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Chapter Ten

The sky had darkened significantly as Naruto ran with Alice in his hands. "Alice-chan, where is Kohta-san?" She used one arm to shield her face from the sting of the rain and used the other to point to a garden-like area behind the house. He nodded and she brought her hand back to cover her face with the other.

Naruto ran faster as he was beginning to hear them talking. He stopped on the roof and looked down at the sight. They had encircled Kohta and he was hunched over a few of the guns that had not been sealed into his scroll. He narrowed his eyes as he stepped off of the roof and landed with a soft thud. Sitting Alice down in the wet grass, he began to walk over to the crowd around the otaku.

"We don't have time for this shit, kid! You need to hand over those weapons right now! We can't let some inexperienced kid run around with that kind of firepower!" Kohta was in tears as he heard them trying to talk him out of his guns. "NO! I can't! I...I'm the only one who can use them properly! I can't give them up! If I do...I...I'll...I'll..." "It's okay, Kohta-san. You aren't going to have to give them up."

Everyone turned their heads to the voice and saw Naruto standing behind them all with his arms crossed and a dangerous look about him. His black coat whipped furiously in the wind down around his feet and his hair still hung down, covering his right eye, showing only his furrowed brow and left eye as it seemed to give off a slight glow in the rain. His facemask hid everything else that would've showed any emotion.

They took notice of the sword that was strapped to his side and the Taurus that was in his belt. One man that was dressed in a white uniform was ready to go for the pistol that hung in its holster at his side. "Just who the hell are you and why are you here?" Naruto uncrossed his arms and began to walk forward into the circle. "I am Kohta-san's companion and from what I see, he is being pushed around by you people...I can't have that."

The man was about to speak until another, deeper voice rang out over the courtyard. "What's going on here?" Everyone turned their heads and saw the man that had spoken. He was a tall man that was for sure. He towered over Naruto by about two inches and was very intimidating due to his rather muscular build. His hair was jet black and he had serious orange eyes that were narrowed with a dangerous, seemingly permanent, glare, making them hard to see in the rain. He wore a tight black suit that only made him seem more dangerous as it accentuated his muscles. On the left side of his waist, he had a katana strapped securely to his belt.

The circle broke as the people took up a position behind the man and he crossed his arms. Naruto looked at him with narrowed eyes. "Those men over there were trying to force Kohta-san to hand over his weapons. And just who the fuck are you? Are you another one of them trying to take what's his? Because if you are then I'm going to kick your ass!" The man's eyes narrowed even further, if it were even possible. "My name is Takagi Souichiro, Don of this patriotic organization! And just who are you?"

Naruto's eyes widened as he began to sweat. "Uh...heh...did um...did...did you just say 'Takagi'?" Souichiro nodded. "You wouldn't happen to know a girl by the name of Takagi Saya, would you?" The man raised an eyebrow. "Takagi Saya is my daughter...and who are you?" The color immediately drained from Naruto's skin as his pupils dilated. 'Oh shit!' Naruto rubbed the back of his head and looked down as he kicked his boot in the grass. "Who are you?"

Naruto stopped moving and looked up to him. The man looked deadly, but it was nothing that he couldn't handle. 'If I can fight those things then I can stand up to Saya-chan's father. Such a big guy, though...and scary...damn...what do I say?'' He was thinking about what to tell the man until one of his people decided that they would step forward. "If you don't answer Takagi-sama then I'll..." He wasn't able to finish as he found the tip of Shukketsu Souru dangerously close to his throat. He gulped as he looked down the length of the blade and saw that the hand that held it was attached to Naruto, whose glare had become nothing short of pure malice. "You'll do what, exactly?"

Souichiro began to move his hand to his own blade as he spoke. "I would advise you to lower you sword, child. You are beginning to press your luck in this current situation." Naruto looked over to the Takagi and slowly flipped his blade around to go into its dark sheath. "Tell your men to leave, and maybe then I'll talk."

