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Chapter Seven

The Behemoth kept on its deadly path as it tossed a car up into the air trying to get to Naruto and Saeko. He ran forward and jumped taking his blade to its reared arm, slicing it deep but not going through the bone. Naruto growled at this as he landed behind it. He turned and saw that it wasn't stopping, going right for Saeko. His eyes widened until he felt the familiar presence within her. 'She's...she's using our chakra again! Does she even know that she's using it?'

As he finished his thoughts, she ran forward and flipped over its fist as it came at her. She planted a boot in the Behemoths face and used it to vault over and around it. Saeko landed with a smirk and she readied her stance with her left leg forward and straight and her right leg back and bent. Her left hand held the blade and her right palm was pressed against the pommel as she narrowed her blue eyes.

She dashed forward at a high speed that surprised Naruto and she cut into the Behemoth's Achilles Tendons, bringing it to its knees. Naruto was once again surprised as he watched her work. 'Dear God...she is strong! I wonder if this is the effects of Kyuubi's chakra and my own. It could very well be...but to be able to cut through that thing with no problem...that is a sign of pure skill. I could do that but I'd have to hack at him unless I had Alter's chakra. She would be a very formidable enemy...even for me...'

Naruto then heard her calm his name from the other side. "Naruto-kun! I need you to help me with this things head!" He shouted his acknowledgement and brought up his blade into the same stance that he had seen Saeko use before. 'Hmmm...I already feel more...effective I should say. I guess my lax stance was bad compared to her functional one. Then again...she seems to have been actually trained in the arts of Kenjutsu. I was trained but only momentarily by Neko-chan from ANBU.'

He heard Saeko move in to make the kill and he followed closely on his side. She had jumped, going for the head and he stayed low to go for the waist underneath its arms. They both cut through the thing like there was nothing there in the first place. Saeko landed in her stance with a small line of blood coming from her blade while Naruto was standing with his blade to the right as it had blood dripping off of it in a steady line until it came to small drips. He swung the blood off and Saeko did the same, her body unwavering as she then began to sheathe her blade to the sound of Naruto's own. The blades came to a steady halt at their sheaths and at the same time, they clashed.

The Behemoth's body stiffened at the ring of the blades and the head began to slowly slide off as a thin fountain of blood marked the place it once had been in. Naruto heard the small thud and smirked, waiting for his handiwork to make itself known. They stood unmoving for what felt like forever until Naruto began to get impatient. He turned and walked over to the once again dead monster and planted a solid kick to its chest, smiling with satisfaction as he watched it fall over with a larger thud.

Saeko heard the thud and chuckled as she turned. "You are definitely one to show off, huh?" Naruto looked around before pointing at himself. She nodded and laughed as Naruto scoffed indignantly. "I am not a showoff!" She nodded her head back to the Behemoth. "Then why'd you kick it over?" Naruto looked past her to the body and then back to her before shrugging and turning to walk off. Saeko jumped into step right beside him.

She chuckled as they were able to walk some ways without running into the infected. "So why exactly were you using my stance against that thing? Don't you have your own?" Naruto nodded. "I do have my own but I was simply experimenting. Using your stance I felt slightly more efficient with my blade. My normal lax stance is good for taking down multiple small enemies and occasionally taking down a Behemoth but when I saw you cut the tendons I figured I'd give it a shot."

Saeko came to the edge of a building and peered around the edge to see what was behind it. She saw the road leading up to Saya's home but it was blocked off by the infected ones. She came back around and leaned back with a sigh. "That path is blocked off...shit..." Naruto came up beside her and took his own peek. "That? Hm...that's not much of a roadblock if you ask me. What would you say; one, two or thee hundred?"

