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Chapter Seventeen

As he heard the scream pierce the air, Naruto felt the hairs on the back his neck stand up as he knew exactly who it was that screamed. He froze in his taijutsu stance before he turned his head shakily to where he had told everyone to go. Near the back was a door…and this door led right outside into the horde of the infected creatures. 'Damn it! I need to get to them!' Naruto immediately snapped his head to look at Alter and the dark entity nodded his head at the unspoken question. "Go get them, Naruto. I'll hold these things back and I'll meet you all within the hour."

The blonde whirlwind nodded his thanks and took off like a bat out of hell towards the rear of the mall. Alter couldn't help but close his eyes and smirk as he drew his sword to a ready position in front of him. His power started to leak out of him in a cloud of black as he was at the ready. The monsters around him now, originally focused on Naruto, were now focusing on him. His eyes snapped open as he released all of his power with a maniacal grin. "Come at me with everything you have...or you don't stand a chance!"

While Alter fought the creatures of the dead, Naruto was speeding towards the rear with speeds that no human, regular nor infected, should ever possess. "Just give it up! There's nothing that you will ever be able to do to stop me! Your perseverance was amusing at first but now you are nothing more than a nuisance!" As the teen become nothing more than a black and blonde blur, he couldn't help the grin that curled on his face. 'You are afraid…you know what you say is a lie because only I can kill you!'

The virus laughed in his head as Naruto neared the end of his sprint. "You can tell yourself whatever you wish, but the reality is, is that you will not live through this! None of your friends will either! I'll come for you myself if I must!" The blonde kept his smirk, but now he spoke out loud instead of in his head. "You claim that we are weak and that we stand no chance…well I don't believe that! I'll send your pathetic scheme straight to hell right along with you! You'll never stand a chance! I'll burn you and everything that you take! I'll Never Back Down!"

Naruto's last sentence came as a roar as he came to a metal door that led outside into the rear parking lot. While he could've easily kicked it open, Naruto reared back his fist and charged it full of his newly replenished chakra mixed with Kyuubi's and slammed it into the metal barrier going full speed, releasing everything in it with a grand blast and putting his hand deep into it with a dent. He smirked and twisted his fist within the dent and sent it careening outside into the massive horde of creatures that had his group and the mall survivors surrounded.

Drawing his blade, Naruto disappeared, never being seen by his group to begin with, and began to cut a swath of destruction through the crowd of the undead towards those that he had taken a vow to protect. As he came closer, he was able to see Predators off in the distance and another Gargantuan was already charging towards the group who was defending their position near the Humvee that they had come in while Shizuka, whom he had heard scream, was cowering and near tears in between it and another commercial van, breaking his heart a little at seeing her so fearful. With an inhuman roar, Naruto charged chakra into his voice and legs, releasing it all so that he soon became the center of attention high in the air, blocking the sun so that he cast a far-reaching shadow of death over the world of the infected.

His group near their vehicle heard his predatory roar and looked up to see him at least thirty feet in the air with a red energy swirling around him and Shukketsu Souru. The girls all smiled and the men all nodded in approval as they could've each sworn that they saw wings, the color of blood made from the energy surrounding him, form on his back, making him look even more like a vengeful Angel of Death. His roar pierced the air and no one could doubt that they were slightly fearful of it, but the group that had come to know him as a friend, lover and a brother in arms felt no different about him. A single thought came through their heads and it was the same throughout.

'He'll protect us no matter what…'

Descending on the crowd of the undead, Naruto's eyes became red with slits as he landed, sending a shockwave blasting out and causing everything, even the Gargantuan, to stumble and nearly fall over. With a smirk he lifted his head and everyone felt the same thing as he swung his blade for the first time at the enemy around the survivors. The avatar of Death himself had now come to pass judgment and he wasn't going to let a single thing in the parking lot besides the survivors and his friends make it out.

The blade slashed through the undead in front of him and he released a crescent of pure chakra that continued on through the undead horde of former humans. He stood up and popped his neck with his smirk still on his face, the chakra surrounding him still adorning his back with blood red wings. As he walked over the bodies of the fallen, he spoke out in a voice enhanced by chakra, gaining the attention of the Gargantuan who began to charge at him. "No One!

