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Chapter Nineteen

As the night began to roll on, the figure that sat atop the roof of the home occupied by the school survivors held his hands which glowed with a green ethereal energy to his body where his liver would be, seemingly allowing it to mend itself. As he continued on with slightly labored breathing, another dark form appeared almost instantly behind him, silhouetted by the moonlight with a single arm dangling by its side. "It would seem that you are in a rather dire situation…Otōto."

With another grunt, the sitting figure turned his head to the figure, allowing the light to shine down upon the bloodied and ragged face of Alter. "What the hell do you want, Aniki? Last I remember, didn't you try to gut me like a helpless fish?" Though his words were meant to be harsh, Alter could barely get them out due to the pain he felt in healing himself. The virus just stared at Alter as the dark soul turned back towards his wound to focus more on it. As he watched, he spoke to him.

"You know that I have no choice in this, Otōto. This is the natural order of things! It is a set process and there is nothing that can stop it. I had and still have no choice but to eliminate the people who threaten this process. That includes you, Otōto." As it said this, the viruses' only remaining arm formed a bio-blade. With a mirthful chuckle, Alter didn't even bother to turn as he spoke his reply to the rotting entity that threatened to kill him.

"You act as if I would simply let you kill me, Aniki. I may be injured, but I'm still very much alive and I have enough energy to fight you!" As he spoke, Alter made no move to get up, still leaving the opening that the virus would need to attack him and finish him off. But, something caught the viral entity and he quirked his eyebrow at Alter's back. "Why is it that you are still willing to fight even though you are nearly dead? I can understand the human, as they have the natural instinct to save themselves. They scurry like rats to anything that they can cling to like a lifeline. But you are smart enough to realize that you are beaten. You are intelligent enough to know that you have no way to win against me."

With another chuckle and a small cough of blood, Alter forced himself to stand with his hands still plastered to his stomach in his slowly succeeding attempt to heal himself. "I guess…I guess you can say that I took more than just the bad things from my lighter counterpart. I just don't know when to give up!" As he roared his last words, Alter dashed forward with his hands ripping from his wound, allowing a bit of blood to play in the air as it fell on top of the roof.

While in the air, Alter held his hand back and, with precision chakra control and superior elemental manipulation, formed a blade made entirely of air in his right hand while his left hand went through hand seals for a jutsu. As he came to a finish about a third of the way from the virus, his chakra took control of the wind around him as he roared his jutsu out. "Futon: Hakai no Kaze!"

Alter brought his left hand across and up in a wide diagonal slash, letting his jutsu go with massively destructive effects. The wind tore through the roof of the home, blazing a path of destruction towards the virus. When it reached him and impacted, the entity was blown off of the rood with Alter moving like the devil towards him.

Coming in like a comet, Alter was poised to strike for the kill until the virus flipped in the middle of the air and spin kicked the darkened soul in the face, sending him right into the street. Under a pile of smoke and rubble, Alter coughed and gagged on blood as he started healing his wound again to close what had reopened of the injury he had healed. 'Damn it…hm…looks like I could really die this time around…'

Landing on top of the Humvee, the virus looked into the rubble with no emotion playing across his face, as stoic as Death himself. "I told you that I will eliminate any and every threat to the natural process! You are no exception, Otōto!" Holding his bio-blade up to the sky, the virus charged it with his own chakra-like energy and it began to smoke with a putrid green cloud, cascading to the ground like a smoky waterfall. "I made a mistake in letting you live last time, Otōto. I do not plan on making the same mistake aga-…"

The virus incarnate would've finished his words, but it was silence when a foot connected with massive force to the back of its head, sending the plague flying off of the Humvee and into another abandoned car, reducing it to merely a pile of useless metal. Behind where it had stood, was a Kage Bunshin of Alter, who held its side in pain before it disappeared in a small column of smoke, leaving no trace that it was ever there.

Still lying underneath the rubble of what was once a part of the street, Alter grinned a bit at the memory that he had received from the clone. 'I guess he wasn't prepared for my genius and ingenuity!' As he chuckled to himself, Alter pulled himself up from his mess and felt the final remnants of his wound closing up, mending his liver and flesh like new.