He narrowed his eyes dangerously and Naruto felt a cold wave wash over him, but he held fast. The man smirked and waved his hand. The people around looked at him skeptically but eventually left as their leader had commanded. Naruto smirked back and crossed his arms. "Thank you, sir." Souichiro nodded and put his hands behind his back. "You intrigue me, child. Now...answer my question...who are you?"

Naruto took a breath and spoke. "My name is Uzumaki Naruto, sir. I am the protector of this group." Souichiro raised his brow. "There are only two of you." "No there aren't!" He looked to the right from where the voice came from and saw Saya, who now wore knee-high black combat boots, walking over to stand closely by Naruto, making him slightly uncomfortable in front of the man as his gaze moved to the two.

It soon began to crowd up again as everyone came out of the woodwork. Takashi came up and stood beside Kohta as Alice came up and wrapped Kohta up in a hug while glaring up at Souichiro. Shizuka came up while she had Rei's arm around her to keep her up and Saeko was right beside them with her wounded arm wrapped in bandage strips and dressed in a beautiful blue kimono with a wonderful pattern over it.

Naruto stood in front of them all with Saya at his side. The older Takagi male kept his arms crossed as all of the teens and the nurse stared him down with looks of pure determination. The blonde swordsman spoke. "You see, Takagi-sama...I protect them and they protect each other. We are all part of one symbiotic because we all work for the betterment of each other. We are not going to let you put down one of us without the rest fighting...and that goes double for me! You fight will fight me...and I won't hold back."

The wind kicked up and caused the rain to speed like bullets, stinging them all but they all held against it as they stared down the man in charge. He looked back at them and then stared Naruto dead in his eyes. The aforementioned wanted to flinch, but for the sake of the group he was defending he only narrowed his gaze right back at him. Souichiro smirked. "Very well then, Uzumaki-san...your friend will keep his guns..."

Everyone sighed in relief and Saya did the one thing that Naruto wished that she would've waited to do...she pulled down his facemask and kissed him. His eyes widened as they darted to Souichiro's and he saw the man's own eyes widen at the sight. When Saya broke the kiss, she looked to Souichiro and his eyes narrowed back to their normal gaze. "Daughter...may I speak with you and this...boy?"

She nodded and looked to Naruto with a smile before playfully pulling his facemask back up. His skin was draining again and his teeth were clenched as his eyes widened. She took his hand and began to drag him along after her father as the man trudged a path towards a small building that looked like a dojo. His eyes dilated and they widened substantially. 'He's going to use me as a training dummy! He's going to cut me into tiny pieces and then stick them in a box! He's going to grind my bones into dust and use them to make his bread!'

"Naruto...shut up. He was able to stand the fact that you were standing up to him and he didn't slaughter you the moment that she kissed you. Maybe he's the kind of guy that likes it when the boyfriend takes a stand? If he's not,'re fucked!" Naruto paled even further as he realized that they were at the sliding door to enter the small dojo.

Souichiro removed his shoes and sat them beside the door as he opened it. Saya began to untie her boots and Naruto did the same, only he took less time and had to wait for her to take hers off. She blushed as he watched her with an amused smile while she put them beside his own. He chuckled at her playful-pout look as he let her walk in before him. He took one step in and met Souichiro's eyes...and an immediate chill ran down to the base of his spine.

He tried to shake it off as he walked in, unstrapped his blade from his belt and sat cross legged directly across from him with his coat draped over the ground behind him and Saya sitting properly on her knees to his right and his blade to his left. Things were very quiet as Naruto and Souichiro stared each other down, only the Takagi male was far harder with his glare. Finally, after much silence, he spoke. " apparently caught my daughter's eye. This is a very...interesting development. Would either of you care to explain the situation?"

