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Chapter Two

The door smashed against the outside wall a little bit harder than Naruto had expected. He cringed as he thought to himself, 'That...probably wasn't the smartest thing I've ever done...' The clash rang out through the school yard and on the stairs. Naruto froze and started to sweat until he heard the definitive roar of the creatures in tandem. 'Fuck me...' He turned to the group and grabbed Shizuka's hand. "Everyone, run! Now!"

Each group split away and went on their own path but each had the same destination. Naruto tried to keep Shizuka calm and safe as they ran. She soon pointed her finger as she was finally able to keep up with him. "There! That bus!" Naruto looked to where she was pointing and his eyes widened when he saw the large mode of transportation. "What the Hell is that thing?" To his left, Saeko sighed as she whacked a thing to her right as she passed it. 'He really is stupid...'

As he looked at the bus, Naruto soon realized how distracted he was and looked back ahead. Unfortunately, he could not see through the massive horde that blocked his path. In a nearly flawless flourish, Naruto let go of Shizuka's hand and gripped Shukketsu Souru tightly. Nearing them with a greater speed and leaving Saeko and Shizuka behind, Naruto brought forth his blade and cut down the creatures in groups.

Heads fell to the ground...bodies fell to pieces...everything that could've happened to the creatures happened in spades. Naruto had quickly gone from being a powerful protector...to a machine of death. Shizuka watched in utter horror as he cut them down without hesitation or fear. It scared her. 'H-how can he do this? How is he able to do this and not go insane...?' She covered her mouth with both hands, stopping in the middle of the horde and she collapsed to her knees.

Saeko was not far behind her as she saw Shizuka go down. She hurried herself and ran faster to get to her as she saw the things already moving in on her. Saeko positioned herself in front of her and she readied her bokken to fend them off. It began kind of like she had seen in movies when she went on occasion to see them. One came at a time and then maybe two or three as a small test of integrity. She beat down each and every one but they kept coming after her. It was beginning to wear her down.

Beads of sweat appeared on her forehead as Saeko began to force herself to keep on going. 'This is starting to get annoying. No matter how many I take down there are always more of them! Fuck...' As another creature came after her she struck it and split its skull wide open. 'I can keep them off forever! Damn it, Naruto-san...where are you?' As she finished her thought, she heard Shizuka scream and she turned to see that three had snuck up behind them. Saeko's eyes widened as she thought that Shizuka would surely die and in tandem...herself.

She moved to attack as fast as she could but she knew that she wouldn't reach her in time. She prayed to herself that by some miracle...they would live. As she saw the infected descend upon Shizuka...she could only close her eyes in fear of what she would see. But...as she heard Shizuka screaming she also noticed...it wasn't stopping. She opened her eyes and what she saw made her gasp.

Naruto stood facing Shizuka who was still screaming. The three infected had bitten down onto Naruto's right hip, his left arm and his right shoulder. The thing was...Saeko could not see blood. It looked as if they hadn't even broken through the coat...and they hadn't. Naruto grunted in pain at the bites but he himself knew that they couldn't bit through his coat. He looked up at Saeko and gave her a small and painful smile. She blushed and turned to fight off the other infected creatures.

Naruto began to move his right arm for Shukketsu Souru and when he saw Saeko turn, he charged his hand with Kyuubi's chakra. He grasped the handle and quickly ripped it from the sheath, turning and cutting down all three things with one slash. Naruto then proceeded to cut down other infected people that came at him and Shizuka. As he did, he heard Saeko speak. "Naruto! We have to get to the bus! We can't stay like this forever!"

Naruto looked around as he cut another one cleanly in half. He saw that Takashi and the others had gotten there already and gotten in, waiting for them. 'I have to use it. I just hope it works. I've never done this with anyone besides myself.' Naruto sheathed Shukketsu Souru and pulled one of the scrolls from his waist and swung it open. Saeko heard it open and turned as she saw a small puff of smoke come from it. Out of the smoke came a small three-pronged kunai knife. 'How'd he do that with a scroll?'

She watched as Naruto looked to be calculating something. She looked to where he was looking and saw the bus. Her eyes widened as she knew what he was trying to do. 'It'd be useless but even if it is he could never make it that far!' That's got to be at least a hundred and fifty yards!' She looked back to Naruto and saw him shrug. He then reared back and launched it straight forward. Saeko watched with wide eyes as the air bent around the knife as it blew past the hordes of infected.

