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Chapter Nine

The battle had begun and it wasn't going the way that Naruto had originally planned it to. The Behemoth had focused on him and kept him away from Saeko while the Predators attacked her full force. She wasn't being pushed over by them by any means, though. She was able to hold her own. One of them came in for a quick slash but she was able to sever its hand at the wrist. It roared and leaped back, letting its partner into the thread.

Saeko looked behind her just in time when she heard a roar. She saw the other Predator upon her and brought up Kitsune-hi to block the claw. A small tremor was felt when the two clashed and she was able to push the creature back. About to go in for a strike, she was oblivious to the other until it slashed her across her back with its unharmed hand. She gasped in pain and turned, only for her attention to be taken from the second one that caught her sword arm, causing her to drop her blade.

Naruto saw this all happen even through his unending bouts with the Behemoth. She caught one fist with his hand and ran Shukketsu Souru deep in between the knuckles of his index and middle finger, getting a roar of pain from the creature as it pulled its fist away along with the sword still lodged into his hand. Naruto jerked back and staggered slightly when his blade was ripped from his hands.

He looked over and saw Saeko trying to keep an eye on the Predators with Kitsune-hi laying five feet away from her. He ran past the roaring Behemoth and slid to grab the blade as he did. Standing, he quickly took off the Predator's arm that charged him. Saeko stood behind him with her bloodied arm cradled in her unmarred one, though she had no way to aid the gash across her back.

The blonde swordsman watched as the Predators ran to the raging Behemoth, as if waiting for orders like good little soldiers. 'These things are working as a team! What the hell is going on here?' He paid close attention as the undead giant charged with the Predators running zigzag formations behind him.

As it neared, Naruto handed Saeko her sword back and she took it with her unwounded arm with a small smile of thanks. He turned back and met the fist of the Behemoth with his own, the momentum of the beast causing Shukketsu Souru to slide free from its boney prison and back into Naruto's waiting hand. He caught the sword and quickly severed the Behemoths other hand as it tried to catch him off guard.

While Naruto was preoccupied with the monster, though, the Predators had rushed past him towards Saeko who was barely able to block the incoming barrage of attacks. Naruto heard the sounds of the attacks and growled as he pushed the Behemoth back with one last forceful push. Charging his blade with chakra, Naruto ran forward and jumped with all his might at the things head.

It brought up its bleeding stump and tried to block the attack but it was easily cut through as Naruto blew through both the arm and its neck like a vengeful angel. He landed with a strong gust of wind blowing past him as he quickly sheathed his blade, causing it to convulse and its head to fall off to the ground.

He turned quickly and ran to the battle site of Saeko and the Predators, but found that they were no longer attacking her. They had stopped and were staring at the corpse of the Behemoth. Naruto raised an eyebrow at this. 'What the hell? Is the Behemoth a controller for these things?' He was torn from his thoughts as the Predators ferociously charged at Naruto. He jumped slightly as he brought Shukketsu Souru up to block the claw of the wounded one.

'Shit! Alter, what the hell is going on with these things?' As he dodged and attacked to the best of his abilities, he heard Alter giving him an explanation. "They are obviously working as a group, there's no doubt about that. This is nearly a dead giveaway, though. Someone is definitely behind this outbreak. It was only a thought when we first saw the Behemoth and the Predators...but the fact that they are developing a sense of teamwork... They were originally simple minded creatures that had only one thing on mind; eat. Now they are working in teams and they are coming after YOU specifically. This is the work of engineering and research on whatever virus does this. We NEED to find whoever started this and shut the down!"

Naruto growled as he blocked another strike and sliced the already wounded Predators head from its shoulders. The other one turned far more feral than it had been and began to get wild with its strikes until a sword found its way through the creatures head. Naruto was stunned as the face of the monster was only six inches away with the blade barely a centimeter away from his forehead. He leaned to look past the thing and saw Saeko, huffing and holding the blade with her only good arm.

He smiled as she pulled the sword from the Predators head and let it collapse to the ground. Naruto walked over and put his hand on her shoulder and she smiled back at him before shakily sheathing her blade. He looked back to the bodies of the creatures with a frown as he spoke. "These things are getting smarter, Saeko-chan...that's not good..."