Naruto was tripping over his words and Saya sighed as she spoke. "Naruto-kun and I are together, Tou-sama." Naruto chuckled sheepishly as Souichiro's gaze hardened. "Is that so? Hmmm...Naruto-kun?" His eyes narrowed at the older man when he heard the way that he said his name. Saya frowned at her father until she was able to feel Naruto get serious beside her. "Yes, Takagi-sama...your daughter and I are together."

Souichiro gave him an interested look. "You sit there with my daughter...yet you speak to me in such a manner?" Naruto nodded once as he sat straighter and ran his hand through his wet hair, slicking it back flat on his head like he kept it. "I speak to you this way because I do not believe that you deserve the respect that you expect me to give you."

The muscular man gave a slight hum of thought as he placed his elbow on his knee and placed his cheek on his fist. "Please elucidate as to exactly why I do not deserve the respect that I'm given." Naruto nodded as both Souichiro and Saya felt a new air surround him. "Your men tried to intimidate my family, Takagi-sama. That is all. You disrespected those that I have begun to hold dear by letting your men try and take what was his, so in return I withhold my respect for you as Saya-chan's father."

Saya smiled when she heard him say 'family' with such conviction. The Don kept his gaze on Naruto with great interest. "So you deny me respect that most believe that I rightfully deserve because I didn't stop my people?" Naruto groaned. "For god's sake..." Both of the Takagi's were surprised by the statement as Naruto continued. "Yes! You can demand as much respect as you want from me but you'll never get it until you can treat us with the same respect, knowing that we have fought for our lives to get here! And I didn't even get here until today because once more I risked my life for my friends so that they could get away. So with all possible due respect, Takagi-sama, I think that when it comes down to it, we deserve as much, if not more, respect as anyone else who can survive in this hellish land...that includes you."

Things were quiet for the next few minutes as Souichiro looked over Naruto with an eye to try and catch anything amiss. After about ten minutes he smirked and began to chuckle. Naruto raised a brow. "What is it, sir?" Souichiro quelled his chuckles but kept his smirk as he spoke. "I haven't met many young men with the will speak to me in such a way and deny me what most give me in spades. You intrigue me, Uzumaki-san. I can see why it is that my daughter decided to fall for one so upfront. Though...there is something about you that confuses me..."

Naruto cocked his head slightly, waiting for him to finish. "Since I approached you and Kohta-san, your demeanor has changed many different times. You were intimidated, scared and wary of me but then nearly instantly you became a strong individual that stood up for his friend. When we came here, you were once again wary and afraid of me until I spoke directly to you. When that happened you became a hardened man that spoke his mind. Would you care to explain the reasons for this to me?"

Naruto sighed as he looked to his blade for a second before looking back to Souichiro. "I will admit...I was very frightened by the sight of you when I first saw you coming up in the pouring rain. I guess it was the present atmosphere and the one that you brought with you...but it scared me just a bit. But when you spoke it reminded me of a man that I once knew...a man that I couldn't stand...and my old attitude with him kicked in. He was much like you in a way. He came from a clan that demanded respect from everyone and saw them all as nothing but bugs beneath their feet and something to take their anger out on..."

This got the man's interest even greater. "Who was this man?" Naruto narrowed his eyes and looked away, as if he were staring at the object of his hate and disdain. Saya could only look with her face full of pity as she looked at his angered visage. "His name...was Hyuuga Hiashi...head of the Hyuuga clan and father to one of my greatest and closest friends, Hyuuga Hinata."

Souichiro nodded. "This man obviously peeves it something personal?" Naruto shook his head 'yes'. "It was...but it's not like it matters right now. We were good friends, Hinata and I...we hung out together and we would occasionally go out to eat together when we had free time from...our jobs. The thing was...her father found out...and he immediately placed an order on me to remain away from her. He never liked me and made it crystal clear that he didn't on multiple occasions. As a matter of fact...she was the only one in the clan that actually liked me...and didn't shun me for who I was..."

