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Chapter Eight

Saeko had her hands against Naruto's chest as their lips met with a burning passion. He ran his gloved hands through her long, silky hair as the kiss deepened with the clashing of tongues against one another. His roaming hands couldn't help but make their way to her well endowed chest, groping her hard and getting a moan from her.

Naruto, deciding to take initiative, quickly flipped their positions with their lips still locked. She yelped slightly in the kiss but got back into it. Her hands began to trace a tender trail south to the bulge in his pants. She found it and gave it a tight squeeze through the fabric, causing Naruto to stiffen at the feeling as a small moan escaped in the kiss. She broke it with a small and sexy smile. "You seem so...stressed...Na-ru-to-kun..."

She gave it another squeeze as he groaned again, slightly deeper than the last. He cracked his eyes and looked at her, only feeling his blood run warmer and warmer as the look on her face made her look all the more enticing. She leaned up and whispered in a breathy and alluring voice. "I think...maybe we should let you breathe..."

Her hand stayed on the bulge as her other hand moved closer to his shoulder, shucking the trench coat from one arm as he tossed it away with the other arm, leaving him in his black muscle shirt and his facemask around his neck where it had been since he and Saya had had their time on the balcony. Her hand then moved at a slightly faster pace towards his cargo pants.

He went to kiss her and she obliged as her hands went to work on his scroll belt. She unlatched it and tossed it away, the scrolls staying in their places as their passionate battle over each others tongues continued. While her other hand caressed his bulge, one of his own was starting to unbutton her shirt in a teasing manner while his other kept him propped up but low enough to stay in the kiss.

Saeko's hands were deft in their pursuit of their objective. Her hands had undone his waist and zipper and were starting to move underneath his black boxers. Naruto's body immediately heated to great heights as she wrapped a hand around his throbbing member. She broke the kiss as Naruto now had both hands on the ground to keep himself from falling onto her. "You're so tense, Naruto-kun..." She leaned in and spoke softly against his lips. "Calm's only natural..."

He took a breath as she smiled. It quickly turned devious as she did as he had done and flipped their positions in a near instant. She now straddled him with her body pressed closely to his own as her own clothed area rubbed against his bulge. She tried not to moan at the touch but found it hard to hold it in. Now it was Naruto's turn to smirk. "You like the, Saeko-chan?"

She blushed and quickly kissed him before moving her kisses to his cheek and then his neck getting a small moan of pleasure from him. She brought a hand up and trailed her nail softly down his chest as she moved herself down to his waist as her other hand was still under his boxers. When she got down she looked up to his face with a devilish grin as both hands worked his pants and boxers down, allowing his manhood to break free.

She stared at it before taking a hold of it. 'Hmmm...eight...not bad...not too big nor too small...Hmhmhmhm...just enough to have fun!' She pumped once before grinning and licking from the base up to the shaft with her tongue circling the tip slowly, getting anxious moans from Naruto. " certainly...tease..."

She giggled and saw that he was going to speak again and quickly silenced him. She shoved him into her mouth as far as she could take him and he made a noise that sounded like satisfaction mixed with a low growl. She pulled him out of her mouth, a small line of spit between him and her smiling mouth. She licked her lips before going back for more.

She started slowly with her mouth moving at a teasingly slow pace with her mouth coming off every so often as her tongue licked him to get the same groan of pleasure she so enjoyed hearing. She began to pump with her hand and looked up to his face. He had a small bead of sweat over his brow and she was slightly impressed. 'He has endurance...I wonder how long he'll last?'

As her thoughts ceased, she couldn't resist the heat building up inside of her. As she pumped with one hand, her other was rubbing against her own passage as her wetness increased. She looked back up to him and smiled softly as her pumping slowed slightly. Naruto saw this and sat up, pulling her face to his before getting into another kiss, pushing her back and once more reversing their roles.

Her hand was still against her innocence as Naruto became impatient and ripped her shirt off before tossing it to the side. She didn't care, though, as her mind was running through the things that she was going to do to him. Naruto moved his hand over her breast and groped it tightly, getting the delightfully muffled squeak from her tongue-filled mouth. He grinned in the kiss. 'Now it's my turn to have some fun...'