She nodded as she tried to walk forward to stand beside him, but grunted in pain. Naruto heard this and looked back to see her hurting. Smiling, he walked over and quickly swept her up into a bridal carry, getting a blush from her despite having slept with him the night before. He looked around and was about to move until he stopped himself. "Um...Saeko-chan..." She looked up, ready for whatever question he was going to ask. He then looked down with a sheepish smile as he spoke. "Where are we going?"

The area was silent except for the slight breeze that went through the air. Saeko simply stared at him with a dumbfounded look on her face. "Are you being serious with me?" Naruto scoffed as he tried to play it off but found quickly that he couldn't and hung his head. Saeko just grinned and giggled. 'He's smart and strong...but he acts like such a kid...'

She used her good arm to point in the general direction that they were to be heading. He smiled and nodded as he took off faster than she thought possible. They shot through the trees and Naruto soon saw that they were coming up on buildings going up a hill towards a manor-looking home. He took to the rooftops and spoke while dashing. "So which one of these houses is Saya-chan's house?"

Saeko had to narrow her eyes as they began to water from the rush of the wind and she had to speak louder than normal to be heard of the gale that rushed them as he ran. "Hers is the house at the very top. It's the one that's surrounded by the gate and it more than likely has guards so we're going to more than likely have to go through them and convince them that we are with her."

Naruto nodded and decided not to freak out because the first girl that decided to console him in this horror-ridden world was the daughter of someone rich and probably famous. He smiled at the thought, though. 'Funny...one of the ones that love me is from a line of prestige...kind of like me I guess...being the son of the Yondaime Hokage and all.'

As they ran faster, Naruto saw that there was a small roadblock in the road with two people and a forklift standing behind it. It was made of small walls of concrete and Naruto scoffed at the sight. "The man hires some stupid ass help." Saeko looked back past his shoulder and saw what he was talking about. When they were out of view and they neared the mansion she spoke. "Putting up a barrier will hold them back, though."

Naruto shook his head as he slowed down on the last rooftop to a walk. "No it won't. I've seen the strength of these things first hand. They may be frail in body but when it comes to their muscle power they have it in spades. They could probably make it through the barrier in maybe five minutes if not controlled. And if my suspicions are correct, then they are stronger than the ones that I faced back in my outbreak."

She sighed as she tried to lay her head down to rest, only to have a different voice interrupt her attempts. "Halt and identify yourself, stranger! Speak now or we will kill you!" Naruto took offense to this as he jumped from the small rooftop to the ground, landing in a crouch and surprising the men, only for them to raise their guns seconds later. He stood with Saeko in his hands and began to walk forward with a kind smile on his face. "My name is Uzumaki Naruto! What's your..."

He wasn't able to finish as he heard a loud "BANG", a quick scream from Saeko and he felt something slice his right cheek open slightly, causing a drop of blood to trickle down to his chin. He stopped dead in his tracks as he felt the warmth slide down his face. He saw the barrel of the man's gun smoking and he knew that he had shot at him.

Naruto carefully sat Saeko on the ground as he felt his cheek begin to burn from Alters corrupted chakra healing his wound. He stared the man in the eyes with his piercing blue orbs. "I did as you wanted me to...yet you fire at me? That makes me very angry." He was about to draw his blade until he heard a voice from the other side of the gate. "Naruto-kun!"

He looked past the guards and saw Saya running for the entrance and he smiled. She wore a white, frilled, button-up shirt, a black skirt and black slipper-like shoes with knee-high white socks. "Saya-chan, I'm so happy to see you!" The guards were dumbfounded by the display the two were giving and tried their best to look innocent.

Saya ran past them and tackled Naruto to the ground, showering his face in kisses. This got a slight cough for attention from Saeko and the two looked up to see the aforementioned standing over them, cradling her wounded arm. Naruto then looked back to Saya. "I think that there are a few things that you need to know, Saya-chan."

She looked worried but ultimately nodded as she stood to let Naruto up. He stood and brushed off his dusty butt before Saeko walked past them and into the courtyard of the compound. Saya hooked her arm through Naruto's as they walked. He noticed that it wasn't affection that took her, though...it was something else...not fear exactly...but something similar. He wondered what it was that made her feel this way but decided that she would tell him if she wanted to.

The house was rather large and when Naruto thought about it, it was far too large for his tastes. They walked around the fountain that adorned the middle walkway to the stairs leading up to the main house. Naruto kept looking around in wonder as he saw people working, putting stuff where it belonged and loading boxes into large trucks.