Saeko sighed. "This isn't a game, Naruto-kun...this is a serious situation. We have to get to Takagi-san's house as fast as we can." Naruto shrugged his shoulders as he pulled out his blade. "I say we just cut through them and get to her house." Saeko rolled her eyes and shook her head. Naruto then sighed as he hung his head. "I'm so bored when I don't have anything to kill." Saeko raised an eyebrow as she turned away, walking quietly down the other street away from the loitering creatures. Naruto then looked up and followed behind quicker and quieter.

They came closer to the edge of a park and Naruto looked up, seeing that it was beginning to get darker. He looked back down and saw that Saeko had stopped once more and groaned. "If we keep stopping like this then we are going to end up out here when night falls. We can't risk that, Saeko-chan..." She sighed. "I know...I'm just trying to avoid any confrontation with these things. I have confidence in both your abilities and my own but I don't think that we would be able to take on these things and those other things running around. We need to stay quiet."

Naruto nodded, as the answer was understandable, but he continued. "I get that, Saeko-chan, but you realize that these things get more active by night as well. When that happens then we run an even greater chance of running into the Behemoths and maybe something even worse!" Saeko looked back to him before looking forward again, getting closer to the gate of the park. "What else could we run into out here?" Naruto shook his head. "I don't know for sure, Saeko-chan. But if there are things like those Behemoths running around then there is quite possibly something even worse out there."

She stopped for a second, as if in thought. 'He's basically handing me a chance to ask him about why he's been so distant from me. It would also...give me a night alone with him...OH! Bad! Anyway, there is a shrine near here. We could go there...' She turned and nodded. "Okay, Naruto-kun. There is a shrine near here that I think we can use to hide away in for the night. We need to get there fast, though. You were right, they are already starting to show there numbers and it's still in a state of twilight. Hurry, follow me!"

Naruto nodded and Saeko finally stood and took off running. He scrambled up from his sneaking crouch and took off after her. She ran through the gate of the park and quickly unsheathed her blade, taking the head of the first thing she came across. Naruto felt a spike in the hybrid chakra inside of Saeko and he felt something in the air change. His eyes narrowed as his brain kicked into gear. 'Something about mine and Kyuubi's chakra is changing her. It's making her...bloodthirsty. you know anything about that?'

"Wow...just when I thought dumb couldn't get and go and reassure me that it can. The Kyuubi's chakra is a corrupted energy! Anything that isn't normally accustomed to it would surely see results like the ones that your little granddaughter over there is having. The only reason that she isn't going bat shit crazy is because your chakra is more dominant in her. You know...stuff like this is rather simple to figure out if you had a tiny lick of common sense."

Naruto just groaned and brought up Shukketsu Souru before pumping massive amounts of his chakra into the blade. He let his arm down and the tip of the sword began to drag along the ground as he ran, sending sparks streaming behind him. He caught sight of Saeko cutting through an infected one every few seconds, only taking the time to steady her body and breathe before going at it again. He turned his body to match his vision and he was running for her but the things began to form a small crowd, like some sort of riot of rotting flesh.

He brought Shukketsu Souru up and made a one handed seal. He smirked as he had just thought of a new way to pull off his first sword art. "Kage Bushin Sodoato: Damudo no Imo!" A large cloud of smoke puffed into existence in a line in front of the small crowd of things before something shot from it too fast for anything to catch it. Then on the other side another line of smoke appeared and whatever came from the first line was gone. Naruto jumped over the crowd and landed on the other side just as he finished his string of seals. The creatures burst into flames as the cuts at their necks ignited.

Naruto smirked at his handiwork once more as he stood and was about to walk over Saeko until he felt the presence of the hybrid chakra begin to dwindle. He quickly turned his head back to her and saw that she had her sword raised to strike but she wasn't moving to go through with it. He looked in front of her and saw that there was a small group of infected children and his eyes widened. He ran fast as he tried to get to her in time but one of the things had already pounced at her.

