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Chapter Fifteen

Naruto stood in the darkness with wide eyes, staring off into the abyssal expanse. "W-W-What...what are you talking about?" The voice of the virus spoke in a dark tone that sent shivers down Naruto's spine as it went on. "This has been coming for a long time, young Uzumaki. This was actually delayed for years now. There is absolutely nothing that you can do to stop the natural order of all things, child. What you are doing now is simply delaying the inevitable."

The blonde fighter growled and roared out. "SHUT UP! JUST SHUT THE HELL UP! I'LL FUCKING STOP YOU NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES! I'LL DESTROY EVERY SINGLE BODY THAT YOU HAVE!" While Naruto fumed, the voice chuckled grimly. " have a definite spark inside of you, child. The way that you pose a great fight to my vessels honestly makes me want to keep you around for a good show before I finish of what is left of this god forsaken world. Unfortunately for you, I do not play with my prey. You can run all you want and gather as much firepower you want, but you'll never keep them all alive. being are killing the single one that you promised that little demon of yours you'd protect."

Naruto's eyes widened once more and he stood up straighter. "What are you talking about? Explain yourself!" Another laugh rang out. "AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! You are such great entertainment, young one! sorely I shall miss you. Maybe I shall keep your corpse intact along with your soul...then you can amuse me further!" Naruto let his chakra spike and he spoke out. "Answer me you fucking bacteria!"

The virus did not speak for a moment. Naruto almost thought that it had shut up entirely until he heard it come back. "Fine...I guess that I can give you some insight as to what you have done. If you were even conscious when they took you from the mansion then you would've seen that girl begin her suffering that you brought upon. She is starting to feel the effects of your presence more and more since the battle. You, young Uzumaki, have created a type of paradox. When you came from your time, you erased yourself from that time entirely. You no longer exist there, meaning that the woman that you impregnated no longer carried your child. With that being said, soon every single one of your descendents shall disappear from the timeline completely. Technically speaking, you have murdered your entirely family."

Naruto looked down with wide eyes, as it was making sense...all except for one thing. He looked back up before talking up. "Wait on just one second... You said that they would all disappear. Why hasn't Saeko-chan disappeared yet?" The virus sighed before its reverberating voice retook the verbal stand. "The start of YOUR line dates back three thousand years. That is a lot of time to cover, Uzumaki-san. Let's see...with three thousand years to cover...I would say...she has about...hmmm...maybe...three weeks to live starting from the time you got to this time."

Naruto's eyes widened even further as the virus explained what was going on. "'s no possible! That would mean that she only has two weeks left at the most!" That chilling laugh rang out once more as the voice soon followed. "Oh...but do not worry my young child. I shall kill you all before that time ever comes. If I must then I shall take a body for myself and kill you with my own hands!"

Naruto growled as he heard this and was once more on the offensive. "TRY IT! I'LL RIP YOUR BODY TO PIECES AND SPILL YOUR GUTS OVER THE GROUND BEFORE YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO EVEN CHARGE! I'LL KILL YOU OVER AND OVER AGAIN IF I MUST!" The voice of the virus was quiet and did not retort for quite some time. Naruto just roared louder as he was beginning turn and scream into a distance unknown. "COME ON! YOU SON OF A BITCH COWARD! COME AND FACE ME NOW! WE'LL SEE JUST WHO'S THE STRONGEST RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!"

As Naruto yelled off to nothingness, he soon heard the voice, but it was now zoned to a single spot behind him. "Your beginning to annoy me child." Naruto turned like lightning to face the voice...but then stopped to stare at the terrifying person that he came to see.

The thing...the person...had a pale color to his skin that rivaled even Alter's sickly pallor. He wore what could only be described as a cloak of pure shadow and his face was what terrified Naruto the most. It was horribly scarred and its mouth was mangled in a vicious scowl of clenched teeth that were blackened and rotting. It had no eyes, but the lids were furrowed in a way that showed anger. The man had no hair and allowed the boils on his head to show as they pulsed ever so slightly.

