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Chapter Sixteen

As all eyes fixed themselves onto Naruto's back, a single voice broke through the silence with a deafening yell. "YOU ARE PATHETIC! YOU SICKEN ME!" Naruto turned his teary-eyed face to where he heard the voice and came to see the fuming Alter stand five feet behind him. The blonde warrior turned his head in shame and sighed. "I figured that you would say that Alter...but there is nothing that I can was all explained to me while I did the Soul Transfer to get you out of me...I met the Virus..."

This caught everyone's attention and soon someone from the crowd in the mall came up to him and spoke. Naruto did not care to look up. "What are you talking about, kid? Are you talking about that thing that you were doing in the store back there? What did you learn?" The maelstrom sighed once more and decided that since he couldn't protect them from it anyway, that he would at least tell them what it was that he learned.

Turning away from the man to his group, he could feel their eyes on him even with his head down. He dared not to look up, fearing the disappointed gazes that he figured that they would cast at him. "During the Soul Transfer technique I met with an entity that was the virus itself. It spoke to me and told me a multitude of things...and they are all unavoidable..."

Alter walked up to Naruto with his face in a scowl and his arms crossed. He spoke in a rough voice that was the epitome of annoyed. "Explain what it was that you were told, Naruto. I'm quite sure that everyone here is capable of handling the information." Naruto nodded and was about to speak again before he felt Alter's hand grab his chin and yank his head up so that his eyes looked into Alter's deathly visage. "You will speak to us with your head up! You will not act like the pussy that you have acted like these last few days! Grow a fucking pair of balls and face everyone!"

Naruto's teary eyes looked around as he heard Alter's words. He saw the faces of everyone and they were nothing like he had expected them to be. Saeko, Shizuka, Alice, Saya, Asami and Yuriko all looked worried while Souichiro, Takashi and Kohta were all just as annoyed as Alter was, though for different reasons.

With clenched eyes, he nodded and Alter let his hand fall from Naruto as he backed away, allowing the blonde to ready himself for the tale. Naruto sighed and kept his head up like Alter had told him before he drew in a breath and spoke. "Well...the first thing that I have to tell you that this virus is not just a coincidence. I remember telling you all that I was once in a situation like this."

Everyone nodded but then Naruto heard a voice behind him. He turned and it was the same man speaking. He was dressed in all black except for the jeans that he wore. A black shirt, beanie and shoes adorned the man's persona. "What the fuck are you talking about kid? This is the first time that this has ever happened!"

Naruto's eyes stayed in their dreary look and he replied back to the man. "I guess that I forgot that none of you knew...I'm a time traveler. I came from the past of three thousand years ago." The thuggish man's eyes widened before he burst out laughing, as did most of the people in the mall besides his group seeing as how they already knew the information.

Naruto sighed and turned back to the group and was about to speak before he saw Alter's face. The dark figures next words sent out a wave of ice that would've frozen Naruto and everyone in the mall if it were truly the element itself. " instant." Naruto had no choice but to obey Alter. The face that he wore was nothing less than pure disgust that was pointed directly at Naruto. 'If I must guide the boy's every choice to make him grow a pair then I will do just that.'

Naruto turned back to the man and stared at him as he laughed along with everyone else. "I would appreciate it if you would stop laughing right now." The man did stop, but it was only to speak back to Naruto while everyone else continued. "Yeah, you'd like that wouldn't you, you fucking retard! I can't believe you're that fucking stupid, thinking that you are some sort of time traveler."

He resumed his laughing and Naruto sighed before turning back to the group, too depressed to actually do anything at that point. As he came back around, once more he faced Alter with his look of disgust becoming more venomous. "He will silence himself...or he will die." The icy tone that the black soul took was horrid and scared Naruto. He then heard another voice in his head. "It's no use for that pathetic thing to try and help are broken! You have accepted that everything is for naught...haven't you?You tried to make things seem better and it worked until he brought it up. You have become a weakling!"

Naruto clenched his eyes shut and brought his hands up, clutching his head in pain as the voice of the Virus roared in his mind. Alter saw this and raised a brow before he got the picture. 'That thing must have found a way to make a psychic link with him and is now going after him from the inside. It would be bad if it started talking to him during a battle, as it could very easily get him and us killed. I wonder...'

Alter walked up to Naruto who was now on his knees as everyone in their group was looking on in worry and those outside of their group roared in laughter. He came up and placed a hand on the tortured blondes head and closed his own eyes, keeping his grip even though Naruto thrashed and tried to bring himself to the ground. 'Why have you come into my other half's mind, you filthy bacteria?'