He broke the kiss with both of their tongues hanging out, a thread of spit connecting the two. He kept his grin as he removed his hand and began to untie her skirt. He didn't worry about her boots or lace stockings, thinking that it only made the moment sexier. He undid the thin line of cloth and she arched her back ever so slightly so he could toss it away from underneath her. Saeko then let herself down but was instantly caught in a net of pleasure as she felt two fingers pressing against her slit over the cloth of her black panties, matching the color of her lace bra.

Naruto smiled in delight as he heard the moans of pleasure from his new lover. He couldn't help but notice how she pulled her breasts from her bra and groped herself with one hand but tried her best to keep her other one from interfering with what he was doing to her, as if it had a mind of its own and want to join in as it rested roughly against her bare stomach.

He finally stopped, much to the displeasure of Saeko, but she was surprised when he began to pull her panties away. She blushed and looked to see him looking at her the whole time. When he had worked them around her boots and gotten them off he tossed them to her torn shirt. He then came back up to her face. "You seem very...excited..."

She kept her blush as she let her breast go and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him down to kiss her hard. When they parted he looked into her eyes. "Why so rough?" She blushed again and looked to a little to the side. "I enjoy to feeling...when your lips touch's so new! I can't get enough of it..." Naruto smiled as he came down to kiss her cheek.

Saeko looked back to him and smiled, though it soon turned back to her earlier devious smile. She arched herself so that she rubbed against him, sending heat through both of their bodies from the foreign touch. Naruto looked to her eyes and she gave him a more pleasant smile that made him warmer than her already was. He smiled back and slowly brought his tip to rest against her shaven entrance.

"You realize...what I'm doing...right Saeko-chan?" She gave a nod and closed her eyes. She soon felt the touch of his rough yet kissable lips against her own and then...a surge of pain as he forced through her nether lips, filling her with the very tool that made him a man. She let out a loud yelp of pain but then brought her finger up and clenched down on it with her teeth. Naruto let out a gasp at the feeling in between her walls. " tight...Saeko-chan..."

She let a blush show at the sound of her name from his lips. He breathed as he pulled out slightly before pushing back in full force. Saeko let herself squeak, but nothing more as she felt her tears welling up. The pain was unimaginable but she knew it would change soon enough. Naruto noticed her distress and tried his best to quell it but when he pulled out he felt the warm liquid and look down, seeing the red shining in the light of the candles. He then knew why she was feeling such pain. 'This is her...first time...I have her innocence now...'

He smiled softly and lowered his head to hers. "Saeko-chan..." She looked up to him with her shimmering eyes, her finger still between her teeth. He took his hand and used it to softly remove her finger before he pressed his lips gently against her own. She closed her eyes and leaned forward as she felt him break the kiss. She kept her eyes closed as he began to move himself inside of her at a steady pace.

Her moans began as painful, barely able to be called moans before screams, but they soon turned to cries of pleasure...calls for more...a plead for him to go faster. Naruto obliged to these pleas as he quickened his pace, shoving his throbbing member in deeply before pulling out and redoing, over and over again. "Na...Naruto-kun...Naruto-kun! NAUTO-KUN!"

Her screaming his name only made the ecstasy for both of them to shoot through the roof as the sound barraged their ears. Naruto felt as his muscles around his pelvic area begin to tense. "Saeko-chan...I'm...gonna...I'm going to come!" Saeko heard this and tried to speak through her moans. "Naruto...Naruto-kun...please...not inside...not now!"

As he felt his muscles tensing, he pulled out just in time as his hot juices shot from his tip all over Saeko's stomach and chest, coating her in a pearly white liquid that was warm against her skin. Naruto fell to her side, a heaving heap with sweat over his brow. Saeko was no better as she felt the sweat covering her body.

