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Chapter Twenty

The world shook as the two words left the powerful blonde's mouth, causing him to retake his long revered mantle of the Gama Sennin. As he began to rise to his feet, a tornado of power began to swirl around him, reaching up to the clouds in a permeable energy give-off, piercing the clouds and reaching past to the heavens. As it died slightly, he looked down to his hands and noticed the power he was holding had now become warmer and stronger than before. 'Ero-Sennin…I am sorry that I never found your answer to peace…but I hope that by using the power learned of your favored species, I can bring peace to the future!'

As he closed his eyes, Naruto lowered his hands and lifted his head to the sky, cracking his eyes through the dust and debris that still flowed through the air to look up to the colossal new form of the virus. Off in the distance, he was alerted to a spike of energy, signaling that the portal to the past was opening. Naruto closed his eyes and let his head lower slightly to face the ground. 'Tell them all that I will not forget them…Alter.'

'Don't worry, Naruto. I'll make sure that they know…and they said that they will never forget you. But…that doesn't mean that this is goodbye! I expect to see you back there!' Naruto's mouth curled into a tiny grin but he could barely muster a laugh. 'I'll see what I can do about it, Alter. Go now…get them away from here…goodbye…'

As he sent the final thought to Alter, he didn't hear a reply. He only felt the telltale signs of people entering the mass of energy, and then it closed without a sound or vibration of energy. It was simply gone, as if it were never there before. He sighed and looked back up, his eyes now becoming hard, ready for the battle that was surely to come now that the survivors of his group were now gone. "You have failed! They are safe! Now…I am going to kill you! Now, there will be an end to this!"

A deep, booming laughter reverberated through the islands of Japan and throughout the entire world as the voice of the virus was soon heard by all. "You think that because you have saved a meager group of survivors that you have disturbed the cycle? HA! You are stupid if you think that! They are gone and no longer able to reproduce in this time! You have simply made my job easier! Now, prepare yourself…for your death."

As soon as those words left the creatures mouth, its eyes began to glow and the earth began to rumble once more. Jagged spikes of earth soon began to spring from the ground and Naruto was forced to move and dodge so as not to become impaled. During his dodging, though, he failed to realize that he was soon to be crushed by the oncoming hand of the colossal virus. Turning at the last second, the blonde had no time to dodge and he was swatted over, far enough to reach the ocean that was two miles away.

Naruto skipped across the surface of the water for half a mile until he flipped and pushed chakra into his feet, stabilizing and landing on the surface in a crouch. His face was distorted with a serious scowl and his eyes seemed to glow with death. Charging absurd amounts of chakra into his entire body, he pushed off and the results were devastating.

Blasting towards the coast, Naruto moved so fast that he had contrails coming off of his feet and shoulders as well as the blade of his sword and he cast aside ten foot waves of water to his left and right. The second that he hit the shore, he slammed his foot to the dirt and used it to vault into the air, creating and crater and allowing water to bash the shore mercilessly.

Flying through the air, he took his sword and raised it high into the air, ready to release the chakra within it and devastate the land with its power. As he brought it down, the virus only smirked, looking on to the attack and took what was to come to him.

Releasing all of the chakra, a massive crescent of black, red and blue chakra charged towards the virus, but to Naruto's surprise, it was able to block it by moving only a hand into its pathway. When it died, all that was there was a cut across its palm and a few bodies fell from the conglomerate limb. Naruto scowled even more as he descended towards the ground, but he was not prepared for what came after him.

The blonde's eyes were wide as he saw flying creatures coming after him from behind the virus. As they closed in on him, he saw that they were what seemed to be nothing but pure shadow. Turning his body to spin in the air, he planted a foot into one of them and it dissipated into nothingness. Smirking at the fact that it was solid enough to feel a good hit, Naruto used the next one to shoot himself up into the air as he dodged and attacked more and more of the shadow creatures.

Seeing only one left, Naruto smirked and spun, causing the shadow creature to miss its attack on him and he planted a foot into what would've been its chest, sending it flying into mist and sending him towards the face of the virus. Sheathing his blade at his waist, he spun on the way down to get even more momentum before he came to the virus's forehead with a massive spin kick, sending it reeling back and causing it to fall over, crushing multiple homes and leveling a good portion of the city.

