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The Battle of the Mansion Begins!



Chapter Twelve

Naruto kept his icy glared leveled at the boys head as he quietly closed the door behind him and turned to the bed. Naruto saw his hand reach down to the button of his pants as he moved and he frowned in disgust. As he heard his zipper go down, he took the chance and started pulling Shukketsu Souru out with the sounds Tsunoda made masking its unveiling. 'I was expecting a killer...not a rapist...or it could be Shido's doing anyway.'

When he was out of his pants, Naruto put the sheath down back where he brought it from and quietly put his sword in a reverse grip and stabbed it softly into the ground, staying seated and waiting for the teen to make his next mistake...and he did...one that made things far worse for him... He reached for his boxers and started to pull them down. When he inched closer, Naruto saw that it wasn't even Rei that he was going for...it was Alice.

He didn't wait any longer as he took in a sharp breath, stood and speared his sword at him while he growled, aiming at his head but missing by barely a decimeter. The sound of the sword going tsuba-deep into the wall made Tsunoda jump and squeal as quickly pull his boxers back up but it also woke up the two in the bed. He looked to Naruto and was able to see him as his eyes were now used to the darkness of the room. Unfortunately...he looked directly at the blonde swordsman's eyes...

Naruto's eyes were still their normal blue...but the way that they were narrowed and the anger that rolled off of him...it was suffocating. A pressure weighed down on him and he felt like he was being crushed by a ton of bricks. He tried to back up but then he heard Alice scream. Naruto looked to her and saw that she was hugging Rei tightly and the older girl was trying to calm her down. Naruto narrowed his eyes even further as he turned his gaze slowly back to Tsunoda.

He stalked dangerously over to the teen as the would-be rapist metaphorically picked up his balls and spoke. "What the FUCK do you want?" Naruto didn't speak a word as he growled at him. It was then that Tsunoda was starting to get scared. "Answer me!" Naruto now stood taller than the boy by an inch as his eyes looked to be glowing as the moonlight bounced off of the walls and hit his eyes, giving them an ethereal look.

He looked past him and walked by as he reached for the handle of Shukketsu Souru, pulling it out from the wall and turning back to him, holding the blade in his right hand with a normal hold. Tsunoda got angry and reared his fist back, yelling as he threw it forward. "Stop ignoring me!" His fist connected with Naruto's face and Alice screamed for her Onii-chan. His head turned to the left and his body turned a bit with it, making Naruto hunch slightly as he stared into the tearing eyes of Alice and he was able to catch Rei's worried gaze.

His mouth open in a teeth-clenching scowl as he clenched his free hand and came back up, catching Tsunoda right in the right side of his face, sending him flying into and through the wall to his left, getting another scream of surprise from Alice. Naruto never let his eyes leave the boy as he stabbed his sword into the ground and picked up his discarded pants before stepping through the five foot-by-five foot hole into the now lit hallway.

Down on one end, Saya and the others had come from their room and on the other end; Shido, Morita and the other students came up the stairs. Naruto looked down on Tsunoda as the boy tried to get up, his back to Naruto. Naruto took this chance and took the pants by the bottom of each leg and threw them around his neck, twisting it and pressing his foot to his back, causing him to gag and start to choke. Saya was surprised and ran down the hall to Naruto. "Naruto-kun, what are you doing?"

His eyes never left the boy as he watched in and fatuous glee while he tried to hard to get free. Shido did the same as Saya and ran down. "Tsunoda-san!" Saya got there and took hold of Naruto's shoulder, trying to get him to stop but he didn't she called down to Takashi and Kohta for help but stopped herself when he heard Naruto speak. "No! He deserves this! He tried to...he tried to rape Alice-chan! Had I not been there...he would've! I'll kill him! I'LL KILL HIM!"