"GET OUT YOU USELESS MAGGOT! THIS CONVERSATION DOES NOT CONCERN YOU!" Alter flinched at the boisterous retort from the ravenous virus but remained there with his hand on Naruto. 'Leave him be...there is no need to do this to him.' A dark chuckle rang out in both Naruto's and Alter's mind until the virus spoke back to him. "You are pathetic, you worm. I will do as I wish! Neither you nor he can stop me! The world will end and there is nothing that you can do to stop it!"

'I tried to be nice and ask you to leave...I will not be so nice the next time!' Naruto cringed as he grasped his head harder, the screaming, both inside of his head and out, beginning to get to him. He felt his head begin to pulse as he went through a sensory overload and his heartbeat quickened. Trying to curl up further, he could barely notice the sounds around him drowning down until it all simply...stopped.


The blonde still trembled; clutching his head in pain as it still pulsed to a silent rhythm. It was not until he felt a small hand on his shoulder that he looked up. Around him, Naruto saw that he was in his mindscape the way it was before he changed it for Alter. The sky was grand blue, the river no longer ran with blood and the trees and shrubbery had returned full force. Also, before him stood the reason for this welcomed change...Kyuubi. Her serene smile was as bright as it usually was whenever he came to visit her. Her voice was also its normal melodic tone as she spoke to him softly. "Naruto-kun...why is it that even in the deepest parts of your mind that I can feel the turmoil stirring within you?"

As she spoke to him, the sound of her voice flowed into Naruto's ears and upon hearing it stop, he immediately latched onto her legs and began to cry out. "I Never Wanted This! I Never Wanted This Responsibility! Not This Power! Not This Life Or These Burdens! Why! Why Did It Have to Be Me? Why Did It All Have To Happen To ME? Why Not Anyone Else? Why Does MY Life Have To Be Total HELL?"

Kyuubi couldn't help but look down at her vessel with a sad frown adorning her porcelain features. She gently pulled his arms so that she could get down to her knees and place his head on her shoulder. She moved her midnight black hair out of the way so that it wouldn't get into his face as he let his overflowing feelings out. Running her nimble fingers through his hair, she spoke to him in her silky smooth voice. "'s okay's okay. I know that you never wished for anything this never wished for this madness around you..."

Naruto, through teary eyes and a stuffed nose, tried his best to calm himself down enough so that he could speak uninhibited, succeeding only slightly. "Then why...why did you ask me to come here? Why...when you knew what was going to happen? When you knew that this was the end...when there was no way to stop it from happening?" The black-haired beauty sighed as she placed her hands on his shoulders to gently position him in front of her so he would be looking at her. "You're right,Naruto-kun...I did know about it. I knew everything that was going to happen to this world because of what I can do. I saw the world end due to this horrid plague. But...that was before I put you into the picture."

This statement caused the emotional blonde to look at her with a slight daze of confusion that was mixed with his turmoil. His unspoken question reached her rather quickly and she smiled softly before she began to explain to him his answer. "I took the situations that I was seeing and mentally inserted you into them. Using a special trick, I was able to deduce a few things. With your power from your blade and techniques coupled with your immense drive to accomplish were able to completely flip the balance out of the virus' control. While I never took the matter of Saeko's chronic erosion and the virus' ability to evolve at such a massive pace into account, you completely tipped the scales.Naruto-kun...I knew that you could stop this from happening..."

Naruto heard these words and turned his head away in shame while he closed his eyes. "Even if I could stop this...that would mean that I would have to go all out...I cannot do that around them...not where they can see me." It was at this point that Kyuubi was beginning to get slightly agitated. She was normally able to get to him faster than this but he was, as most would put it, simply feeling sorry for himself.

Her voice didn't change much except for the fact that it became slightly harder and stern. "I know that you fear being judged...but I also know that you care about those people out there. By holding back your true power, you are running a grave risk of getting them and yourself killed in your battle for survival. While you still lived in Konoha, you were always talking about becoming the most powerful Shinobi in history! You talked about becoming the next Hokage...a leader! When your village was attacked by Otogakure and Sunagakure, your Sandaime fought with all of his strength to stop Orochimaru and gave his own life to do so! The Yondaime, your father, gave the same to seal me within you to protect his village from the rage of Uchiha Madara! They both fought with all of their strength in order to protect those that they cared about! Follow in the footsteps of your idols! Use your true power to its fullest! Protect those that you care about!"