The person crossed his arms and spoke in the same voice that Naruto had been hearing, telling him that this was the personification of the virus. "So I would suggest that you shut your mouth before I decide to end your pathetic existence this instant!" Naruto stumbled back from the sheer force of the command in the virus's voice. He stood back straight before crouching and reaching for his blade but he did not pull it forth. "Shut your god-damn mouth! I'll kill you if you say another word!"

The virus spread his arms in a way that simply offered Naruto a shot before it spoke. "Come then, child. Come and strike me down! You can have as many tries as you wish to take." Naruto smirked as he charged forward. "I'll only need one!" As he brought Shukketsu Souru forth from her sheathe, Naruto took one powerful swipe that passed effortlessly through the person who gave no flinch. The virus just chuckled and spoke without even turning to face Naruto again. "You are pathetic and weak, child. You should've known...that if an enemy gave you an opening like that then they obviously cannot be beaten. Such as me...for I am a god compared to you...Hmhm...such a stupid little child!"

Naruto turned and growled like a wild animal, much like he had become accustomed to while talking to the enigmatic entity. "God damn it, shut the hell up! I'll burn you alive, you useless parasite!" The virus sneered at Naruto with his back turned and spoke in a condescending tone. "My god...I cannot wait for the day that I fight you, Uzumaki-san! You seem like you will be such a great fight! You wish to destroy me, burn me, rip me apart. It's so hard for me to resist such a challenge! Our battle shall be legendary! one will ever live past this outbreak to ever hear about it... Everyone will friends...everyone..." His head turned even further, much like an owl's neck, as he spoke. "...And there is nothing...that you can stop it."

Naruto was about to charge him once more until he felt a pull on his astral body. The virus smirked and turned its head back before walking off while talking. "It would seem that the process is complete and this body is no longer mine. Our time is up here, young Uzumaki. I look forward to an entertaining rising action before I come in for our climax. Prepare...Uzumaki...for the future does not bode well for you..."

Before the blonde maelstrom could reply...he was immediately pulled from the dark landscape that he so loathed...


Back in the physical world, a day had passed and Naruto's body was convulsing and sending out massive waves of chakra that coated the bodies in a dangerous and impenetrable dome of bright blue and black energy as a small ball of black energy passed slowly from Naruto's body to the corpse. People around the mall had gathered at the outside of the caged entrance and watched with an entranced fascination at the scene taking place before them.

The corpse beside Naruto inside of the dome began to convulse as well as the black ball began to sink into its torso. Sickening crunches began to ring out and the people outside cringed at the painful sounds. The body began to turn pale and the features of it started to change to look like Alter had in Naruto's mindscape. While the clothes did not match the dark look, they could easily be changed to suit the soon-to-be living death machine.

After minutes of the deathly crunches and squelches, they final began to die down and the pulses of chakra started to become less and less menacing. The light coming from the dome began to darken until the dome itself was no longer there. People stared at the bodies before them and some were able to recognize Naruto due to the fact that they saw him walk by them the day before the process began, but they did not recognize the body beside him as it did not look like the one that he brought in. Though it wore the same clothes, the physique was now more like Naruto's own.

Both of them began to move at the same time and the people outside were up in arms with blades and the policewoman, Asami, held a gun that Kohta had given her in the past twenty-four hours. Naruto stood and held his head like it was throbbing in pain. The other person stumbled a bit before he got his footing. Everyone was ready to shoot if anything went wrong.

Naruto looked over to the now standing body and looked over it. Past the now tight clothes and shoes, he looked just like Alter. The blonde warrior sighed and tried to smile, but he was too tired so he sufficed with watching Alter look over his new body with a sort of infatuation. "I can't believe it...I can't fucking believe it? I'm out! I'm finally out of there! Hell Yeah! Now I can kill these things whenever I want!"

