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Nothing…that was all that could describe what it was that Alter saw. What used to be suburbia and city was now nothing more than a crater. At the center he saw another crater that went even deeper into the earth. Knowing what awaited him at the center of this decimation, he steeled his nerves for what he figured would be there for his eyes to see.

Walking slowly, he swerved around the rocks and spires that jutted up from the ground and looked to the sea where he was able to see another crater and then he looked behind him to where there was a massive dent in the side of the mountain. Knowing that it was his former host that had done such damage, the dark soul could not help but smile at his destructive tendencies as his thoughts went into some state of admiration. 'Heh…damn…the kid could really do some damage…'

As he neared the edge of the hole into the earth, Alter could see the blonde mop of hair that told him the body it was attached to belong to his host and friend. Approaching the body, he also saw another one that wasn't too far away. 'That can only be an evolved form of the virus that he fought…damn…seems he really had a rough time if the damn parasite kept evolving…makes me wonder what would've happened if I had stayed…'

Not being able to stand the sight of the other body, Alter scowled and bypassed Naruto's own body for a time to walk over and throw the body of Azrael into the dark crater that was in front of him. Turning back to Naruto's body, Alter walked over and saw that a seal was placed over his heart. Upon further inspection, he realized what Naruto had done in order to defeat the virus. His head fell and his thoughts became somber. 'So you were actually pushed to seal the damn thing into you, huh? A risky move, considering that it could've taken over you, but it seems to have worked. Now the damn parasite will rot inside the seal for eternity…'

Gathering his chakra, Alter performed the necessary hand seals and behind him, a dark portal appeared and if one were standing near it, they would be able to feel the cold tendrils of time reaching from it. Picking up Naruto's body, Alter turned and walked through it, leaving the world to its new and brighter future.

A portal appeared in the area that was Training Ground Seven and from it came the pale form of Alter carrying the dead form of Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto. Knowing that it was in such fast succession that he had performed the time travel, he was in for a load of chakra exhaustion, Alter tried his best to make haste to the main part of the village. As he started to limp towards the Hokage's Tower, he caught the stray glimpses of people's glares that were leveled at him for carrying the corpse of one that they abhorred with a great passion, despite what the fallen had done for them. Alter growled at this.

'These people do not deserve to have the body of a true hero resting within their village! But…the girls deserve to have the body of their lover buried near them.' As he approached the Hokage Tower, Alter was able to make out the faces of everyone that he had brought back with him to save from the hellish battle for the future. The faces of Saya, her parents, Saeko, Shizuka, Alice, Rei, Takashi and Kohta along with the survivors from the mall all looked at him with expressions of hope. He could also see people from his time that had come to see him bring him back. These faces alone made his spirit fall to pieces.

As the group saw his head fall and the dangling arms and legs of Naruto's corpse, they immediately feared the worst and began to tear up. Alter, even though he was a dark and vulgar soul, couldn't help but feel a sense of remorse for doing this to them. 'It would seem that I have taken more from you than simply power, my friend…I have taken your feelings for this race as well.'

Approaching them, Alter felt something wet fall down his face and knew as he set the body down at their feet…that this was his first tear shed in sadness. Turning quickly so as to hide the feeling that he long considered a weakness, he spoke in a shaky voice that betrayed his heartless bravado. "He…succeeded in destroying the virus and sealing it within himself. It would seem…that he was willing to give everything to keep the world safe…"

Tsunade, who was amongst the group that had come to see Naruto return, walked forward and placed a hand on Alter's shoulder. When he would've normally shrugged the limb off, he let her touch him, as even he felt that he needed some form of comfort in this moment of tragedy. "Are you going to be okay?"

Alter nodded his head and turned once more, sniffling once to get rid of what clogged his nose. Facing the girls, he spoke. "I know how he felt about you and I know what you are carrying from him…" Their faces turned red and Hinata was about to speak up from the small crowd until Alter continued. "…and I know what you meant to him, Hinata-chan. I will be there for you all, just as he was. Though I cannot care for each and every one of you just as he did, I will care for your children just as he would've. I will not allow them to grow without a man in their life…but I cannot take the place of their father…that was and will forever be his role…living or dead."