Naruto gritted his teeth as the world became a blur and he channeled more chakra into his legs but found that his reserves were nearly bone dry. 'Alter! Give me chakra!' His head was quiet for a second. " This isn't a 'Mutually Beneficial' situation, now is it?" He growled as he began to push his muscles as hard as he could, only see what he didn't want to...the child sank its teeth into her arm, tearing through her sleeve and skin, eliciting a scream of excruciating pain from Saeko.

His mind stopped when he saw it. He stopped running as he saw Saeko kick it off and she fell over with her back against the brick wall to her right. She cradled the arm as she tried her best to hold back her tears but soon the pain became too much and she looked to Naruto with a quivering lip and a shine to her eyes, telling him that she was afraid.

His pupils dilated when he saw the look in her eyes...he saw the fear that was taking her...he saw the fear of death...a fear that shouldn't even be there...a fear he should've been able to prevent. He saw her eyes then begin to slowly close and he dropped to his knees, letting Shukketsu Souru fall from his grasp. The pain soon became too much for her and her eyes did Naruto's...

His tears began to burn his eyes as they dribbled forth and laced his cheeks. He clenched his teeth and his fists were balled so hard that blood was drawn. He hunched over and put his bloody palms on his head as if he were shielding himself. He tried his best to wipe it away. ''s not can't be...she didn't even know...she didn't know! I never told her!'

He looked up with bloodshot blue eyes as his tears continued to flow. He saw that the little creatures were now crowding around her body, as if sizing up their meal. It was at this time that he forcibly reached towards his other half and ripped the chakra from him, despite the repercussions. "Hey! What the fuck are you doing?" Naruto ignored the voice of Alter as his eyes became charcoal black and his mind went blank...and he never felt that small tingle of the hybrid chakra at her wound...


The simplest way to describe what was happening was nothing short of a horrific was too grotesque for even the ones with the strongest to be able to look at it. Naruto had once again lost it...but now he was a monster. He had left his blade on the ground and had begun to rip the infested park to pieces with his bare hands. His entire body was covered in blood and his eyes were wide with enraged insanity.

He reached for one of them and grabbed his head and crushed it with little effort before reaching to another one and ripping its arm off, using it like a bat and sending a different head soaring into another, implanting it into its chest. He roared as he threw the leg into another creature, making it look like it had a third arm growing from its stomach.


As the carnage continued, he was oblivious to what was going on with Saeko. Her forearm wound had a small cover of dark red energy over it and it started to steam. Even if it was small, the output of power from it was amazingly high. The wound began pump blood out that looked to boil when it touched the ground. As more blood came, it soon stopped and a layer of skin started to grow over it. Her body convulsed and she groaned in pain until her body fell limp again.

Her eyes cracked open as sound began to assault her ears. She saw through her blurry vision that Naruto was going into the horde with a vengeance. She felt so numb but her lips worked fine. "" It was at that time that she heard a deafening, high pitched roar break through the air of bloodlust. Her eyes closed and she fell into unconsciousness.


As the roar broke the air, Naruto turned with the bloodlust visible in his coal black eyes. His mouth was curved with an insane smile and his fingers were curled at angles that just screamed terror and insanity. Down the way that they had come, he saw some type of animal looking creature staring at him like a predator.

It was, or used to be, human but the way it was crouched gave it the look of an animal in some ways. It had no shirt but wore baggy torn shorts, giving Naruto a perfect view of its pale gray skin and its lean muscles. Its nails were longer and sharpened like Naruto's currently were. The eyes of the creature were not the same dead white that the other zombies held; instead they were a piercing yellow. Its teeth were no different than normal human's teeth, though.

It let out another high pitched roar and Naruto charged in his blind rage. It did the same and tried to claw at Naruto when it got close but Naruto was able to get past it as he raked his claws across its chest, cutting it deep but not in half like Naruto had wanted. He landed and turned, his coat whipping wildly in the wind that was picking up.

