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Chapter Eleven

As Shizuka ravaged Naruto's lips, the other two girls got to work on removing his clothes. Saeko undid his belt and put it aside carefully so as not to damage the scrolls while Saya removed his boots. Shizuka pulled out his shirt and pulled it above his head as she broke the kiss, much to the dismay of both of them. She quickly locked her lips back with his as Saeko undid the tie on her kimono and tossed it away. Saya was unbuttoning her shirt while Naruto pulled Shizuka's turtleneck off to reveal her purple bra.

When Saya had her shirt off, she quickly worked on pulling Naruto's cargo pants off as Saeko crawled up to Naruto with her kimono draped open, showing that she wore nothing underneath it except for her socks. She pushed against his side tightly, making her breasts squish against his shoulder and kissing his cheek as he and Shizuka were tongue-tied. Naruto felt her and let his hand go down her chest and to her nether lips, putting pressure against them with two of his fingers.

Saya had successfully removed his pants and tossed them away as she pulled his throbbing member through the slit in his boxers, getting a good look at its eight inches of hardness. She smirked as she took off her bra and took hold of it before licking it, getting moans from up top with Naruto as he pleasured both Saeko and Shizuka. When she had him nice and wet with her saliva, she took her breasts and placed him between them, rubbing up and down.

As Naruto began to finger Saeko, he felt Saya's breasts wrap around his friend and his body heated up. He moaned in his kiss with Shizuka as he reached around to unclasp her bra, letting her J-cup breasts fall out. He took one in a firm grip as he put another finger inside of Saeko. Saya was enjoying herself as she would occasionally lick the tip of his member when she went down with her breasts.

Naruto then broke the kiss as Saya took her breasts away. He pulled his fingers from Saeko and felt that they were wet. He looked to her with a lecherous grin as he licked them clean. "You taste delightful, Saeko-chan." She blushed as she saw him and was about to speak until Shizuka crawled over him and onto her. She was surprised at this as she felt her huge breasts press against her own. "Marikawa-sensei...what are..."

She couldn't finish as the nurse slammed her lips against hers, shocking her even more. Soon, though, she got into it as heat shot through her body when her hands moved to the nurse's pants button, undoing it and unzipping them. Saya saw the display and grin as she crawled up to Naruto's face. She leaned down and whispered into his ear. "Let's not let them have all the fun here, Naruto-kun."

He grinned back at her as he pulled her tightly against his body, taking in the warm feeling that her skin gave his own. With his lips glued to hers, she reached down and slid her skirt off and over her boots, leaving her in her combat boots and white lace panties. Beside them, Saeko had gotten Shizuka's pants off and had her hand in her dark purple panties, pushing her fingers in and out of the sexy nurse as their tongues battled for dominance. Shizuka moaned with great pleasure as she groped the girl beneath her.

Saya had pulled her panties out of the way and positioned herself over his throbbing and impatient member. Before Naruto could say anything, she dropped down onto him, taking as much of his length into her as she could. Naruto grunted as he realized that she was as tight, if not tighter than Saeko was. The thing, though, was that he didn't feel the blood from her hymen. He was about to ask about it until she spoke through her gasps, answering his unspoken question.

"I...mmmm...I broke it...oh...when I...oh god...I was playing...mmmm...with myself...god!" Naruto nodded as she then began to bounce herself on top of him, making him immediately forget about what she had said as he was lost in the pleasure of it all. Saeko and Shizuka heard them and stopped to look over at them while panting from their lack of breath due to their extended make-out session.

Marikawa smirked as she placed herself over Naruto. "Naruto-kun...please...eat me!" He quickly obliged as he took hold of her firm ass and shoved his tongue into her waiting lips. She squealed in delight as he began to work her lips with natural skill. Saeko had gone up and had Saya by her lips in a battle of tongues as Saya worked Naruto like a pro.

Naruto had used one of his hands to add fingers into the mix as his tongue worked her and sent electricity through her body. Her screams were mixed tempos as the speed would increase and decrease randomly, getting as much pleasure form her as he could. Saya heard all of this and took in the sounds of ecstasy as she explored Saeko's mouth and rode Naruto wit her breasts rubbing against the swordswoman's own.