The clang rang out as the knife dug into the side of the bus and Saeko could only stare, mouth agape. She then heard Naruto's voice. "Come now, Saeko-san, you make a terrible fly catcher." Saeko quickly clamped her mouth shut and looked to Naruto with a blush. She saw that he had Shizuka up and bridal style in his arms as she had his coat clenched in her hands and her face buried in his chest. Naruto motioned for her to come over with his head and she hopped over the bodies of the slain to do so. "Grab hold of me, Saeko-san."

Saeko did as she was told and grabbed a clump of his coat and laid her head on his shoulder. 'What are you doing? Do you simply wish to die like this...with someone by your side?' As she thought to herself, she felt as warm energy begin to flow over her. She opened her eyes and saw that Naruto was...glowing? Yes...Naruto was glowing with a dark blur aura that was almost black.

Shizuka stopped her screaming and crying as she felt the calming aura wash over her. She cracked her eyes open barely and sniffled. 'What...what is this feeling?' She looked up and saw that Naruto had a small smile on his face and he was glowing with a dark blue aura. She blushed as he opened his eyes and looked down at her. "It is okay...Shizuka-chan...Saeko-chan...we will live."

A spike in the warm energy came and Shizuka and Saeko could feel a pulse ring out and send the dirt and dust at their feet out in a thin, twisting circle. The feeling was indescribable to Saeko as at one moment, they were surrounded by the infected ones...and only a second later they were right beside the kunai that was lodged into the bus. She reopened her unknowingly closed eyes and let the breath that she had held go.

Naruto staggered slightly and set Shizuka down lightly as he was beginning to feel lightheaded. 'At least it worked...' He looked to Saeko and spoke. "Saeko-chan...get Shizuka onto the bus and get it running. I'll hold them off while you all get everything ready." Saeko nodded and grabbed Shizuka's arm, pulling her with her as they got onto the bus. Naruto smiled softly as he turned to the advancing horde of creatures. 'Maybe...I'm not as dead as I thought I was...'

Naruto held himself up from his exhaustion as he pulled Shukketsu Souru forth slowly, the sun gleaming off of the blade. He held the sword in front of him in a tired battle stance as he saw them coming closer at a deadly slow pace. 'I'm surprised...none of them have become runners quite yet. Man...I hated those fuckers...' Naruto slashed at the first one that lunged at him and cut the top half of its head off. Blood covered the left side of Naruto's face as the thing fell to the ground spurting blood from the fatal wound.

Quickly, Naruto leaked a small amount of Kyuubi's chakra into his body to replenish his own and he felt slightly better, but not perfect. He smiled still as he cut down another...and another. One after the other they fell...one after the other...Naruto's smile became more crazed and deranged. As each infected enemy fell to his blade, Naruto could feel himself falling to the simple pleasure...the pleasure of having control...

'This feeling...this is so...GOOD!' Naruto couldn't help himself as he hacked down nearly half of the horde in minutes. He would disappear in a small flash of speed and reappear to cut down five in a flash of his blade. As the group watched in the bus...each had their own thoughts on what was going on.


Takashi watched in awe as he saw Naruto cut them down. But he could also tell that Naruto was beginning to get into it...maybe too into it. 'Just what the Hell is this guy? How can he...how can he do this...' Rei wasn't faring much better with it. 'Naruto-san...what has made you this way that you can do this so readily?'

Kohta watched in utter amazement. He had always been a gun person himself, but he admired those that could last in close quarters. 'This is amazing! He hasn't even been scratched by these things!' His partner, Saya, could only watch in fear...not fear of Naruto's life...but fear for Naruto himself. 'No person...how could...there's just...this is impossible. What has he been through that could make him like this?'

Shizuka could not see what was going on as she was working on getting the bus started but Saeko watched the whole thing as it unfolded. 'Naruto-san...what has been done to you? How can you do this? How can you do this so willingly?' She continued to watch as Naruto was starting to lose it further...


Naruto reappeared in front of the bus and reared back, letting loose a roar that echoed throughout the surrounding area. He placed the blade of Shukketsu Souru at his forearm and quickly slashed, pulling a long, thin trail of blood with it. Naruto pressed his palm to the back of the blade and held it in front of his face with the same crazed grin that he had before. As he gathered his energy into his blade, he spoke in an insane voice. "This will take care of you all!"

The energy surrounding Naruto's hands spread over his entire body and it began to become...evil. It felt like pure malice to those on the bus. Naruto took the hilt in both of his hands and reared back like a batter at the plate. He then screamed out at the top of his lungs...