The scene was perfect...much like one would see in a movie. Naruto was crouched on one end of the park , his legs spread to the point that he looked like a gymnast. His left arm was forward on the ground with his right back underneath his hunched chest, keeping him steady and balanced. As his jacket whipped about, his smiled bared his vicious teeth at the other creature...the Predator...

The Predator was wild and erratic, having no true stance to take as it twitched with anticipation. Soon it became too much and it disappeared with great speed. Naruto disappeared as well, his superior eyesight watching it as he moved. Their claws met and they clashed like two blades in battle as they kept moving, going after each other with a purpose.

Naruto stopped at his blade, still crouched as he reached for it. He took hold of the hilt and disappeared once more, clashing against its claws with his blade instead of his claws. The Predator held its own against the sword and pushed Naruto back with force. He hit the ground and the creature came after him even faster. He blocked the next hit with his blade and swiped at the Predator with his left hand, catching its face and sending it barreling into the fountain.

Naruto dodge a swipe from a nearby infected one and grabbed it by its face before shucking it at the Predator with great strength. It smashed into the evil creature but a swish of air and a small line of smoke from the dust cloud told Naruto that it had moved. His black eyes looked around until he heard the air breaking behind him and he turned, taking a wide slash in the process.

It ended with a bang as the body of the Predator smashed into the ground in two pieces. Naruto turned and saw the halves still twitch and he smirked before his head began to throb in pain. He clenched his eyes as he fought the pain and begrudgingly started to move towards the supposedly dead body of Saeko. He slowly sheathed his blade as he knelt down beside her, his eyes returning to their cerulean blue as he felt tears begin to well up.

He saw her peaceful even in 'death'. He put a hand on her shoulder as he looked down to her arm to see...the wound was not there. His eyes widened as he inspected it closer. There was neither scab nor scar...there was nothing to show that there was ever a wound except for her torn sleeve. 'How did...I thought...she was dead! This confusing...yet so intriguing. She was able to beat the infection! Could it it because of mine and Kyuubi's chakra within her? That has to be the's the only way.'

He heard another roar and turned his head but quickly turned back to Saeko's body. He picked her up bridal style and got up, looking for a way to get away from whatever was coming their way. He saw something that looked like it was leading to a shrine. He quickly took off and ran up the pathway. He saw that there was nothing up to block his way and he gave a sigh of relief.

When he got to the landing that the shrine rested on, he also saw that there were none of the infected there as well. He smiled as he went to the central building and carefully pushed open the door and maneuvered inside. When he laid Saeko down he walked over and closed the door as quietly as he could.

There was little light in the shrine due to a lack of windows and he looked around to the best of his ability to find some way to bring some form of light to the room. When he found the candles at the back he started a small string of seals. "Katon: Kasai no Fingā." A small flame appeared on the tip of his right index finger and he carefully lit the candles surrounding the inside of the shrine.

When he was finished he simply shook his finger and the flame went out with a small stream of smoke coming from the tip. He looked to Saeko whom had now curled up and had the tip of her thumb in her teeth, as if she were trying not to suck her thumb. He smiled as he thought of how cute it made her look. Naruto then continued on to sigh and he sat near the back where a katana sat on its stand. 'Alter...we need to talk.'

"Yeah? What the fuck do you want?" Naruto caught the attitude in his voice and he was immediately angered. 'After what just happened you have no right to get an attitude! You can shut the fuck up and chill the fuck out you sadistic, evil, sarcastic, manipulative fucking SON OF A BITCH!' His head was silent for a moment as he had to calm himself down. "You know...I was honestly beginning to wonder if you had a set of balls hidden in between your legs. Guess you're starting to show them, huh?"

Naruto growled. 'You had better have a good damn excuse for holding back your chakra when I asked for it. We had an agreement.' "Last I checked I'm still in this body. Last time I let you use it, it was a 'Mutually Beneficial' situation, remember? There was nothing beneficial for me about saving her! Why the fuck should I care?"