Saeko shucked her kimono and had begun to rub against Saya's clit, sending her pleasure through the roof as she broke the kiss and screamed with exquisite satisfaction. As she did, Naruto was busy lapping up the juices from Shizuka's orgasm. She got off from on top of him and came down to shove her tongue down his throat.

Naruto moaned in the kiss as he felt his muscles begin to tense up and Saya felt it as well as her walls tightened around him. She stopped and got of, grabbing hold of him and jerking him hard until he came over her face and into her mouth. She swallowed the load with joy and as she let go, she found that he hadn't lost any hardness whatsoever. She smirked at this. "Oh, Shizuka-chan! Your turn!"

The nurse immediately broke the kiss and looked up with a sparkling expression as her and Saya switched positions, only now Saeko once more straddled Saya as their breasts rubbed against each other, their lips meeting as they swapped spit in furious passion. Shizuka was ready to mount Naruto until he got a gleam in his eyes and a grin on his face. She saw this and instantly squealed as he flipped her onto her stomach with her ass high in the air.

She looked back with a steamy smile. "Yes! Fuck me, Naruto-kun!" He happily did so as he rammed his length deep into her ass, getting the wonderful sound of her pleasure as he did so. Saeko had flipped around and had her shaven lips being torn at by Saya's tongue while she played with the genius's nether lips with joy as the heat built up in them both.

Beside them, Shizuka grabbed what she could as Naruto pounded into her with all his might. She took hold of the pillow and biting hard, trying to muffle her screeches of pleasure. Naruto felt his loins heating up and his muscles tensing again and he pulled out, alerting Shizuka as she quickly flipped over and took his load over her breasts, face and into her mouth.

Saeko and Saya had come to orgasm and they had taken each others juices into their mouth with delight looks on their faces. Saeko came back to the head of the bed as she watched Shizuka clean herself with her fingers and clean them with her mouth. When she was clean, Naruto collapsed onto her with his head lodged in between her breasts, snoring and vibrating them and getting a giggle from all three of the women.

Saya moved and took hold of Naruto's arm as Saeko wrapped her arms around Saya's waist, getting a blush from both of them. As time passed, each one began to drift into blissful slumber. Naruto had a happy grin on his face as his pillows were nice and plushy while he slept..."You lucky little fucker..."


Naruto awoke the next morning to find his head in the valley of Shizuka's breasts and he pulled up, much to his dismay. He found that Saya had left and Saeko had woken up before he had. He looked at her and spoke groggily. "Hmmm...d' ya know...where Saya-chan is?" Saeko moved and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "She went to go talk to the people in the tents. She just left so if you hurry up you may be able to catch her."

He nodded and rolled from on top of Shizuka and fell to the floor with a loud bang, getting a giggle from Saeko. Naruto peered at her with a playfully angry look, but then laughed as he saw Shizuka take hold of Saeko in her sleep and shove her face into her breasts with a tight hug. Naruto continued to laugh and stand to get ready. He put on everything except for his coat and left it in the room as he left to go find Saya.

He ran his hand through his hair to push it down flat and pulled his facemask up as he walked down the hallway. He heard footsteps echoing in the lobby area and picked up his pace to go see who it was. When he got to the railing and saw Saya, he hopped over it and landed with a quiet crouch as he normally did and called her name. "Hey, Saya-chan! Wait up, I'm coming with you!"

She looked back and smiled. "Okay, Naruto-kun! Come on!" She waved her hand and Naruto ran to her side. When he got there they began to walk to where the tents were. Naruto had his hands behind his head as they walked and he spoke. "So what are you going to the tents for? Is it something personal?"

She pushed up the rim of her glasses and spoke back. "I overheard a few people when I woke up this morning. They were talking about some people down there that were speaking ill of Tou-sama. I'm going to go down and set them straight." Naruto chuckled while Saya looked to him when they stepped out into the foggy air with the rain still coming down, only not as hard as it had the day before. "I just hope that you go easy on them! Haha!"

