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Chapter Four

It had taken a bit, but soon everyone was filling in some empty space in the bedroom. Naruto had moved himself to stand in front of the television with his hands in is pockets. Kohta was on the floor leaning against the bed and Komuro stood in front of him, slightly to the side so Kohta could see Naruto. Rei was seated in between Saeko and Shizuka on the bed near the pillows while Saya was sitting cross-legged near the entertainment center below the television to Naruto's right. Naruto nodded his head. "I guess that now, as Komuro stated just a few moments ago, would be the best time for you all to ask your questions."

This started a small commotion as everyone burst with their own questions. It began to give Naruto a small headache as he held up his hand calmly. The gesture quieted them down quickly, as they had seen what he could do. Naruto pointed to Takashi. "You wanted this. I think it's only fair that you go first, Komuro-san." He nodded as he spoke. "Just who are you?"

Naruto chuckled as he answered him. "You know who I am. I am Uzumaki Naruto." Takashi was up in arms. "I don't mean that! Who are you? No normal person can do the things that you've done! We all saw what you did at the school." Naruto nodded his head. "I do not doubt that you did..." "Then why don't you tell us just who you are? Holding that much power...that's a power that no human should have! You could turn and slaughter us at any moment!"

Naruto sighed at him. He then narrowed his eyes at him, speaking in a cruel voice. "True...I could murder each and every one of you if I wanted to. I could rip your skin from your bones...I could do many things to you...and you couldn't do a thing to stop me..." This sent a cold spell down everyone's spine as they heard his words. "But..." The chill began to fade. "I have no need to do so...so it will not happen. It also goes against my mission." This brought Saeko to raise her hand and be pointed at to speak by Naruto. "What mission are you speaking of?"

Naruto smirked, as he knew that this question was coming. He pulled his hands out of his pockets and sat down on the entertainment center before glancing at the window to see the moon shining bright. He then looked back to the gathered. "I was sent here to make sure that you all survived through this." She continued her question. "Why were you sent to protect us in particular?" Naruto shrugged his shoulders. "I really don't know, to be honest with you. She said something about the future leaders but other than that it's all blank to me."

Saeko nodded and took the answer. She leaned back against the headboard and narrowed her eyes softly, as if to rest them without fully closing them. Saya raised her hand and leaned forward to get his attention. She held herself up from falling over with her other hand as she leaned further forward. Naruto caught her from the corner of his eye and looked over. He closed his eyes and began to laugh before pointing to her. "Yes, Saya-chan?"

She blushed at the sound of his laugh and leaned back to her sitting position. "Um...what was that thing that you did with the scroll? At the bridge and before we got here." Naruto leaned back to pull the scroll from its holster at his waist and he brought it up. He held it up for her to see. "This one?"

Saya nodded and kept her eyes glued to the scroll. Naruto unrolled it a few feet and let it lay across his lap. "Watch very closely, Saya-chan." She got on her hands and knees and crawled over quickly to look at the scroll closer. Naruto smirked underneath his facemask and moved his hand over one of the millions of seals that adorned it. When the cloud of smoke came along with the resounding bursting noise, Saya jumped and fell back onto her butt and Naruto laughed boisterously as he held a shuriken in between his index and middle finger. "Everything okay, Saya-chan? Hmhmhmhm..."

She looked at him with a tomato red blush and nodded fervently with her eyes closed. She then opened her eyes and she met Naruto's own. Why were her cheeks heating up at the sight of his ocean blue orbs? Naruto saw her blush but was focused on her eyes. "Hmmm...orange...my favorite color..." Saya realized that he was talking about her eyes and she quickly looked away and blushed evermore furiously. Everyone else noticed this as well. Naruto shrugged his shoulders being as oblivious as he was with women. He resealed the shuriken into the scroll and the sound got her attention. She turned her head back.

"Wait a minute! How do you do it?" Naruto looked back to her and she leaned back a bit as she watched the scroll seemed to close on its own. "It works with the use of chakra. It is something that the people here can no longer use." Saya kept her questions coming. "How exactly do you know that we can't?" Naruto happily obliged her with an answer. "Because I can sense the signatures. You all have only enough to live. If you did even a basic academy jutsu you would probably die from chakra exhaustion."