Naruto kept his smirk, but could not forget the conversation that he had with the virus. While he was losing it, he did not forget what it had said...about both situations that he was now in. As Alter looked over his body with glee, Naruto tried to push the thoughts away and spoke up. " got your body as I promised. Now you need to get out of those stupid fucking clothes, man."

Alter looked up and smirked before nodding his head. He looked around and saw the men's section of the store before he trekked over to it with his satisfied smile plastered to his face. Naruto watched him until he heard the familiar voice of Takagi Saya coming from the front of the store behind the cage. He looked over to see her calling him over and he obliged. "Yes, Saya-chan?"

She sighed but leaned her head against the bars as she spoke. "I honestly thought that you were kidding about this...but it seems that you weren't. So he is now with us as well?" Naruto nodded and began to explain. "You see, he is pretty much a part of me, but he has been a separate entity inside of me for quite awhile now. Under the conditions that he fights with me, I offered to let him out of what had basically become his prison."

Asami, standing to the side, heard every word and spoke up out of curiosity. "Wait a minute...if...that person was inside of you...then...are alien or something?" Naruto stared at her with a deadpan look that made her chuckle nervously until he snickered a bit. "No, policewoman...I am no alien. I am quite human, though I possess a range of abilities that are easily described as superhuman." Asami made an 'O' with her mouth showing that she understood but was still confused and she made it known. "What?"

Naruto couldn't help but laugh at the look on her face. She showed that she was confused so well! When Naruto stopped his laughter, he looked back to the policewoman and spoke with a calm but still amused voice. "I am a very special person, policewoman. That is really all that I can think to say without divulging sensitive information." Asami puffed her lips and crossed her arms in a pouty look and Naruto just burst out laughing again.

Saya, enjoying the display in front of her with a small smile, spoke up to Naruto and he looked over. "Can you please open the store now, Naruto-kun?" Naruto smiled and nodded before bending over and lifting the cage up with ease. He stood back and looked around, seeing the people still staring at him with wary eyes, but he noticed that people were missing. "Um...Saya-chan..."

She looked to him with worry in her eyes, wondering why the tone in his voice had changed so quickly. "Yes, Naruto-kun?" He kept looking around, oblivious to Alter coming up behind him dressed and ready to go. "Where is Takashi-san, Saeko-chan and the others?" Saya just made a quick smile and sighed. "They're okay, Naruto-kun. Takashi-san, Kohta-san and Saeko-chan just went with a few others from the mall to a pharmacy in order to get some blood for an old woman downstairs and my parents, Rei-san, Alice-chan and Shizuka-chan are down with the woman herself."

While she was calm about the situation, Naruto quickly spun around to face Alter, who he saw was now dressed in something similar to Naruto's clothes, except that Alter still had his coat and his stuff was a grayish color. He ignored it and spoke. "Alter, we have to go NOW!" The dark entity had his eyebrow cocked in a confused way. "What's wrong, Naruto?" Naruto's eyes widened when he heard the voice of the virus blast through his head. 'You can't save them!'

The blonde was quickly on his knees clutching his head and groaning in pain while he tried to stifle the voice. When he had the pain blocked, he looked back up, ignoring what had just happened. "We don't have time! We need to go now! We have to get to them NOW!" Alter's eyes widened and he snapped to attention and nodded. Naruto was soon up on his feet and broke through the crowd in a mad dash while Alter followed. They both ignored the yells from a confused Saya.

She stood back and sighed, trying to figure out what had just happened as she watched the man that she had fallen for run from the second floor and through the doors of the mall out into the infected world. 'What was that all about? Why did he get so uptight about the others leaving? Did something happen during that soul transfer thingamajig?'


Naruto and Alter ran side by side, ramming through the hordes of the undead as Naruto used his jutsu to track the scent of Saeko and the others. Alter, while keeping their running pace, spoke up over the roars. "Hey, Naruto, why exactly are you getting so strung up about this? They can take care of themselves sometimes, you know!" Naruto's eyes were wide as he focused on Saeko's specific scent and he ignored the question from Alter in his focus.