Saya smiled and giggled as they walked down the stairs and into the grass to get to the tents. It was just their luck that they heard a commotion from a tent along the right side. They neared it and both heard that they were talking about Souichiro. Saya got angry and was about to storm into the tent until Naruto grabbed her shoulder and shook his head. "You need to have a level head if you're going to face them. It's a bunch of adults who would probably brush you aside or associate you with Takagi-sama as his daughter. We have got to be cool about how we do this."

She took a breath and nodded as they slowly made their way around to the entrance of the tent. She took another breath and looked to Naruto. He was glaring at the entrance like it was his most hated adversary. He had his arms crossed and his eyes were narrowed to dangerous slits with his mouth and nose hidden behind his mask. Since he wasn't wearing his coat, his muscles were shown in perfect definition through his short-sleeved muscle shirt. Shukketsu Souru was once again strapped to his side. The way that the fog swirled around his legs gave him the look of a hardened warrior ready to fight.

Saya smiled as she knew that it was all an act. 'He can put up that uncaring look all he wants...he's still the nicest guy I've ever met. It's nice to know that he's standing by me...' She turned back to the tent and put on her serious face before moving the flap out of the way and walking in with Naruto right behind her, his face stone cold the whole time. They caught the attention of the adults and they turned to meet the two teens. One woman in a purple floral shirt and a pair of pants with black hair cut short spoke up. "Just who are you two? This isn't a place for kids."

Saya glared at her and replied. "We overheard you talking about Takagi-sama. I would like to know just why you're speaking so badly about him." The woman smirked as she crossed her arms and turned away. "Like I said, this isn't a place for children and this conversation does not include you." Saya had to do her best not to growl as Naruto kept his ice cold glare zeroed in on the back of the woman's head. "Do not brush us off so readily, woman."

His tone was dead as he spoke and she turned and looked at him with narrowed eyes. "You should show me a bit more respect, young man." Naruto glared even colder at her if it were at all possible. "I'm eighteen, woman. And I've had just about enough of people here demanding respect from me simply because they are older. Say that word one more time..." He reached down and popped his sword out a small bit to show a glance at the sharpened edge. "...and my blade will find your throat."

The severity of the threat scared most of the people but the woman just used it to her advantage. "You see? Do you now see just what this disease is doing? It's turning everyone into mindless killers! It's even gotten to the children and that man is doing nothing to stop them from threatening us!" Naruto glared at her and began to stalk forward. "You think that his is simply a disease?"

He cast a shadow over her and made a chill run up her spine. She was about to speak but he beat her to it. "You think that what is going on out there is nothing more than a pandemic? Well...you're right..." She smirked and Saya gasped that he was agreeing with them, but both were immediately turned to their original thoughts as he spoke. "But this isn't just making people insane! It's bringing the dead back to life! It's mutating them! Something is going on and none of us know what it is exactly so how the FUCK can you claim to know what this is? Huh?"

She shivered as she tried her best to sink in on herself, as were the rest of the adults. Saya was honestly scared of him for the moment, but then remembered that he had gone through it before and had probably met people just like them during his outbreak. 'If I had to deal with people like this over and over again...I think I'd get a little pissed off, too.'

He calmed himself as he pushed his sword back in all the way and turned. "You people are stupid. You know nothing about what is going on...and if you continue to think the way you are...then you won't live long enough to learn anything about it. You have two choices at this point. You can all grow a pair and fight for your survival or you can sit in your little tent and bitch and moan about what's going on without doing something about it and die even quicker!" With his last words spoken, he walked from the tent. Everyone was sweating, coughing or stunned. Saya was the latter of the three as she walked out to see him standing a little bit away from the tent. She smiled softly as she walked up behind him.

"Naruto-kun...you were right about what you said..." He smirked as he chuckled. "Yeah...I'm sorry I took your spotlight in there, though." She giggled and shook her head. "It's fine! I went in to set their heads straight and you did that for me! It's easier on my head." Naruto Looked to her and couldn't help but snicker before turning and walking off. She got confused and ran after him. "What's so funny?"