Saya looked back through the hole and saw both Alice and Rei in tears. She looked back to Tsunoda with a deathly scowl that nearly matched Naruto's. She then turned her back and walked through the hole to try and get them both to calm down. Naruto was starting to enjoy himself as he felt a slightly larger force at his shoulders. He cocked his head a little in his crazed state and saw Shido trying to get him off of the boy. He obliged for the bigger snake as he let go and spun around, grabbing Shido by his throat and slamming him into the wall beside the hole.

He heard Tsunoda behind him start to gag and cough as the air assaulted his lungs. It was only too bad for them that Souichiro's room was on the other side of the house, so they couldn't hear the commotion. But what people around were think was simply; was it bad for Naruto and his group? Or was it bad for Shido...

Shido pulled at the blondes hand as the other was clenched into a fist at his side. "Shido-teme! I'll kill you too!" His pupils dilated when he heard this. He tried to speak through his compressing windpipe. "Wh-why are you...*cough*...going to kill...me? I didn't...*COUGH*...do anything!" Naruto growled as he heard this. He pulled him off of the wall and held him up in the air, letting go and then hitting him with his other fist, sending him flying down the hall to his students that got in front of him to protect him when he came to a sliding halt.

Naruto yelled as he strode over to him with his scowl still visible. "You're the only one that was supposed to know! You must've told him to come here! You're to blame! YOU ARE! I'LL KILL YOU BOTH!" He was getting closer until he heard Tsunoda coming at him from behind. His eyes widened as his face became crazed, remembering what he had tried to do...not that he could ever or would ever forget. He spun and punched him dead in the gut, causing him to double over in pain and fall into his back. Naruto was on top of him as he punched him in the face and took hold of his neck with both hands.

Takashi watched as he came forward to make sure that Rei was okay and he caught a glimpse of Naruto's eyes. They were beginning to blacken around the edges and the blue in his irises was beginning to darken as well. He forced himself to look away as he stepped through the hole. Back with Saeko, Shizuka and Kohta they all watched with tearing eyes. Not because of what was happening...but because of what could've happened to Alice. They felt no remorse for the gagging and coughing Tsunoda.

Naruto put more and more pressure on his neck until he began to feel a strain on the bones inside of his neck. He saw his eyes beginning to water as his face started to change color. He couldn't help but be amused with the struggling of a would-be child rapist. He scratched at his hands and tried to push him off but it was no use. With a maniacal chuckle and crazed eyes...Naruto applied the last of the pressure and crushed his larynx...

The struggling slowly began to die away as the boy could no longer breathe. Naruto stood and walked into the hole again before coming back out to face the group of students that came with Shido, holding his blade in his right hand. He saw that Tsunoda was still twitching and trying to breathe, but chuckled as he watched the life leave his eyes before turning back to the now standing Shido. He pointed his sword at him with his crazed smile. "You're next!"

He began to move towards him until Saya came through the hole and grabbed hold of his shoulders from the front. "Naruto-kun, that's enough! There's no need to kill him right now! As much as we'd all like to see him dead, you've already taken care of Tsunoda-teme! More dead would only cause trouble! Please...I'm begging you...stop this now!" Naruto looked down at her and then he heard tiny snaps in the rubble of the wall and saw Alice coming beside him and hugging his legs, crying. "Onii...chan...please stop! Please stop it...don't kill anymore...please..."

He looked away from them both and narrowed his eyes. "I should kill him now, though. He'll only be a problem later on." Alice shook her head in his legs. "Please don't kill him! I don't want you to kill him!" Saya saw his eyes begin to return to normal as he faced them and then saw Shido over her shoulder who was grinning like he had just won the lottery. This made Naruto angry but he didn't show it. 'He doesn't even care that I just killed one of the ones following him...fucking bastard. He's just like that snake, Orochimaru.'

Shido turned and ushered his students down the stairs back to where they were sleeping, not to be seen for the rest of the night. Naruto calmed himself down as best as he could when he bent down and gave Alice a quick kiss on the forehead. "It's all going to be okay, Alice-chan. Go on back to bed. No one will hurt you as long as I'm around, okay?" She shook her head and spoke. "No...I want you and Saya-onee-chan with me..."