Naruto wasn't done yet as he used the rest of his momentum to follow through and continue towards the now downed virus. With his chakra in his hands swirling in a nearly forgotten ball of chakra, he forced more into them and they grew even bigger before he was once more upon the creature, slamming them into the surprised virus's chest. "Oodama Rasengengan!"

With the virus having nowhere to go anymore, the propulsion of the jutsu caused a crater more than three hundred yards in radius. The scream was deep and deafening as the virus knew more pain than it ever thought that it would. Satisfied, Naruto jumped back and landed on top of a building at the edge of the crater that was created from his devastating attack. His victory was very short lived, though, as he heard the movements of the virus coming to.

Knowing that he was going to have to react fast, Naruto jumped into the air once more and used his wings to keep himself floating in the air. As the virus slowly got back up, Naruto was able to easily see the gaping hole that he left in its chest from his last attack, causing him to smirk slightly. As he was about to charge after it again, he heard the angered voice of the virus calling out to him.

"You…pathetic…human! You sniveling little bastard! I'm going to enjoy gutting you like the animal that you are! Behold…the honor that I will now bestow upon you that you will never live to tell of! Behold my true form! Behold…AZRAEL! THE ANGEL OF DEATH!" The Earth now truly quaked with fear at the roars of the now identified Azrael. Naruto could feel a chill run up his spine at the mention of the name. He could feel the power in it, but could also tell that he had gone into very dangerous territory. 'At least they were able to get away…they survived…'

Dust and energy converged onto the forehead of the conglomerate body and soon all of the bodies that made it up were vaporized in a flash of blinding white light. Naruto shielded his eyes and had to look away until the light died down. Only then could he look and see what would make any and all mortal creatures cry out in fear and awe.

Though he was so far away, Naruto could see him perfectly with his enhanced vision from his release and Sennin Modo. The angel known as Azrael stood to be a good four inches taller than Naruto did. His eyes were not the blinding white that Naruto would've expected of an angel, but they were pitch black. His skin was flawless, yet pale and only seemed more so from the darkness of the clouds hiding the sun. A black cloak, long and silky in design, adorned his body and a hood covered his head, but allowed long strands of full, white hair to fall in front of his face, though it did nothing to block the look of rage upon his face. Naruto had to admit, Azrael would've been intimidating even if it were just that form, but to add to it, he also had giant, full and dark black angel wings spread to their full wingspan of fourteen feet.

As Naruto stared in awe and fear at the Angel of Death, he also heard the deadly angel speak. "So you have decided to defy me fully, have you? You have driven me to the point where I can no longer let my plague simply ravage your world to extinction. You are powerful, young Uzumaki! A warrior of time across millennia! You are powerful enough to have made me come to this earth myself to wipe out the rest of this pitiful organic race!"

Feeling his anger rising with each word said, Naruto took a deep breath and roared out his answer. "You claim to have been able to destroy me in your first form! What makes you think that you are going to be able to defeat me now? You are weak! You are not as strong as you claim to be, Azrael!" He drew in another breath to speak again, but he was stopped by the hand that now wrapped around his throat. He now saw Azrael's face perfectly and it was that of a pale yet handsome young man. The rage was evident in his expression and Naruto only felt even more intimidated by it.

"You are a very cocky human, young Uzumaki. I do not take well to people insulting me or my proclamations. Now you will face me with my true power!" Reeling his arm back, Azrael punched Naruto square in the nose and sent him flying back down to the ground. Fixing himself at just the last moment, Naruto landed on the ground, sending a cloud of dust out, but he was still safe for the moment.

Lifting his blade up above his head, he blocked the strike from Azrael and saw that he used a blade that he had not seen on him. It had a white hilt with a stark white blade and otherwise looked generally normal, though Naruto knew differently as he could feel the power coming from it. Parrying the strike away before the Angel of Death could recover from the block; Naruto swatted the blade aside and went for a stab to the pale angel's heart. He would've succeeded had Azrael not phased out of sight.

Appearing behind Naruto, the angel sent a kick to the blonde's temple and caused him to fly into the city, smashing through multiple buildings before finally stopping in a very familiar home. It was the one that they had squatted in that belong to Shizuka's friend. Though a slightly nostalgic feeling came over him, he had no time to react as he had to block a punch from Azrael, whom had just reappeared in front of him.

Countering the strike, Naruto kneed him in the gut before following through with his right fist with a straight jab. With Azrael in the air, he sent one more straight kick to his chin and sent the angel through the roof of the home, high into the air. Gathering chakra to his feet, the blonde released it as soon as he went to jump; sending him flying after the pale angel, but it also leveled the apartment with how much force he put behind his jump.