It didn't take long until they made it to the house and they were inside. Saya pulled him in the right direction that they were meant to go. "This is where Rei-san's room is. She has to rest because of the treatment from the weapon that Takashi used her as a balance for. It hurt her breasts and bruised her back slightly." Naruto nodded as he and Saeko followed her.

They went up the stairs and down a hall lined with a beautiful red carpet with windows letting the dazzling sunshine radiate throughout the hallways, negating the need for lights. She took them to a door and found that the people that were needed to be gathered were there. Rei was lying on her belly naked on the bed with Takashi sitting in a chair besides her talking to her. Shizuka sat in a chair wearing a blue turtleneck sweater with white Capri's and a pair of white heel socks. Kohta sat in the corner playing with little Alice and her dog, Zeke.

Saya let go of Naruto's arm and walked over to the window, speaking the whole time. "We were actually getting ready to have a group meeting before we heard the gunshot at the gate. I rushed out to see what it was and found you two. I'm happy you two are okay and I wish that you could rest before you were dragged into this...but this meeting must take place now."

Naruto looked confused and she spoke without even turning to him. "We need to make our decision now. Are we going to stay here...or are we going to leave them and go off on our own?" Takashi spoke up. "Why do we have to go? They have a plan here! They have supplies, manpower and a good plan."

Rei spoke next. "What about our parents, Takashi-kun?" He stopped when he heard her ask this. "That's right...we need to find them first." Naruto watched the display between them with an odd interest. 'Conflict...even if this is only a friendly reminder of objective, it could get to be more than that...this is very bad for a group. With Saya-chan giving the two choices and Takashi-san's clash of ideas it would create different ideas in a group. Different ideas can cause conflict and can make the group become less than efficient and will get people killed. If this escalates then it could end very badly. I can't let that happen. That goes against my mission.'

He pushed off of the wall that he had let himself lean back on and walked over to where Saya stood before turning to the room. "Now...we don't need to fret over something like this." Saya turned to him. "What are you talking about, Naruto-kun? This isn't a small decision. This is a very important choice to make. We can either assimilate or we can break away."

Naruto nodded in understanding as he began to pace. "That is true. But you see...there are advantages to the different choices...but there are far more severe consequences. Tell me, Saya-chan...how old are you?" "I'm sixteen." Naruto nodded. "From what I have seen, the group that we would assimilate into is comprised of adults that make the decisions, thinking that we are nothing but teenagers that need to be protected, when we have been through the same things that they have. Actually, I doubt that they have been hit by Behemoths and Predators so we have been through more than them and they would readily waste or experience with these things."

Saya nodded, as did everyone else in the room. She looked to him again and spoke. "Those all sound like consequences. What would be the advantages?" She already knew them, but she wanted to know just how much Naruto could pick up in the short time that he had been at the compound. He leaned against the window and crossed his arms. "There are very numerous if the number of workers is anything to go by, but that could be a pro or a con...though more con than pro. Their numbers would create noise and it would make it hard for them to get around quietly. Also, if one of them were to be bitten without someone knowing then it would ultimately tear the group apart from the inside out."

Saya smiled as she nodded and looked to everyone. "See? That's what could happen to us! We would become part of a group that would waste our strengths and cast us aside, calling us useless children when we have been through more than them!" Everyone nodded again and she was about to continue until Saeko spoke. "Well then...since it's pretty clear that we are staying together as a group...I think that there is something else that needs to be addressed."

Naruto knew what she was talking about and started to break into a little cold sweat. "I told that it wasn't that important, Saeko-chan..." She got serious. "And I told you that something like that isn't very trivial." Kohta raised an eyebrow at what he was hearing. "What are you two talking about?" Everyone had eyes on Naruto in a single second. He immediately began to twiddle his thumbs as he chuckled sheepishly. "Uh...Hm...well...it's nothing really! Just a minor detail...it's really nothing to worry about!"

Saeko sighed as she walked over beside him and turned to everyone. "He's being modest...I guess it's only right that I tell you all..." "NO!" This caused everyone in the room to jump when they heard Naruto snap. He looked up with a solemn face. "If they are going to be told...it has to be by me..." He pushed off of the window and left Saeko to stand by it by herself. He stood in the middle of the room at the foot of the bed that Rei was lying on and began to try and pick his words correctly.