He looked at her with a smile and nodded. He got up, picking up Alice and kissing Saya's cheek, getting a smile and a kiss back from her. He saw Takashi leading Rei from his room through the actual door and Rei looked at Naruto. "Thank you, Naruto-san...I'm glad that you were there...you proved to everyone my point about him." Naruto nodded. "I just wish that it were him and not Tsunoda on that floor."

She nodded as she and Takashi walked off to their regular room as Naruto started to trek down the hall to the room that Saya had stayed in before they had gotten there. They got to the room and it was pretty much the same as the one that Naruto had been staying in until he used the body to smash a hole in the wall.

He put Alice down and watched as she ran to the bed and leaped onto it with a smile. Saya walked over with a smile as she wore the same pajamas that she had worn at the apartment. Naruto smiled as he took off his coat and shirt before taking off his boots. He got on Alice's left while Saya got on her right.

He smiled as he put his head in the pillow but felt Alice wrap around his arm as she quickly fell asleep. He looked down and saw that she was curled up, making her just almost small than the length of his arm. He looked to Saya. "She's so cute." Saya smiled as her eyes lidded. She soon closed her eyes as she fell to sleep as well. Naruto turned his head back to look at the ceiling. 'I'm surprised...'

"What's so surprising? When you told them that he was trying to rape her all of them were more than likely ready to help you kill him." Naruto nodded as his eyes began to close. 'Hmmm...I wonder...what will I do about Shido-teme?' "I really don't know...but you realize that you all just left that kids body in the middle of the hall, right?" Naruto shrugged his right shoulder while he yawned. 'I don't care. They find him then I'll tell them what happened. They don't like it then they can fuck off because we're leaving today remember?' He didn't get an answer as his eyes closed and he fell into the first dreamless slumber that he had had since he had gotten there.


Naruto awoke the next morning and saw that Alice was still attached to his arm but she wasn't asleep. She stared at him with big, innocent eye and a smile as he looked to the nightstand and saw that it was nearly seven-oh-clock at night! He blinked his eyes and looked back to Alice and saw that Saya had left...once again. He sweat dropped at this. 'Does she just like to leave me?' "It's fucking seven at night you fucking retard!"

'That doesn't mean anything. Look at me! I slept through the entire fucking day!' "Not everyone's like you, dumbass! Everyone else gets regular sleep!" 'That's your fault that I don't get regular sleep! It's more than likely because of that that I slept so damn long!' "Details..." Naruto sighed as he started to get up, picking up Alice as well as she squealed with laughter. He chuckled as he put his boots on, finding it hard to do with her there. He laughed as he walked out of the room with her still hanging there in her actual clothes, meaning that at one point she had changed while he was asleep.

As he walked down the hall in only his pants and boots with his hair raggedy instead of being slicked back, he looked like a guy that thrived off of war. His scars weren't horrendous, but they were numerous and some looked terrible. He was honestly surprised with how many times he had taken his shirt off or had it taken off for him, no one had asked anything about them. Unfortunately he wasn't so lucky with Alice now that she was wide awake and noticing everything. "Onii-chan..."

He looked to her and spoke. "Yes, Alice-chan?" She looked at his chest and back. "What are all of those things on you?" He stopped dead in the hallway and looked at her again. "Why do you want to know?" She shrugged her shoulders and nearly lost her grip. "I was just wondering...they look kind of painful..." He sighed as he turned and walked back to the room to get his stuff on, talking while he walked. "I was in a few fights...normally most of my scars would heal but some of them were just too bad...and now they remind me not to be so naive with certain types of people..."

They got to the room and she dropped to her feet as he put his shirt on sullenly. As he did, she saw the large circular one on his back and also caught sight of a smaller one over his left lung. It was faint but it was there. She quickly ran around and was too late to see the lung scar but saw the other side of the wound through his abs. She gasped at the sheer size of it being half a foot in diameter and looked at his face. It was sad as he reached for his facemask and put it on, hiding his nose and mouth and he slicked his hair back, showing his saddened eyes.