Knowing that the dark soul was trying to cheer them up, they tried to smile, but the tears still fell as they kept their eyes on the corpse of the man that had saved them from disaster and apocalypse. No one had any words for the moment and Alter knew that seeing the corpse of their lover and friend was devastating them. He slowly moved to pick the body up and turned away from everyone. Smashing his right foot into the ground, the earth quake slightly before a long rectangle opened up in the ground that was three feet wide and ten feet long.

As the perfect, ten foot deep rectangle was made, people walking by began to stare in wonder at what was happening. Alter stamped his foot once more and stairs appeared for him to walk down into the hole. Everyone gathered around and watched as with each step, a coffin that looked to be made of pure gold began to rise up out of the earth, ornate designs adorning its surface and when Alter reached the end of the stairs, the coffin stood as tall as he did and opened up.

Walking up to it, he placed Naruto within the coffin standing. Removing Shukketsu Souru from her sheathe, Alter raised it high into the sky and spoke in a grand tone. "This magnificent blade, which has slain the armies of the undead and infected en masse, used to protect the innocent from the worlds greatest enemy faced, is far too powerful to ever see the light of day! Lest it ever be needed once more, it shall remain buried beneath the village of its wielder, with its wielder! Within the hands of Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto is where this blade shall stay for eternity!"

Turning to Naruto's body, Alter positioned the blade so that Naruto's hand rested on the pommel while the tip of the blade rested at his feet. "Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto…you have saved the world countless times and have brought upon a golden era of peace within two different times. May you sleep peacefully for eternity."

Turning, Alter heard as the coffin closed and began to sink into the ground once more as he ascended the steps. Once he was at regular ground level, he readied himself to permanently place the body of Naruto within the earth forever, but he faltered as his eyes began to burn more fiercely…it was in that moment, that something happened that caused everyone to gasp and backpedal.

The coffin began to come from the earth once more, only this time; it quaked as if a monster were trying to free itself from within. Alter prepared for the worst and pulled his blade out, though his vision was blurry from the burning in his eyes. As the coffin came back fully to the surface, it stopped shaking so violently and it caused everyone to now be on guard.

In these moments of heightened senses, one could vaguely make out the sliver of light that began to come from the cracks between the body and lid of the coffin. Alter's eyes went wide as he felt a spark of chakra from within the coffin and he realized what it was. 'Nature chakra! But…that means…that his body collected it naturally during the sealing…but how could it…he…He Planned His Death In The First Place!'

Alter turned and spoke in a frantic voice. "Back up! Hurry! Get away from the coffin!" Everyone was about to protest until his face turned serious and he roared, "NOW!" This got everyone to move immediately and he turned back to the coffin just in time to witness the lid burst into a thousand pieces, each one shattering into even smaller pieces, making the bright light coming from within look even more majestic.

'I see what you did, Naruto. Horribly reckless, but incredibly genius! You used your stationary required position during the sealing and gathered massive amounts of Nature Chakra to recover your own chakra after using so much to fight the virus. You knew you would die from the sealing, but you weren't ready to leave everyone alone…you really are stubborn, aren't you? Stubborn enough to conquer even death!'

In that final thought, the light burst forth and blinded everyone, but something else was heard. A scream came from the blinding light and everyone recognized the scream well enough to know that it was who they loved so dearly. The light died and everyone rushed forward to look into the rectangle. What they saw made them worry and made them fear once more.

There Naruto stood eyes wide and glazed over, blood pouring from his stump of an arm and his blade on the ground in front of him. His head shakily looked up to everyone and a ghost of a smile crossed his lips as he spoke in a strained voice. "I'm so happy…I was able to see everyone again…" After that, he fell forward, but Alter was faster than the fall as he appeared to grab him as he flipped him over onto his back. "God damn it, don't you die again!"

It was then that Tsunade appeared with her hands glowing red as she cauterized the wound that bled profusely, then they changed to green as she ran a diagnostic jutsu over him. "He's drying again of chakra exhaustion! I need to transplant enough regular chakra to him before the Nature Chakra is depleted!"

Alter looked down and closed his eyes as they watered up. No one else had enough chakra to fill the blonde to the point that he could recover, but he was already suffering from his own chakra exhaustion from using the time travel jutsu twice in such quick succession. "Gah…use mine!" Tsunade nodded and put one of her glowing hands to his chest, but faltered when she felt it. "But you barely have enough to sustain your own life! You'll die if I do this!"