All throughout her small speech, Naruto heard her words clearly and his tears had stopped entirely as each words dug into his mind. He still sniffled, though he no longer felt as much grief as he felt before. After a few minutes, his eyes opened into a visage of lament as he spoke in a solemn tone. "You're right, Kyu-chan. If I had not held back at the mansion then I could've easily stopped all of the infected. While holding back, not wanting to become a monster in their eyes, I nearly let them all die. Had Alter not taken over me then I would've died as well...and then there would be no chance. God Damn It! All I have done is sit back and feel sorry for myself while I let others protect me! I'm Fucking Done! I'm Taking The Stand Now! I'm Going To Protect Them!"

All throughout his speech, Naruto had risen to his feet while his face took a look of fierce determination and his hands became balled into fists while Kyuubi, still on her knees, smiled up to the blonde. The demon soon rose to stand before the blonde maelstrom before she spoke back with a smile on her face. "I am glad that you see the better side of things now, Naruto-kun. Now, before I can send you back, I must tell order for you to have enough power to open another rip to go back to your time, I will have no choice but to completely fuse with you. You simply would not have enough power and since the main piece of the jutsu has to do with balance, I using my chakra would imbalance your already aged coils." This caused Naruto's eyes to widen, but before he could speak his question, Kyuubi had already taken the liberty of speaking the answer.

"Before you came here through the portal, your reserves, even without my contribution, were on par with the Kage's. When you stepped into the rift, the cold feeling that you were experiencing was the effect of time on your body. The main reason it didn't affect your body physically is because of my influence, but your coils were aged rather severely and began to breakdown. I learned this information by closely observing your memories and I came to the conclusion that your chakra production within your coils has seriously downgraded. That is the reason that you have been feeling more tired than you normally would. If we are to fuse then you will gain my chakra and I will also put the rest of my soul within Shukketsu Souru, making it stronger." "Wait a minute...wouldn't that kill me from a chakra overload?"

The chakra construct with a soul shook her head before replying to the blonde swordsman. "When you gain my chakra through the fusion, the healing effect will cause your coils to revert and grow in size, larger than they were originally. Though, you will not be able to hold all of my power, and any excess chakra will be automatically released from your body. It will take a few minutes, so when you go back I would suggest that you quickly warn your other half to get away or the blast of chakra will force him away."

Naruto nodded his head with his look of determination fading slightly and turning into a somber visage. "I am going to miss you, Kyu-chan. I know that this started with me hating you and you hating me, but you are the most loyal friend that I ever could've asked for." Kyuubi was caught off guard by this due to her still being ready to explain it to him. Her eyes softened as she realized that he had already figured out what the fusion would mean for her. "Naruto-kun...I am going to miss you as well. I don't want to leave you alone, but I made you a promise to find away to get you back home. I am going to keep it and give you the power to do so. But in return...I want you to promise me something..."

The blonde maelstrom of power nodded his head as she walked up to him and put her arms around his body before speaking in a small voice. "I want you to promise me...that you will do everything you keep them alive. I want you to do that for me... even if it means that you will have to become a monster in their strong..." Naruto returned her soft hug and placed his mouth on her head for a small, brotherly kiss before he spoke. "I promise you, Kyu-chan...I will use everything at my disposal to protect them all. I promise you this to my dying breath...I will be strong..."

Hearing his declaration, Kyuubi smiled her best as tears started to flow down her face. She let her arms fall from behind him as she backed away with her smile still on her face, though it began to waver when she met his eyes. His blue eyes were sad but he still kept a smile on his face, but she could tell that it was forced from the tears that had come to his face once more. Once more, Kyuubi spoke to him softly...

"Do not cry for me, Naruto-kun. I am doing this and I am keeping my promise to you must simply keep yours to me...goodbye..." It was at this point that her body had begun to fade away. Naruto watched as every part of her soon dissipated into a red mist and within due time...there was nothing more of her. The blonde maelstrom stared at the spot where she once stood and, for the sake of keeping his promise, he let only a single tear fall to the ground...


It did not take much longer for Naruto to be forced back into the physical world around him. His eyes quickly snapped open and he could feel the weight of Alter's hand on his head and his own on the side. The laughter around him and the argument that was taking place within his skull had yet to cease, but he blocked out the noise as best he could and allowed his hands to fall to his sides. His voice was low as he spoke with only Alter able to hear him. "Get...away...from me..."