"Sōdoāto: Buraddisupiāzu!"

Naruto swung his blade with so much force that his dark energy flew from the edge with his blood and formed spears of red energy. They then proceeded to shoot through the immediate horde and anything else within a football field's length of the oncoming blades. Bodies were either torn to pieces or were sent flying by the shockwave of the blast of energy. Naruto's smile began to fade, though...

He became woozy as he felt himself stagger in his step. He turned and tried to reach for the bus door but he fell to his knees. He saw his vision blur and his muscles felt like they were on fire. He clenched his teeth as the pain was beginning to make him groan. 'What...the Hell...happened?' As his vision became black, the last thing he saw was Takashi coming from the bus to get him. Naruto chuckled slightly as he fell into unconsciousness. 'At least he has guts...enough to help his friends and a total stranger...'


Takashi couldn't stand what had just happened. He had seen Naruto tear down half of the horde that had cornered them and then he completely decimated nearly half of the entire parking lot to kill even more. He had to close his eyes and turn his head so he wasn't tempted to stare at the carnage that was wreaked before him. But...as he heard the sounds of the roars and energy expenditure wear down...he looked back.

Naruto was on the ground in pain. Takashi could not, even if every thought in his head told him to, leave him. He opened the door to the outside and ran off of the bus. He turned and saw Naruto reaching for the bus but he then collapsed into unconsciousness. Takashi quickly grabbed him and tossed him over his shoulder and he then grabbed Shukketsu Souru and ran into the bus.

He placed Naruto into a seat sitting up and had the respect enough to place Shukketsu Souru in the seat next to him. Takashi walked away to the front and talked to Shizuka. "Are we ready to go?" Shizuka nodded and started the bus. She was ready to pull off but then she heard Takashi speak again. "Wait! There are still people out there!" Shizuka turned her head, as did everyone else who was awake, and saw who he was talking about.

It was a small group of people, about four or five...maybe six, and they were sprinting down the parking lot towards the bus. Takashi spoke again. "Who the Hell is that?" Saeko was the one to answer him. "That is Shido-sensei. I believe that he is from class 3A if I remember correctly." Rei's eyes widened when she heard Saeko say his name. She quickly turned to Takashi and practically yelled at him. "Go now! We can't save him!" Takashi looked at her like she was crazy. "Are you insane? We can't just leave other survivors to these things! We might as well murder them!"

Rei huffed and crossed her arms before sitting down in her seat. She then spoke in a small voice. "You'll regret saving a man like that..." Saeko heard this and looked out the window. She had seen Shido stop to possibly help a kid who had fallen from a twisted ankle by the looks of how things were. The thing was, though, he didn't help the boy up. He instead smashed his foot into his face and walked away calmly as the creatures stalked over to the sound of the boys screaming.

Saeko grimaced at the act of complete disregard for human life and turned away. 'Maybe Rei is right. Should we save him? A person like that is definitely not the kind I wish to be around...' Her thinking was cut short as she saw Shido walk onto the bus with a calm smile on his face. He looked to Shizuka and smiled. "Thank you for waiting, Marikawa-san." Shizuka simply turned her head and pressed the button to close the door. When everyone was seated, Shizuka had to force herself to press the gas down. It first started out as a simple thought. 'They...they aren't human...they aren't human anymore...' She then steeled her eyes and then looked forward as she pressed the gas harder. "They Aren't Human Anymore!"

The bus plowed through the hordes of the creatures until the bus was on the Sakura covered streets leading to the city. It took some time and calming from Saeko, but soon she was able to calm herself and lighten up on the gas. Shizuka took deep breaths as they went over the cliff roads overlooking the city. Rei looked out her window and gasped. Clouds of smoke and the glows of the fires were scattered throughout the city.

It didn't take very long for them to actually make it into the city. Shizuka had driven for hours on end but the noise on the bus was finally getting to the point that she was having trouble driving. Some student from the group that Shido had brought on was starting to try and pick a fight with Takashi. Finally having enough of the noise, Shizuka slammed on the brake and undid her seatbelt before twisting and turning in her seat. She faced the back and let loose. "Enough! I cannot drive like this! Sit down, now!"

The boy wouldn't back down and stepped forward, only for Rei's broomstick spear to smash into his stomach. He fell to the ground gagging and trying to keep his lunch down. Shido, on the other hand, simply stepped forward, clapping his hands. "Very nice, but this little drama simply proves that we need a leader." Saya had her arms crossed as she spoke. "And I suppose you think that you'll be nominating yourself for the position?"