Naruto stood atop the small mountain of the undead as he stared the charging beast down while it threw its smaller counterparts every which way. "Will Ever!" The Gargantuan came ever closer, yet Naruto stood his ground, not willing to give into the fear that barely gripped his heart. He released even more chakra and it started to be felt by everything and everything around him physically. Not only that, but the wings on his back had seemingly become larger, stretching a span of ten feet. Everyone that he was fighting to protect looked on at him in awe, even those who had been with him from the start, never once seeing this power of his at its max.

"HARM MY FRIENDS!" With this being let out, another, more massive shockwave wracked the earth around them, shaking the ground and sending the undead flying as the Gargantuan continued his path, though it was not for long. Naruto leaped once more into the air, charging massive, nearly fatal amounts of chakra into the blade of Shukketsu Souru as he neared the massive form of the Gargantuan. 'I know that the Gargantuan has armor underneath its skin, but maybe with this much chakra I can get its head from its shoulders. Well…here's hoping!'

Flying like the vengeful angel that he personified, Naruto let his blade clash against the beast's neck and felt it nearly clang off, but he kept it steady and placed a foot on its shoulder while pushing forward with his momentum, forcing the blade to cut through the skin and the hardened bone that formed armor beneath it. As he felt the blade starting to slow through it, he let out another roar as he forced his body to its limits to work with the vast amounts of chakra that leaked from the blade. It snagged for only a split second but then Naruto forced all of his strength into one final jolt of energy, sending him flying forward twenty yards, landing in front of everyone with his head down and his wings beginning to fade from reality.

The Gargantuan had stopped its charge and now its roaring stopped as well. It started to wobble until it fell to its knees, shaking the ground as it did. Soon after this happened, the head of the beast began to fall from its body with a groan and the popping of bones, squelching of blood and snapping of flesh were heard by all, causing some to cringe, but others knew this sound all too well in their endeavors to survive this long. As the monster fell to the ground dead, everything around them soon erupted into chaos.

With their main controller and deterrent dead, the other creatures brought back to life soon returned to their mindless states and attacked the closest things to them. For some it was simply one of their own, but for the rest, it was the group of survivors that was near the Humvee. With their inhumane roars starting to echo in the open air, the rest of the survivors were put into a state of high alert. Naruto stood up with the look of one without fear, as he knew that they would be able to get out of the parking lot alive and unharmed. "Not for long…" For some reason, he felt like something was lifted off of his shoulders, but he shrugged it off and spoke. "Everyone who has been traveling in my group, load up into the Humvee! Those who have remained in the mall load up into the other vehicle and be prepared to follow us!"

Everyone nodded their heads and started to do as he said, but as nearly everyone was in their respective vehicles, Naruto heard a voice from the only other man outside the cars. It was the same man that had ridiculed him in the mall not even an hour ago. "Why in the hell are we listening to you, you freak?" The group in the Humvee heard this and they all popped their heads out of any openings that they could to see what was going on.

Naruto glared at the man with disdain as he spoke. "You want to get into this now? Are you fucking insane? Just get into the car!" The black clad man growled and pointed an accusing finger at Naruto before continuing. "How do we know that you aren't the one that's responsible for all of this shit that's happening right now? For all we know, you could be leading us to our deaths!" Naruto forced himself not to punch the man as he turned with a flourish to cut one of the infected creatures head off as it got too close. Turning back, he now glared at him from the side, with his eyes shadowed by his hair that hung over them.

"You will either get into the vehicle now, or we will leave without you! It is your choice and I would exhort you to please make the correct choice!" This made the man flinch slightly until he swallowed his pride and went to the van that held the mall survivors. Naruto nodded and jumped on top of the Humvee before yelling down to Shizuka and over to Asami who had taken the wheel of the van. "Take off now! Head around to the front of the mall! We need to pick up Alter!"