As the words left Naruto's mouth, Alter could feel something within the teen change. It felt like something had finally been realized within him. While he was perplexed, he did not listen and kept his hand upon his head, though he would soon realize that his choice was not one that he was going to feel good about as the air began to change.

The air around Naruto became dark...malevolent as swirls of dirt and dust were picked up around him and he soon began to leak a red, foul energy. Alter's eyes widened as he was able to quickly recognize this chakra as the Kyuubi's own. Taking his hand from his head, he learned that it was too late. The laughter around them all stopped as Naruto reared back his head, screaming out his warning to everyone. "GET AWAY FROM ME!"

Everyone ducked behind whatever was close by as they felt the explosion of energy come from Naruto. Alter, who hadn't enough time to retreat, was forcefully blown back up to the second floor of the mall. Everyone could only listen as it sounded like something out of a horror movie. Sounds of lightning and roars of rage, pain and torment permeated the energy. The inhabitants fear was practically palpable and they couldn't do a think about it.

Naruto knew that they were afraid. He could feel it in the air. He could smell it and he was sure that the infected could as well. He did not care at this point, though, as he felt the same pain coursing through his body and into his hand. It began to emit a light that was similar to the one that happened during the soul transfer. He knew what was happening and he quickly grabbed hold of his blade so that the rest of Kyuubi's soul could make the fusion complete with little problem.

Minutes passed and the fear in the air had not dissipated. Over the time Naruto could feel his power returning to him and increasing beyond what it had once been. He felt his canines beginning to lengthen and his eyes began to burn, causing him to roar in pain, clenching his now clawed hands in pain. With one final roar, the wicked energy surrounding him burst out like a bomb had gone off, sending debris and chairs flying while the people behind them remained relatively unharmed except for the fact that they were now afraid for their lives.

Naruto sat there on his knees motionless with his hands once more at his side for what seemed like forever. The first person to do anything was none other than Takagi Saya. Her orange eyes were wide with slight fear as she picked herself up, despite the warnings from her friends and parents, and stepped over the glass railing that had cracked during Naruto's display of power. Walking over to him, she was cautious as she called his name in a low voice. "Naruto-kun?"

The sound reaching the blondes ears caused his body to twitch slightly as his head began to look up to her. She stopped in her tracks with her fearful look still over her face. She saw his mouth was smiling. It was not a crazy smile, no, but it was one that reminded her of sunshine. When she looked into his eyes, she nearly melted as heat spread throughout her body. His eyes had become exotically colored with red irises while his pupils were slit like an animals would be, but they were not evil...they made her want to smile back.

The blonde powerhouse stood slowly and everyone had at this point forsaken their makeshift cover to come out and surround him. Those that laughed at him and those that followed him now surrounded both him and Saya with looks mixed with confusion, fear and relief that he was okay. Naruto was about to speak until he heard a familiar voice behind him that belonged to the man that ridiculed him before. "Just what the hell was that, you fucking freak?"

Alter was about to jump down from the second level after recovering and shut the man up himself until Naruto looked to the dark soul with commanding eyes. That, coupled with the fact that Alter didn't feel like doing much at that point anymore, caused him to nod with a small smirk. 'Perhaps Kyuubi was able to get it through your thick ass skull then.' His thoughts continued on uninterrupted as he watched the altered Naruto turn to the man with a serious face before he spoke.

"I would suggest...that you be a little bit nicer when demanding information from someone who is stronger than you." This caused the black clad man to scoff before he brandished a small knife as he spoke. "You think you're tougher than me, kid? Ha! That's actually pretty damn funny! You're the one who thinks he can move through time! You're the freak who sat there feeling sorry for yourself because you are weak! You..." He would've continued, but he quickly found himself gasping for air as Naruto lifted him into the air with one hand.

After about a minute of him gagging, Naruto spoke with him still in the air. "I'm weak, am I? Yes...I will admit that I was feeling sorry for myself for thinking that I was weal. But my eyes have been opened. I have been holding back everything I am. It took me losing a part of myself in order to learn this..." This comment caused Alter to look down with a slightly solemn look. 'So that damn fox finished everything up with that, didn't she? Kid probably took it pretty hard, but at least she was able to get him to release himself...'

Naruto's face had turned sad for a moment until it hardened once more as he bore a hole into the man's eyes with his own serious gaze. "But I made a promise to keep everyone alive and I intend to keep that promise! There is a way to stop this plague and I am going to find it! Call me weak if you will, but threaten me and I will not hesitate to treat you as a threat to those that I have promised to keep alive!"