'She's a friend! She more than that as well!' "She is to you, not me. I don't care if the bitch would've died back there. As a matter of fact, I wish she had died! Maybe then you would've drawn enough of my chakra for me to take you over and I'd be out of this god forsaken mindscape!" Naruto was barely able to contain his anger as he shut down the connection to his mind. He looked up with hard eyes and saw that Saeko was stirring. He shook his head and tried his best to wipe his look of disgust and rage away.

Saeko picked herself up and looked around in a daze before she got a massive headache and rubbed her temple with a pained look. Naruto was at least relieved that she was okay. He smiled and stood to walk over to her. Her headache subsided and she smiled at him before she sat all the way up with her legs to the side as she stayed propped up with her arm. Naruto sat across from her with his legs crossed, but not before he unstrapped his blade and setting it beside him.

Saeko saw this and her eyes widened as she looked down to her sheath and found no sword. She looked back to Naruto. "I am so sorry! I've lost your sword!" Naruto held up a hand with a smile to get her to stop and she did. He pulled out a different scroll instead of the one that he had that held the sword that he gave her. He rolled it out and out popped two small bento boxes. He smiled as he rolled the scroll up before putting it back on his scroll belt. "Did you have those the whole time?"

Naruto nodded. "I have three scrolls on my belt that are dedicated to food items. Each scroll holds about two thousand items apiece and certain items are in seals that contain the perfect conditions at which to keep it." Saeko nodded as she took the bento that he offered her. She opened it and began to speak. "You definitely came prepared with your outfit and gear. Not only would you give of the aura of intimidation but you would also be ready for any situation that could present itself."

Naruto nodded and dug into his bento, deep in thought. 'It's like she doesn't even remember getting bitten by that thing. Hmmm...I wont tell her about it if she doesn't know. I don't need her to get to thinking that she can go in without fear of death. Cockiness would get her killed no matter what. Even I'm not invincible...' Saeko calmly ate her food and spoke in between her occasional bites. "So when you came to the school to seek us out, did you already have that stuff packed or did you pack it as you came?"

"I actually had this made long ago. The whole thing was made by a good friend of mine and even the blade I carry was made by someone I know. Kurenai-chan made the outfit long before the outbreak ever came about and I just never found a use for it before now." She smiled at his answer and took another bite. 'Now's my chance! I can ask him about his distance...' She sighed as she placed the unfinished food down and put the top on it. Naruto gave her a questioning look. "You okay, Saeko-chan?"

She looked to the side with a sad face. "Naruto-kun...ever since we left the bridge you've been...distant from me. I was wondering...why?" Naruto sighed as he hung his head to where his eyes were blocked. He slowly placed the bento down and covered it as well. "I was hoping that you wouldn't notice. I thought that I was being rather subtle about it..." Saeko giggled. "Not subtle enough, I guess."

Naruto gave a dry chuckle. "Yeah..." Saeko began to get worried and she crawled over to him. "Are you okay, Naruto-kun? Is something the matter?" Naruto gave another sigh and he looked up to her with a small smile. "No...nothing's wrong. But...I have to tell you something, Saeko-chan. What I tell you cannot, under any circumstances, be known by anyone else. Do you understand?"

She nodded quickly as she settled on her knees only a foot from him. He looked to the candlelight and began. " know that I'm definitely not normal. That can be figured out rather fast if you have common sense and everyone in the group has that in spades except for Shizuka-chan at times, though she has her moments. But anyway, my normalcy is not only because I'm faster, stronger and more enduring than a normal human...I'm..."

Saeko leaned in closer as Naruto hung his head once again. "Yes, Naruto-kun? What is it?" Naruto looked up at her. "I'm not going to draw this out, deserve to know. I am not from this time. I am from the past." Her eyes widened when she heard this and she leaned back. "What?" Naruto sighed as he looked to the side. "I didn't expect you to believe me but it was worth a shot I guess."