Finally, after what felt like forever, he was able to speak. "I...oh boy...I'm..." Saya was worried for him as he still couldn't pick his words right. 'He's going to tell them...he's going to tell them about his demon...' She closed her eyes and waited for him to come out with it, but found that what she was really waiting for...never came.

"I'm not from this time...I'm from the past..." The room was quiet as everyone stared at him after what he had just said. Takashi was the first to regain his ability to speak. "Um...what?" Naruto sighed as he spoke again. "I'm from the past...three thousand years to be exact. I came here after my own outbreak to stop this outbreak and to protect this group. A friend of mine said that I was a wildcard in this thing..." Saya stared at his back with a newfound interest...but also a slight fear...but not fear of him...fear for him as she had felt on the balcony. 'Just how much burden will be placed on his shoulders until he can finally walk away from it all? He's already been through one of these...and then someone forced him to go through it again...for the sake of us?'

After nearly and hour of quietness, Naruto began to walk out of the room as the deafening silence took hold of him. No one stopped him as he opened the door and left. As he walked down the halls...he felt a pang at his heart. 'Why didn't Saya-chan say anything...?' He didn't have an answer from Alter as he backtracked the way that Saya had led them through the house. When he came to the door leading outside he simply opened it and walked out, not glancing back as he closed the door.


Everyone was trying to deal with the information in their own way as they sat staring at the spot that Naruto had once been in. Saya was only wondering when it was going to get easier for Naruto as Saeko only hung her head at the reactions, or lack thereof, of her companions. Shizuka could only look down. 'I should've said something...I should've done something to make him feel better...maybe make him stay...he seemed so sad when he left...' She stood from her seat and quickly left the room to go and find him.

Takashi's eyes were wide as he stared off into nothing. 'He's...from the past? That should be impossible! But...with everything that's been happening...I guess even time travel can be possible...' Rei was trying her best to stay still and not run after him. She didn't like him like Saya, Saeko or Shizuka...but she still thought of him as a good friend...even if she had only known him for a little over three days. 'He looked so broken...he...he had hoped that we would accept him. He probably told Busujima-senpai since she was the one to announce the start of it...so she more than likely accepted him as he was...so he expected the same from us...'

Kohta had no thoughts as Alice sat on his lap holding Zeke in her arms. She looked up to Kohta's unreadable face. "Kohta-onii-chan...what's wrong with Naruto-onii-chan?" Everyone flinched at his name and tried to sink back into their very skin except for Saya and Saeko...for they accepted him right away and Shizuka had left. Kohta tried to look at her and smile. "Nothing's wrong with him, Alice-chan! He's just...different...that's all..."

She had a small twinkle in her eye, giving her the same look that everyone was getting used to that showed her childlike innocence. "Is he going to stay with us? Just because he's different doesn't mean he has to go...does it?" Takashi looked down and Saya and Saeko smiled at the question. Saeko spoke up to it before anyone else could. "No, little one...he's going to stay...because no matter what...whether he's from a different place or time...he's still our friend and has done nothing short of protecting us with his life when he needed him. We won't hate him for something so..." She could barely hold back her smile. "...trivial..."

Alice smiled her wonderfully innocent smile as she leapt from Kohta's lap and ran for the door. She turned with her smile. "I'll go tell Naruto-onii-chan then! He'll be happy!" She put Zeke down and opened the door as she got a running start down the hallway with the dog right behind her. Saya smiled as the door hung agape on its hinges. She then turned to Saeko with the smaller smile. "You're right, you know..." Saeko nodded with her own grin as she looked down. "I know...but there is something that Naruto-kun and I are going to have to tell you later."

Saya raised her eyebrow but then her mind clicked as she knew what she meant. 'They slept together, didn't they? What else would I expect from two hormonal teenagers that spend the night together alone during an undead outbreak? And that little twinkle in her eyes makes it clear...oh well...I did tell him that I don't mind sharing...and it's true...I wonder...maybe her, Shizuka-chan and I could...NO! Bad Saya!' While she shook the thoughts from her head she smiled to Saeko. "I'm sure that whatever it is is fine! Besides..." She got a small lecherous grin as Saeko began to blush at it. "...if it's what I think it is...I already said that I don't mind sharing..."

This got jaw drop from Saeko and Rei while Kohta and Takashi had funny grins plastered to their faces and blood coming from their noses. Saya blushed when she remembered that there were other people in the room but she kept her perverted smile on Saeko, eliciting an even deeper blush from the young swordswoman. Saya giggled as she walked over to the door. 'Now I just need to find Naruto-kun...he must be heartbroken...'