The man looked to him with slightly softer eyes, but no one could tell. "So you were forbidden from ever seeing her again, am I correct?" Naruto nodded as he continued to speak, his voice getting dangerous as he spoke more about Hiashi. "He took away the only person that had kept me sane through all those years! He thought that I wouldn't do anything about it, though..." The Takagi chuckled. "I'm guessing that you did the exact same thing that you did just a few minutes ago? You stood up to the man?"

Naruto chuckled dryly and nodded his head once. "I did...but on a slightly larger scale. You see...when it started I tried my best to be respectful...but then he began to spout on and on about how the Hyuuga clan would not associate with the pariah of the village and how he wouldn't have me stain the clan heir with my impurities. I tried to keep a level head as the insults came at me, but soon I blew up and began to spout off my own barbs and jabs at his ego...but it didn't go as planned. I ended up fighting him and then next thing I knew I was being arrested and was held for five days until Baa-chan figured out where I was and got me out..."

Both of the Takagi family members had their own ways of dealing with what they heard from him. Saya was saddened by it and wished that she could make him better. Souichiro simply stared at Naruto, as if calculating what would come next. "So in the end you lost her, huh?" Naruto nodded. "I did...I would work with her occasionally but past that...I wouldn't see her least that's what Hiashi-teme thought..." He looked back to Souichiro with hardened eyes that were shards of ice. "That's enough of that, you know why I speak to you in such ways, Takagi-sama. And I know why you asked to speak with us...but I won't let you take Saya-chan away from me. You can try but I'll fight to keep her and you better know that now."

The room once again became quiet as Souichiro stared the blonde maelstrom down. He soon began to chuckle and not long after it began, it became a full blown laugh. Saya stared at him like he had grown two more heads and Naruto looked on confused. When he was able to calm himself, he spoke. "I believe that you have misunderstood the purpose of this little rendezvous, Uzumaki-san. I never intended to tell you to stay away from her. Well...I would've if you didn't pass the test..."

Naruto narrowed his eyes at him. "What test?" Souichiro grinned. "I brought you here to see if you had the backbone that I expected. Had you been a weak and flimsy little cockroach then I would've forbidden you from talking to my daughter ever again." Both Saya and Naruto paled at this as they heard it. "But since you not only stood up to me, but also were willing to fight me for both your friends and my passed the test with damn near flying colors. My only daughter will not be with anyone less than a natural leader willing to stand up for his subordinates and defend his honor at the same time.'s still rather odd that you two would find each other in this chaos..."

Naruto blushed at the compliments and rubbed the back of his head. Saya smiled at her father before she gave Naruto a quick kiss on the cheek with a smile. Naruto froze at the touch and Saya kept her smile as she pulled away. Souichiro just smirked a little at the sight. 'It kind of reminds me of my younger days with my wife. The boy has won her over by being a kind leader...not to mention that he has a way with words. I'd say my daughter is in good hands...'

Souichiro stood up to his full height and the two teens stood along with him with Naruto strapping his sword to his waist once again. He walked over to Naruto and put a firm hand on his shoulder. "You're a good kid, Uzumaki-san...I trust that you'll treat her well." Naruto nodded as he turned away and walked out of the dojo and into the rain, leaving the two teens to their devices.

As Naruto stared back after Souichiro, Saya walked in front of him and leaned her back into him, silently saying that she wanted to be held. He obliged and wrapped his arms around her waist, putting his chin on her head and closing his eyes. She got her lecherous grin once more as she spoke. "So...Saeko-chan told me that you two had a bit of fun last night..."

Naruto's eyes widened as his breath caught in his throat. "She told you?" Saya shrugged. "She insinuated slightly. She said that you and she needed to tell me something later." Naruto sighed and Saya turned in his arms to look up at him with her lecherous little grin. "Oh it's okay, don't need to worry about a thing!" Naruto sighed in relief. "After all..." He opened his eyes and looked back down to her. She made him blush with her grin and her glasses in conjunction, making her look like the sexy librarian-type girl. She gave him a cute wink as she spoke. "I did say that I don't mind sharing!"