She just stared at him with her mouth slightly agape. "'re from the past?" Naruto nodded and she just stared at the ground as he spoke. "Like I said, I never expected you to believe me but it was worth a shot. And since you are already to the point where I'm telling you things, I guess I should come out with the true reason I've been distant." She looked up as Naruto sighed and tried to find the right words.

"I...hmmm...well, the easiest way to say something is just coming out and saying it so I guess I'll do just that. Saeko-chan...I am your ancestor." Her eyes widened to greater points that shouldn't have been possible. She pointed a quivering finger at him. " are my ancestor?" once again, Naruto nodded. She fell back off of her knees onto her butt and she stared into nothingness with wide eyes. "'re not in our family archives...and I've been through those archives twice!"

He moved over beside her and placed a hand on her shoulder and she didn't move. "Now I may be able to explain that. A friend, the same one that made my blade, told me that the place where I once lived was stricken by some unknown disaster. It was never recorded and it destroyed everything. Our way of living was destroyed and it also affected the growth of the world. Due to this, everyone I know, including me, were more than likely wiped from all"

She spoke in a low voice. "But if your land was destroyed...your did they survive?" Naruto shrugged. 'At least she didn't ask about my friend.' "I'm not even sure myself, Saeko-chan. My guess is that they relocated somewhere else. It would make sense." Saeko nodded as she felt her eyes begin to burn. "This can't be true...this just can't be true..."

Naruto looked at the wall in front of them. "I understand that it is rather unbelievable but you must believe me Saeko. I have sensed my own energy within you. There is only one explanation for that, Saeko-chan." She turned and buried her head into his shoulder before letting loose, screams and all. Naruto quickly casted a sound-dampening jutsu over the building as he let her cry into his shoulder.

He placed a hand on her hair and began to stroke it softly. 'She is so be reduced to crying into a man's shoulder...she must feel so embarrassed. Damn it...I shouldn't have told her.' "Saeko-chan...there is no need to cry. I understand that by telling you this you will probably think differently of me but I just couldn't hold it from didn't seem fair."

She sniffled as she lifted her head. She coughed slightly until she spoke. "'s okay...I just...need to stop crying. It's not because of you, though...I promise." He looked confused. "Then what is it? I figured that you'd be under some sort of emotional stress due to the fact that I'm not actually from this time and that I'm your ancestor...what is it?"

She smiled as she wiped her tears away with the back of her hand. "I just...heh...I find it sad...the one guy that I was starting to fall for...turns out to be my ancestor from the past. I guess I just overloaded...the fact that the one I fall for is really the reason I'm here in the first place..." Naruto smiled and chuckled. "I guess that the information would...wait...what?"

Saeko blushed as he looked at her and she looked away. "I said...I was falling for that this came up...I guess that that is shot down..." Naruto looked at her and looked away as well. He gave a dry laugh. "I don't know...until I found out...I was actually starting to like you." She looked back to him. "But you're with Takagi-san can you cheat on her?"

Once again Naruto laughed. "You understand that the last of a clan must sire a son, don't you? Well in my old village we enact the CRA. The Clan Restoration Act was basically making the last male take on multiple wives or the last female marrying into another clan to make their children live on with clans growing stronger by combining techniques. When I think about it, the easiest way to make a clan stronger is to have a daughter marry outside of a clan, but some of our older and stronger clans grew to the point that they were afraid to marry outside. Anyone that wasn't in their clan was automatically tossed from the list of eligible people to marry. Those that were persistent were nearly killed and those that were looked down on by everyone...the clan normally didn't even speak with. I'm just glad that not all of them were like that..."

Naruto started to look down as he spoke and Saeko was catching on. "You...were in love with a clans daughter...weren't you?" Naruto nodded as he looked away. "I was...until I came to this time we were working together to fight through our own outbreak..." " mean that this isn't the first outbreak?" he shook his head. "No...ours started out much like yours, only we were able to mobilize quicker and take it down at the source. It took us nearly eight years to figure out just how to kill them all, but we were able to do it."