Standing straighter now that his blood was his own within his body and not the earth, the tortured soul brought back his blade of wind before stalking towards the mangled mess of metal where the virus had unwillingly made its temporary shelter. "I won't give up until I die, Aniki! Until that day finally comes, I will fight!" With a roar, Alter burst forward with vigor in his actions with him upon the car in a split second, his blade raised and ready to strike.

Bringing it down with determination in his eyes, the last thing that he had expected was for it to be deflected by the blade of the virus protruding from the wreckage. Alter's eyes widened at the action and his shock lasted long enough for the virus to spring forth and retract his blade while grabbing Alter by the throat and raising him into the air with a face of rage. "You are forcing my hand to do things that I would like to avoid, Otōto! You should've died peacefully when I killed you the first time! Now I'm going to make sure that you are dead!"

Using a strength that was beyond what even Alter could do, the virus smashed him into the ground, creating a crater before he felt immense pain take him over. He looked down to see the hand of the virus piercing his chest and he felt a burning beyond his imagination as a silent scream took his breath away, forcing him to rear his head back as he could barely make out the voice of the virus through the white noise in his head. "There is no escape for you this time…no healing this wound. It is over…here and now!"

Alter felt his grasp tighten in his chest and could only know that he held his heart in his hands. As his screams died from his own tiredness, his eyes became lidded. 'I guess…that this is it…isn't it…' Alter's eyes began to close as he felt the virus's grip tighten…that is, until he heard a voice that he thought he wouldn't have the chance to hear again.

"KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OF HIM!" The virus had only a second to look up as he loosened his grip on Alter's heart. The only thing it saw was a black-booted foot swirling with red chakra coming straight at its face before it connected, blasting it away from Alter and causing him to relinquish his hold on the dark soul's heart. Looking up, Alter saw the disarrayed mess of blonde hair that belong to only one person that he would notice any sort of connection with besides the virus. "Hm…took you long enough, eh Naruto?"

Naruto didn't register what Alter had said as he calmed down and stared at the breathing form of one he thought to be dead. He bent down and looked over him, thinking that what he was seeing may be a mirage or some trick of the mind, but the warmth of his blood on his hands told him that he was truly there. As soon as he realized that he was real, his mind went into overdrive, working on an auto-pilot of sorts. He began to channel his healing chakra into Alter's wound and it began to close up faster than anything he had ever done.

Alter's face relaxed in the comforting feeling that he gained, letting himself become lost in the only warmth that he had felt, unlike anything even when he healed himself. "I really thought that I was going to die for a second there, Naruto. I…thanks…thanks a lot…" Naruto was brought down from his autopilot when he heard this and stopped for only a split second until he shook his head and continued to work on the wound over Alter's heart. "Not a problem, Alter. I thought…I thought that you had died. I'm not going to let that happen."

Alter chuckled as he felt his heartbeats return to normal. "Well…now that this is fixed, maybe you can keep me from dying and fight this bastard with me." Coughing slightly, Alter picked himself up and formed two swords of pure wind in both of his hands before he took a stance. He then noticed Naruto's current state of dress. The blonde wore only his black cargo pants that were tucked and bloused in his black combat boots, showing off the scars that were covering his upper body. Shukketsu Souru was strapped tightly to his waist.

As Naruto placed his hand in a tight grasp on the handle of Shukketsu Souru, He began to channel all of his chakra throughout his body, causing his muscles to strain themselves and his veins to pop up at various points on his arms and across his chest. In a flash, he pulled his blade out of the sheathe and as it grazed across his eyes, time seemed to slow as they faded to a red hue, slitting and giving him the look of a demon. "It's time to take care of this thing. We do it together this time, Alter."

With a grin and a nod, Alter jumped into the air and roared out his attack. "Sanran Geiru!" Slashing the sword in his left hand up, a massive pressure of gale-force wind barreled through the area towards the virus. It picked up cars and tossed light poles over the street and blew out windows, and by conjunction the noise awoke everyone within the two homes. As the gale came down upon the virus, it roared in surprise as it was picked up into the air, helplessly tossed about like a ragdoll.

Naruto took the chance and dashed forward. Jumping into the air, he channeled critical amounts of chakra into his sword, causing it to gain a smoky red aura and trail behind him. Bringing it up in a slash, he released it all and a large wave of fire tore through the air, mixing with the gale-force winds and becoming a gigantic blaze, scorching the earth and buildings and stealing the oxygen from the area. Due to the chakra channeled through his body, Naruto blew through the inferno and came to see a surprising sight.