Noticing the scent beginning to get stronger, his head was dashing from one sight to another, trying his best to find where it was at its strongest. When he had it, he looked over to Alter. "Come on! This way!" Alter sighed as they were now off to a building with a large red cross on it that Naruto was sure was where they were. As the blonde sword master ran as fast as he could, he could feel the voice running through his head again, only now it wasn't hurting him. 'It doesn't matter if you save them this time, Uzumaki-san. I'll kill you all before Saeko can disappear completely. I think that that would be best, honestly...'

Naruto growled at this and Alter was not oblivious to it he looked over and was confused by his behavior. 'What is wrong with you right now? Did you finally take heed to my words and grow a pair?' The pale enigma just shook his head and looked forward, wondering what happened in the soul transfer.

As they came to the door to the pharmacy, they landed on a building across from it and saw that it was crowded by the creatures of the undead and Naruto reached for his waist, but did not feel his blade. With even wider eyes, he looked down and saw that Shukketsu Souru was not by his side. He clenched his teeth and remembered that in his rush to get out; he forgot to grab the sword that had been by his side since the outbreak began.

Alter noticed this as well but also knew about the scrolls that he had on his belt around his waist. "Naruto..." Naruto heard his name and looked over to Alter. He pointed to Naruto's waist and continued. "I think now is the time that you tried out those experimental tags, kid." Naruto rolled his eyes at Alter for calling him a kid but also nodded before he reached for the scroll that held his tags.

Pulling it up, he unrolled the scroll and waved his hand over a seal and out popped a piece of seal paper that had writing all over it, front and back. In his head, Naruto was honestly afraid of what would happen. 'This tag could be very dangerous...I hope that it does what I want it to...' Naruto sighed and pulled his arm back before letting it shoot forward towards the zombies that were taking up post at the door. It stuck to the head of one of the infected and the effects began to slowly show.

A small ball of dark purple energy began to flicker into being where the tag was placed on the creature and it started to grow while a suction effect was taking place, sucking even the oxygen out of its vicinity. As the ball got larger, the pull became greater and the purple energy began to arc from the ball itself and torched whatever it touched. Naruto stood atop the roof and smirked at the success of his seal. 'I guess that it was a great success! This tag is definitely a worthy addition to my arsenal of weapons. Harnessing the power of pure destruction in a piece of paper...the possibilities...maybe...this could be the key! This may be able to kill the virus if he comes for us himself! Yes!'

Naruto smiled to himself and crossed his arms as his worry's started to wash away as if they were never there. Alter looked over to him and noticed his new change in mood. 'He may not be entirely stable...his mood is changing so fast...more like he is bipolar. While that is normal for some is not for him. I'll talk to him about it later, though. We have to worry about Saeko and Takashi for now.'

After a minute passed, the ball of energy had gotten to be about fifteen feet in diameter and Naruto could see the air swirling around it, whipping the wind and causing a tornado-like effect to take place, pulling the infected in that it could not reach. With a grin on his face, Naruto channeled chakra into his index finger and his thumb and quickly snapped them, causing the sound to reverberate through the streets. At that instant...the ball just disappeared...and with it...everything inside it, including the ground and the walls that were swallowed by it, leaving a perfect outline in them where it had been.

Alter's eyes were wide and Naruto's grin simply widened at the sight. He was able to see Takashi, Kohta and Saeko standing at the edge of where it had been with wide eyes and their weapons ready to go for a fight. They looked up and saw Naruto and their looks of terror immediately were assuaged to sighs. Saeko smiled up at him and he smiled back, but she soon caught sight of Alter. 'That must be the result of that thing that he did.'