He put his long coat on and soon found Shukketsu Souru in its sheath on Saya's side of the bed, meaning that she had gotten it and brought it in for him. He smiled softly underneath his mask as he strapped it on the opposite side that he let his gun rest on in his scroll belt. He looked to Alice and saw that she looked sad. He smiled and bent down to pick her up and she came running to him. He popped her up and sat her on his right shoulder with a smile as she giggled, the moments before forgotten to both of them as they walked out of the room.

It didn't take long for them to get to the lobby of the house where they found everyone standing near the railing dressed to go and watching out over the way that led up to the house. Shizuka was off to the side on the phone with someone, though and Naruto also noticed that Saeko had a second katana strapped to her right side, opposite of Kitsune-hi. He smirked as he walked up behind the man on the end, Takagi Souichiro. He smirked as he put Alice down and made a shushing motion and she complied by putting her hand over her mouth with a smile. Naruto began to superfluously tiptoe near him and was about to do something until he spoke. "If you value your life then you won't do anything, Uzumaki-san."

Naruto deflated as he sighed in defeat. He walked back to Alice who patted him on the leg in comfort. Saya watched the whole thing and smiled as she turned her head back to look at what everyone was waiting for. Naruto joined them and saw Shido getting his students, minus Tsunoda, onto the bus that they had come in. He caught Naruto's eye and felt a chill run down his spine as he scrambled onto the bus before starting it and beginning to drive off. "I thought that he was supposed to leave midday, Takagi-sama?"

Souichiro sighed as he spoke. "He came to me this morning asking for a memorial service for one of his students. Apparently the boy died because of a crushed larynx." Naruto paled as Souichiro turned to him with a smirk. "Kohta-san explained what happened and that you had some sort of plan. It's okay. I'm guessing that you were planning on it being Shido that came to the room instead of the other student?" Naruto sighed and nodded. "I was going to kill him...since him doing that would've given me a reason. When Tsunoda came in, I was only going to beat him to a pulp and send him off, thinking that he was simply being a hormonal teenage guy... When I saw him going for Alice-chan, though..."

He looked down to her and held her head to his leg like a father would his daughter. He looked back to Souichiro with look of conviction...the look that the man wanted to see. "I killed him. I cannot stand someone that would even think about doing that to a child." The man and the woman beside him genuinely smiled and all eyes were now on Naruto as he held Alice to his leg. "I'll kill anyone that threatens Alice-chan with anything. If I have to kill half of the world...then I'll do it...to protect the last light of innocence in our lives."

Souichiro smirked as he saw the look in his eyes. He had the eyes of a father...the eyes that Souichiro respected above all else. Naruto would hold true to his words and he wouldn't regret it. He put a hand on his shoulder and was about to speak until a bright light flashed in the sky off in the distance. Naruto, being the one facing the light, shielded his eyes and Alice's eyes. Too the side, Shizuka's phone made a popping noise and began to smoke. Saya looked to it and her jaw dropped a little as her eyes widened while the light began to dim. "Oh shit..."

Naruto looked to her. "What is it, Saya-chan?" Saya didn't answer as she turned to Shizuka. "Shizuka-chan, give me the phone!" She did so and Saya held down the power button. It didn't turn on and she handed it back. "Rei-san." The aforementioned looked to her. "Look through the sights of your weapon. Can you see the dot?" Rei did as she was told and spoke when she brought her gun down. "I can't see it. What just happened?"

