The presentation room was dark. Pitch black even, except for a few small red candles at each seperate table. The tables themselves were circular, draped with white table cloth only seen by the candle light and small enough to seat two people on each. They were evenly spaced out amongst the seemingly small, and sort of crouched space. Sparsely seen through the shadows, were rough men, gangsters, CEO's of some of the largest companies in the world, and just a few lucky filthy rich men. The air that night was thick. Secret, and hateful words even, were quietly spreading to assistants ears. Grown men, were becoming impatient with having to wait for so long for what they desired, and the people that were running things were nervous about a fatal outcome if plans didn't go accordingly.

White, almost blinding lights shone from within a translucent stage. Once hid amongst darkness, now the focal point of the entire conference. The beaming platform at the very front of the room, caught the eyes of all the big shots in the place, and brought gross perverse smiles on their faces. Men were whispering amongst lankier, less important men at their table. Passing off briefcases full of money, to be properly bid with. A roaming eye of a particular powerful man, happened to see a small sofa big enough for two on the other side of the stage. For "VIP's" no doubt.

Suddenly, a young man popped out from behind the curtains at either side of the stage. He was a tall, brown haired gentleman, with eyes that looked lke they could tell no lies. He, was the salesman tonight.

"Well, Well, Well! Hello, hello, hello all! My, my, my this IS a lovely crowd tonight! Full of some of Japan's toughest, most ruthless men no doubt! Let's not forget the little rich boys and girls hmmm? My, my, my! Well, My name is Hichiro, and tonight Hichiro will get you to where you want to go! Mmmhhhmm! That's right don't wear it out boys!" Hichiro had thrown a wink to a couple of flirtatious eyes. "Tonight is going to be full of the hottest, tentalating, breathtaking, "cum" making, and hopefully salivating teenage young men! So, let's get started shall we? All this dilly-dallying is driving me crazy!"

Hichiro stepped aside for a minute and conversed with a man in a business suit. Then, without delay, he brought out exactly what all the fuss and commotion was about.

There, attached to a dazzling diamond "leash"/"collar", was a very drugged and out of it young blonde teenage boy. The man in the business suit handed Hichiro the leash and dissappeared behind the curtain. Hichiro stared out into the audience and gave his million dollar smile. The boy was semi-unconscious, and walking as if on air. The bright lights in the place all turned their attention to the boys fair skin, excentuating his curves, and allowing the gross men to engorge themselves with his beauty. He stood tall, thin, and gorgeous.


A large uproar filled the room. Dozens upon dozens of bids starting filling the air, and dollar bills began to fly in piles towards the stage as tips for grattitude.

"As you can see as plain as day gentleman, this is an excellent subject. At his prime at 18 years old. Blonde hair, purple eyes, a gorgeous smile" Hichiro had pulled the young mans lip back to show his teeth. "And a voice as silky as honey. Yes men, we have some of the rarest of the rare here tonight but he is by far one of the best. His voice is so SCRUMPTIOUS, so TEMPTUOUS, that when you fuck him you'll get your utmost joys from hearing him scream "i'm going to cum". Yes. Speak for us slave." Hichiro caught a whipping tool that was thrown at him from the side of the stage. He proceeded to push the young man down on the ground, and split his legs to all fours. He was, of course, completely nude. "Speak!" Hichiro slapped his whipping tool on the side of his ass, and made him yell momentarily. His eyes were glazed over with confusion, and his look was empty. The emptiest stare anyone had ever seen. "Wow. we've got a cooperative one tonight. Ok, gentleman, we start the bidding at 100 million U.S dollars. Whaddya say rich daddy's? Why don't you put your money where your penises are?"

Hichiro's ears almost could not handle the tremendous feedback being called to him. It was like he was at a rock concert.

"200 million"!

"No, 500 million"!