As the virus burned, it did not flinch, nor did it scream for the mercy of death. Instead, it had righted itself in the air and used some sort of energy to harden the air beneath its feet, standing straight as its entire body burned with flames. As Naruto closed in, the virus held its only arm across its chest and swiped, causing a massive shockwave to reverberate through the area, scattering the fire and sending both Naruto and Alter in different directions. The shockwave had also destroyed multiple buildings that were too close to it.

After slamming into the ground, Naruto soon felt a great pressure on his neck and was given the feeling of weightlessness while being pulled up into the air with the virus he saw through cracked eyes. Hardening the air beneath his feet somehow with the same energy, the virus simply stared at him in a semi calculating manner.

As the virus held him up in the air, the foul and eroding parasite held an emotionless face of stone as it spoke. "You and your little group are beginning to try my patience at a very alarming rate, young Uzumaki. I suppose it is time for me to stop messing around and finally put an end to this little game. Now…there are no apologies. I am not going to show you any mercy in this. I aim to, and will, kill you on this day."

As the once hyperactive blonde dangled in the virus's grasp, he could only stare in rage at the face of the destroyer of both his home and the future. "You…you think that I'm going to sit back…and watch you destroy this world? No!" With a jolt of power, Naruto slammed his foot into the shin of the virus, causing it to lose its concentration on the hardened air platform and sending the two towards the ground, Naruto now free from its grasp.

Flipping in the air to right his freefalling body, Naruto landed with a thud on the concrete before looking to where he had dropped his blade while in the grasp of the virus. Standing up, he dashed for the sword, but failed to notice that the virus was hot on his heels. Just as the virus was about to grab him, though, a gunshot was heard, stopping everyone so that they could look to where the noise originated. In front of the house now stood the group of survivors with Kohta up front, aiming down his sights to where the virus stood with a hole in its chest. With a thumbs up, Kohta spoke in a voice that sounded slightly crazy. "Right in the kill box…"

Naruto smirked slightly at the boy before turning to pick up his sword. As he did, he heard something thumping behind him. Knowing that something was happening, he quickly picked up the blade and turned to see the virus now with a look of pure rage on its face, blood dripping from the new wound that he sported. "You…Uzumaki…and your group…have trifled with me…for the last time! It's now time I send you all to Hell! And…you can watch as I do it…"

With a roar, which somehow froze Naruto into place rendering him unable to move, the virus disappeared and reappeared in front of Kohta before ripping the gun out of his hand, causing everyone to gasp or scream. With a swing of its arm, it used the gun as a bat, sending Kohta flying into the side of the Humvee before he slumped to the ground, unconscious and nearly dead. Asami started to run for him, screaming his name until the virus snap kicked her into a building, crumbling the wall and shattering multiple of her bones.

Takashi and Rei soon got out of their shock and went on the offensive with Takashi blasting at it with his shotgun and Rei firing a few shots of her own from her rifle. Both were ineffective as the virus dodged the shots and reappeared to bash their heads together, rendering them unconscious. Naruto roared in anger and wanted so much to charge in and fight but he could only watch in both worry and rage as he saw Saeko and Souichiro make their nearly pointless stand.

The violet haired woman pulled out both the blade Naruto gave her and the one she had received from Saya's father before running towards the virus. Souichiro did the same before jumping into the air, his blade poised to strike death upon its target. As Saeko closed in, the virus side-stepped her and slammed its foot into her back, crashing her into the ground. Souichiro, thinking that he had an advantage, made his slash, but his blade was grabbed by the virus with a bored look upon its face. "For a race that does not wish to die…none of you fight nearly hard enough to survive…"

With a pull and a swing of a fist, the virus dislodged the sword from Souichiro's hands and sent him flying into a second story window with a powerful haymaker, causing Yuriko to scream for him. Looking around, the virus could only sigh in disappointment before turning its sights towards the group of even less capable survivors who stood behind Shizuka, Saya and Alice, all of which quivered in fear, but held their ground in the face of their own death.