His eyes widened and his mind began to run full of images...bad images, sexy images, kinky images and arousing images. He got a goofy grin on his face as a trickle of blood came down from his nose. Saya giggled at the sight. "You seem to be enjoying the thought of that, Naruto-kun." Naruto shook his head and quickly wiped away the blood from his nose. He grinned a little. "So...if you don't mind sharing...then I guess you wouldn't mind sharing a bed with me and other women, eh?"

Saya stood on her tiptoes as she kept her perverted grin plastered to her face. With her lips not even an inch away from his, she spoke. "I would be fun..." Naruto's face turned red as she continued to speak. "Maybe...I could get Shizuka-chan...and Saeko-chan...and we could come to you in the middle of the night..." With the image growing in his head, Naruto could feel his private area hardening.

Her hand trailed down his chest and rested just above his waistline as her eyes lidded in a way that heated Naruto to his core. "And perhaps we could wake you up..." Her hands poked at his waistline as her fingers slipped underneath his cargo pants with his shirt blocking the hem of his boxers. "With the three of us...I'm sure we could make the sleepless night worth it."

As Naruto's eyes closed to the feeling of her breath on his lips, he shivered as her index nail ran softly up his hardened manhood through his boxers. He had to do everything he could to make sure that he didn't jump her then and there...and he was lucky that he didn't as a cute little voice rang at the door of the dojo. "Onii-chan!"

Naruto and Saya were immediately off of each other and five feet away as they looked innocently to the front and saw Alice standing there with a smile. Naruto smiled. "Alice-chan, what's up?" She laughed and skipped over to him as she hugged his legs again, making him extremely uncomfortable given his current situation. He looked up to Saya, hoping for help but she was trying to hold in her laughter at the sight of his face.

Naruto frowned in defeat. 'Oh's okay...I'll get her later...' He put on his smile and looked down to the little girl. " you let go of me?" She looked up to him with a confused look. "Why, Onii-chan?" Naruto rubbed the back of his head and laughed sheepishly. "'s a personal problem...something that you're too young to know about."

She made an understanding face and let go, causing Naruto to sigh in relief. Saya walked back over to Naruto with a shit-eating grin on her face as Naruto glared playfully at her. "Don't worry,'ll definitely pay for not helping me, later." The grin on his face and the gleam in his eyes told her that he was being serious. Even though Alice stood right there, she walked up to him and stood on her toes so that she could be in his ear. "Have I been a bad kitty, Naruto-kun? Are you going to punish me? Do you want to get me in a room and spank me? I bet you'd like that...wouldn't you?"

With the overload of images of Saya with pink cat ears, a tail and her sexy librarian look to his brain, Naruto could no longer take it as he was blown through the sliding door of the dojo by a rocket of blood. He went shooting straight past where the group had been and smashed into the brick wall of the house before falling to the ground in a steaming heap. A little bit away, Saeko heard the impact and looked to see him upside down on the ground.

She got up from looking at the fish and quickly made her way to him, only to see the perverted grin and the dual lines of blood on his face when she got there. She looked back the way that he had shot from and saw Saya walking over to them with Alice right beside her and the same grin that she had given her in the room. She walked over to her and looked to Naruto with a skeptic eye. "What happened to him?"

Saya giggled as she cupped her hands around Saeko's ear and whispered into it. Alice watched and as the seconds passed, she saw Saeko's eye begin to widen and her face begin to turn red. When Saya pulled away with her grin, Saeko had a small dribble of blood coming from her nose. 'A...kitty...that would No! Bad Saeko...Bad Saeko! is very...mmmm...'

The pink one turned away with her smile and walked away from the scene to go to her room for some alone time. Saeko shook her head to get rid of the perverted thoughts that permeated her mind and went her own way as well. Alice had stayed behind to try and wake Naruto up, but found that he was out cold. She sat in the rain beside him until he was able to wake up...