Naruto had taken to sitting on the roof of the house, staring up at the darkening sky. Since he had left the room, he had been witness to some man coming in with one of the creatures in a cage. He spoke of how he was a hero and then he opened the cage to decapitate him. He then spoke of how if they wanted to survive then they would fight for it. He couldn't help but smirk at him as he saw him go inside.

That was a while ago, though and now he could only watch as the sky off in the distance began to glaze over with a gray sheet of clouds. It was windy where they were but it was still sunny out. 'I just wish that the events could match the day. They'll probably want me to go...keeping secrets just made them trust me less...' He sighed as he was about to lie back until he heard someone calling his name. "Naruto-kun! Naruto-kun, where are you?" He sat back up as he recognized the voice as Shizuka's. Looking over the edge of the roof, he saw her running from the house trying her best to find him. 'She's looking for me?'

She stopped walking as she stopped and brought her hands up to her chest. With his superior hearing he heard something...it sound oddly like sniffles. His eyes widened a fraction. 'She's...crying? Over me? Why?' "You know kid...I knew you were dense but I never thought you were actually that stupid..."

Naruto ignored him but noted what he had said. He kept his eyes on Shizuka and saw her bring her hand to her eyes to wipe away what he thought were tears. He scolded himself as he realized that she was crying over him. 'I guess...maybe leaving like that wasn't such a good idea...' He stood with his long coat whipping in the wind as he disappeared in a black flash of speed. He reappeared right beside her without making a sound.

"Shizuka-chan...are you okay?" She immediately turned to him with her eyes red from her tears. "Naruto-kun...why'd you leave?" He turned his head away as he sighed. "I...I thought that maybe I would give you all time. You seemed to be so...shocked by the information given..." Shizuka just cried even harder. "Of course it would shock us! Things like this...they don't...they just don't happen regularly!" He tried to look back at her but couldn't bear the sight of her crying. He turned his back completely. "But that's not even half of the things that I'm holding from you all..."

Shizuka walked up to him and kept one arm to her chest as she reached out to his shoulder with her other. He looked over his shoulder only a little as he felt her touch. "Everyone has there secrets...some that we just can't tell, Naruto-kun. You don't...you don't need to feel this way for being natural..." He tried to shrug her off but she held her hand firm. He spoke when he realized that she wouldn't let go. "But these secrets are dangerous! They're evil! They can get someone killed if they aren't handled right!"

Shizuka kept her hand on his shoulder as he spoke. "Naruto-kun..." He turned his head forward as he tried to keep his eyes from hers, knowing that he would only break down if he saw them. Inside...he was fighting a battle with himself and the sky was starting to gray as his mind was being torn. 'Damn it...so much...I can't...these feelings...god! Rejection...I don't want it...they won't accept me...it'll be just like home! They'll stay because I can protect them...but after that...they'll shun me...block me off like nothing more than a weapon to be brought out when things get to rough!'

"Naruto! Stop this now! I know that telling so much to people you should barely be able to trust...it's hard...but they haven't judged you yet! You've trusted them and they haven't shown any signs of judging you or pushing you away! You told Saya about your demon...you told everyone about you being from the past...they're all still here! They're shock! Not on the verge of shunning you..." His body began to shake as he fell to his knees and clutched his head, the rain beginning to fall around them. "You don't get it! Everyone back home...they left! They left me! They came back when they needed me! I'm nothing but a tool...a weapon! They hid their feelings from me and when I served their purposes they threw me away!"

Shizuka began to worry as she crouched to console him. "Naruto-kun...we aren't going to leave you...we are staying together..." He kept shaking as he punched the ground, his tears beginning to fall, though she couldn't tell in the rain. He began to whimper as he kept his hands over his head, as if trying to shield himself from something.


Off at the entrance of the house, Alice had just walked through the door and was about to go back in for an umbrella until she heard Naruto's outburst. She looked back and out farther until she saw Shizuka back away a bit as he collapsed to his knees. She put Zeke down and ran over to him, getting drenched in the rain. "Onii-chan!"

Naruto lifted his head up slightly in the rain and looked back to her, his eyes bloodshot from crying. "Alice-chan..." She dropped down and hugged him by his neck tightly, burying her head into his shoulder. "Naruto-onii-chan...are you okay?" He tried his best to smile and laugh, but his smile was half-hearted and his laugh was dry. "Alice-chan...I'm fine...don't worry. You should go run along and play with little Zeke..."