Shizuka and Asami both screamed "OKAY!" before they started their respective vehicles and Shizuka took off first, plowing over the undead with a new vigor. Asami followed her path and watched as the jostles of the Humvee never even shook the blonde atop it. While she had no blossoming feelings for the boy, as they went to Kohta, she couldn't help but think that he looked hot like he did. She soon shook her head of the thoughts as she kept her eyes on where the Humvee was headed. As they all got closer, she couldn't shake the sense of dread that filled her. 'Asami feels…scared…scared for Naruto-san…'

As they neared their destination, one could tell that the creatures were beginning to thin out. Body parts littered the ground and the corpse of the other Gargantuan could be seen lying in a crater. Naruto tried to sense for Alter's chakra signature, but he was finding it hard to do so. He was only finding a tiny glimmer of it. 'No…please don't let this be happening…not now…not after her…' As they got closer, the blonde jumped from his position and started to run through the shattered front part of the mall. Coming inside, he saw that the place was now the textbook definition of a war zone, with craters littering the floors and the walls and there were even random bodies embedded into the walls with the Behemoths, Snatchers and Predators now headless or dismembered.

The blonde was quick to recognize the sounds of blades clashing and immediately ran towards where he heard it. Running down the length of the mall once more, he came to where he saw Alter was on his last legs with someone who was matching him in swordsmanship with some sort of biological blade that came from its right arm. Naruto was about to jump in until Alter caught sight of him and his eyes widened. "Naruto, get the hell out of here! Get away from here now!" Just as Naruto was about to ignore him and rush in to help him, the person that he was facing turned to face Naruto, halting his assault on Alter. Naruto was very quick to recognize the face, as he would never forget it when he saw it.

It was the decaying face of the personification of the virus that he had come face to face with in his own mind during the Soul Transfer. The virus chuckled as he turned back to Alter with a determination to kill him. "I told you, Uzumaki, you cannot defeat me and neither can your darker half. Watch as I take his life while you sit on the sidelines, unable to do a single thing but watch as the life leaves his body after I destroy his very soul."

Alter was about to yell for Naruto to run once more, but then his eyes widened as he felt a sharp pain pierce his gut, going through his liver and out his back. He turned his head slightly and saw the hollow eye-holes of the virus with the smirk on his face. He grimaced in pain before scowling at the being that was far more evil than him. "You can kill me, you pathetic parasite…but…you'll never kill them! Not while Naruto is there to protect them!"

The odor of the virus' breath got to him as it spoke so close to him. "Oh trust me…Alter…I'm going to deal with him soon enough. Now…join the rest in death, you pathetic weakling!" The virus twisted the blade in Alter's gut and made him grunt before the maniacal parasite ripped it out, making the corpse of the dark soul fall to the ground while holding the wound with wide eyes as his mouth dripped blood that was so dark it was nearly black. The cloaked virus then turned to Naruto with a dark smile on his face while his hollowed eye-holes bore a hole into the stunned maelstroms head. 'Alter…no…this can't …this can't be happening…THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!'

"Aw…I'm sorry. I was hoping to finish him off before you came looking for him. At least then, maybe you wouldn't be as traumatized from me gutting him like a fish. You would've probably broken down from the…" "SHUT UP!" The virus was slightly surprised and raised an eyebrow when he saw blood red wings of chakra start to form on Naruto's back from the chakra that he leaked out in his shocked state. The blonde stood with his legs spread slightly with Shukketsu Souru in his blade hand and his other fist clenched. He shook in pain, rage and shock. "My my, Naruto…you seem so…angry! Any particular reason why? I do believe that I warned you about this…I said that I would come for you all myself if I had to. If anything, you should be angry at yourself, not me. I'm only…keeping my promise!"

Naruto looked back up at the virus with blood red eyes and tears streaming down his face. "I'm going to kill you! I'm going to rip you apart!" With this yelled to the virus, Naruto charged forward at blurring speeds, going for a horizontal slash at the virus' waist, hoping to bifurcate the forsaken creature, but he had no such luck as it blurred out of the way and appeared behind Naruto with his own biological blade poised to strike at his spine. Naruto saw this coming even in his rage and pivoted on his heel to parry the strike away from him. When this happened, the kinetic energy of the attack traveled through the air and caused the stairs to explode into a blizzard of cement and metal.