Saya cupped her chin with her thumb and index finger in thought. She spoke after a few minutes. "They performed an H.A.N.E..." Takashi looked confused. "What is an H.A.N.E?" Saya nodded as she continued to speak. "It's a High Altitude Nuclear Explosion. It creates a strong electromagnetic pulse within a certain radius. The strong EMP that results has several components. In the first few tens of nanoseconds, about a tenth of a percent of the weapon yield appears as powerful gamma rays with energies of one to three mega-electron volts. The gamma rays rain down into the atmosphere and collide with air molecules, depositing their energy to produce huge quantities of positive ions and recoil electrons. The impacts create mega-electron volt-energy recoil electrons that then accelerate and spiral along the Earth's magnetic field lines. The resulting transient electric fields and currents that arise generate electromagnetic emissions in the radio frequency range of 15 to 250 megahertz. I won't bug you with the other stuff like the Starfish Prime test, though...even if it was the largest man-made nuclear explosion in space..."

Everyone's eyes were spinning, including her mothers and fathers, when she was done and both Naruto and Shizuka were rubbing their heads at so much information. He looked to Saya with a mock-pained expression. "So...in normal speak...what did it do?" Saya huffed and mumbled about people who don't appreciate her intelligence before speaking. "Basically it just knocked out all electronics within its radius." Naruto nodded with a smirk as he rubbed his aching temples. "That would've been easier on my head..."

Saya huffed again as she walked over to him and kissed his forehead. "There, are you better now, Naruto-kun?" He got into a playful thinking pose and shook his head with a big smile. Saya giggled and kissed him quickly on the lips; getting a sound of disgust from Alice, nothing from the group, a quick giggle from her mother and earned Naruto a fathers death glare from behind. Naruto then nodded is head as he was about to speak until he heard something with his higher hearing. It sounded like metal against metal and glass breaking with some type of rock being sent across the ground...and it came from where Shido and his group had left from.

His eyes narrowed as he sped off, surprising Souichiro and Yuriko at the display of pure speed. Souichiro looked to Saya with an approving look as her mother spoke. "Does he do that often?" Saya looked after him and nodded. "He does on occasion when he has the energy and one of us is in trouble. He's very protective of all of us...even the ones who don't love him like a lover..."

Souichiro nodded as he looked back after him. "He definitely is if he's willing to kill a living person to protect you all. And the fact that he made that plan in the first place to try and find a reason to kill Koichi-san...it means he wants you all to be happy and not have to worry...after all...there were only two reasons that he told me about as to why he didn't kill him right there on the spot when they met at the stairs..."

Saya looked to her father confused. "What were they? He said that if they ever met again then he'd kill him!" Souichiro smirked as he crossed his arms. "The first reason was because Rei-san had made the choice not to at that point...and the second was because he didn't have a good enough reason to. By making that plan, he tried to lure Koichi-san into doing something stupid. Unfortunately Koichi-san is a generally smart man in his own right. From what I could gather from Kohta-san telling me this morning, he sent Tsunoda in his stead."

Saya made an understanding face as she soon heard Naruto's voice screaming as he ran back up the hill. "CLOSE THE GATE! GET YOUR MEN READY, TAKAGI-SAMA!" The man looked to where he saw Naruto come speeding through the gate with the two guards he had seen two days before working on the concrete barrier. He sat them down, trying to catch his breath. Saya came up and rubbed his back as she bent over to try to talk to his face. "What happened, Naruto-kun?"

Naruto took in a great breath before letting it out and sitting himself down cross-legged on the ground. "That EMP thingy apparently affected Shido-teme's bus. It crashed into the thing that they were using to put the concrete slab back in. He wasn't there, though...he apparently ran off somewhere. But...a horde of the infected...they're coming...and there are Behemoth's with them and Predator's on the rooftops...but there's something else with them...they're coming fast!"

Souichiro narrowed his eyes. He turned and roared out his orders. "EVERYONE PREPARE TO FIGHT! CLOSE THE GATE AND ARM YOURSELVES QUICKLY!" The orders were carried out in and expedient manner. Kohta went off with Takashi to go get the guns and Saeko was making sure that all of her gear was strapped tightly. Saya was talking to her mother while Shizuka consoled the scared Alice and Zeke. Souichiro had turned back to the now standing Naruto. "You said Behemoth's and Predator's...what are those?"