She pulled back and looked to him with the beginnings of tears in her eyes. He couldn't bear it and he broke down again into tears with his arms limp at his sides. "Onii-chan..." He kept crying as she tried her best to make him happier. She hugged him and gave him a quick and innocent peck on the cheek, like a daughter would give her father before going to bed.

It took her time but she was soon able to get him to gather himself slightly. He sniffled as the rainwater dripped from his now messy hair and his nose. "Naruto...you need to listen to them...they are not going to abandon you. They aren't going to leave you because of something that doesn't really matter...' He looked up and met her eyes once more before he tried to stand. It was shaky at best as his legs felt like jelly.

His head was still low as he looked down to Alice who had her hands clasped together. "Are you okay, Onii-chan?" Naruto smiled in the rain as his sun blonde hair hung down in his face. "I'll be okay, Alice-chan...don't worry about me..." She tried to smile but it was still wavering until another voice joined into the fray. It was soft and close. "Naruto-kun..."

He looked to his right to see that Saya had shown up somewhere along the line. He looked away, ashamed that he had kept a secret from her. "Saya-chan..." He felt two pairs of arms wrap around him tightly and he felt Alice's arms wrap around his legs in a hug. His body tensed up at the touch of the women and the girl, but eventually he was able to calm down. Alice spoke in a small voice...soothing...a voice that most her age wouldn't normally have that could warm even the coldest person. "Naruto-onii-chan...we aren't going to let you go...you don't need to worry about us leaving you...we're all a family..."

Chords were struck in his heart as he heard the words spoken from the little girl. He smiled a small smile as his thoughts were set straight. 'A family...I've only been here a few days...but they accept me...as part of a family? Why...why do I feel...so...assured? They...they love me...don't they?' "They do, man. You don't have to worry..."

Naruto chuckled and the women and child around him just held him tighter. 'You're actually being nice to me, huh?' "Shut the fuck up right there, kid. I ain't being nice...I just can't have ya going and getting crazy before I get out. When I'm out then I can kick your ass when you do shit like this."

Naruto continued to chuckle as he felt the arms leave him and the coldness of the rain returned. He opened his unknowingly closed eyes and met the eyes of Saya. He kept his smile as he brought her in for a quick and chaste kiss to the lips. He heard Alice give her innocent little protest and heard Shizuka whining. When he broke it he felt her arms wrap around him from the back as she spoke. "What about me, Naruto-kun?"

He chuckled sheepishly and looked back to Saya for an answer and she gave him the same grin that she had given Saeko. He blushed and took it as a yes, giving her the same quick kiss that he had given Saya, getting yet another groan of protest from Alice. He looked down to the source of it all and gave her a playful smile. "Can I have a hug, Alice-chan?" She immediately smiled at this and tackled his legs.

He grunted and forced himself to stay up as he picked her up, spinning her around and making her squeal in joy. When he stopped, she was laughing and he put her down. She kept her smile as she stopped laughing and ran off to go back to play with Kohta. Naruto looked at Saya and smiled. "I guess I overreacted, huh?" She nodded and giggled. "Just a little, Naruto-kun!"

He took his arm and draped it around her shoulders and was about to walk off until he got the attention-catching cough from Shizuka. He looked back and sweat dropped as she tapped her foot impatiently. He sighed with a smile as he used his other arm to wave her over and her playful scorn dropped as she skipped over and put his arm around her like he had around Saya.

As Naruto walked he heard Alter in his head. "I ain't one to compliment people...but you're one luck son of a bitch, Naruto." Naruto chuckled as he was about to answer, but he didn't have time to as he heard a scream from the front of the house. He looked and saw Alice standing at the door yelling for him. "Onii-chan! Hurry! Kohta-onii-chan is in trouble! He needs your help! Come quick!"

Naruto undraped his arms and took off faster than they could follow. All they saw was a black and blonde blur rushing towards Alice before picking her up and speeding off. Saya stood in amazement. "No matter how much I see that happen, it's still pretty damn cool." Shizuka nodded and Saya continued. "Anyway, we need to get everyone to Kohta-san! I'll find Saeko-chan and Takashi-san. If they are still in the room then we'll grab Rei-chan as well. We need to hurry and get to them!"

Shizuka nodded and they were off...


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