With a small smirk, knowing that Naruto was watching, still frozen from its actions, it stalked forward. "You three…you all hold a special place in young Uzumaki's heart. Do you not?" Naruto began to shake with rage as he saw Shizuka's eyes widen in fear, and Alice begin to cry with Zeke in her arms. Saya was just in far too much shock to do anything other than stare in fear. A few steps and a chuckle later, the virus spoke again. "Marikawa-san…a genius doctor, but far too dense, weak and STUPID for your own good…why would Naruto ever love you? He is smart…for a human, he is strong! You are only a burden to him."

Naruto's grip tightened on his blade so much that his knuckles became white, but his body wouldn't listen to his brain to move. The virus kept its smirk as it turned its head to Alice, who tried to stop crying. "Oh…poor, poor Alice-chan…you are afraid? Don't be…you are here with your pseudo-father after all! That is what you are to him, right? It's almost always on his mind…how to keep the girl he sees as a daughter safe…but once again…you burden him. You hold him back! He can't save you…he won't save you…he KNOWS that you are a burden."

The damage done, Alice began to cry once more, far harder than she had last time to the point where she had to draw in deeper breaths of air. Naruto's eyes were bloodshot and wide from nothing less than pure rage, causing him to shake uncontrollably and his growl to be heard as an echo throughout the entire city. Unconsciously, red chakra began to seep out from his back. "Now…we come to the greatest offender of all…you…young Takagi Saya!"

The aforementioned girl jumped and gasped before her face turned to an even greater fear when she heard the virus say her name. All she could do was stare at its dark face with fear and worry, knowing that somehow, it was right. "You have a piece of young Uzumaki's heart in a vice grip, don't you? You are the one that holds him back to the point where he is afraid to unleash his true power! The power of what could be a god…held back by the love of a pathetic little human! It makes me sick…honestly."

At this time, Saya had tears streaming down her face and she was hiccupping to stop her small yelps from getting out. On the other side of the street, though, Naruto still stood, immobile but his entire body vibrated with energy. His eyes were the darkest of black, bordering the temperament of nothingness, and his claws had lengthened to nearly two inches from his fingertips. His canines were an inch long with his mouth open, growling in rage and giving him the look of a demon.

Upon his back, though, were the contradicting signs that he was otherwise. The energy that had seeped from his skin now took the form of giant red wings, forming to structure of bones, but not filling the gaps, as if they were nothing but sold bones colored red. As they took their sold shape, the chakra began to spread and envelop his body, giving him an even darker look about him, almost like a dark angel.

First it encased his chest like an armor-piece, brighter in its redness in some places more than others, like a lining of sorts. It then continued down his arms and closed them in gauntlets that made his claws seem longer than they were, adding about an inch to them while his elbows had two inch spike driving out of them. His hands still held firmly onto the blade that he refused to drop. As the energy spread down his legs, it covered him in greaves that seemed to be about as normal as his combat boots, just a part of a set of armor.

Then, surprising all in the area including the virus, he began to twitch. This twitch soon warranted a cracking noise which eventually turned into one loud snap, sending out a shockwave. As Naruto held his sword diagonally across his chest in the air with rage playing over his face in spades, never relenting as he stared at the virus, his mouth began to move with a guttural noise coming out, everyone knowing that it was his voice, as unrecognizable as it was.

"Uchi ni akuma o mezame saseru…Shukketsu Souru!"

The area was soon covered with an immense pressure unlike anything that they had ever felt from him before. A wind was kicked up that was so powerful that dust and debris was sent everywhere, unrelenting and causing everyone to cover their eyes. All covered themselves for protection except the virus, which simply stared in intrigue at the events that were unfolding before its eyes. 'My only regret for this is that I have to kill you, Uzumaki. You are a powerful being and it is a shame that you have to die. A god amongst humans, you truly are.'

As the wind died down, everyone looked to Naruto and gasped at the sight that was before them. The ethereal armor that had encased him moments before was now physically real! It was blacker than the darkest skies and the lining was pure white. It fit against his form like a glove to their eyes and they could only stare in shock as the rising sun reflected off of it. His eyes had stayed their pure red, but they were now slightly softer, as if they were simply dead. His hair had grown and split off into nine long spiky strands which blew in the remains of the wind while it died down. His winged outlines were now also pure bone, curling and looking even more menacing than before.