"Wow, well, well, well. Somebody wants to get laid tonight! Ok, i hear 550 million dollars! I see no one else raising bets at this point? Alright then. Going once, going twice, so-"


Hichiro's eyes stayed wide open. The men infront of him were looking around the room to see the person that had bid, they could not find him. Hichiro slowly turned around, leash still in his hand holding on to the drugged out teenager. He scanned behind him until he noticed the small sofa seating only one man. It was Kyoya Ootori. Hichiro gasped. He had only seen him in pictures, but there he was, one of the richest men in the world standing before him. Much richer than anybody else in the room, and devastatingly more handsome.

"Why, . We had no clue you would be visiting our establishment. We would have had proper company for you." Hichiro stated, bowing down to Kyoya.

Kyoya stood up from where he was sitting. It was a dark area in which he was, but he quickly showed his face in the light by moving forward.

"No need. I was going to make this quick. I've got places to go you know, i'm a busy man."

"Well. Obviously you have won this boy. W-would you like us to gift wrap him for you?"

Kyoya stood motionless, and put his hands on his hips.

"That stupidity will get you nowhere. No, I do NOT want him gift wrapped, he is a person not a Christmas present." Kyoya let out a big sigh. He began to walk on stage. "As for the rest of the show tonight, consider it cancelled gentleman. I'm afraid i'm buying all the young men behind that curtain. They will be mine, and no amount of money or gunpower will make it otherwise."

Outrage began to pour from the audience.

"You DO know who I am don't you? I may as well be Jesus, because my father is God of this city. You all take your complaints to him. This? This is my game now. Please leave."

As soon as the men caught sight of Kyoya's face, they realized who he was and decided to leave before any one got brutally murdered under his hand.

"That's better. Hichiro, will 8 billion dollars cover all the loss for tonight?"

Hichiro was giddy, because they had never made that much money trafficking before.

"Oh, Oh yes. That should be fine. You can take the truck filled with the young men. I hope...they satisfy you. I must warn you however, there is a strict non-return policy."

Kyoya smuggly pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and smiled.

"I know."

Kyoya turned around and went behind the curtains. Like a pimp, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a large silver key. He beckoned somebody, that seemingly was already there, and he brought a bright red suitcase over. Hichiro was confused, but played along. Kyoya inserted the silver key into the briefcase and turned it. He opened the glorious thing, and stacks upon stacks of money were lined up in an organized manner tied with rubberbands.

"The case itself is worth a million. It was a birthday present from my brother. I hate my brother. So consider it a thank you gift. Keep it."

"Wow. Well, thank you Ootori San. I don't know what we did to earn such grattitude. But it is surely appreciated. You're now a preffered guest." Hichiro said, bowing to the man that just made him set for life.

Kyoya kept the same face he had been having that whole time. He simply turned his head and said "well Thank you". He adjusted his tie, and took the diamond leash from Hichiro's hand. He took the leash off, but left the collar on. He knelt down and slowly and gently picked him up.

"What's this young mans name"? Kyoya asked, staring into the boys deep violet set eyes. Though they were confused and deadened eyes, Kyoya's heart exploded once he looked into them.

"Um. I'm actually not so sure. HeHe." Hichiro answered with nervous laughter for he didn't want to make Kyoya mad.

Kyoya broke away from the young mans gaze faster than counting to one, and pulled a long slim silver gun on Hichiro.

"Well, would you get sure? Please. I'm in a hurry here. I thought this process would go smoothly, but obviously you're not a professional. If you're going to treat human beings like pets, you should atleast have papers with their names on it or something. It's dispicable really. You really are a bumbling idiot aren't you?" Kyoya spat out, holding the boy in his other hand.

"Whoa whoa. I'm sure we can work something out! Just, just give me one second i'll be right back. Just one second Mr. Ootori sir!"

Hichiro disappeared into the curtains once more to come back with a wallet.

"This is what we found with him when we-"

Kyoya was cutting daggers into Hichiro's face. He was daring him to finish that sentence. Kyoya opened the wallet to find the boys name was Tamaki Suoh.

