Authors Note: So, I know I shouldn't be starting ANYTHING until I update my other FFs. But I can't help it. Ever since the the Castle Final, I've had ideas roaming around in my brain, and reading others to get my fix...This popped into my head. Should I continue with it? Yeah, i know it's short for a first chapter, but I felt this was a good place to leave off for now. (:

Summary: Kate was shot...Wasn't she? Could it be a dream? Or maybe she's dreaming now, either way...Waking up and finding out you're married, have two kids, a stepdaughter and a baby on the way can be pretty freaking frightening.

Spoilers: Just the end of the season final of Knockout, but really not that much. Mainly hints. xD

Disclaimer: This is just the depressing part. I don't own Castle. :C

Another World Inside Of Me

Chapter One

Hold Me When I'm Here

"Stay with me, Okay?"

Pain. Searing pain, and tears that fall on their own accord.

"Kate-, I love you. I love you, Kate..."

A faint smile, and then darkness...


Kate Beckett awoke with a jolt, sweat beading from her forehead and drenching her body. Her hands clutched the comforter as she panted heavily. Confusion washed over her, as she glanced around the room. It felt so real, and-Wait...She was not in her room, this was not her room.

"Mom, I got-" the door swung open and Alexis appeared in the doorway, though she stopped in her tracks as she noted the contorted expression and sweat clinging to Kate's face. "Mom, are you alright? Are you sick? Is the baby okay?" The questions flowed out of the young red head's mouth like a waterfall. "Wait-," Kate wasn't sure if she had heard correctly, she looked around to make sure that Alexis wasn't talking to some unknown person in the room. No one. She turned her head back to look at Alexis who had a worried expression adorning her delicate features. "...What?" Was all Kate could say.

Alexis walked over to the bed and took a seat beside Kate, cringing back slightly at the dampness that surrounded her mother. "M-Maybe we should take you to the doctor. You're all pale and you soaked the sheets." Her brows scrunched up with worry. Kate visibly swallowed and shook her head.

"Alexis...I-" She was cut off as a sudden movement inside her caused her to jump slightly. She looked down, and that was when some of what Alexis had said registered. Is the baby okay? Kate's hands moved to her ever growing middle and her face grew ashen. She was pregnant? With who's baby? What the hell was going on here? Her thoughts were interrupted as two sets of little giggles came from outside the door.

Kate watched as Alexis turned her head to the door. Two heads poked around the door frame and a matching pair of smiling faces greeted her. "Mommy, Lexis maded pancakes." the twin boy and girl said in unison. Kate felt dizzy. Mommy? Surely these two kids were mistaken. They had the wrong person. That thought died as the two 5 year olds climbed up on the bed next to their older sister. Kate finally noticed the pictures around the room.

One framed photo on her nightstand caught her eye. She noted the happy expressions of herself, Alexis and...Castle? Alexis was standing in front of them, she looked so young. Maybe 9 or 10? Kate had had her arms around the girl's shoulders and Castle had his arms wrapped around her waist, his chin on her shoulder. They seemed to be at the park. Another photo that was on the wall grabbed her attention.

There she was, her side to the camera and Alexis in front of her. They both had their heads bowed, and smiles were adorning their faces. Alexis had her hands placed on Kate's rather large belly with Kate's hands over hers.

Kate felt so overwhelmed. Why couldn't she remember any of this, why was everything so fuzzy? Her eyes traveled to the next picture. This picture was of Kate in a hospital bed, holding two babies. She looked tired and weak but the smile on her face was of true happiness. Alexis was in the bed next to her, leaning into Kate, while Castle stood on Kate's side of the bed, grinning from ear to ear, his arms wrapped around Kate's shoulders and reaching over to Alexis.

"What's wrong with mommy, Lexis?" The brown headed little boy broke her thoughts and she brought her gaze to the two five year olds on her bed. It was then she noticed that they were fraternal twins, and she could certainly see the similarity that she, and Castle shared with them. They both looked more like her, than Castle; However, the little boy shared a lot more traits with his father, than his sister. Kate noted that the little boy had her eyes, while the little girl had his. She smiled suddenly and tears sprung into her eyes.

The little girl crawled over to her and hesitantly touched her mother's cheek. "Don't cry mommy..." Kate brought her hand up to cover the little girl's hand and her heart felt like it was going to explode. That was when Alexis gently picked up her little brother and held out her hand to her sister.

"Mommy isn't feeling well, guys. Why don't you go color her a get well picture?" Alexis smiled at her siblings and helped the little girl jump off of the bed, but not before she placed a wet kiss on Kate's cheek.

"Okay!" They both said in unison. Kate brought her hands to her face and rubbed it tiredly.

Once the twins were gone, Alexis turned to face her mother. "Okay, seriously. Mom, do I need to drive you to the hospital? Are you okay?" she looked seriously worried as she took her seat back next to Kate.

For a while, Kate was unable to find her voice. When she finally did, it sounded weak and scared. "N-No. I just...I had a nightmare..."

Alexis only looked half satisfied with that answer. She sighed and stood up, holding out both her hands. "Well, come on. Let me help you change the sheets and stuff." She offered, a small smile creasing her lips. Kate stared at her hands for a moment before hesitantly taking them. She suddenly realized how uncomfortable she was feeling sticky.

"Thanks..." Kate replied softly as she watched her stepdaughter nod. She wanted to ask her so many questions, but these questions would make her sound insane...Which, she didn't put that idea past her. It certainly did feel like she was losing her mind. She couldn't remember anything up till now, and the things she did remember, didn't make sense with the world she was in right now. She tried to think of a way to ask the things she needed to know, like for instance; What were the twins' names? Where was Castle? When did-How did? So many questions...