The frightened man nodded his head in understanding and Naruto let him fall to the ground clutching his neck and gasping for air. The blonde ignored him as he turned away from the man to his group. They were gathered once more behind him with small smiles on their faces. Forgoing his original, pathetic thoughts, Naruto stayed true to his promise. "I know what I said earlier about me being unable to protect you...but I have seen the error in my words and my ways. I have been holding back because I was afraid of you all hating me and thinking that I was a monster. But my eyes have been opened...if it comes down to it...I would rather have you all alive and hate me than have to die and like me."

This caused an unexpected person to speak up and it was Souichiro. He stepped up and placed his hand on Naruto's shoulder with Saya looking at him and Naruto doing the same. "I am not going to lie...I was worried about you for a moment there, Uzumaki-san. I had thought that your resolve had failed you and you finally snapped under all of the pressure over you. I wouldn't have been surprised if you had for one so young having such a responsibility thrust upon you. But I am proud that you have opened your eyes. Learn this one lesson that I can pass onto the next generation...that in order to protect the ones that you care about, you must put forth everything you can. Never back down from and fight and never give up."

Naruto smiled up to him and nodded his head. "Yes, Takagi-sama, I never will." With this said, everyone soon moved up to him and behind him to place their hands on one another over his shoulders in an effort to show that they would be by his side. Saya was the first to speak. "We will never hate you, Naruto-kun...nothing could ever make us do such a thing." Saeko was next with her words. "Saya-chan is right. We will never abandon you. We are always by your side as your loyal friends until our dying breath."

Shizuka lightly kissed his cheek and laid her head on the hands that adorned his shoulder. "If you ever think that we will abandon you, erase the thoughts as soon as they come to your mind..." Alice couldn't help but laugh and smile as she hugged Naruto's legs, making him stagger slightly. "We can't leave you behind, Naruto-nii-chan! You're faster than us and we love you too much!" This made Naruto chuckle as he rubbed her head with his claws lightly, tickling her and causing her to giggle.

Everyone said their words that made Naruto become warmer and warmer inside, happy that he was better than he was before. As the moment was drawing to a close, something was heard that caused everyone in the mall to jump to attention at the sheer intensity of the noise. A roar split through the mall like a wave of fear and made everyone tremble...even the resident blonde time traveler.

He looked down to the entrance and was shocked when he saw the glass shatter as another intense roar created a shockwave throughout the entire mall. Everyone moved off of him as he grunted and began to turn towards it. 'So the virus is going to do whatever it can in order to stop us, isn't it.' Looking towards the entrance with a passive look on his face, Naruto placed his hand on the handle of Shukketsu Souru, ready to face down whatever came his way.

The creatures down near the entrance began to make their way into the mall and the people around the blonde were screaming in terror except for the ones that had been through it with him. As the noise level began to increase, Naruto charged chakra into his vocal chords and yelled out, "Silence!" The power behind his voice created a large blast, causing the people around him to shut up and infected that were at the entrance to stagger slightly.

Turning back, Naruto looked to Souichiro and spoke in a serious voice. "I trust that you can get everyone out of here, Takagi-sama?" The man nodded and he silently began to work everyone to the other end of the mall. The people that once ridiculed the blonde followed with the fear of losing their lives implanted within their brains. The blonde maelstrom closed his eyes and turned back to the entrance of the mall with his thoughts more clear than they had ever been. 'For most of the time I have been here, I have done nothing more than act like a pathetic sack of shit. I feared losing them and in turn nearly caused them to die. No more!'

His eyes snapped open and his brow furrowed as he grasped the hilt of his blade with a crushing grip. "I am proud to see that you have gotten over your pity party, Naruto." The former Jinchuuriki turned his head to see Alter coming down the stairs with his own blade drawn. He turned back to the entrance before he spoke back. "I owed it to her, Alter. She was the first person to ever truly try to understand me. When she told me what I was doing, my eyes were opened. After I realized my mistakes, she made me promise to protect them with all of my strength. I am going to do just that to honor her."

The dark spirit smirked and came down to stand beside his better half while he looked at the entrance as well. "So what do you think that the little parasite is sending after us this time?" Naruto smirked and shrugged his shoulders while slowly bringing out Shukketsu Souru. "I ain't entirely sure, but I hope it turns out to be a good fight." Alter chuckled before putting the back edge of his blade on his shoulder. "You and me both, kid."