Naruto's eyes widened at this and he quickly looked back to the virus to see it smirking like he had already won the battle. "What the hell are you smirking at, you pathetic parasite?" The virus simple shrugged and back handed Naruto away without so much as a flick of its wrist, causing him to smash into a wall and have it crumble down on top of his body. "You were stunned by my power. I understand…the last time any living creature ever saw my power was during the very first outbreak that wiped out the dinosaurs when I had to do it myself, but they didn't have the mental capacity to understand the awesome power that I wield, even when I was weaker then."

Pulling himself from the rubble, Naruto glared at the virus as it gloated about its power to the blonde, but he kept his cool while slowly gathering chakra into his blade for the next strike. "I'll defeat you, one way or another! I don't care if you were Yami herself! I'll kill you for threatening my friends! For making Kyuubi kill herself! For killing Alter! I'll cut you apart!" Naruto now had the same amount of chakra in his blade as when he fought the Gargantuan in the parking lot and he charged forward once more. The virus sighed and raised the blade that was made from his arm and readied it to parry the strike, but what came next was a grand surprise to him.

Shukketsu Souru cut clean through it and sliced his blade arm clean off, spraying the ground to his right with sickening black fluids. Naruto stopped behind him and turned; ready to strike again until he saw that the virus was upon him with rage clear on its face. Its other arm formed another blade that was ready to slice through Naruto's neck, but he ducked barely in time to dodge the strike. Raising his blade, Naruto parried its follow-up attack and sent a haymaker right into its right cheek, sending it careening into a two-story elevator and causing it to collapse.

Naruto stood up straight and readied himself, as he knew that the virus wasn't going to give up after only losing an arm. True to his thoughts, the virus sprung forth like hell and brought its bio-blade down onto Naruto's head, only for him to parry it once more and disappear before reappearing ten feet away. The virus smirked and let its feet touch the ground only slightly before blurring out of sight and coming back behind Naruto with his leg ready to roundhouse the blonde in the head. It connected due to Naruto's inability to dodge it and he flew towards the front of the mall.

Skidding to a stop, Naruto glared at the virus before he heard a familiar voice behind him. He turned his head and his eyes widened to see Saeko and Saya running for him. Saeko had her blade drawn and ready to fight while Saya had a Colt M1911 in her hands. His eyes still wide, he yelled back at them. "No! Get back to the Humvee! Tell Shizuka-chan and Asami-san to get everyone away from here!" Saya stopped in her tracks as did Saeko as the pink haired girl spoke. "We can't leave without you, Naruto-kun! You have to come with us!"

Naruto was about to speak until he heard the dark chuckle of the virus coming from where he had been kicked. He turned his head quickly and saw the virus stalking towards him with his bio-blade now gone, replaced with a regular, but decaying hand. "If only I had my other arm…I would applaud your courage for telling your friends to leave you to your death. I don't know how many times I'll have to tell you, though, they'll die soon enough!"

Saeko scowled and got her blade ready to fight until the virus spoke again. "Especially you…Saeko-chan. You will simply die with the rest, though, Saya-chan." The violet haired swordswoman was slightly put back by this, but then Naruto spoke up. "Shut the hell up! Keep you god damn mouth shut!" The virus just gave him a look as he came near and passed Naruto, walking forward to the two girls, both of them too scared or stunned to move, the shock of this sentient creature talking to them and knowing their names.

"Awww…why is that, Naruto? Do you wish to keep poor Saeko-chan here in the dark? Why have you not yet told her?" Saeko looked over to Naruto and gave him a questioning look while Naruto kept his gaze locked onto the decaying creatures face. "I wasn't going to because I wasn't going to let it happen! Now shut the hell up and fight me!" The virus chuckled and started to circle around the girls. "Hmhm…now why would I do that when I could tell poor Saeko-chan here that it is YOUR fault that she is feeling so weak right now?"

Her eyes widened as she soon felt her weakness spring up once more like she felt at the mansion, only this time it was far more prevalent. She didn't collapse but she nearly doubled over because of it. "See? She is weak…all because of you, Naruto. All because you listened to that damn demon and came here. She is dying, all because you came to this time!" Saeko now had tears in her eyes as Naruto glared a hole into the virus' head. "Shut up! I'll stop what's happening to her! I'll kill you and then I'll make things right! I'll make them the way they are supposed to be!"