"Tamaki..." Kyoya whispered.

"Oh, Tamaki? That's a good name for him. He's a fine specimen." Hichiro said, with a smile.

"Yes. But unfortunately for you, those were the wrong choice of words."

Hichiro's body made a loud thud against the stage. Kyoya had shot him. Two times, straight in the spot between his eyes. Kyoya chuckled to himself. "People like you shouldn't be alive." He said, then looked at the boy he was holding in his arms, and put his forehead to the blonde's.

"I promise, no harm will come to you Tamaki." Kyoya whispered.

Kyoya casually walked out the double doors. Once outside, a special team Kyoya assembled beforehand ran inside the building by 4's. Equipped with guns, and loyalty to their boss Ootori.

"Sir. What are your orders sir?" Said the leader of the team.

"Go inside. Clean up the mess I made. When the police ask, say it was self-defense. Oh, and all the young men inside, take them to the hospital and make sure their respectable families claim them please. Also, there is a certain brief case inside filled with 8 billion dollars. Make sure I get that later. You may give yourself and your men 4 billion. That is all."

The man stood, obviously very greatful.

"Th-thank you Kyoya sir. We will do all you please in less than an hour. You have my word."

"Very good. Thank you Waru." Kyoya said, nodding his head graciously.

Kyoya took a couple more strides to his Lexus LF-A and got in. He still had Tamaki in his lap. He couldn't for the life of him let him go. Not even to put him on the passenger seat. He wanted him close to him, so that he would be safe and nothing would happen to him again. Kyoya managed to put the seatbelt over the both of them, and start the car. The motor of the engine was fierce. A beast not to be reckoned with.


A blood curdling scream filled the car. Kyoya, obviously surprised, was getting kicked and hit by frantic flailing limbs. The blonde was out of his drug induced coma, and he was terrified.

"Don't move about like that! You're hitting me. Calm down!" Kyoya yelled, attempting to hold Tamaki down.

"You! You're trying to kidnap me too! Help! Someone, help me!" Tamaki bellowed.

"Tamaki! If you don't calm down, i'm going to throw you out the Goddamn window! Stop flinching! I'm not even touching you!"

Tamaki was still yelling. Obviously he was tortured before they drugged him. Kyoya was growing increasingly impatient by the second, and slapped the blonde compulsively hard to calm down. Tamaki froze, and grabbed his face, wincing in pain.

"Ow..." Tamaki whimpered.

Kyoya felt instantly guilty the second he laid a hand on Tamaki.

"Tamaki. I..."

Tamaki looked at Kyoya straight in the eyes. His own violet eyes filled with large tears, and his eyebrows furrowed to the point of pure adorableness. His cheek where he was hit was a bright red, and Tamaki's hand was on it instinctively. Kyoya had never been more sad in his whole life.

"I'm so so so sorry. Please, please forgive me." Kyoya whispered, a tear falling down his right cheek.

Tamaki was still quite, and still in shock. He was just, staring at Kyoya in disbelief. Kyoya thought to himself iAfter all that he's been through, this shocks him so much? A slap in the face?/i

"Tamaki. I've behaved disgracefully. Please.." Kyoya removed his glasses. It was a rule, that no one in Japan dare glance upon Kyoya's face without his eyewear on. For that was when he was most casual. Yet here he was, baring all his external soul, to a "forced teenage sex slave". Kyoya felt like he needed to do this. "..I apologize. I was just trying to make you feel safe... please strike my face with equal force. If it may please you."

Tamaki still sat in silence. Nude, shaking, whimpering, with his hand still on his face.

"Please Tamaki-san. Make me feel the pain I just inflicted with my own hand, with your hand in replacement."

Kyoya was obviously hurting inside as well.

"They...they said. That. My, my face was the most important thing. That no one should touch it. They did bad things to me, b-but they never hurt my face." Tamaki whispered, almost in-audibly.