His blade had also changed. Now, the blade seemed to suck in all light that surrounded it. Even as it moved ever so slightly in his hand, one could see the rippling effect it had on the light around it. One could only look at the blade and know that it was dangerous to anyone or anything that had the gall to come into contact with it.

The virus still stared at Naruto, but now it held a small smirk on its face. "I find it funny, young Uzumaki, that you believe that you can still defeat me. I have destroyed universes before, you stupid child. You think that this process is any different than those? They fought back…yes I fought a strong opponent and I will admit that you are stronger, but that does not change the fact that I will destroy this world. After this one, I will move on to the next one until the entire universe is once again destroyed. Then this will all start over again. This is the cycle and this is the way it will always be. If you think that you can stop it, then you are nothing more than an insane man running headlong into his death."

The armored blonde stared back into the eyeholes of the virus until a low chuckle that sounded more like a growl vibrated in the air, sending a chill down everyone's spine except for the virus's once more. His voice rang out, sounding deeper than before and echoing across the street and the city like a chorus of demonic creatures. "Insanity…my worst enemy…my wicked tormentor…but also my greatest ally…and my closest friend. You claim me insane for fighting against you when it is you who are insane for thinking that such words will deter me from what it is that I have fought for!"

With those words spoke, the awakened Naruto disappeared and reappeared to punch the virus with his free hand, only for the virus to duck it and send a palm strike to his chest. The power of the strike propelled him back and he smashed into a car, crumbling the metal. Naruto wasted no time, though and got up to run back to it until he was stopped by Alter, who held his side in pain. "You are hurt, Alter. Sit this one out. I can deal with him."

He tried to push past, but Alter held him back once again. "No…Naruto. I know you will deal with him…but this is risky with all of them here. I can take them, lead him in another direction, though." Naruto nodded to this and set his eyes on the virus once more, which stood in its spot with a look of indifference on its face. "Do you plan to fight me…Uzumaki-san?"

Not wasting another second, Naruto lunged forward, leaving Alter to get everyone. As Naruto sped towards the virus, he pulled his sword back and brought it down for a parting slash, meant to bifurcate the virus right down the middle, except for the fact that the creature brought up its bioblade and parried the attack.

Naruto looked over to his left where he saw Alter leading everyone away and some had to carry the ones that were unconscious. Alter had gotten Souichiro out of the second story and was carrying him away. Turning his head back, Naruto was unprepared for the counterattack that came from the virus. Barely blocking the horizontal slash across his chest, he jumped back and stumbled a bit, regaining his balance as the virus pressed the attack.

Blocking another slash with his left gauntlet, Naruto went for a slash at the waist, but the virus disappeared only to reappear a few feet away. Not wanting to waste any time, Naruto dashed forward and went to claw at the entity, only to be blocked and countered once again. Jumping out of its range, he ran through a set of one handed seals before screaming out the name of his attack. "Futon: Geiruburesu!"

Releasing a massive breath of wind, the blades cut through everything in their path, including the virus. The creature suffered multiple lacerations across its body. When the gale died down, it retaliated and brought its leg all the way up before crashing it into the ground like a thundering axe kick, destroying everything in a massive shockwave. The area, more than a football field in radius, became nothing but a crater.

Worried, Naruto looked around and saw that the group had barely gotten to the edge of the area before it had been reduced to rubble. Sighing in relief, he turned back just in time to be cracked dead in the face with a powerful fist. As he flew through the air, he heard the virus yelling after him. "Never take your eyes off of the enemy, Uzumaki! Not if you want to live through the battle!"

As he flew, Naruto flipped in the air and used Kawarimi with a piece of rubble, appearing behind the virus prepared to strike. "AAND YOU NEVER UNDERESTIMATE ME!" Sending his elbow into the base of its spine, the virus went flying across the expanse until Naruto used Kawarimi again and appeared just in front of the virus to meet its face with his boot, sending it up into the air, bleeding and in pain.

With a roar, Naruto shot up into the air, using his chakra to propel him even further. As he neared the virus, he grabbed it by the neck and went up even higher, nearing the black clouds that had begun to gather, as if the world itself knew that a battle for its fate was being fought. As they went up, Naruto whispered deathly into the virus's ear. "I'm going to enjoy watching you die…"

Slowing down above the clouds and out of sight of everyone else, Naruto reared back and was about to send the virus back down to Earth. As he let go, he heard the virus chuckle and thunder covered what he said as lightning danced through the clouds below them. He never heard the words that came from its mouth. "The only death you shall see…is your own..."