She caught up to him and he was still laughing as they took a turn onto the pavement. "I'm just laughing at what you said. For a self-proclaimed genius to say that it's easier on her head just makes me laugh." She smiled at what he was saying and nodded her head. "It is rather funny, huh?" Naruto nodded as he looked around while they walked. His eyes soon fell on something that looked oddly familiar. "Hey, Saya-chan...I'm not exactly good with things that are generally this new to me so you'll have to help me out...but isn't that the bus that we took from the school?"

She looked confused until she looked to where he was looking and saw the bus that they had left Shido and the others on pulling up slowly with guards flanking it. She narrowed her eyes when she saw the smirking face of the evil man behind the wheel. While his eyes were not on her, she felt sick simply being able to see him. It parked and everyone began to get off. The same man in the white suit from the day before met Shido with and umbrella as they walked up to the house.

Naruto glared at him. 'I'm going to murder that man if he comes anywhere near any of us!' "I second the motion, your honor!" He walked forward as he saw Shido and the man stop under the main overhang in front of the main doors to the house. They were open and Naruto saw that some of the group was dressed and ready to go somewhere. 'Well they did talk about going to find their parents. Maybe that's what they are set up for.'

He and Saya walked as they saw Rei rush up to him with her bayonet pressed to his throat. It was an interesting sight to watch as she moved it up to his face and was talking as she did. Naruto smirked as he saw that whatever was being said, it was getting to him. It was when it was hitting a pivotal point that he saw Souichiro come up behind them. The way Shido had frozen up, he was apparently sanctioning her right to kill him.

Takashi had jumped but was held back by Saeko. Naruto had just gotten to the bottom of the stair and watched as she lowered her bayonet and turned away. "He's not worth killing." Naruto smiled at the fact that she was the bigger person. Shido stood in the rain as Souichiro spoke. "Very well then! You, Koichi-san, will leave the premises tomorrow at midday! Those that came with you will leave as well! If you stay even a second longer then you leave without your bus!"

The pale man turned, defeated as he walked down the flight of stairs...only to come face to face with Naruto and Saya. He stopped dead in his tracks. Naruto didn't take his eyes off of him. "Saya-chan...can you please go upstairs with the others for now?" She wanted to protest but did as she was asked and Naruto kept his glare leveled on the sickening sensei. "So...Shido-teme...I seem to remember telling you that if I ever saw you again then I would skin you alive and burn you to a nice, ashy crisp. Do you remember that?"

He nodded in fear as Naruto eyed his blade, but decided against it. "You're lucky that killing you was her choice this time. If I see you near any of us tonight...you die. Now get out of my sight!" The man tripped over his feet as he ran to the bus and began to speak the news to his little followers. Naruto looked forward as he walked up the stairs and came to meet the others. "So...what was the plan?"

Rei looked at him but Takashi spoke. "We were going to go out and try and find our parents. I think that seeing Shido-teme put a bad taste in Rei-chan's mouth, though. And since he'll be here tonight, I think she's even angrier." Naruto nodded. "If you plan on going out, I think you should all just wait until tomorrow. Moving around in this rain can get you sick and if she's angry with Shido then it can push her to do things that could get her or anyone around her killed if they try and save her."

Rei blushed at her foul but then spoke. "You don't have to talk like I'm not here, you know." Naruto chuckled. "I know that!" She looked away and Naruto turned. "This day isn't going very well for anyone, I suppose. At least now we can just take some time to ourselves for the while." Everyone nodded as they walked off, leaving Naruto to himself.

He turned back to the rain and crossed his arms. 'I think that little talk was more for me than her. Seeing that man made me want to pull off his nails and pluck his eyeballs from his skull! God...his face...it reminds me so much of Orochimaru!' He turned back around to see that Souichiro had not left. "Are you here for a reason, Takagi-sama?"

The man nodded as he put his hands behind his back after waving for him to follow him. Naruto did so and they were walking around the house in the rain. "I wanted to address something with you, Uzumaki-san. Given what just happened I think it is rather important." Naruto nodded with his arms still crossed as they walked. "What is that exactly?"