Kyoya was speechless. Those fucking bastards. I should have killed them all.

Tamaki's facial expression changed into a smile.

I've seen the face of God...

"So, you-you're not here to hurt me. Or," Tamaki's eyes got very watery. "rape me. Right?"

"Oh my God. NO. NO, I WOULD NEVER HURT YOU. Please, don't even say such a thing Tamaki."

Kyoya took the hand that was on Tamaki's face, and gently placed it on his lips. He kissed it tenderly once, then looked deep into Tamaki's greatful eyes and kissed it again, but more sensually.

"But, please, my prince. Cast your hand upon my face so that I may pay for my mis-behavior."

Tamaki was now blushing a fierce red. He began to shake his head no. Instead, he gently placed his free hand on his cheek, and stroked it tenderly. This made Kyoya's heart flutter. His gaze was still serious though. He tried not to show his weaknesses to any man.

"Why would I raise my hand to my rescuer?" Tamaki said, smiling with his mouth closed hard enough to where his eyes were squinched.

"Because i've shamed my prince. I-I didn't mean to. I jus-"

"Prince?" Tamaki interrupted.

Kyoya lowered his head and smirked. His hair fell upon his face. He raised an eyebrow.

"I guess those words slipped out. But, that's only if you want to be. I would like to think you are my prince though. That is only in my head, I presume." Kyoya said, light tint of pink spreading across his face. He grabbed the shifter of his car hard.

"I don't mind being called that. What's your name?" Tamaki asked.

"It's Ootori. Kyoya Ootori. I'm the duke of Japan. My father owns everything, from the companies to the hotels. We've done our share in the medical business, and donate generously to the police force. No one does anything, or even moves without us knowing about it." Kyoya answered.

Tamaki suddenly got nervous to be around someone with such tremendous power.


"Do I intimidate you?"

Kyoya placed a wanting hand on Tamaki's thigh.

"If great power and luxuries beyond your wildest dreams turns you on, then please, remain intimated. For I would do anything for you, short of walking on water."

Tamaki just smiled.

"Could I maybe go in the front seat, Kyoya senpai?" Tamaki asked, cautiously.

"Of course. No permission necessary."

Tamaki begrudgingly managed to sit in the front seat, but not without showing his perk ass to Kyoya inadvertently. Kyoya got rock hard in his pants the instant he feasted his eyes on Tamaki's nakedness. Instinctively, Tamaki covered his lower front half with his hand upon being seated.

"Are-ugh, are you all ready?" Kyoya stuttered.


Kyoya put the car in reverse, then shifted into 1st gear and flew out of there.

The next day, Tamaki woke up in a baggy white shirt and bright red shorts. His eyes fluttered open to absolute majesty. He was in what appeared to be a grand master bedroom. The bed was double king sized, and looked as if it was made out of solid gold. The floors were made of marble, and there were giant windows on either side of the room overlooking the ocean. There were stacks upon stacks of books in the far left corner of the room ontop of a desk, a victorian chair to complete it. On the other side, was a network of computers set-up in a complicated looking entertainment center. They all looked extremely expensive, and delicate to the touch. On the wall directly infront of him, was a giant plasma flat screen tv. The place was decorated eloquently. Persian rugs, giant gold sconces, and some retro 60's posters of the beatles. Those were the only thing that seemed out of place.

"What the hell? Am I in a hotel..?" Tamaki attempted to sit up, but his head felt heavy in that moment, and he fell back down on the bed. "Ah. My head.."


Tamaki looked at the doorway, and saw a stunning figure draped in a red silk robe. It was Kyoya, and he had just gotten out of the shower. His hair was still wet.

"Kyoya? How did we- It's day time. It was night when we were driving here." Tamaki said, confused.

"Yes. You fell asleep in the car, so I carried you upstairs to the house." Kyoya said, in a sweet caring voice.

