It hurts, it really hurts. She has never known a pain like it. It resonates in her bones, in every particle, and with every angry clench of her heart it forces the shards of his words through her veins, through her.

Her edges are fraying.

Every time they meet he's less the man she knows him to be. Every time he angles those bottomless eyes at her; with a tally of shadows he doesn't know she has counted, and he does not bother to hide that he doesn't believe he could ever feel anything stronger than distrust and mild curiosity towards her.

It is a struggle to keep it together when she is splitting at the seams and still he tears at her, tries to get her to break the rules her Doctor made her promise to.

He is an unfinished duplicate of the Time Lord she vowed to be faithful in heart to and now she's starting to wonder if she can even do that when the time-beaten lace of her heart is snapping strand by silken strand and, yet, she will never stop, never give up loving the man that holds the needle and thread to fixing her.


A/N: Darning (Darn-ing) is an apology technique used by the Doctor (See: The Doctor and/or Time Lord) for repairing the holes or worn areas in his ladylove's (See: River Song) heart with the use of kissing and/or groping.