"What are jutsu?" Naruto stood and walked over to the sliding glass door and held his hands behind his back. He stared at the full moon as it shined its ethereal light down on his face. Saya saw his reflection in the glass and could see the moonlight gleaming in his eyes. It only made her blush more. He spoke in a serious tone much like a teacher would and his posture only made him that much sexier to her. Wait...sexy?

"Would you like the long explanation of the mechanics and the seals required to perform a jutsu, or would you simply like to know what they are?" Rei spoke up with a sheepish chuckle. "Heh...I think we'll settle for whichever is shorter, thank you." Naruto chuckled as he turned with his voice still serious. "You should never be afraid to learn new things, Rei-san. No matter how much it would take to explain." Rei felt his eyes on her own and she blushed as she turned away.

"But it is understandable. You are all still confused on who I really am and want to get as many questions in as you can so I will oblige. A jutsu is a technique that we of my particular profession use to combat the enemy with. There are four types of jutsu that we can utilize. The Ninjutsu that we use is for mainly combat. We can also use a type of illusion known as a Genjutsu, though that is not quit my forte. I've always been a blood drawing kind of guy." Everyone caught the dark gleam in his eye and a shiver went down their spines. He chuckled as he saw them flinch at him.

"Any questions so far?" Everyone shook their heads no and her closed his eyes and lowered his head before bringing it back up. "Okay then. Those two were the types that absolutely require the use of chakra. The next two are physical. Taijutsu is using your body to cause damage or cripple an opponent. In my short time I have seen many styles of Taijutsu but the greatest one that I have seen in battle was used by ...a very good friend of mine..." Everyone noticed the sudden drop in his mood. Takashi walked over to him and put a reassuring hand on his shoulder. "You okay, man?"

Naruto nodded his head but he held a grim look on his face. "I'm fine. I just need to take my mind off of it. Anyway, the last type of jutsu is one that both Saeko and I were trained to use. Kenjutsu is the use of a weapon to destroy an opponent. Or at least that's what I go for. Kenjutsu can be used to do many things. But my reasoning is if you're going to use a sword then you might as well go for a kill, right?" Takashi nodded as he listened to his explanation, but he was still concerned. He was going to ask about his friend but then he thought better of it, thinking it would only bring more pain to him than it already seemed to do. Unfortunately, he was apparently the only guy being considerate that day besides the blonde maelstrom.

Kohta spoke up almost as soon as Naruto was finished talking. "Who is your friend, Naruto-san?" Takashi glared at him, as did the females. Naruto just looked at him and Kohta felt a chill run down his spine. Takashi spoke. "Kohta, that's his business." Naruto waved him off. "Its fine, Takashi-san. The odds are pretty slim that I'll ever see her again so I guess I can at least tell you who she is. Her name was Hinata Hyuuga. She was a very dear friend of mine. I told you before that she could use a great Taijutsu style known as the Juken. She could have you down and out with a single tap of her finger...Hm...she was a great fighter..."

Since they were on the subject, Saya decided to continue it. "What happened to her?" Naruto looked at her with a smile. "Nothing." Everyone held the same confused look and Naruto simply sighed at them before smoothly transferring to a small chuckle. "It's confusing, I know. Nothing happened to her...I'm just not sure if there is a way for me to get back to where I came from." Everyone got the idea and nodded their heads. Shizuka then raised her hand. Naruto nodded to her and she spoke. "Where exactly are you from?"

Naruto shook his head with a dark look as he looked back to the glass door. "That, Shizuka-chan, is nothing that I will discuss with anyone." She seemed disappointed but she did not voice it. "Why not, Naruto-kun?" Naruto said only one word...


These words were all he needed to say as everyone in the room felt the dark emotion that came with it. It made them wonder, though, whether it was that he hated his home...or whether or not he feared he'd never be able to go back...and they figured that they would never know the answer to their unspoken question...


It was getting very late as everyone began to take their time in the bathroom. Naruto stayed away from it as the guys watched the television contraption while the women bathed. He quickly thanked the cleaning seals that were in every piece of his outfit. 'I fucking hate showers...hot showers...with burning water...and there's no towel...'