Naruto watched as the virus disappeared below the cloud line, his wings flapping and keeping him in the air somehow even thought they had nothing to fill the boned gaps. Sword in hand, his grip got tighter when he heard the explosion of force from the virus impacting the earth below him. A smirk on his face, he started to descend from the air. When he got below the clouds once more, he saw something that made him go wide eyed.

The wind was picking up around him as a small tornado of power revolved around the virus, blacker than the clouds above them, a mix of green flowing through it on occasion. As he stopped descending, he heard a voice filled with rage echo throughout the sky, more than likely throughout the entire world this voice was heard. "You…have angered me…FOR THE LAST TIME, UZUMAKI! NOW YOU WILL SUFFER! NOW YOU WILL DIE!"

In a flash of black, all light was gone from the world for minutes. There were sounds of roars and smashes and bangs as Naruto waited with his breath held for the next move. Finally, after what seemed like forever, the light began to slowly return to the world. When it became bright enough for him to see, he looked on in shock, awe and surprise at what he saw before him.

The virus had transformed completely. Bodies of the dead made a colossal form for it to take. Its arms were massive and its legs were bent in a crouch. The body of it was huge and made from what looked like over a thousand bodies. The head…it was the most complete of all, though. No fissures in between what would've been bodies; the face looked exactly like the virus's incarnation, only larger. They eyeholes now glowed with a aura of death and it came up to meet him where he floated in the air.

The only audible sound that it made was the sound of its breathing, which could've killed based on the smell of death alone. Its arm was surprisingly fast as it came up to swipe at Naruto. So in shock, the blonde didn't dodge and was swatted out of the air and he smashed into the ground, creating a large cloud of dust and even more rubble. Beneath the cloud of dust, Naruto was still in shock until he heard a familiar voice in his head. 'Naruto, get the fuck together!'

Naruto was surprised at this, but then remembered that they had a connection. He now knew that they were safe, but now he needed to know what they were doing. 'Alter? Where are you?'The voice was quick to respond. 'We are away, but things are starting to get very dangerous. I think that we don't have much of a choice. We have to abandon this fight and go back to our time! Bring them with us!'

For a moment, Naruto was severely tempted to do just that, but then he remembered something. 'No…I can't…' 'Why not!'His eyes closed as the cloud of dust and rubble still hung in the air. 'I made the promise to protect them…but I cannot abandon the other survivors that are here in other places on the earth… I have to save them as well!'

'Naruto it is useless! They are more than likely already dead! Just come with us and open the portal!' 'No! I won't! You have the power, same as me! The same knowledge! Open it and take them back! ButI have to stay! I won't give up! I have to end this now! I'm going to…'The voice of Alter in his head was quiet for a second before it spoke. 'Wait…you…no…no No NO! Don't you do it! Don't you fucking dare! I'm coming to get you and we're going back! With everyone else!'

Naruto no longer kept the conversation in his head as he roared out, loud enough for it to echo into the atmosphere. "LEAVE ME! GO BACK! I WILL END THIS NOW! NOW GO OR YOU WILL DIE AS WELL!" His voice carried over the entire world and, for a split second, all became so quiet that one would not be able to hear even the sounds of the infected. Then, as that split second ended, the world erupted into total chaos; even more so than before.

Survivors in America destroyed homes. People in Europe ran through the streets at the declaration. Russia became nothing more than a massive bloodbath as the survivors began to slaughter the infected at a rapid pace. The world was Hell now, but nothing compared to what was going on in Japan. The few remaining survivors of the school and the mall were quivering in fear at the sight of the monster before them, but they soon felt something different. An energy that warmed them, but sent chills down their spines at the same time with the power that it held.

'I never figured that this would be possible. Never thought that I would need it…but I guess that some things are inevitable. Now…we will see what will happen when I combine this with Shukketsu Souru's release.' Collecting all of the energy around him, the dust that surrounded him began to swirl and spin like a tornado with the energy drawing towards him. His eyes opened, revealing his red slit eyes with two sideways bars through them at the middle. The next two words made the earth itself quiver, as if in fear of what was to come from the blonde powerhouse.

"Sennin Modo…"


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