It was about an hour until the blonde maelstrom awoke from his perverted thoughts. The rain had quelled to a point and he was drenched from being in it for so long. "You know,'re lucky that you have such a miraculous healing factor. You be as sick as a fucking dog right now if ya didn't..." Naruto rubbed his head and picked himself up as he looked and saw Alice sitting beside him picking pieces of grass and stripping them into little lines. He smiled as he nursed his aching head. "Everything okay, Alice-chan?"

She looked up to him and smiled. "Onii-chan!" She jumped up and wrapped his legs up in a hug. He chuckled. 'This is starting to become a common occurrence with her.' He bent down and picked her up before placing her on his shoulders. "What do you say we get out of the rain, huh?" His answer was a sneeze and he took it as a yes. Walking in a random direction, he hoped to get to a door to go inside so he could get them both out of the rain.

As he walked, he spoke to the little one atop his shoulders. "So did you stay out there the whole time I was out?" He got a giggle. "Yup! I couldn't leave you out there alone!" He smiled at the answer as he saw a door up ahead to go inside. "You know you can get really sick staying out in the rain, right?" She hummed a little. "I know! I just didn't want to leave you alone!"

They got to the door and he opened it up to see a small hallway leading to the lobby of the house. He put her down and continued to walk down to the huge lobby with the large staircase. Alice then spoke up as she heard water dripping over the floor. "'re all wet. Maybe you should go change into something else?"

Naruto was confused until he looked down and saw that he was standing in a puddle of water that nearly put the pond outside to shame. He looked back and saw the there was a significant line of water where he had trekked from. Turning back to her, he chuckled sheepishly but then caught sight of something. "You're even wetter than I am!"

His indignant shout made her laugh as she skipped off. "I know! I'm going to go change!" Naruto sighed as he saw her leave and he straightened up. 'I guess it wouldn't hurt to wash these things...everyone else has either changed entirely or washed some of their stuff. I'm still wearing the same least I don't smell like a bucketful of pure ass.'

"You could always change your outfit, you know." Naruto shook his head as he began to walk up the stairs. 'I can't. All of my clothing has special seals that allow my clothes to withstand the infected ones and trying to copy the seals would take too much time. I'll just wash my stuff for now.' "You plan on hand washing your stuff?" He shook his head and was about to continue until someone grabbed his shoulder and pulled him into a room before slamming the door.

As he stumbled back in the dark room, he pulled out Shukketsu Souru and was ready for a fight until he heard a voice. "Oh...Naruto-kun...such a way to greet us..." He sighed as he sheathed the blade and a lamped was turned on to show that Saya, Saeko and Shizuka were in the dimly lit room. He smiled a bit and cocked his head with his eyes closed. "Hey, girls, what's up?"

All three of them looked to each other and they smiled as Shizuka walked up around him and pulled his jacket off before draping it over a chair in the room to dry on. She sat him down on the bed and got behind him on her knees as she rubbed his neck. "We've been talking...and it came up that from where you came from that you would've had to take five wives..."

He blushed as she continued her massage and Saeko came and sat beside him on his right while leaning on him. "And we all figured that with the circumstances at hand, with the world turning into a chaotic place with very few sane people left...we'll eventually have to share anyway..." His blush got hotter as Saya kneeled down in front of him and spread his legs so that she could get closer to him and wrap her arms around him. "We figured that we would go ahead and start...I think that we deserve it too, since Saeko-chan got you all to herself last night..."

Naruto grinned a little as a small trickle of blood worked from his nose again, getting giggles from all three of them. Saya spoke with a low voice. "Are you enjoying yourself again, Naruto-kun?" He looked into her eyes with his grin getting wider. He let it die a little, though, as he leaned down from the massage to kiss her on the lips. He broke it and came up to kiss Saeko as well. When he was about to kiss Shizuka, she grabbed him and brought him down on the bed, ravaging his lips with no remorse.

"I believe I remember telling you just how much of a lucky son of a bitch you are..."


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