The virus looked back to Naruto with a bored look on its face as its hollow eyes blinked and it sighed. "Your 'never give up' attitude is really beginning to bore me, Naruto. I would advise you to simply accept your fate and die along with that pathetic excuse for a person. What was his name…hmmm…Failure I think?" Naruto was about to charge him until the virus blurred out of sight and reappeared on the second level of the mall. The blonde knew that he was retreating and that he wasn't going to be able to catch him.

"I am going to be taking my leave from this field for now, young Naruto. I will be seeing you very soon once again. But until then, know that what is going to happen to her is your fault and yours alone. You are the only one that is to blame for her condition. Goodbye." With that, the virus personified disappeared from sight and did not reappear anywhere. Naruto growled until he heard sniffling behind him. Turning his head, he saw that Saeko was crying and looking at him while Saya was walking her back to the Humvee, not even giving him a second glance as she did not know what to think of what the virus had said.

The blonde sighed and stood before sheathing his blade at his side. 'I have lost so much today…I have lost Kyu-chan…I have lost Alter-san…and now…I think that I have lost Saeko-chan and Saya-chan because of that virus. Now, the only thing that I can hope to do is to talk to her and run damage control. I'll have to explain things to her and give her the straight truth because as much as I hate to admit it, the virus is right. Her condition is my fault since I removed myself from the timeline to come here.' With one more sigh, Naruto walked to the Humvee, glancing back only once to see the broken body of Alter lying on the ground.

'I can't believe all of this…'

The ride in the Humvee was very quiet. Shizuka and Takashi were up front while Souichiro, Yuriko and Rei sat in the backseat. Kohta was up in the hole in the roof scoping out their course so that it was free of the infected and Saeko and Saya sat right behind them beside each other while Saya continued to comfort Saeko. Alice sat in the very back beside Naruto with Zero in her lap. Ever since they had come from the mall, she could tell that something was wrong with the blonde whirlwind and whenever she tried to figure out just what it was; Naruto would only shake his head and look down. She was starting to get annoyed with it and would occasionally puff out her lips in said annoyance.

Saeko would occasionally glance over to Naruto, who kept his head hung in shame. 'All this time, he's done nothing but protect us…protect me! How can he be responsible for what's wrong with me?' She sighed and hung her head as well while Saya rubbed her back to comfort her. 'It simply doesn't make any sense…'

The ride continued on and soon it was getting dark. The silence was pierced by Kohta's voice. "Hey guys, I think that we are going to have to stop for the night. I'm starting to see a few of them in small patches. There's a small house up ahead that we can stop at. I think it will hold all of us and if not then there's another house beside it that the mall survivors can board up in." Takashi tapped his leg to show that it was acknowledged and he relayed it to Shizuka who soon came to a halt in front of the two houses that weren't surrounded by the infected.

Everyone soon piled out and Takashi took control, telling the mall survivors to take the second house and the group to take the first. The man dressed in black looked like he was going to protest, but a quick glare from Takashi silenced him. While everyone filed into their respective abodes for the night, no one took notice that Naruto remained outside, leaning up against the Humvee with a somber look on his face.

He did not cry, keeping true to his promise to Kyuubi, but the blonde couldn't help but feel sad at everything that had happened. Just when he got his spine back, the two that helped him get it back died and the rest were now very…iffy about him. He closed his eyes and crossed his arms with a sigh. 'This is just starting to get very complicated. I'm losing them because of that damn virus. God damn it…how am I going to explain this all to Saeko-chan and the rest…'

Naruto was going to continue his thoughts until he heard something. "Naruto-kun…" He looked up and was shocked to see Saeko standing in front of him. Her left arm was across her chest, taking hold of her right as she looked him in the eyes, still slightly scared of what the virus had meant. "Saeko-chan…I…" Saeko stopped him by closing her eyes and looking away. "Please…I…I just want to know…what did that thing mean?"

Naruto sighed and motioned for her to come with him as he opened the door to the Humvee. "Come on, Saeko-chan…this is going to take some time and it'll be safer in the Humvee for this conversation." She nodded and followed him into the tank of a vehicle. Naruto sat in the seat on the left while she sat in the one on the right with both of their legs in the middle gap that led to the very back. Saeko was still shivering slightly in shock, but Naruto, even though he was the supposed cause of her pain, looking at her was able to calm her slightly.