She looked down and saw the shine that her body gave off from both her sweat and the white substance covering her. She smirked as she sat up to her knees once more, wiping the juices from her breasts and taking her finger to her mouth, all while giving a sexy look to Naruto. He was blushing at the sight of her ingesting his juices and it only got worse as she spoke. " definitely made a mess...huh, Na-ru-to-kun?"

His face was a healthy red as she continued to eat the offending liquid over her body. When she was finished, she took to lying on top of him with a devious smile. She spoke in a low and seductive voice that heated Naruto's core. "I guess I'll let it slide this time. You do taste rather good, after all..."

He couldn't help the heat that escaped his body. Her voice, coupled with the feel of her bare breasts against his chest and the feeling of her womanhood once more against his now resting made his body burn with a feeling that he longed to keep. He got over his sheepish behavior quickly, though, and decided to join in her little game, whispering in a rugged tone. "I taste good, do I? You sound as if you want more?"

She sighed and laid her head down against his chest, speaking softly. "I wish it could stay like this...but unfortunately we must make way to Takagi-san's house tomorrow morning and we will have to hurry. If they are attacked by the Behemoths when we aren't there then they could be in for some major trouble."

Naruto nodded as he placed his hand over her hair, caressing it softly. "I know...but the Behemoths aren't the only things we need to worry about now. When you were out, I lost it and soon came to face something that I have come to call the Predator. It's almost as fast as I am and it has claws that were able to hold against Shukketsu Souru."

Saeko tried not to shiver at the thought but found that she couldn't. "That's...definitely a scary thought. You killed it, though. Can't you continue to kill it?" Naruto sighed as he spoke. "I was able to kill it, yes. But fighting even one was a tough challenge. It's starting to scare me. These things are evolving far beyond what I've ever faced against these things. Back when our outbreak happened, they were simply the dead brought they are Behemoths and Predators and god only knows what else..."

Saeko lifted her head as he spoke his last few sentences. "Speaking of 'back when', will you ever tell the group about it?" Naruto thought about it until he came to his conclusion. "I will tell them if it is required for them to know. They don't need to be worried with such a trivial detail." Saeko giggled as she laid her head back down with a yawn. "I'm sure that you being from the past isn't as trivial as you think. It's actually rather important."

Naruto shrugged and gave his own yawn. "I guess it's a matter of perspective. My real worry right now is actually getting to the house. Do you know where we'll be heading?" Saeko nodded, but it was sleepy and Naruto could tell. "I think that we should sleep,'s rather late and we will need our energy."

She gave another sleepy nod and was almost instantly drawing her final conscious breath. Naruto sighed as he felt her chest pushing against his with each breath she took. 'Well...I guess now I go into my head. Humph...I'm going to kill him.' He closed his eyes with a final breath and let himself fall into his restless slumber.


Naruto appeared fully clothed in the tormented mindscape only to find it in far worse shape. Lightning struck the ground randomly, trees had been uprooted, craters littered the ground and the blood from the river was splattered over the dead or dying grass. Ropes that held the dead bodies were also cut and the respective corpses were strewn across the land. Naruto looked around and soon found the source of the horrific sight.

Alter sat on a charred stump that had once been a tree that he remembered as the first one that he had made when he changed the mindscape the first time. The malevolent soul sat cross-legged with his sword stabbed into the ground in front of him. Naruto narrowed his eyes and stalked over to him. Alter looked up with a deadly glare but Naruto did not falter. "Why the fuck are you here, you fuck bag...I didn't call you..."

Naruto got closer and ripped the pale man from his stump by the cloth of his trench coat, raising him as high as his arms would let him, surprising Alter. "Didn't I tell you to SHUT THE FUCK UP?" He then threw him across the grass and he smashed into one of the few dead trees that were still standing, only to have it explode into splinters. He walked back over to Alter's blade and picked it up in a reverse hold before spearing it towards the dark spirit.

He thought he would hit his mark until he saw his pale hand reach from the dust and grab it by the blade. Alter rose with his evil glare leveled at Naruto. He flipped the sword into his right hand and had it in a normal hold before pointing the tip to Naruto. "You had better watch yourself, Naruto."