Alter growled as he looked to her with narrowed eyes. "Just do it, woman! I won't have him die again! Now you better do this or I'll find a way to do it myself!" Tsunade looked down and clenched her eyes shut, but she knew she had to move fast, because the Nature chakra was dwindling on its last legs. "Fine! I'll do it!"

In those words, her hands glowed even brighter as Alter soon felt his chakra begin to drain from him. His eyes softened as he felt his life begin to leave him, but soon the feeling of pure drainage was lessened as he felt some of his energy return. His eyes shot open as he looked down to see another hand over Tsunade's. He followed the arm to see it was connected to the young, pineapple-haired boy, Nara Shikamaru. The boy also held the hand of a girl with pink hair by the name of Haruno Sakura. Her hand was connected to another and this chain went up the stairs and out into the crowd. Each hand was held by a ninja and they each were willing to give their chakra to save the one that had saved them.

Alter smirked and chuckled as he felt his power returning. He also felt Naruto's returning at a much greater pace. The blonde began to twitch as his life was restored to him. Also, something else happened to cause shock. In the excess of chakra, the natural healing properties of it caused something that should've been impossible, but then again, Naruto had already defied death, so it came as no shock to anyone.

His arm slowly began to grow back from the stump that it was before. First came the bone, then came the tendons and muscle, then the skin grew back completely. This arm then reached forth and grabbed at the dirt beneath him, trying harder to bring the body that it was attached to some sort of relief from the pain that it was in.

As life returned to the blonde, his eyes shot open and a scream roared out that caused everyone to want to cover their ears, but instead it was that scream that told them that their friend, whom they thought was gone for sure…

Was alive once more…

Ten Years Later

It was a bright day in Konohagakure no Sato. The air was filled with the smell of wonderful food and the screams of playful joy from children. From the Namikaze estate, one would be able to hear the voices of the children that ran through the back where a small playground was set up. On the back porch of the estate sat six figures that each held smiles on their faces, well except for one nearly permanent smirk. The beautiful, older faces of Namikaze Saya, Namikaze Saeko, Namikaze Shizuka, Namikaze Hyuuga Hinata and the face of their husband, Namikaze Naruto, each sat with their eyes on their children who had just come home from the Ninja Academy. Alter sat beside his brother with his smirk plastered in his face and his arms crossed.

The two pinkette girls of Naruto and Saya, Ai and Kibō, both played with happy smiles on their angelic and whiskered faces with their older surrogate sister, Alice, who had grown into a beautiful teenage girl. Not only that, but by being around Naruto Alter enough, her body had naturally siphoned enough of their chakra that she was able to be inducted into the Ninja Academy. She graduated and was now a Chunnin in rank.

The only girl that came from Saeko and Naruto, Meiyo, was a sweet girl that carried herself like her mother, but had long blonde hair that resembled her father's in color. Her eyes were violet and she had the whisker marks of her father. Shizuka's girl, Seikatsu, had platinum blonde hair and was so hyperactive, that it was like a younger female version of her father. Her eyes resembled her mothers, but she also held the whisker marks, deeming her to Naruto's legacy.

The last child was a young boy. The youngest of them all, resembled the father so well in that he had his sun blonde hair and perfect tanned skin he had from playing with his siblings outside. His attitude was like both his father's and his mother's though, as he was very kind and caring and very hyperactive like a permanent sugar rush. Like his mother, he had the trademarked eyes of the Hyuuga. He had awakened the Byakugan and was the youngest of his family to be inducted into the Ninja Academy. In the memory of what had happened, both Hinata and Naruto found a fitting name for the young boy.


Beneath the Village

Deep within the earth where the would-be coffin of Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto remained buried, not needed for a long time, something within it was disturbed. A putrid green smoke swirled within it and from it, a dark voice echoed for no one to hear its foreboding words.

"No one…can hold back…the Angel of Death…I will come back and defeat you…"




Ai = Love

Kibō = Hope

Meiyo = Honor

Seikatsu = Life

Kyūseishu = Savior

I hope that this epilogue was something that will keep you sated for a time! I also hope that you picked up my surprise! A sequel! Be Prepared…


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