"Oh...i'm sorry. I had no idea-"

"Why on EARTH are you apologizing?"

Kyoya rushed to Tamaki's side at once. He sat on the bed with him.


"Well nothing. You needed the rest. Besides, I had business meetings to attend." Kyoya stated.

"Business meetings? At night?"

"Oh..Oh sweety.." Kyoya stroked Tamaki's hair and sides of his face. "..You were asleep for 4 days my prince."

"Wha-what?" Tamaki yelled. "I was in a coma?"

"Calm down lovely. You were asleep, because you were sweating off the drugs that those evil men put in your body. Trust me, if I thought you were in any real danger or had some sort of illness I would've choppered you to one of our private facilities in the mountains."


"Besides, I had an in home nurse watching you the entire time. I never would have let you meet harm." Kyoya whispered.

Tamaki breathed out and chuckled nervously.

"You seem to care, and awful lot about a stranger that you just met, Kyoya senpai."

Tamaki's stare was one of gratitude. Kyoya felt that flustered feeling hit his stomach again. Tamaki realized the shirt he was wearing was lifted up, and his stomach was partially exposed. When Tamaki's eyes glanced there, so did Kyoya's. Tamaki was reaching to pull the shirt down when a silk like hand stopped him. There was this momentary glance between the two and extreme awkwardness. Then, Kyoya gently crept his hand underneath Tamaki's shirt, and softly rubbed his abdomen. Tamaki felt the same butterflies in his stomach. He looked up at Kyoya with his deep, sparkling, wanting, lavendar eyes. Kyoya got an instant boner. He swallowed, hard.

"T-Tamaki, you shouldn't look at older men that way." Kyoya said, releasing his hand from his skin.

"I-I can't help it. I know when something is beautiful. Am I not allowed to look upon my saviors beauty?" Tamaki said, voice shaky.

Kyoya smiled.

"You are. Just, just don't tempt me. Tamaki.." Kyoya climbed ontop of the blonde, face directly above his. "You're just too damn beautiful. But, I can't have you. Your virtue has already been crushed too many times. I'm trying to spare what dignity you have left..."

Tamaki was breathing very hard now. Kyoya's face was practically touching his. Kyoya's breath, was still minty from brushing his teeth. But it was warm, and it was trailing down Tamaki's mouth. Tamaki hesitantly raised his hands to the side of Kyoya's body, and stroked him. He desperately wanted to press his lips against Kyoya's, but he was afraid to.

"Tamaki..." Kyoya breathed.

"S-senpai. You're robe. It's so, soft." Tamaki whispered.

Kyoya couldn't take the growing feeling of arrousal, and he lapped at Tamaki's slender neck from the tip top of his tongue, swirling it around, to the widest part of his tongue, licking eagerly at Tamaki's jawline. He was absorbing the flavor of his prince and satisfying his utmost desire to taste him.

"Nnghh". Tamaki moaned, tilting his head back and arching into Kyoya only slightly.

"K-Kyoya! Agh! It feels so good. Aghhh..."

Kyoya was getting a kick from hearing Tamaki squeal. Hichiro was right about one thing, his voice, was like an orgasm for the ears. It was so smooth and promising, Kyoya almost couldn't get enough of hearing Tamaki moan his name. Kyoya ceased from licking Tamaki, and stared at him.

"I..I can't go any further." Kyoya whispered.

"I, I don't mind. Kyoya. I, would be a very lucky have slept with the richest man in Japan." Tamaki gave Kyoya a coy smile.

Kyoya quickly removed himself from the bed, and tightened his robe.

"Tamaki. I'm dissapointed in you. You have hurt me far beyond words at this moment and I wish to be alone. I'll leave you here. Feel free to use anything in this room, and call for room service at anytime. Goodbye."

With that, Kyoya took off. He slammed the door behind him. Tamaki was completely confused.

"Wha- what did I do"?