Naruto nearly flinched as he heard the venom in his voice. He brought out his own blade into a furious two-handed stance. "Watch who you're speaking to...Alter!" The one spoken of simply smirked with malevolent intent. "You...think that you can take on ME? Ha...Haha...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's just about the funniest fucking thing you've ever said!"

He growled at his other half's ridicule of him and disappeared with pure speed. He reappeared and tried for a swipe at his neck only for it to be blocked by Alter's forearm. Naruto's eyes widened at this and he sped away, reappearing once more in his stance nearly ten feet away. Alter chuckled as he spoke. "I knew really are WEAK!"

He charged Naruto and raised his blade to strike, only for Naruto to disappear. Alter stopped running and looked around until he heard a small noise from his right and brought his hand up to catch the blade that came his way. Naruto growled again as he let go of his sword and got a strong hit to Alter's face, sending him careening into a large boulder.

He pulled himself from the rubble and rubbed his head with an evil scowl. Naruto, who was fifty feet away, picked up his blade which Alter had dropped and readied it. "I thought that I was weak?" Alter growled and yelled over him. "YOU'RE PATHETIC! A SINGLE HIT DOESN'T MAKE YOU STRONG!"

Alter was back on his feet and he began to charge his dark chakra into his blade. He let it all burst free as he swung his blade, releasing it in a crescent of pure energy. Naruto dodged it and changed his blade hand to his left as he gathered energy into his right palm. It took the form of a blue ball no bigger than his hand and it was swirling with great energy. Alter's eyes began to get bigger as Naruto charged at him, lightning striking where he had once been standing.

"You didn't forget my favorite technique, did you?" He rammed the ball into Alters stomach as he was too surprised to dodge the attack. The cyclonic force of the attack began to cause his shirt to rip and his skin to start to curl under the pressure of the attack. He couldn't hold back the roar of pain as Naruto began to put more and more chakra into the attack. The blonde swordsman then smirked as the wind picked up before dying, all becoming quiet. "Boom..."

The overdose of chakra to the attack cause it to become unstable and it blew up against both of the fighters. Naruto flew in a B-line straight through three boulders, unstopping until he smashed into another boulder two times the size of the one that Alter hit. Alter himself had flown across the ground as nothing more than a smoking heap. He eventually slid to a stop, coughing up a gob of blood.

Both of them were a hundred yards apart, but both of them heard the sound of spinning high in the air. Alter was barely able to move his head to see the sight of their blades spinning towards the ground from hundreds of feet in the air. Naruto looked up as well and saw this. Lightning struck the two blades as they fell to the ground, piercing in a perfect X formation.

Both of them chuckled, though each for different own reasons. Alter grinned slightly at the sight. 'Hm...I guess neither of us are meant to win this thing. We are both two sides of one cut it in half and look at both sides...neither one any better than the other...while different in sides we're part of the same person...' Naruto sighed as he finished his little fit of laughter. 'When the blades's perfect...the only thing that tells them apart is the fact that they're colored differently. Hm...even though he's an asshole...all he really is, is a different shade of myself...'

Both rose with difficulty and made their way to the center where the swords resided. Alter held his arm over his chest and Naruto was trying to rub his shoulder better from the blast of chakra. They got to the center at the same time and both stared at each other. Alter averted his gaze with an annoyed look on his face. He grumbled something that Naruto didn't catch.

"What?" Alter looked back to him and huffed. "I said I'm sorry...I just...I've been having a hard time in this place. I need to get out of here...I can't stand it..." Naruto sighed as he looked to the crossed swords. "I get that...but why would you withhold your chakra in another moment when I needed it? She could've died, know that..."

He nodded as he looked to where Naruto's eyes were as well. "I get that...I guess I just overreacted. Being stuck in here is making me very, very irritable." Naruto chuckled at this. "You're on your period, huh?" Alter growled at him and he stopped chuckling. "No...I'm just getting this feeling that you're not going uphold your end of the deal."