She looked him in the eyes and Naruto began. "I'm just going to go ahead and say it and get it out of the way. The thing…that talked about me being the cause of your pain…that was the viral origin. It has gained a physical form and it knows everything about me since I fought against its armies once before." Saeko nodded, slightly guessing that that was what it had been. Naruto nodded back to her and continued on with the currently one-sided conversation.

"I know that you want to believe that I am not to blame for what is happening to you…and I'm quite sure that you are feeling it. Unfortunately I cannot comfort you in this by saying it's not true because he was right…me being your ancestor, as you already know, and not being married beforehand has caused an anomaly. With this, it means that everyone of my line is being wiped out from the time stream…" Naruto, though he hurt, knew that he had to look into her eyes to get the point across. He was now responsible for the fallout of his decision and he wasn't going to run away from it. Not like he had seen people do so before him.

Saeko's face was pained and she broke his gaze to stare down at her knees. As calm as she had kept during the outbreak began, she couldn't help but feel everything now coming down on top of her. Calm she may be, but she was still a human being. Her tears fell silently until she looked back up to him. "So…this means that I'm going to die…and there's nothing that we can do to stop it…" Naruto's eyes widened until he waved his hands back and forth. "No! I won't let this happen to you! I'm going to fix it!"

Saeko sniffled and spoke back. "But how can you? The only way would…be…to…" Her voice trailed off as she saw the look of guilt on Naruto's face. As she shook her head, he nodded. "I'm going to have to go back, Saeko-chan…I have no choice. When this is all said and done, I'm going to have to leave. We have two weeks to finish this. All we have to do is kill the origin and the whole thing should collapse. When that happens, I have the window to go back to my time before you fade away. With me back in my rightful place, the rest of my descendents will come back, keeping you alive."

Saeko's tears were now running like a waterfall and she couldn't help that her grip on her arm tightened. "But I…I don't want to lose you…" Naruto, while knowing that the girls held a special spot for him, was surprised by this. As he let it settle in, Naruto sighed and spoke back to her. "I'm sorry…but I…" "Let Me Come With You!" Naruto snapped his head up and saw her now looking at him with more intensity and her tears were still present. Sighing, the blonde looked away with hurt present in his eyes. "I'd love to do that…but I just don't know…"

Now Saeko was on her knees, pushing his legs out of the way while she looked up to him with pleading eyes. "Please, Naruto-kun! I…I don't want to be alone…not after everything that you've done to protect us. I hide it all the time, but I don't want to be left behind in a place that sees me as an emotionless person. When I first learned that you came here from three thousand years ago, I always entertained the thought that you would have to leave, but even with the thoughts, I don't want to lose you! Whether we're related distantly or not, I want to stay with you!"

Naruto was shocked at how forward she was about this. He knew that couples broke up on occasion when things didn't work out and he had only been in their time for a week and a half at best. He couldn't understand just why she was acting so adamant about staying with him after so little time. He placed a hand on her head and sighed once more before speaking. "Saeko-chan…I…I will think about it." She gasped and looked up to him with her eyes glimmering in hope. In a spring of all her emotions coming over her, she leaped up and enveloped him in a hug, nearly suffocating him with her womanly strength. "Naruto-kun…thank you! If you say yes then I promise you won't regret it!"

Naruto smiled slightly when he heard this and even as she shook him, he could think clearly as he went over everything that had happened. From coming to their time and fighting their mutated creatures, to losing Alter and Kyuubi and then to the girls that he had met during his time in their modern world. 'Alter would've already said yes in some perverted way and Kyu-chan would back up the decision, though in a less perverted manner. I still hate that they are gone, but I won't tarnish their memory with pained thoughts. I'll honor their memories and…just maybe…maybe Saeko-chan will come home with me. Now that I think about it…I wonder…will the others want to come? Are they as attached to me?' Naruto left his thoughts for a split second as Saeko acted very out-of-character by happily crying and crushing his head in her cleavage. Grinning, only one thought came to mind.

'It doesn't matter…if they all care about me…maybe it wouldn't hurt to have people come back with me that don't see me as a tool to be used…someone besides Hinata-chan.'


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