu. Naruto did not understand the language in which the jutsu came to him, but he began to say it as he heard it.

Naruto began to feel the air around him bend and twist as if it were made of water. He opened his eyes and saw the air shift in ways that he thought not possible. The images of the trees in the distance began to distort and Naruto simply continued to chant. In front of him, a small slit of blackness began to form in the air. As the chant continued, the slit got bigger and bigger until it was finally a size big enough for him to step into.

Naruto stood as he looked to the gash-like formation in the air. It was pitch black on the inside, much like one would think that nothingness would look like. He stepped forward and put his hand inside…it was so cold. He quickly pulled it out and started to warm his hand back to its normal temperature. Naruto looked to it and began to talk to Kyuubi. 'Kyu-chan…why the Hell is it so cold?' 'Time is not a living being. There is no Father Time, there is only time itself. It is cold and indifferent. It would only be natural that a portal through time would be freezing.' Naruto nodded once more and started to take a step in before he stopped with half of his body in and cold, while the other half was out and warm. He turned his head and took in what could be his last sight. 'I'm going to miss this place…'

Naruto sighed and turned back to the portal before taking his final step in. As soon as he was through, the portal sealed up and there was no trace that anyone was ever there…

Inside of the portal, Naruto was about to freeze to death. It was not so much that it was a windy chill…it was the fact that there was simply no warmth whatsoever. Everywhere, there were events that were taking place in different periods of time. Some disgusted Naruto and some intrigued him. 'Kyu-chan, what is all of this?' Naruto was answered a few minutes later. 'These are the events that have happened in this particular place in time. In all honesty, it was an amazing place for you to pick because in the time that we are going to, this is an alleyway near Fujimi High. It is exactly two blocks from the school. And with what time you will be getting there, you get there at around the time that the person you must help will witness the first killing that happens in Japan.'

Naruto kept walking as his body began to get used to the cold, but he could still see his breath. 'Japan? Are the Elemental Nations not around in this time?' 'No. The Elemental Nations were sunk by an unknown force and pulled to the sea floor. Even the Bijuu were destroyed by this thing. At least now that we have traveled through time you will be spared that fate. Do not worry about your friends. They all die of old age long before whatever happened happens.'

Naruto sighed and nodded as he continued to walk through the portal. As he felt like he had been walking for hours, Kyuubi spoke again. 'You're getting closer to what time we must be in. I must say one thing, though. You cannot speak to me once you get to where you are going.' Naruto stopped walking and started to panic. 'Why can't I speak to you? Will our mental connection be messed up by the time period? Will something happen to me? Will…' 'No, Naruto! It is not that at all, Naruto-kun. I told you before we left that I would be working on a way to get you back home. If I am to do that then I will need all the concentration and free time I can get to research this jutsu. You and I will both be fine. Besides, I think that you will find a person in this time period that my pique your interests.' Kyuubi's voice was laced with a certain mischievous undertone that made Naruto quiver.

'What do you mean, Kyu-chan?' Naruto heard Kyuubi chuckle a very Jiraiya-like chuckle. He could practically feel the perverted undertones. 'I simply think that you will be very interested by a certain person that will join your group.' Naruto sighed in defeat at the fact that he wasn't going to get a straight answer out of Kyuubi.

Finally, Naruto had come to the end of the line. At the end of the timeline of events, a moving picture of cars going by an alleyway with Sakura blossoms blowing in the wind. 'This is it, Naruto-kun. I will recede into the depths of your mind so I can get some slight privacy from all of the things that will happen. I wish you the best of luck. Don't forget that you can use your techniques, but also remember that you must watch over those people. There is one in particular that I would like you to look after though. One that happens to be a descendent of mine.' Naruto's eyes widened. 'You have a descendent?' 'Yes. Thought their clan name has changed due to the fact that all of my descendents are female and they married outside of their clans. My descendent in this time is an excellent Swordswoman…'

'This is the first time that I've ever felt you get truly emotional over something, Kyu-chan. Though I do think it is a good change from the perverted jokes and lewd comments that you have given me before. What is her name?' Kyuubi was silent for a time until she finally divulged the information to him. 'Her name is Busujima Saeko.' Naruto nodded in understanding that she would want her descendent to be protected.

As he accepted his secondary objective, Naruto placed his hand on the picture and it expanded into the real thing.

Without another though…Naruto entered into the next outbreak…


This is another story that I am writing because I thought that it would be an interesting read to anyone interested in the HOTD series or Naruto.


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