"Hey, I always keep my word! Though...after that stunt you pulled I was seriously thinking about terminating our deal..." Alter grumbled. "I figured you would. I can't really blame you; I own paranoia caused me to break my end of the bargain..." Naruto nodded his head as his eyes never left the blades X formation. "I get don't have to worry, man...I'll get you out of here like I said I would. Actually...I've got an idea on how to get you a real body instead of a simple Kage Bushin."

Alter perked up at this and his eyes widened slightly. "How the fuck are you gonna do that? That would mean you know..." Naruto looked up with a wide grin and Alter started to laugh. "Haha! Oh shit! You know it? That's in the Forbidden Scroll of Sealing, though!" Naruto chuckled. "I thought you being a part of me meant that you knew about everything I've done? I got the scroll as a child and learn the Kage Bushin from it."

"I thought that was the only thing you learned from it?" Naruto shook his head with his grin still plastered to his face. "It was actually right beside the Kage Bushin description." Alter just heaved a huge breath out as he fell back onto his butt laughing. "I can't believe just now remembered that jutsu..." The blonde rubbed his head sheepishly. "Yeah...kind of..."

The dark entity just sighed. "Even if you know that jutsu, though, you'll need a body almost exactly like yours. There's very little room for error. It's really the only drawback to the jutsu. If you were to pick a body with slightly less muscle than you or smaller in stature than you then my half would more than likely overload it and destroy both me and the body. Too much space for me in the body and I wouldn't be able to function properly. If you can find a body generally like would be able to transfer me to it."

Naruto nodded at his explanation but spoke. "You are correct, but you are also forgetting the other drawback to the jutsu." Alter looked up at him, confused. Naruto sighed as he sat down and began to explain. "The seals that are required for it would take me, at the very least, twenty-four hours to complete. If I were interrupted then I'd have to start all over again. It's not so simple right now, Alter. Finding the body is the easiest part...finding the time in this chaos is damn near impossible."

Alter sighed as he plopped back onto the ground, groaning loudly. "Fine...damn it. I'll trust you to do this, Naruto. In return you will have my chakra whenever you want..." Naruto chuckled again and his other half looked at him funny. "What's so damn funny?" Naruto kept on until he calmed himself. "You realize that when I do this, your chakra goes with you as well, right?" Alter looked confused once more and Naruto sighed...

"When I transfer your soul, I'd have to give you chakra to stay alive. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I can't control your chakra. Even when you didn't take control of me that time you willingly helped me, I still went crazy. This is also why Kage Bushin would be ineffective. It would overpower the jutsu to a point that the technique would be useless. No...I have no choice...and I also want a permanent comrade that can fight on the exact same level as me."

Alter looked dumbfounded when he heard Naruto. He sat up and stared at him before speaking. "Wait a're willing to give up my chakra so that you can have an equal partner? You'd be stiffing yourself on the entire deal!" He shrugged his shoulders. "I know that...I figured I'd be the bigger man this time, though. Besides, with two as strong as us in the group we'd be able to track down the viral origin faster and take it down, especially if your idea that someone was able to bring it back is right. If that's what's going on then it would be a lot better if we were both out and about at all times."

Alter nodded. "That actually does make sense...I guess. I still can't believe that you're willing to cut yourself out of a deal that you yourself made, though." Naruto sighed as he stood and reached for the handle of his blade and Alter reached for his from his seated position. When both grasped the handles...they locked eyes for a brief moment. Naruto smirked at him as he pulled his blade from the ground. "You that I think about're a pretty good friend, Alter..."

Alter pulled his own blade back and laid it across his lap and looked at Naruto like he had grown a second head. "Are you shitting me?" Naruto shook his head as he sheathed his blade. "I'm being as serious as a heart attack. You may be a total asshole, but all in all you've given me some good advice and, even if it was in an offensive manner, you have told me things that I would otherwise be oblivious to. You've very harshly kept me in the light of events in the timeline. I'd say you're a good friend..."