Saeko cupped her hands over her mouth and yelled out. "WHY ARE YOU HERE?" Naruto smiled and used one hand to cup his mouth. "I JUST CAME TO CHECK UP ON YOU!" Saeko nodded and turned to go down the stairs. Takashi and Kohta soon followed behind her and they came to the crater that the tag had created. Naruto and Alter jumped down to meet them and Kohta spoke up. "What exactly was that that you did, Naruto-san?"

Naruto crossed his arms and smiled before explaining. "I had been experimenting with seals long before my own outbreak began and I was in the process of creating a seal that mocked the gravitational power of a black hole. I took it to the next level and began to experiment with particles and molecules in general. Adding a special seal to the tag, I was hoping to be able to have this tag break down everything that comes inside of the dome and scatter it to the winds, never to be seen again. By the looks of it..." Naruto looked around him for emphasis before he looked back to them with his grin back. "...I succeeded!"

Kohta smiled a bit at this and Saeko was doing the same, only in pride of the man that she loved. Takashi was just staring at Naruto in wonder, never truly realizing the full extent of the power behind the blonde maelstrom. Naruto turned and waved for them to follow. "Come on, guys, we can't keep everyone else waiting." Everyone snapped back and quickly followed him as they were soon coming back to the parking lot of the mall. While it was not as crowded as it was earlier, the sheer amount of the creatures made it hard to get through them without attracting attention.

Naruto stood in front of everyone with his arms crossed as they walked through one of the larger gaps in the horde of the undead, occasionally backhanding any of them that got the prerogative to come after him. Everyone behind him was on their guard, ready for anything to happen and they would also have to kill one of the infected as they got too close. Alter was actually quite reserved, still thinking about what was going on with Naruto.

The malevolent soul stared at his old containers back with a look of pure thought crossing his face while thoughts themselves did the same in his mind. 'Something happened during the soul transfer...something big. He freaked out when he heard that they had gone off on their own and was already on the offensive to go after them. If something did happen, then I'll have to confront him with everyone around, because they will have to know as well. I can't have him keeping secrets that may jeopardize his mission from Kyuubi. If it's serious and has to do with the group then they have a right to know.'

The small group soon came to the doors of the mall and knocked, getting someone to come over and open it for them, letting them in with a wary look. Naruto walked in, not giving the man a second look as did Alter. The others smiled to the man and he smiled back, but then his eyes turned right back to Naruto who was still walking away to where their group had taken post in the clothing store.

Alter came up beside Naruto, intent on finding out something before he fully confronted him over it. "Naruto..." Naruto looked over to him and uncrossed his arms with a smile. "Yes, Alter?" Naruto's darker side looked forward, so as not to draw anyone's attention to them and so that those behind him could not try and read his lips, before he spoke. "Naruto...I need to know this right now. Did something happen in during the soul transfer?"

Naruto's eyes widened and he stopped dead in his tracks, stopping everyone behind him and Alter was unaware for a few seconds until he stopped and looked back, seeing the look in the blondes eyes. His eyes narrowed and his thoughts confirmed what he figured was the case. 'So something did happen...'

He walked back to Naruto who just stared off into nothing and snapped his fingers in front of his eyes, getting his attention back as he spoke in a small voice so that no one overheard him. "I'm going to need to you tell them what happened. Something happened and you went ape shit before rushing out to go after them. If something happened in that thing that involves them then you need to tell them all as soon as we get back."

Naruto looked away and scowled as he heard the voice running back into his head. 'It doesn't matter. Tell them. Tell them that their efforts are wasted! Tell them that there is no way for them to make it out of this outbreak alive!' Naruto's eyes were clenched shut and he fought the voice back out of his head. Alter noticed this and made a mental note to himself. 'Maybe what happened is a bit more serious than I thought. Maybe telling them wouldn't be a good idea.'

Naruto looked back to Alter and was about to nod until the dark warrior shook his own head. "Never mind. I will talk to you in private about it later, okay?" Naruto sighed and his eyes dropped before he nodded almost instantly to that suggestion, relieved that he didn't have to tell everyone the horrid news. "Okay...when they all are asleep then I'll get you."