Naruto began his explanation and kept it brief and to the point. "A Behemoth is basically bigger and stronger infected ones due to some sort of mutation. Predator's look normal enough but have claws, fangs and are faster than greased lightning. Before I got here, I fought the Behemoth's and Predator's at the same time with Saeko-chan. They seemed to be able to work together..." He nodded. "What is the other thing that you saw?"

Naruto took another breath and spoke. "I only caught a glimpse of it so I'm not sure how accurate I can be about it...but...it was a normal infected one. Its stomach was sliced open and it had two tentacles made out of its small and large intestines. The small intestine was almost twenty-one feet long and nearly grabbed me before I ran up here. The large intestine was smaller than that by about a third at seven feet. It threw one of the infected into the air while the other one tried to get to me...I barely got away because I was caught off guard by it..."

The older man nodded as he understood. "Okay. Well at least now we can prepare for the worst. How did you kill them?" Naruto looked to the gate and saw that they hadn't yet made it up the hill. "The Predator's and Behemoth's are simple. If you behead it then it dies. I'm going to assume with that in mind that it's the same for that...Snatcher..."

Souichiro raised an amused eyebrow at the name. "Snatcher?" Naruto stared back at him. "Think about it...it's got the tentacles that can snatch people up...I think that earned it the name Snatcher." He nodded and turned to walk away, leaving Naruto to his thoughts. 'This is getting worse, Alter. These things are starting to mutate at a faster rate. With these things coming up like this, we're going to have to find out who's doing this and we'll have to do it quickly!'

"I know, Naruto...but for now we need to focus on getting out of here and away from these things. What about the Humvee?" He shook his head and put his hands down on the railing. 'If Shido-teme's bus was knocked out from that thing then odds are good that the Humvee no longer works.' "There are always miracles, you know..."

Naruto sighed as he knew that he was right. He looked up at the sky. It was beginning to darken as the sun was setting and he saw people running around while putting down candles. He looked down to the gate, starting to see the heads of the infected horde. It was when he saw the Behemoth's and that thing that he began to worry, but it would still be a bit until they hit the gate, though. The Predator's had even slowed down to take post beside the Behemoth's like pets.

Naruto sighed as he turned after a few minutes and saw that everyone had taken up position behind him. Souichiro and Yuriko looked at him with analytical eyes while Saya stood with the group holding a Kiku Crest Luger P08 that her mother had given her. Saeko stood beside her with her arms crossed lazily as her right hand rested on the hilt of Kitsune-hi and her left rested on the handle of the other blade. Shizuka stood beside her wither her brown medical bag across her back and Alice and Zeke stood close beside her. Takashi stood with his shotgun beside Rei and her dwarfing weapon. Kohta stood beside them with his rifle and ammo vest strapped on and ready to go.

Naruto looked to Souichiro with a questioning eye and the man smirked. "They await your guidance, Naruto-san. It's your duty as their protector to see them away to a safer place." Naruto looked at him like he was crazy. "What are you talking about? We can't leave you two here to face these things! You'll die for sure!"

The man shrugged his shoulders. "It's your decision...I just hope you make the right one." Naruto scowled. "I can't leave people that I know I can help. We'll stay and help and I'll get them out to safety!" His group smiled slightly as they saw his protective side coming out. Souichiro grinned at him as he turned to face the gate. The creatures had reached and it but they weren't pushing at it. They had parted and let one of the ten Behemoth's through as it came up with its fists balled up.

Naruto smirked as he took Shukketsu Souru from its sheath as he waved his hand, signaling for everyone to get ready. Shizuka dropped back into the house while Saeko came to his right side, standing straight and taking both swords from their sheathes while Souichiro stood at his left with his own blade ready to be drawn at a moments notice. Saya stood with Yuriko and Kohta was at the railing with his vest full of clips of ammo. Takashi and Rei were ready to fight near the stairs while Souichiro's men were all near the gate with their guns ready to fire when their leader gave the order. When the Behemoth threw its fist forward, Souichiro and Naruto let loose a mighty roar of the same order.



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