She looked at him with a look of interest. "You know how to take these things out all at once?" Naruto nodded. "We would have to find the viral origin. Though tracking it is damn near impossible. The origin point is so small that you could stare right at it and not know it's there. The only way we were able to take it out was due to the perseverance of the one that I was in love with..."

"She was the reason that you destroyed them? She must have abilities greater than even yours." Naruto laughed loudly until it died when he spoke. "I will admit that she is very strong...but I was, without a doubt, the strongest Shinobi back then. She had a great ability that allowed her to track the thing, though. She had a technique known as the Byakugan. It let her see the chakra coils of a person and allowed her to negate their usage of chakra. She used it to track the viral origin down by pinpointing the massive output of chakra. I told you about her already, too...remember?"

Saeko thought over and remembered the girl's name that he spoke so highly of. "Hinata?" Naruto nodded with a smile. "She was an amazing woman..." Saeko smile softly at how he talked about her. 'He must've genuinely loved her...I wonder...what would've happened if he had stayed in his time? Would they have gotten married? Would they have had...' "Naruto-kun..." Naruto looked up and to Saeko. "Yes, Saeko-chan?"

She tried to pick her words correctly. "Could it be possible...could she...Hinata...could she be the one that sired your children?" Naruto's eyes widened as he went deep into thought, but came out of it with a sad look. "It could very well be possible...but the odds of that are extremely slim..." "Why is that?"

Naruto uncrossed his legs and lied back on the floor, looking up to the ceiling as Saeko leaned to look at him. "I already told you that she was part of a clan. Her clan was one of the worst for inner-clan marriages. They also weren't the biggest fans of me when I was in the village. Also...I would've been required to take multiple wives. If I didn't then the council would force me to marry. I would've had to take, at the very least, five wives. While I want to think that I was able to marry her...I can't say for sure."

Saeko nodded. " while you know for a fact that you're my ancestor, you don't know who the wife was?" Naruto shook his head and looked away. "I know that it know who I am but you don't know who my wives're probably mad." Saeko giggled and Naruto looked to where he heard it and was looking at Saeko, who had lain down beside him. He nearly jumped but kept calm. 'Why...on these women do this to me...'

"I'm not mad...I really can't be mad at you..." Naruto was beginning to blush as she moved herself closer to him. Naruto chuckled as he shifted a little on the floor. "Uh...Saeko-chan..." She gave a soft hum of question as she continued to move. "Don't you find it...odd...that you are falling for your however-many-greats-grandfather?" She gave a seductive smile as she shook her head. "With how far we are's like we are barely even related..."

Naruto's eyes widened as he soon got it. 'She thinks just like Alter...dear god...' He didn't have much time to think as she was soon upon him, her body on top of his with her face right in his own. He was starting to shiver slightly...but there was a feeling that he was getting...something hardening...his eyes widened larger when he felt her leg rubbing closer and closer to where he felt it...

"Uh...oh...Saeko-chan..." She kept her smile and spoke in a smooth voice that heated him to his core. "Yes, Naruto-kun..." He gulped at the feeling of her breath on his lips and for some reason, like with Saya; he felt the need to press his own against them. "What about, Saya-chan?" Saeko giggled as she ran her hand down his chest and to the bulge that was slowly growing. "You're the last of your clan...I think that warrants multiple wives. As you would've had to have taken five, after all."

Naruto's mind began to kick into gear even faster. 'Oh boy...Shizuka-chan...Saya-chan...Saeko-chan...she's right! That's only three! Oh man...this is going to be harder than I thought...' He was torn from his thoughts when she gently placed her lips over his own. His eyes widened until he started to get into it. His eyes closed as his hands began to trail softly down her back. She broke the kiss and he opened his eyes as she gave him a very sexy wink and spoke...

"Wanna make a bit of noise?"


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