Alter nodded and turned back to go up the stairs to their store and everyone else was still behind Naruto, trying to figure out why he had stopped. Saeko walked up behind him and placed a hand on his shoulder in a comforting way and leaned in to place her head on her hand and his shoulder. "Is everything okay, Naruto-kun?"

The blonde snapped back from his thoughts and looked back to see one of his lovers and he quickly looked ahead, once more the worry coming back to try and consume him. 'Damn it! Why can't I look at her? Why can't I tell them what I learned? WHY? ' 'Because someone like you does not deserve to be happy, Naruto. After all...who could love a monster? They are only with you because they think that you can protect them. They think that you can keep them alive. Once they see that there is no chance for survival then they will leave you. They will abandon you like everyone back in your village did! Your life was destined to be a festering pool of misery and despair the moment that you were born.'

Naruto's eyes began to burn and they widened. Saeko noticed this and quickly walked in front of him, placing her hands on his cheeks before leaning in close to him and speaking as softly as she could. "Naruto...what's wrong? What is going on?" His eyes snapped shut and he looked away, not be able to bear the sight of one of the very person that he was killing every second that he was there. 'I find it funny, Naruto. I find it funny that you cannot look into the eyes of the one that you love. After will only be able to see her face for a little while longer. Either my vessels will find you and kill you, or I will come and kill you myself. And if even that fails...then she will die in two weeks time.'

Naruto's eyes snapped open and they were becoming bloodshot from his tears. He saw that Takashi and Kohta were now behind Saeko with the same look of worry on their faces. He spoke in a voice so small that they had to listen closely to hear him. "Get everyone...get them together...because I have something that I need to say. Alter was all deserve to know if something happened...get them...please..."

Takashi and Kohta nodded and were off, leaving Naruto and Saeko standing in the middle of the mall with people walking around all around them, not caring for the drama happening inside of Naruto's head. Naruto looked back into Saeko's eyes and wanted to speak, but the newest voice in his head wasn't finished speaking just yet. 'Such a confusing boy you are, Naruto. You don't want to tell them but you are going to anyway knowing that they will leave you after they know? You're throwing away the only friends that you have in this world, Naruto. I'd kept the least then I get some more entertainment whenever I come into your mind to watch you tear yourself apart.'

Naruto's eyes kept spilling tears over and not a word came from his mouth as Saeko just stared at him, her eyes starting to water as well. "Naruto-kun...please...what is wrong?" Naruto let his eyes soften as they began to lid themselves. He looked into her eyes and his lips quivered before he finally broke down into her shoulder. His arms wrapped tightly around her in fear that she would be gone from his life the moment that he told her what he had done.

Pulling even tighter, he soon heard footsteps and he opened his burning eyes to see everyone crowding around him with the same looks of worry on their faces. Naruto forced himself to quell the tears and pulled back from Saeko while narrowing his eyes, trying to keep the tears back. As they all stared at him, he knew that they would all soon be gone when they found out just what was going on. With his resolve semi-steeled, he spoke in a small voice. "I have something...that I need to tell you all..."

Souichiro walked up to him and placed a hand on the downtrodden boy's shoulder before speaking in a calm voice. "Its okay, Uzumaki-san. Even a leader such as yourself must take a second to regain your full composure. Do that and then tell us what you need to say." Naruto looked up to him and closed his eyes before nodding and taking a few breaths. The man removed his hand and walked back to the group, which Saeko was now a part of.

When Naruto's mind was set and he finished slowing his heart from its racing beat, he looked back up to everyone, his eyes still bloodshot but his tears now gone. He took one more breath and spoke, looking at them all. His voice, while not greater than the one before, was still loud enough that they could hear without straining their ears. "We cannot...survive this outbreak...I cannot protect you..."

Eyes were wide and mouths were agape as Naruto turned his back on them...his eyes beginning to burn once more...


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