He spoke without hesitation. "You carry the aura of a leader and there is no doubt about that. But my concern is not for your ability to lead. My concern lies in your conviction." Naruto was surprised at this. "What are you talking about? I'm always sure of my decisions." Souichiro smirked. "A leader can be sure all he wants, but if he makes a decision that goes against his better judgment because someone else felt something different...well..."

Naruto got the idea and interrupted. "You think that just because I let him go because of Rei-san that my conviction isn't hard enough?" He nodded. "I told her that the decision was hers when she wanted to kill him. I also saw my daughter and you coming up and the look in your eyes was so noticeable that a blind man would've been able to see it. You know it and you can't hide it from me...you wanted him to suffer before you ripped his body in half."

Naruto scowled as he nodded. Souichiro smirked. "I can't blame you. I used to associate with the man's father but that was before I realized just how corrupt he was. He cheated on his wife and was so cruel to her...it drove her to suicide. The only reason I know this is because when I used to know his father, my own wife got to know her. She was far nicer than he was or his son has become. When she died because of alcohol poisoning, my wife and I cut all ties with the man and his family. He sickens me. Honestly...I wish that Rei-san would've killed him. But...this conversation is not about me, it is about you. Why didn't you kill him?"

Naruto sighed as his hair fell down in front of his face again because of the rain. "I want to say that it was because of Rei-san...but I had promised the man before that if I ever saw him then I'd skin him alive and burn his corpse to ashes. This time...for some reason...I couldn't. His face...I hate it...when I saw it I wanted to peel it off!" Souichiro stopped walking and leaned against the wall with his arms crossed. "Why didn't you, Uzumaki-san?"

He stopped and kept his back to him as he let his arms fall limp to his sides. "I just couldn't. He wasn't one of the infected. While he's a vile and despicable man...he hasn't killed anyone...not that I know of. I need a reason before I kill him. It doesn't have to be good...but I have to have one." Souichiro nodded. "That's a good thing, Naruto-san..."

Naruto was caught off guard when he used his first name and he turned to look at him as he continued. "You don't go around mindlessly slaughtering people even if you despise them. Your feelings were hell bent on murdering him but your reason kicked in. A leader must be able to think clearly despite his emotions. You may have only said that you were protecting the group, but they look to you as a leader as well."

Naruto looked confused and he kept talking. "I saw the way that you handled Takashi-san and Rei-san. You kept them calm and cool even after you had dealt with Koichi-san. Everyone's eyes were on you and they took your suggestions without question. You may not intend to do it, but you take control and you do it rather well. If this is the...family...that you told me about yesterday...then it's obvious that you're man in charge of it."

He got a sheepish smile at the words that were spoken to him and took the time to gather his words. "Well...I really don't mean to do it...I guess it just comes naturally." Souichiro smirked as he pushed off of the wall. "That's the thing, Naruto-san. Sometimes you can make a leader...but other times we are born with the ability to lead. We are the ones that can make the decisions that others don't want to make. Remember this, Naruto-san...for we are the ones that everyone will flock to when paradise crumbles down to hell...but we will also be the first ones persecuted if things don't go as planned. I'm sure that you're familiar with the first rule of leadership?"

Naruto nodded. "Everything is your fault." The older man smiled and nodded while walking off. "You're going to do great things, Naruto-san...great things indeed..." The blonde maelstrom turned with a smile on his face as he began to walk back to the front of the house. As he walked, he was lost deep in his thoughts. 'So I'm the leader, huh?' "The way you handle them is the way that a true leader would do it. You're good with people and the people you can talk to are willing to follow you into hell if you had a good reason."

He turned the corner and walked while he leaned against the wall, dragging his shoulder over it. 'I never thought about it like that. When I left Konoha, I thought my dreams of being a leader were torn up. Even if I were able to get back, she said that the papers were going to filed as a dishonorable discharge. But now...I'm a leader!'

"You can't let this get to your head, though, Naruto. If you become overtaken by power then you will eventually push them too hard. Just do what you've been doing. You may be stronger, but everyone else is capable of making good plans." Naruto sighed and nodded. 'You're right...I can't just take the position by storm. They'd kick me away for sure at that point.'