Shido bent down with a devilish grin. "I am the only teacher present, which would make me the best candidate for the job." He then flung his arms out in a dramatic manner and turned towards the back of the bus. "But what say all of you?" The entire back of the bus erupted into applause as he bowed and spoke. "I thank you all for trusting me with this. I will take the burdens of this position and I will make sure that we all survive!"

As Shido spoke, Rei could barely contain her anger as she opened the door and stormed off of the bus. Takashi saw this and ran after her. Saeko was about ready to follow until she saw something out of the corner of her eye. She turned and saw another bus...only this one was full of the infected ones. She ran out to try and get Takashi and Rei out of the way, but she was too late as they dove into the tunnel as the bus smashed into it and stopped. Saeko got off of the bus and she saw the infected crawl from the windows and she watched as they burned and fell.

She yelled over the roar of the fire so that Takashi and Rei could hear her. "Where should we meet you?" Takashi answered immediately. "Meet us at the police station on the other side of the bridge at seven! If we can't make it today then we'll meet tomorrow at the same time!" Saeko nodded as she got back onto the bus. Just as she got on, the bus at the beginning of the tunnel blew up. She knew that they had gotten away, though.

All the while...Naruto was deep within his mind...


It was dark...not the sewers that they used to be before the change...but it was simply darkness. It was an absence of light and Naruto could only stare into the eternal nothingness. It was as he stared forward that he heard it...the chilling laughter that he had let loose when he had gone drunk with the Kyuubi's power...or he thought it was her power. He turned his head in a raging motion as he tried to find the source of the dark laughter.

"You are looking for me...aren't you?" Naruto turned his head to find where the voice had come from and he stopped when he saw something in the abyssal darkness. It was...him. The person looked exactly like him...he even had Naruto's new look. Only it was grey instead of black. The major difference was his eyes...they were cold...dead...unfeeling. Naruto could see that they weren't his blue eyes, but an evil black. Naruto was ready to speak until the other him spoke for him. "Who am I? Is that what you're going to ask? Well no need to worry because the answer is quite simple. I am you."

Naruto was stunned...this thing was him? He was about to speak again until he was interrupted again. "How is it possible? Simple...it's very simple...you are insane, my dear friend." Naruto heard the dark Naruto's voice ring all around him as he spoke. "I'm...insane?" The evil Naruto nodded with a small smile and a light chuckle. "Well...not entirely insane. You are still retaining some of your sanity. But that is only because of the people you have around you."

Naruto accepted the answer as it was rather logical. "But how do you know that I'm insane?" Dark Naruto chuckled evilly and pointed to himself. "I am all the proof you need. You're here talking to me and I'm talking back. An alternate personality does not a sane person make, my dear Naruto. Especially when that personality is a bloodthirsty maniac, young grasshopper." Naruto sighed and watched as Dark Naruto walked over to him on the invisible floor.

"You see...during the outbreak in the Elemental Nations, you were already losing yourself. It was Kyuubi's corruptive chakra and the dark atmosphere that contributed to my creation. Do you remember when you tapped into 'Kyuubi's' chakra to replenish yourself?' Naruto nodded and waited for Dark Naruto to continue. "That was only the start. You see, when Kyuubi put herself in the very back of your mind, she took all of her chakra with her. Well...all of her chakra that wasn't already assimilated into you by the seal. The chakra that was left behind was formed to make...me!" Naruto finally spoke his first words in the whole conversation. "But I thought that that chakra had been assimilated into me..."

Dark Naruto wagged a finger as he walked in a circle around Naruto. "Now you see, that's your problem. You thought that it was when you never bothered to check. Instead...over the years when it was being taken from Kyuubi, it was not being put into you. It was simply being put to the side...kind of like a garbage can. Well when you were fighting in your outbreak...your soul was beginning to break into two pieces. I personally blame the stress. That bitch Tsunade wouldn't let us rest for a single fucking day while those things were loose..." "Don't Talk About Baa-chan Like That!" Naruto's face was entangled with rage as he roared at the malignant version of himself.

Dark Naruto chuckled once more as he stopped in front of him. "Anyway...when your spirit was torn...both of them were the same. They were simply in two pieces inside of your body. Now had you noticed this by trying to use your spirit energy, maybe you would've caught this and reversed it...but you're a dumbass! Only death cures stupidity, my idiot friend!" Naruto was getting angrier and angrier by the second. "Just Tell Me What You Need To Tell Me!"