Not having time to care about it, Naruto readied his blade for a decapitating strike, but it was parried by the blade of the angel as Azrael righted himself in the air. "You are a great opponent, Uzumaki! But now it's time for you to die!" Working his blade through Naruto's defenses, the angel stabbed the blonde in the chest, causing blood to shoot out from the exertion that the boy was going through. Grunting through the excruciating pain that he was being subjected to, Naruto grabbed the blade and wrenched it free before falling back to the ground, landing on and crushing a car.

Covering his hand in healing chakra, Naruto held it over his chest before looking up at where he spotted Azrael now floating in the air, his massive wings flapping to keep him up. Naruto was getting to the point where even he was enraged at this battle. When he finished healing his wound, he began to shape and mold a massive amount of his chakra to his mouth into an attack that he had used only once before. It was the very attack that had destroyed the Hokage Mountain. "Akuma Roa: Shokkuu~ēbuburasuto!"

Rearing his head back, he let loose an earth-shattering roar that was heard from where he stood, to the other end of the earth. The shockwave that was released tore over the ground and across the ocean. Azrael was unable to escape and he was sent flying even higher into the sky at impossible speeds that would've killed any normal human.

The demonic roar subsided after what felt like forever and Naruto now stood at the epicenter of another crater that conjoined and swallowed the one that had been made earlier. Looking out over the barren expanse, he realized that it reached on for what seemed like forever, giving him a clear view of the ocean to the east of his position and putting a massive dent in the mountain off in the distance. 'I can only hope that there were no more survivors in this part of Japan…'

Looking back up, Naruto saw no sign of the Angel of Death and started to fly up to where he figured he would be. As he got nearly one hundred feet up off of the ground, he heard a voice come from behind him. "Impressive, Uzumaki." Jumping slightly, Naruto spun and retreated from the voice at the same time with his sword in front of him protectively.

Staring back at him were the emotionless eyes of Azrael as the angel let his blade disappear. Naruto did not let this fool him as he kept his sword ready to strike. "You have impressed me beyond comparison, Uzumaki. I may actually go so far as to count you as an equal to me in raw strength! But you are nothing more than a lowly human. Your race has thrived only because we as angels have let you live. Now you humans have fancied yourselves too much and we have decided that your deaths shall come sooner. I must say…the age of your planet and its time of destruction are a new record! You have become prideful creatures, fancying yourselves gods! You try to create life…you try to fix the problems that would've been nonexistent had you stayed dumb, wretched animals! You are nothing more than swine! Something for me to slaughter for the fun of it!"

Naruto growled at the angel's declaration of humans and he roared back at him in his rage. "You call us weak but who has been the one keeping you at bay for the last few weeks, huh? We humans are stronger and more resilient than you think we are! Now you are going to face me for the last time! I am going to destroy you! Even if I die too…"

This caused Azrael to laugh loudly as he let his blade reappear in his hands, only this time it seemed to be a little bit longer and it now glowed with a faint aura. "I am glad that you are ready for death, Uzumaki, because I will happily grant it to you!" The angel disappeared and came back to sight in front of Naruto as he did a vertical slash which Naruto blocked, but the sheer weight of the blow caused him to fly to the ground and hit with his back.

Getting up quickly, Naruto swung his blade at the coming Angel of Death and released his crescent wave of black, red and blue energy. When it impacted, the angel simply swatted it aside, sending it to a building not too far off and slicing it in half. Seeing him coming in fast, Naruto dodged to the right and Azrael smashed headfirst into the earth, but he didn't stop and kept on going deeper and deeper into the earth, causing it to rumble and quake.

Naruto barely kept his balance as he tried to figure out what the angel was doing. Just as he was about to fly up into the air, he felt a hand grab his leg and he looked down to see Azrael's wicked smile. Eyes wide, he had no time to react as he was taken up into the air before being thrown at least a mile towards the mountain. Still dazed and confused from what had happened, Naruto flew until he hit the ground and smashed into a tree in a park.

'Gah! Damn it…I need to step up my game! Time to let the boys loose!' Getting up and stabbing his blade into the concrete, He put his hands into a seal that he had not done in a very long time before he drew upon massive and excess amounts of chakra. He drew upon so much that the ground beneath him began to quake from the sheer pressure of the power. Finally, it stopped as he released it with his words. "KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!"