He walked up the stairs and threw his legs over the ornate railing that sat in front of the overhang in the rain. Sitting down, he put his elbows on his knees as he rested his hands. 'I'm still a little peeved that Takagi-sama let Shido-teme stay the night. I swear, though...I'll hold true this time. If he comes near any of the ones that are under my protection or the ones that love me...I'll murder him!'

"The thing is...I don't think anyone will object to him being erased from the face of the earth. I think a few people would actually start to dance around and cheer for it! I'm not going to say names though...well...maybe I would..." Naruto laughed and sighed as he stared up at the cloudy and raining sky. "Hey...you know for a fact that you'd dance on the pedophiles grave!"

He nodded with a smile. 'I'm not saying that I wouldn't. Actually...thinking about him makes me worry more for little Alice-chan more than anyone else. He's not a very physical guy and he definitely looks like the kind of guy that fights his battles with other people that he has worked his fingers around. If he were to get in a fight with me or anyone else in my group, one-on-one then I would be able to shatter his skull with one punch.'

"I'd fuck with him before I killed him..." Naruto chuckled at this but then, out of the corner of his eye, saw Shido and his group moving up the stairs. He scowled at the man and it made him move faster but one of the students, a tall boy with dark yellow hair and brown streaks on either side of his head dressed in the high school attire, caught his gaze and sneered at him before stalking over. Naruto saw this and groaned. 'I wish it were Shido...then I'd kill him...'

As the boy neared, Naruto spoke. "What the hell do you want?" He pointed a finger at him and yelled his answer. "What the fuck do you think you're doing looking at us like that?" Naruto sighed again. "Maybe if you paid attention then you'd see that I wasn't looking at you...but your shit bag sensei."

"Hey! Don't talk about Shido-sensei like that!" Naruto just glared at him before slipping back over the edge of the railing and walking inside, leaving the boy to fume. He smirked as soon as he walked past Shido because the man flinched and cowered. 'I think that I need to take care of a few things. Since they are staying for the night I need to arrange something. And if I do it right then it will give me a reason to kill him...and no one will have to know my true intentions...'

Naruto trekked across the house to the place where he knew that Kohta had taken to hanging out. It was the garage of the house where he could work on the guns. He opened the door and walked in, finding it to be rather muggy. He ignored the condition of the air and made his way over to where he saw Kohta working on cleaning the shotgun that he had given Komuro. "Kohta-san."

The otaku jumped and held the shotgun close to his chest as he turned. When he saw that it was Naruto he sighed and smiled. "Ah, Naruto-san! How're you?" Naruto shrugged his shoulders and spoke. "I actually came by because I need you to do something for me." Kohta nodded as he waited for Naruto-s request. "I need you to get everyone to stay in one room tonight, except for Rei-san and Alice-chan. I want you to put them in my room and let it be impassively known where they are..."

Kohta nodded. "Okay, I'll tell them. But why do you want that?" Naruto smirked. "I have a plan that just might get a snake to rear its ugly head..." Kohta nodded again and started to walk. "Okay, I'll let them all know. I hope your plan goes as you want it to, whatever it is." Naruto nodded his thanks and began to walk his own way...waiting for time to fly past...


The rest of the day went by rather fast as people began to go to bed. Kohta had told the group and all complied, wondering what the blondes plan was. He had also done as he was asked and very indiscreetly whispered to himself about it near Shido. Now the blonde sat in the corner where Shizuka had tossed his jacket the night before. It was in a position where no one could see him until the overhead lights were turned on and he was away from the door. Rei and Alice were asleep in his bed already and he sat in darkness as the light of the full moon shined down through the curtains, draping the room in an eerie light.

Time passed as he watched the door with a purpose. As the clock ticked the time away, he felt nothing but anticipation as he waited for what he wanted to happen, happen. It was at least two hours until he finally heard the handle of the door turn with a quiet click. He reached down to the floor where he had placed Shukketsu Souru and pulled it up quietly in its sheath. When the person walked in, Naruto narrowed his eyes...it wasn't Shido...

It was the boy from before...Tsunoda...


I hope that you all liked it! I enjoyed writing it, that's for sure!


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