He listened inside as the boys talked to each other about the situation as the girls took their time. He himself had taken a quiet place on the balcony outside of the sliding glass door. His hands were behind his head as he sat in an outdoor chair and he leaned back with his feet propped up on the railing. Naruto stared up at the moon while he still had the chance before it went over the building and his vision of it was lost. Somehow, even though he heard the occasional groan from the infected below, it was peaceful to him.

His ears perked as he heard the door to go inside open. He cocked his head slightly to see who it was. "Ah, Saya-chan, come to keep me company? I thought you'd be bathing?" He turned back to the moon as he heard her close the door and walk over. She pulled up her own outdoor chair and sat beside him. She spoke in a small voice that contradicted the one that she had used before at the school and at the bridge while shouting orders to Kohta. "You seemed lonely. I figured I'd come up when I was dressed and done..."

Naruto let his feet down as he leaned forward while looking more intensely at the moon. He spoke in a soft voice...one that made her warm...fuzzy. "Saya-chan...have you ever taken the time...and just stared at the moon?" She looked up at where the moon was and sighed softly. "No...I really haven't..." Naruto leaned back once more and closed his eyes as he turned his head to her.

Saya saw this and looked over to him. "You're tired, aren't you?" Naruto cracked open his eyes and smiled slightly, though she couldn't tell as he had his facemask still on and it was dark. "I really don't tire unless I've had no sleep for over forty-eight hours. I can run on my stamina alone for two days straight if I need to. Hmhm...Baa-chan always said that I was too hyperactive for my own good..." Saya chuckled lightly. "But you don't need to stay awake, Naruto-san."

Naruto sat up and looked at her. "There is really no need to be so formal with me; Saya-chan. Naruto-kun will suffice." He topped it off with a cocked head and a smile that made her blush furiously. How in the hell was he making her feel this way? She nodded. "Okay, Naruto-kun. So...why do you wear that?" He kept eye contact. "What?"

She pointed to his facemask and he put a hand up to it to make sure that he got it right. She nodded and he spoke as he lowered his hand. "It's just a part of the outfit. Why do you ask?" She blushed as she looked away, fidgeting slightly. "I was wondering what your mouth looked like..." She thought that he would be angry or self-conscious but she was surprised. "Well don't look away if you want to see."

She looked back to him as brought his hand up to the rim of his mask. Her breath was caught in her throat as he lowered it. The first thing she saw were his cheeks, adorned with whisker like marks. When he brought it down far enough she saw his mouth. It was curved up into a smile that showed off his larger than normal canines. She blushed a deeper red at the sight of the warm smile. "Wow..."

Naruto pulled it all the way down and let go as it fell to a bundle around his neck. "You seem to be in shock. Should I do something about that? I can put the mask back on if you'd like?" Saya shook her head quickly. "No! It's not that...it...your face...all of it...it's just so...calm...happy. After everything that's been happening...how can you still keep such a smile on your face?" Naruto kept his smile as he looked up to the night sky. "I can keep this smile, Saya-chan, because I know that, no matter what, we will survive and we will see this thing through to the end."

For some reason, she felt that he was right. She knew that somehow...every word that came from his mouth was the truth. Every logical thought in her genius head was telling her that it was impossible. It was saying that there was no way. How was he able to do this...to override her thoughts? How could he make her feel this warmth in her belly? All of this...wait...why was she moving closer to him? "Naruto-kun..."

Naruto turned his head back to her to find her face right there. If it were any other situation he would've jumped back...but when he felt the hotness of her breath against his lips...it sparked something inside of him. His eyes were lidded as his left stared into her right. In his mind he thought how it was rather sexy...her glasses and her orange eyes. At the same time both of their eyes moved to the others lips. Each saw the small cloud that came with each breath that they took. "Saya-chan..."

She had closed her eyes as she closed the small distance that stood between her and his lips. It was soft...warm...much like he had made her feel every time he had looked at her that day and they day before when he saved her. She felt his hand move up and around the back of her neck underneath her lowered hair. He pulled her deeper into the kiss and she did not fight it...but went evermore boldly into it.