The malice pouring off of Dark Naruto couldn't have been heavier. His chuckling was actually beginning to scare Naruto. "I'm striking chords here, aren't I? Oh well! When Kyuubi's assimilated chakra came into contact with one of the halves of your soul, it had not yet been purified by your body's coils. The corruption spread and gave you a split personality. Also know as...me!"

Naruto got wide eyed at what he was telling him. "So...when I leaked that chakra into me...it was actually yours?" Dark Naruto nodded and Naruto continued. "And when I did...you took over me?" Dark Naruto held up a finger and shook his head. "Wrong, dumbass! While my chakra is still a secondary reserve like the Kyuubi's, I'm still a part of you. When you took my chakra, you were simply linking with the other half of your soul for a short period of time. The two personalities clashed and mine won for a short period of time until the halves of your soul separated and your natural chakra replenished. Well...now that I think about it...maybe there was a bit of possession...but only minor if any."

Naruto sighed. "Well...this definitely sucks. I'll have to get Kyuubi to fix this later." Dark Naruto grinned and spoke. "She can't do anything about it, my friend. It's too far gone to fix it now. You'll just have to deal with it." Naruto frowned. "Well this just got even shittier. I'll have to be careful from now on about that chakra." The Dark Naruto simply shrugged. "I personally don't care. But this conversation is definitely cutting into my sleepy-time. I need my beauty sleep so why don't you just take your happy ass away and wake up already?"

Dark Naruto began to walk away as Naruto began to fade from the malignant place. Before he and his other half were both gone, Dark Naruto turned and spoke. "Don't fuck up, dumbass..." With his final words, they both faded away.


Naruto had awoken to the noises of argument going on around him. His eyes fluttered open softly but he let is body stay still so as to not alert anyone to him being awake. He cracked his eyes slightly so he could still see what was going on. Kohta had an enraged look on his face and he was pointing he weapon towards the back of the bus. Naruto could also see that, Saya, Saeko and Shizuka were at the front near the door. It was brighter outside so Naruto could only figure that it was the next day.

Kohta was going off about his life before the outbreak. How hard it was and how he was always picked on and ridiculed. Apparently it was egged on by some Shido character. Naruto could feel his emotions start to come forth as he remembered his own life as a child back in Konoha. He remembered how he was beaten and called names. He remembered the glares from his own teachers...but then he remembered Iruka...he remembered his warm smile and cheery face. He remembered the times that he would take him out for ramen and also the times that he would sit and watch over him as he cleaned the Hokage Monument after he had gone on a prank spree and been caught. It brought an unnoticeable smile to Naruto's face.

The argument was beginning to heat up and Naruto heard footsteps beside him. Sensing that there could be possible danger, he quickly stood with his fist reared back and poised to strike at whoever it was that was going towards the four at the front. He came face to face with a man wearing glasses. He had a pale, narrow face that reminded him of Orochimaru so much that he wanted to cut the skin from his skull and burn it. His eyes were those of a manipulative man. Naruto could feel every vibe from this man that he had felt from Orochimaru...but he knew that it wasn't him. Naruto also saw a small cut on his left cheek and from the corner of his eye he saw the nail embedded in the seat. Naruto smirked, 'Nice, Kohta.'

Naruto's face twisted in disgust as he spoke. "Who...the Hell...are you?" The man looked like he was about ready to defecate himself until he spoke. "I-I'm Koichi...K-Koichi Shido..." Naruto got a dark look in his eye as he looked at Shido but he quickly turned and looked at Kohta and smiled...more like a smirk, though. "You did well, Kohta-san. Though I must ask, what's going on?"

Kohta frowned and looked towards Shido while lowering his weapon. "We were trying to leave but then this bastard was trying to make Marikawa-sensei stay when she didn't want to. I could feel the lust in his eyes on her...it sickened me..." Naruto nodded as he lowered his fist and turned back to Shido. Said man's eyes were shimmering in fear of Naruto's unknown, to him, wrath. Naruto raised a finger and pointed it at Shido. "You...will stand down...now!"

Shido quickly backed away and nodded his head, holding up his arms in order to protect himself if need be. Naruto looked to his seat and found Shukketsu Souru. He grabbed it quickly and sheathed it. He turned and nodded to the four at the front. "If you wish to leave then leave now. And Kohta-san..."