All around him and all over the city, clones of the blonde swordsman, perfect and exact in their looks, began to appear en masse. It rocked the world as the explosions of their appearance told of their coming. At the sight before him, Azrael only smirked once more before he took off like a mad man towards the site. "A PATHETIC ATTEMPT TO SURVIVE!"

He was able to discern and he zoned out the real Naruto before dashing right towards him as a black blur. Naruto readied his blade and parried the blow, sending the angel into the ground beside him before ordering his clones to jump on top of the angel to keep him down. As the pile towered into the sky, Naruto thought he had a few seconds to get his thoughts back, but was unfortunately brought back to reality when he heard an inhuman roar blast through the sky.

Looking back to the pile of bodies, he saw it explode in a tower of smoke. He had no time to react as the Angel of Death was upon him, slamming his fist into his gut and causing him to go into a building and making it collapse on top of him. Wasting no time, Azrael charged up his energy into the palm of his free hand and let loose a grand beam of energy that destroyed everything in sight.

Naruto had gotten away, though, sliding along the ground as he tried to regain his surroundings from being dazed by the building falling on top of him. 'Damn it…even my Kage Bunshin were nothing to slow him down…I need something to flow him down!' Just as the thought came to him, he felt a warmth come from his blade and he felt his armor quake slightly as if trying to get his attention. He looked up and noticed that Azrael was once again staring down at him from the air with his arms crossed and his sword gone.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, young Uzumaki…you still do not die. For that I am not sure whether or not I should commend you or be angered at you pest-like nature. You remind me of roach. A pathetic little creature that clings to life by a thread!" Naruto felt his anger rising, but he once more felt the warmth coming from his blade. Looking down to it, his eyes softened and he remembered the words of Kyuubi. 'Kyu-chan…you are still trying even after leaving me…thank you.'

His eyes becoming cold once more, he looked to the angel up above and used his own wings to get up to his level, though still a ways away from him. Pointing his sword to him, he spoke in a calm but cold voice. "You try so hard to anger me in order to make me make a mistake, but you are failing, Azrael. I will not become another victim to fall to you! You will die by my blade or I will kill us both!"

Rearing his head back in a raucous laughter, Azrael spoke in a voice that echoed across the world. "You would kill me? You would kill both of us? How? HAHA! How would you ever accomplish this?" Naruto scowled and lowered his sword before he disappeared from sight and planted a kick into the angels face, sending him flying over the barren expanse that used to be part of Japan. "To kill you, I will show no mercy."

Azrael soon fell from the air and smashed into the ground, but flipped and got back to his feet with a face of rage. Smashing his hands into the ground, he ripped up a massive chunk of earth and threw it to the floating blonde and watched as he dodged it and flew towards him at a blinding speed for any mortal. Spinning in midair, Naruto gathered his momentum and shoved his roundhouse kick into the angels stomach and caused him to cough up blood, but he simply hung in the air as Naruto launched a massive left haymaker to his face, sending him flying to the blondes right.

Naruto appeared nearly instantaneously in his line of flight and brought an uppercut to his chin, sending him blasting into the air with a shockwave, signaling the destruction of the sound barrier. Flying up into the air with so much force that the ground around him was destroyed, Naruto sheathed his blade and gathered his chakra into the palm of his hand, but did not allow it to take the form of the Rasengan. Instead, he clenched his fist around it and caught up to the angel, breaking the barrier himself before sending another punch, so fast that if you were to watch it in slow-motion that you could see it breaking the sound barrier once more, into the chest of the angel and he spun in the air before sending him back to the ground so fast that he was simply a line of black until the collision sent a massive explosion in all directions.

Naruto shielded himself from the debris with his arms and gathered even more of his chakra into his hands to the point that they actually began to bleed from the strain that was on them. Screaming with so much rage, pain and fear, Naruto took off towards the ground and his screams were heard all around the world and in the moment of impact…all was silent for a full second.

In that one second, the world felt as if it were dead. Nothing left…that is, until the explosion of the attack blew towards the sky, sending dust, earth and debris careening into the sky and sea. Naruto now stood, breathing heavily and labored, in a crater over one hundred meters deep and in a stagnant darkness that made him feel as if he were surrounded by nothingness. The only knowledge that he had was that he was physically strained and tired and that the body of the Angel of Death now lied beneath his fists.