She ran a hand under his trench coat and up his clothed chest and felt the muscle beneath the shirt. She blushed at the feel of the cut beneath her fingertips. Her other hand joined it as she felt his other hand run along her waist and to her back. She yelped a little as he pulled her from her chair and onto his lap. She then got back into the kiss and shivered as an ecstatic chill ran up her spine to follow the path that his phantom-like fingers had traced along the spine of her blue tank-top.

She broke the kiss and barely pulled away. Her hair hung down to provide a curtain-type shield from the outside world, locking them both in a realm of their own. She spoke softly, her breath still hot on his lips. "Naruto-kun...two days...it's only been two days. This thing...this feeling...in my chest...a feeling that I can't get rid of from when you first saved me. My heart...it's pounding...every time I look at you...I can't get rid of this...why..."

Naruto looked into her eyes. "I don't know...maybe...this feeling...this feeling you have...could it be love...do you love me...can you love me..." She felt her face heat up as she assaulted his lips once more, only more passionate. She then broke it. "Of course I could...why wouldn't I be able to? I mean sure...it's only been two days but still..." Naruto's eyes darkened as she asked the question. They did not darken from anger...but from fear. The fear that danced across his mind...

He turned his head to the side. "It...its just who I am. Normally that was enough to drive most away. Hearing my name where I came from...it was like setting the plague upon them. Everyone would stay away from me...all because of whom I was...and what I hold..." The last part was whispered out as he felt his eyes begin to burn. Saya could feel his distress and used her hand to gently move his face to look at her. "Naruto-kun...what is it?"

He stared back into her orange eyes. He smiled softly. Oh how they reminded him of his younger days...back when everything was easier and he could jump around like a little maniac, pulling pranks on the people of Konoha. It felt like so long ago... "I...I...will you believe me...if I tell you? And if you do believe me...will you still feel the way you do now?" She nodded and gave a reassuring smile.

Naruto took it and smiled back hesitantly. "Okay...well...I guess I'll just say it. I...have a demon..." Saya giggled. "We all have our demons, Naruto-kun. It is what makes us human..." Naruto interrupted her. "No...I don't mean figuratively...I physically have a demon...sealed within me..." Saya's eyes widened when she heard him say this. She pulled back from his face further and stood. Naruto could feel his eyes burning...but he knew that it was coming...either way he looked...

He leaned forward and stared at the pavement at his feet, his elbows keeping him from falling over. "It's fine...I knew it would change it...how you felt. It was inevitable. I knew from the day that I figured it out...I'm nothing but a mons..." He never got to finish as he felt a strong palm meet his cheek. His eyes widened as the pain shot through him and his head turned with the hit.

He brought his hand up to where the hit had landed and looked up to see Saya...she was close to tears with her eyes clenched shut as she held the hand that hit him close to her chest. "Saya-chan..." She opened her eyes only barely so she could see him. "Why...would you say that?" "What're you..." She broke through his words. "You know damn well what I'm talking about..."

He did...he knew exactly what she was talking about...it was the same thing that Hinata had said when he said that about himself. He looked back down to his feet. "Most people...they have just left after hearing that...I figured you would do the same thing..." Naruto heard sniffles. Looking up he could see that she was crying. Being oblivious to a woman's feelings he had no idea why, though. "Saya-chan...why are you crying?"

She looked at him as she wiped away tears with the back of her hand, but it didn't matter as they kept coming. "Two days...I've known you for all of two days. You've massacred these things in three different places and have given me every reason to believe that you are what you were going to say..." Naruto felt his eyes burning again as he looked back down. "But..." He looked back up quickly and he saw a small smile on her face but the mark of tears still evident on her face. "You've also done everything a monster wouldn't. You saved me from those things in the hallway when a monster would've fended for itself...you risked your life to make sure that we all stayed safe when the bus wouldn't start at the school, even if you went slightly crazy..."

Naruto could hear her voice shaking when she talked about the moment he lost himself. He wasn't proud of it...why should he have been? But he didn't have time to muse to himself as she continued. "At the bridge, when Shizuka-sensei fell, you risked your life to save her. You jumped over the edge to save her. Any monster would've let her fall...it wouldn't have cared about her life..." She chuckled almost half-heartedly. "I have to admit, though...I did laugh a little when that thing blew a hole in the bridge."