Kohta, who had already turned to leave, turned back and looked Naruto in the eye. Naruto nodded and Kohta smiled slightly. Even if it wasn't words, the fact that his deed was acknowledged was enough for Kohta. He felt a small wave of warmth run through him as he turned to get off of the bus right behind Saya. Naruto turned one more time to Shido, who was cowering in fear of what would happen.

Naruto stalked over to him and Shido could feel his body trying to shrink to get away from the angered blonde. When Naruto towered over his cowering form, he spoke. "If I ever...see you again...then I will peel your skin from your bones and burn your body to ash. Do you understand me?" Shido nodded fervently as Naruto turned to take his leave.

As Naruto walked off of the bus, he saw that the other four had taken the time to wait for him. Naruto walked over to them as he took in the sight of what was around him. A large bridge was off in the distance and they were stuck behind much smaller versions of the thing that they were in. Naruto looked to the group and also noticed that two were missing. "Where are Takashi-san and Rei-san?"

Saeko spoke to answer his question. "While you were out, Takashi-san and Rei-san got off of the bus because of Shido, or something that he had done. Whatever it was, Rei-san did not trust him. Takashi-san had gotten off to try and get her but before he could convince her, another bus that was full of them came down the road and smashed into the tunnel that Takashi-san had followed her into, trapping them inside. We were supposed to cross this bridge so we could meet them at the police station at seven yesterday. Since we couldn't make it then we have to be there today but this traffic is keeping us from doing that. We are going to cross a different bridge."

Naruto nodded and motioned for them to go on ahead. He followed behind them at a small distance and started to think to himself. 'Those two had better be okay. If they die then this all goes to shit!' As he thought to himself for a little while longer, he noticed that it was getting darker. Naruto scowled to the sky with its orange hue. 'These fuckers get more active at night. We need to either hurry up or find shelter.'

In the distance Naruto saw a bridge come into view. Saeko spoke up from the front. "There it is. But it looks like they have overrun that bridge." Naruto grunted and in a second, all attention was on him in the back. Naruto looked at all the wondering faces and simply spoke. "If these things have overrun a bridge to an objective then the only thing to do is to eradicate them and walk on through."

Saeko nodded and turned back to look forward. "You are right on that account, Naruto-san. We have to get there tonight and the only way is over that bridge. Let's go!" Everyone got fired up and Naruto smiled unnoticeably underneath his mask. 'Both her and Takashi make excellent leaders for their age and lack of experience. I wonder what else she can do.'

As they came to the bridge, Naruto saw that there were far more than he had expected. Saeko and the others were shocked and began to back up slightly. Naruto grunted and got their attention again. "I thought we were going to go through them?" Saeko's eyes hardened as she found her courage. She pulled her bokken forward only to be stopped by Naruto. She looked up into his eyes as he shook his head. "This is no longer practice, Saeko-chan..."

Saeko could only stare at him. "It's not like I carry around a real blade with me. It's illegal at the school for students to keep them." Naruto shook his head once more and reached for a different scroll on his waist. "It is rather sad that you cannot...because you never know when it would come in handy." Naruto rolled the scroll open flamboyantly as he had done with his kunai and bit his thumb before swiping the bleeding appendage over a small part of the scroll.

In a puff of smoke, a katana with a white handle and sheathe floated in the air for a minute until it fell down into Naruto's hand. In the time it had to fall, Naruto had already put the scroll back away and caught the blade. He quickly handed it off to Saeko who took it with a confused face...the same face that everyone else had. Naruto simply looked at them with an innocent look on his face. "What?"

Saya pointed to the scroll on his waist. "How in the Hell did you just do that?" Naruto looked at the scroll and then back to her with a confused face. "Out of all of the things that have happened in the last twenty-four hours...you're freaking out over a scroll?" Saya nodded with gusto as Naruto sighed. "I'll explain everything when we have some downtime...for now we need to take care of the problem at hand."

Saya accepted the answer and Naruto looked to Saeko. He held out the hand with the white katana towards her and she took it carefully. She didn't have time to inspect it as they soon heard the roars of the infected coming at them. All of them looked forward and Naruto drew his own blade. His eyes narrowed as he spoke.

"Let's do this..."


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Translations and Explanations:

Sōdoāto: Buraddisupiāzu – Sword Art: Bloody Spears = A technique known to the darker half of Naruto's soul. Naruto can only access it when he takes the chakra from the other half of his soul. By slashing his own blood onto Shukketsu Souru and charging the blade with the impure chakra, he can send out multiple spears of chakra and blood to kill anything in its path.


Elemental Shadow Out!