Alter just smirked as he looked away. "The only reason I do those things is because you're too much of a stupid fuck to figure them out on your own. It ain't because I like you..." Naruto shrugged as he turned his back and began to walk away and fade. "Even if you don't like me, you're gonna have to deal with me for a long time, so I guess you're going to have to suck it up, man. I'll talk to you later."

Naruto faded from the mindscape as Alter looked down to the blade, staring at his barely visible reflection in the black blade. 'A friend, huh?' He chuckled at the thought before standing and sheathing his blade. He turned the opposite direction that Naruto had and began to walk. 'I'm too much of a badass to have friends...'


Naruto awoke to the feeling of Saeko still breathing onto his exposed chest. He could still feel the pressure of her chest with each breath she took and he least...until he heard a noise from outside. His eyes widened when he heard a bang against the entry way to the shrine. He began to frantically shake Saeko awake on top of him. She awoke slowly with a line of drool from her mouth to his chest, but Naruto wasn't paying attention to that.

"Saeko-chan, hurry up! We need to hurry and get ready! The infected ones are here!" This woke Saeko up in an instant and she was up to her feet, getting all of her stuff together. When she had everything on except for her shirt, she looked to Naruto for a solution, not wanting to run around in only her bra. Naruto quickly unrolled another scroll and unsealed a black tank-top and tossed it to her. She took it with zest and put it on, realizing that it was a little tight on her. 'How in the hell would he wear this thing? It's almost a glove on me so it would be insanely strained on him!'

She decided not to dwell on it as she then realized that she was missing the sword that Naruto had given her. She once more looked to him and he was now fully dressed with his mask up to cover his mouth and nose. He nodded and unrolled another scroll, only this one he was far more careful with as it spread over the floor, nearly from wall to wall. He stood and began to walk the length of the scroll with a pondering look, telling Saeko that he knew what was in each seal and he was wondering which one to use.

He came to one seal near the end and crouched low to get a closer look at it. He smirked as he ran his hand over it and spiked a bit of chakra, getting a puff of smoke and bringing forth a work of art in the eyes of both of the sword wielders. The sheath of the katana was an abyssal black that had the golden design of a fox's head at the base that had a golden wisp swirling around the sheath down to the other end. The guard of the blade was golden as well the pommel. The handle had a black cloth covering it to give it a golden diamond pattern along it.

Naruto nodded in satisfaction as he rolled the scroll back up and strapped it back. He walked over to Saeko and held it out to her. "I'll give you this one but you'll need to take great care of it. It took me a lot of time doing D-ranks to pay for that sword." Saeko was about to refuse to take it, on account of the fact that she had lost his other one, but Naruto quickly shut her down. "You must take it, Saeko-chan. We don't have much time and those things are practically banging down the door to this place."

She looked from the sword to the door then back to the sword. She nodded and took it before strapping it to her waist where the other sword had been. Naruto smiled at the sight of her carrying his second favorite blade. 'It seems that Kitsune-hi fits her well. At least her blade isn't alive. I doubt she would be able to handle that on top of everything that's been happening.'

Saeko took the blade out and saw that someone took their sweet time when they made the blade. It had no chinks in the metal and there was nothing to mar its perfection. Even in the dim light it had a shine to it. She smiled at the sight and sheathed it once more. Naruto stood from the ground and turned to the door. He looked back over his shoulder to Saeko. "Are you ready for this, Saeko-chan?"

She nodded with a smile and looked to the door. Naruto looked back forward, his eyes narrowed and his body ready to fight. Drawing his blade and walking forward to the door, he tried to drop the sound barrier but found that it was already gone. He chuckled. 'So that's how they were able to figure out where we were. The barrier must've broken during our...activities.' He smiled as he reared back his fist and slammed it into the door, sending it flying through the air and hitting the chest of a Behemoth before breaking into two pieces.

Naruto stepped out and looked to the misty courtyard of the early morning. A Behemoth stood ready to charge and two Predators flanked it on both sides. He smirked as he crouched down and Saeko got into her stance. He looked to her and nodded his head before looking back to the soon-to-be charging creatures. Just as they began their charge, Naruto just chuckled.

"Saeko-chan...let's go..."


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