Naruto laughed slightly before replying back to her. "Heh...yeah...I needed something to catapult off of. If I didn't then I wouldn't have gotten to her in time." Saya knelt down as she smiled. She brought a hand up to his cheek and he looked at her, his eyes bloodshot from holding back his salty tears. "You see...that's what makes you human. You are caring and you are different...I know that. You've done things that no normal human can do. If I had to blame anything then it would have be a demon. I believe you, Naruto-kun...but I will not change how I feel because of it..."

Naruto looked into her eyes. She could see the glimmer of forming tears in his eyes. She pulled him into a tight hug and she felt him tense up. "It's okay...it's okay Naruto-kun..." He heard her soft voice...for some reason it calmed him. His muscles relaxed as he breathed softly onto her neck, sending chills all over her. He snaked his arms around her and pulled her closer to him. "Saya-chan..."

"Yes...Naruto-kun..." He pulled back slightly so he could look into her eyes. They were lidded slightly as she stared at him. "You swear...no matter what...that they will never change?" Saya knew that he spoke of her feelings and she smiled. "I swear..." To prove her words she moved in and placed a kiss on his lips. He quickly deepened it as he moved a hand up to grasp her shoulder from behind.

She ran a hand through his hair...so soft...she couldn't help her hands as her nails ran softly down his back, eliciting a tensed movement from him. She pulled back and smirked at him seductively. "Hmmm...sensitive are we?" Naruto's eyes widened slightly as he chuckled sheepishly. "Uh...maybe?" She hummed a short laugh as she went back in for another kiss. Much to Naruto's pleasure or displeasure, she kept her nails in pace as they danced across his back.

Naruto tensed up greatly as she ran across one place on the small of his back. She could feel both his discomfort and the scar through his coat and she stopped as she pulled from the kiss once more. "Naruto-kun?" Naruto grimaced as the pain and the memory came flooding back to him. He reared back and clenched his teeth shut, trying his best to suppress the pain. In his mission to lock the memory away, the image flashed to his mind...


It was during the outbreak in the Elemental Nations...he had run into Sasuke. He, in his naivety, he thought that he would've been able to persuade Sasuke to come back to the village. He was wrong as Sasuke had wasted no time in charging him with a charged Chidori. In shock...Naruto had not moved as Sasuke plunged his hand through his gut. The image was burned into Naruto's mind as he had nearly died once more at the hands of Sasuke that day.

It also had not helped that it had gone right through the seal that held the Kyuubi. Naruto had no idea how she was not released and she wouldn't tell him under the guise that she had no idea either. When the wound had been healed by her the seal remained but the scar would never go away for some reason. The scar...and the memory...the day that he realized that his brother had been taken by darkness...they haunted him now and would haunt him forever...


Saya had gotten up as Naruto had his head clutched in his hands as the pain shot through him in waves. His teeth were clenched shut through sheer willpower so he would not scream and alert the creatures below. He opened his eyes and his tears fell. Saya saw this and began to cry herself. 'What did I do?' This question rang through her mind as she could only watch his pain and grief. Then...all of a sudden...it just stopped...

Naruto let go of his head and his arms fell limp between his legs as he leaned back in his chair, still grimacing at the residual pain. Saya spoke up. "Are you okay, Naruto-kun?" Naruto cracked open an eye after he flinched at the last of the pain leaving. "Huh...oh...yeah...I'm fine, Saya-chan. You don't worry about me. I'm too tough to let a headache get to me." He gave her his foxiest grin as she giggled at his bravado. "Are you sure about that, Naruto-kun?"

He nodded and she retook her seat beside him. She chuckled as she looked up to the moon. "This wasn't exactly how I imagined that I'd be spending this night." Naruto replied rather quickly. "I'm sorry..." She looked over to him and noticed that he was looking at her as well. She smiled before speaking. "Its okay, Naruto-kun. But...I have one last question..." He looked at her expectantly, waiting for the question.

She looked at him as her eyes lidded themselves. "Can you tell me what was wrong?" Naruto looked away as he knew that the question was coming. He shook his head as he answered. "That is personal...I'm sorry, Saya-chan..." She shrugged. "I was only asking. It's okay if you don't want to tell me. I just hope that it doesn't happen again...whatever it was...you were really hurting..."

