HAY GUIZ. So, just to let you guys know...It's not a sequel, but I wrote a short little fluffy halloween companion fic to this with Olivia and Mathew. I did it for my birthday. xD It's late, I meant to write it sooner, but...Yeah. Writer's block is a fregen bitch. Anywhozles, if you wanna check that out, it's called "Halloween With The Castles" (: Enjoy, and I love you all! Still appreciate feedback or ideas, whatever. Or we can fangirl over Castle together, whatever! I like talking. Also, you can follow me on tumblr if you like. Normal-is-overratedx . tumblr. com. :P /shamless advertising. I'll probably follow ya back if you blog/reblog crap about Castle, Bones, or Once Upon A Time. (: Hehe. OKAY, enough spam. Thanks for reading. Peace!


Hello, all! So yes. This story has been done for a while, and I have yet to think up a good sequel, you are free to message me with ideas. I miss writing for Matty and Livvie. :c Little boogers.

Anyway, that's not exactly the point to this update...thing...I just wanted to let you know that I made a music video to this story. (: The Link is on my profile. So have a look.

If you guys seriously want a sequel(I really wanna write one), I've gotta get some ideas. I was thinking maybe Yeah Olivia and Matty should totally be born, whether they be twins or not...But the person who shot Kate hasn't been caught yet and suddenly resurfaces to kidnap some cute little Casckett babies? I dunno, kind of cliche. xD So you all should tell me what you want!

I'd appreciate some feedback from those of you who liked the story! (: Thanks bunches.

-Detective Apples