Just as he finished his sentence, another piercing roar nearly kicked them both off of their feet as a blast of wind accompanied it. Naruto had to brace himself and narrow his eyes in order to see forward, but when he did his eyes widened greatly and he nearly lost his balance at the sight that had sprung up before him. He was expecting something along the lines of what they had fought back at the mansion, but the virus was apparently beginning to get far more serious.

This creature stood nearly four times as tall as Naruto and its skin looked to be blackened and peeling, possibly due to something burning it extensively over time. Naruto could feel soulless eyes staring directly into his own and he could perfectly outline the contours of its muscles. The thing that got Naruto, though, was the fact that he was able to make out something underneath its skin that looked to be some sort of biological armor. It was definitely larger than a Behemoth by far and honestly made Naruto wonder just how much the virus wanted him dead. 'Well my main mission IS to kill this thing and prevent the end of the world so I guess I can understand the want to get rid of me.'

It was after the roar that Naruto spotted the smaller Behemoths, Predators, a Snatcher and the grunt-like infected coming out from behind this...Gargantuan. Naruto chuckled nervously as he turned to Alter with a slightly off look. "I think that it seriously wants to kill us, Alter." Alter sighed and shook his head before he slapped the blonde on the back of his head, causing him to wince while the black spirit spoke. "Of course this parasite wants us dead. It's our job to slaughter him and stop this mess. I was honestly expecting something a bit bigger than that,though."

Naruto chuckled a bit before he crouched down and pulled out Shukketsu Souru before stretching his blade arm all the way out to his side. "I'm going to tear it to pieces anyway. This virus dares to threaten friends...the innocent people of the world! I'm going to fight until the end!" Alter looked down to him with a small smile, one that was not filled with mirth or disgust, but one that was actual respect. 'It may have taken losing a friend...but I am proud of what you are beginning to become, Naruto. Show me...'

Naruto sprung from his spot and became nothing more than a blur of black and blonde while he neared the ranks of the infected that surrounded their superior evolutions. He reached it and tore into them with no mercy, leaving them falling to the ground in piles of limbs and gore. He would occasionally stop, taking the time to let loose a devastatingly upgraded technique thanks to Kyuubi's soul and his rebuilt chakra reserves. Alter stood back and watched, knowing that Naruto was more than a match for them all. 'Show me what you can do...'

His now blood red eyes were narrowed in anger at the creatures as he charged wind chakra into his blade, giving it a bluish glow before he sliced clean through the neck of a Behemoth, standing behind it as it fell to the ground unmoving. The lone Snatcher tried to grab him with the longest intestine tentacle and failed as Naruto caught it in his hand before it could touch him. Yanking hard, he made the smarter-than-average infected fly towards him as he poised to strike it. As it flew past him, he cleanly sliced it down the middle while also detaching the tentacle and using it as a whip-like weapon to snap at a Predator that had jumped after him from the ceiling.

As the protrusion wrapped around it's neck, Naruto yanked once more and had it crash down into the ground right on top of the army of infected, sending loads of them into the air. When Naruto heard the telltale roars of the newly dubbed Gargantuan, he turned to face it and saw that it was bigger than he had originally thought. The massive creature had piercing red eyes that seemed to be in a permanent state of rage.

Naruto dodged to the side as its fist came down a lot faster than he had thought possible. 'Hmmm...this thing is faster than I thought. I'm gonna have to take him out quickly.' Turning back, he saw that the monster had reached up to the ceiling and ripped off a large steel girder before bringing it down on the small blondes head, though he was fast enough to dodge it and he went in to start slashing at the beast.

As he jumped up and brought the sword down on its shoulder, he saw that it simply scraped off of the armor that it had beneath its skin. 'So is this the virus' trump card, is it? This armor is tough enough that Shukketsu Souru is unable to pierce it even with wind chakra being channeled through it, so it makes my Kenjutsu completely useless. Looks like I'm going to have to do this old school.'

Naruto smirked as he jumped back twenty feet, using the monsters shoulder as a spring board. When he landed he placed his blade back into it's sheathe before he got into a firm fighting stance. Looking around, he saw that the infected were moving forward once more. With a smirk, Naruto readied himself to move as well...that is...until he heard the scream. The ear piercing scream could be heard throughout the entire mall and it echoed into everything around him. His eyes went wide as only one name went through his head.



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