Naruto smiled to her to reassure her. "It's okay. There's nothing to worry about." He stood as he pulled his mask back up over his mouth and nose. "Shall we go in now, Saya-chan?" She smiled and stood with him. "Sure, Naruto-kun." She stood on her tiptoes and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before turning to go inside with him right behind her. As they went in, they saw Kohta coming out at the same time and Naruto moved out of the way. He saw that Kohta was in a daze and he had a trickle of blood. He raised a brow at this but when he walked inside he saw what it was about.

On the bed sat Shizuka in her glory wrapped in a towel. Naruto fought back the perverted thoughts that had been instilled in him by his old sensei as he walked forward to her. Saya simply watched the dazed nurse with wide eyes. Takashi was there trying to reason with her and get her to go downstairs when Naruto came up. "Shizuka-chan." She looked to him through her dazed vision and her eyes went wide and they had some otherworldly glimmer to them.

She crawled over to his end of the bed seductively as he watched with his arms crossed. "Na-ru-to-kun...care to join me?" Naruto, while being oblivious to some things, was not completely stupid as he immediately caught what she was saying and his eyes widened as much as Saya's had. He looked over to Saya and she just stared at the woman with her wide eyes. He then looked back to Shizuka and found her right there in his face. He tried to move back but she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. "Oh! Naruto-kun...don't leave me..."

Naruto looked around for help but found that Saya was trying not to laugh and Takashi had already left. He looked at Saya with an annoyed glare. "What're you laughing at?" Saya just kept trying to stop her laughter from bursting through as she pointed a finger to Shizuka. Naruto's shoulder slumped, defeated. Shizuka was immediately there in his face. "Naruto-kun, are you okay?"

Naruto nodded as he looked and saw that her towel was slipping. He tried to reach around and fix it but she quickly pulled him onto the bed and on top of her. Naruto's face landed in the valley of her breasts and Saya could no longer hold it in. Her laughter burst out and she kept going until she heard Naruto speak...or...try to speak anyway. "Wafs fo fummy!" Shizuka moaned as she trailed her nails over his back like Saya had done. "Oh...Naruto-kun...so warm!" Saya stopped laughing. "Hmhmhmhm...what?"

Naruto lifted his face and sent a playful and meaningless glare at her. "What's so funny?" Saya walked over to him with a smirk on her face. She leaned down as she saw Shizuka planting kisses on his neck and she whispered in his ear. "we haven't even been together for ten minutes and you're already cheating on me, huh?" Naruto's eyes widened once more as he tried to formulate an explanation. Saya noticed his distress and snickered. "It's okay..." She stood as she walked off. "I don't mind sharing..."

As he watched her walk off his jaw dropped. He kept looking from her to Shizuka until she turned the corner to go downstairs. He sighed but then her head popped out form behind it and he jumped. She chuckled and spoke. "Don't make too much noise, Na-ru-to-kun..." She winked with a sexy smile and she disappeared once more. Naruto just let his face fall and he realized that he was staring right into the crevice of her breasts. He shook his head and pulled back up to find her right there. 'What is it with these women and doing this to me?' "You really need to get laid, man..."

Naruto growled and shut him out quickly. He was distracted as soon as he came out when he felt Shizuka kissing his lips. He jumped back and had his hands on the wall as if he were trying to search for some sort of doorknob or a switch. "Uh...heheh...Shizuka-chan...don't you think that that was a little too much?" She sat up and her towel slid down, revealing her J-sized breasts to him. He was stricken by this and he stopped all movement completely as a small trickle of blood came from his nose. "Uh...Shi-Shizuka-chan..."

Naruto then noticed that her eyes were shimmering slightly...he narrowed his eyes and he saw...a tear? She sniffled before she spoke, her voice beginning to break. "Oh...Naruto-kun...why did this have to happen?" Her mouth cringed up as she wiped away a tear with her hand. "Why...can't this never have happened..." Naruto's eyes softened as he pulled himself from the wall and he walked over to her. "Shizuka-chan..."