"I…*huff*…I told you that *cough* I would kill you…I kept my promise!" He tried to stand and pull his fists from the corpse of the angel, but he then felt a hand grab his left arm and keep him there. Looking down, he saw two eyes glowing white in the darkness. "You…may have wounded me, Uzumaki…but now…you are weak! Now you are mine!"

Taking a good, strong grip, Azrael pull his arm and ripped it clean off at the shoulder, causing Naruto to elicit a strident scream that reached the heavens above. He pulled his right hand out and jumped up, but not before he got slashed deeply across his gut. He came out of the crater he created pouring blood over the ground as he fell to his knees, nursing the stump that used to be his arm.

No longer did he scream, Naruto only grunted with the pain as he looked up through blackening vision to see Azrael rising from the crater into the air with his blade in his right hand and Naruto's arm in his left. In his chest, Naruto saw two perfect holes, showing where he had planted his fists into the angel. "I gave you the chance to roll over and die, Uzumaki…"

The virus took the arm and tossed it to the ground in front of Naruto who growled at his words. "I would've made your death very merciful and quick had you simply submitted to my power and let the human race die off for good…" Disappearing and reappearing before Naruto, Azrael grabbed his neck and lifted him into the air, not caring that the blonde was losing color due to blood loss. Naruto coughed and chuckled at the same time. This caused Azrael to become enraged and he shook the dying blonde violently. "Even in the face of death and its harbinger you mock me with your laughter! You pathetic vermin, tell why you laugh at me!"

Naruto squinted his eyes and let his chuckle die down to a simply smirk as he pointed to his heart. The Angel of Death narrowed his eyes before smashing the blonde into the ground and stomping onto his chest plate, crushing it and letting him get a clear view of his chest. On the skin over his heart, Azrael was able to see something that made even him quake in fear. Naruto began to chuckle once more. "I told you…I would either kill you, or kill us both!"

The Angel of Death backed up in fear, but even he knew that it was futile for him to try and escape. Naruto continued to speak as he lost more blood and the seal began to collect more and more natural energy. "This seal, a powerful fuinjutsu of my own design that can seal even the most powerful of demons, will be your grave! I constructed this using my knowledge of my own seal and advanced fuinjutsu academics. It will seal you away within my body for as long as time flows on! Rigged to go off as my heart dies away, I anticipated that I would die in battle and it will seek out the strongest around me and seal his or her soul within me! You are that person, Azrael! Now is the time that you will die!"

Azrael screamed in rage before he planted his foot into the ground, gathering as much of his power as he could to obliterate the seal. "I have done far too much to let a simple seal be my downfall! I will destroy your body and you will die weak and alone!" Releasing his attack, the beam connected with a blue dome now surrounding Naruto as he continued to laugh at the angel. The energy began to build up as a cyclone of energy started to swirl around the two. "Nothing will be able to disturb this process, Azrael! You will die here and now!"

Azrael tried so hard to dodge the hand that now reached from Naruto's chest, but he was eventually snagged and he was slammed into the ground as five more hands reached out from the arm. Each one grabbed an arm, leg and the last grabbed his head and began to pull while the main one held him to the ground as he screamed in protest. "You cannot do this! You will disrupt the balance! You will cause far worse things to happen and His wrath will be upon your race! I am His sword!"

Naruto sighed as his eyes felt heavy. He spoke in a voice that seemed only for his ears to hear. "You speak of wrath from a higher power…that you are apparently his sword on earth…when he is merciful to us by even letting us live. You are no sword…you are a murderer…a demon stained with the blood of the innocent. That is why this seal will work on you…you are no angel…you are a demon!"

As he spoke his final words, the hands ripped Azrael's soul from his body and pulled it a maximum velocity to Naruto's body before a large white light expelled from the blonde's chest. Naruto did not scream, even though the pain of the sealing was excruciating. He simply closed his eyes and as the light died down…his final breath left his mouth in the form of six words…six simple words.

"I love you…all of you…"

It was in this final moment, that the Blonde Powerhouse, the Maelstrom of Konoha, Konoha's Number One Unpredictable Ninja, The Number One Hyperactive Knucklehead, Konoha's Orange Hokage, The Child of Prophecy and the Savior of This World…Son of the Fourth Hokage…Son of the Red Death…Harbinger of Peace and Conqueror of Death…Uzumaki Naruto…

…Died with a large smile on his face...


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