He put a hand on her shoulder and she looked up at him. "Naruto-kun...why is it so cold?" Naruto chuckled as he looked away and pointed down. She looked and was honestly surprised when she found her breasts hanging out of her towel. She looked back up with the same look as before. "Oh..." Naruto's smile left as he went to the head of the bed and pulled the comforters down. He waved his hand and she knew what he wanted. She crawled over and let the towel fall and Naruto had to suppress a nosebleed as she snuggled in underneath the covers. Naruto lowered them down onto her until he heard a sniffle once more. He lowered them a bit and saw Shizuka looking at him.

Her eyes were still watery and she was curling up into a ball. "Naruto-kun...I don't want to be alone..." Naruto looked at her and smiled softly. "Okay..." He let the covers down and he took off his trench coat. He walked over to the chair and set it down folded before he reached for his shirt and pulled it off while pulling off his facemask at the same time. This revealed his back to Shizuka as she stared at the myriad of scars that adorned his back. The greatest one, though...was the perfectly circular scar on the small of his back. It deeply worried her, being a doctor-in-training, as she knew that no scar like that couldn't be the result of a fatal wound...but she let it slide as he continued getting undressed.

He continued on and folded the shirt and laid the facemask on top of it before he knelt down and began to untie his boots and he slipped them off before placing them side by side to the right of the chair. Naruto then unstrapped his belt that held his scrolls and Shukketsu Souru. He took the blade from the belt and laid it across the arms of the chair with the curve of the sheathe facing up before putting his belt on a single arm. He kept his cargo pants on incase they needed to make a quick retreat from the house.

Turning to the light switch, he flipped it and the overhead light went off, leaving only the moon to shine in from outside. He walked over to the edge of the bed and was slightly hesitant as he reached for the covers. It was then that he heard Saya's voice. "You okay, Naruto-kun?" He jumped and was ready to fight until he saw her face and smile in the moons light. He settled and nodded slightly before looking to Shizuka who was looking back and forth between the two. Naruto hung his head. "She said that she didn't want to be alone. I don't want her scared..."

Saya smiled at him. "It's okay! To be honest, from the way she was acting, I kind of expected her to crash pretty fast. Actually..." Naruto looked up and saw Saya walking over to him. "I came up to join you two." Naruto let his jaw drop as she walked over to his side of the bed. She looked to him and winked. "You're in the middle." He shook his head and gulped before walking over to the bed and sliding underneath the covers. Saya smirked as she reached down to the rim of her shirt and began to pull up. Naruto's voice stopped her quickly. "What are you doing?"

She looked through her crossed arms and smiled seductively at his wide eyes and cold sweat. "Awe...she is allowed to be naked but not me?" She put on her best pouting face which made Naruto begin to worry. "No! It's not that...it's just...are you sure you want to be like that around me?" She smiled at his innocence, despite being older than her. "I trust you, Naruto-kun..." Naruto nodded and laid his head down on the pillow, watching as Saya removed her shirt. When he saw just how large she was he got a nose bleed and felt a tightening in his pants. She then began to reach for her shorts and began to pull them off, showing a wide-eyed Naruto that she went commando.

She laid the pieces of clothing beside the bed and put her glasses on the nightstand before looking up to see Naruto staring at her. She smirked. 'Hmmm...should I play with him now? No...I'll give him time to get used to it.' She lifted the edge of the covers and made him move closer to the middle. When Shizuka felt him move closer, she curled up at his side and hooked one of her legs in his own. Naruto then felt Saya curl up at his other side and place a hand on his chest.

Naruto's brain felt like it was going to short-circuit when he felt both pairs of breasts press into his sides. It made it slightly more taxing when he realized that the way Shizuka had positioned herself was pushing her womanhood into his hip. He was tense until he heard Saya's voice. "Calm down...it's okay, Naruto-kun..." Naruto was slightly made better by this as he felt the warmth of both women and the covers converging on him. Suddenly...he felt so tired...had he really done that much since he woke up on the bus? Whatever it was...he closed his eyes as he felt the warm breath of both Shizuka and Saya on him...as his eyes closed...one last thought broke into his mind.

"Hey, boobies, how're you doing tonight! My name is Naruto and I'm too much of a pussy to grope you or have sex!" Naruto growled lowly so as not to wake the already asleep women. 'Shut the fuck up, Alter! You ruined the fucking moment!' The last that Naruto heard was his darker side's perverted laughter as it faded away. He sighed and let darkness take him into a dreamless sleep...


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