Kyoya's father slowly walked to the table where his son lay and wrapped his arms around him. He squeezed him tight and shut his eyes, letting a tear fall from his eye. He didn't know if his son was going to make it. Even with all of the blood transfusions, his body was still too weak to handle the staggering amount of blood loss in the beginning. Not to mention his frail immune system from his wound being open and un-bandaged for too long. The doctor said it could take weeks even months for him to fully heal if he even managed to survive. Kyoya's father wished it wasn't so, and cursed the very ground that the south market clan walked on. As he held his son for what felt like the last time, he began thinking about his first steps as a child. The first time he rode his bike on his own without training wheels, and even his first date. Then, later in life, his first date with a boy. He began to reminisce about all of the wonderful things the world would miss if his son, Kyoya Ootori, passed away on that cold metal table that day. Without so much as a goodbye or an i love you. He couldn't handle the immense pressure building up inside of his system. The need and want and pain pulling at his heart. His mind was racing with careless thoughts aout his own flesh and blood, and he would be a failure as a father if he didn't save him. The doctor slowly yet galantly walked behind him placing a hand on his shoulder.

"You really should'nt do this to yourself. You've done all thay you could possibly do for now." The voice said, trying to be helpful.

The older man nodded, and gently placed Kyoya back on the pillow. His tears trailing down his cheeks. He leaned forward over Kyoya's seemingly lifeless body and whispered the three words every father should tell their son, "I love you." The man got up from is position and began walking to the door when he heard a familiar voice call to him.

"I love you too.."

Kyoya's father snapped right around and was stunned at what he saw. It was his son, Kyoya, attempting to sit up straight.

"KYOYA!" He yelled, rushing to his side in an instant.

Kyoya smiled a frail, week smile, and collapsed back onto the table. His body not able to withstand his own weight.

"Dad...I can't, can't move." Kyoya managed to choke out.

Kyoya's Father helped lift him up into a sitting position, holding the side of his body for support.

"Dad. D-Did you find, Tamaki?" Kyoya muttered, through his very frail mouth.

He felt like he hardly had any saliva at all.

"N-no son. They moved before we even had a chance to invade. WE don't know where he is."

Kyoya's head whipped to his father's direction and right infront of his face way too quickly for somebody as weak as Kyoya was in that moment. His face in full fledge panic mode and his breath hastening to fill his lungs on time.

"What? You haven't found him!" Kyoya attempted to yell, but it came out more like a wheeze.

"We're tracking them down now, it should be soon that we-"

"It's not good enough, damn it!" Kyoya wheezed, attempting to push his father off of him but failing. "Let go of me, damn it, let go!" He begged.

"'re too weak. You can't even stand up. The doctor says you have to stay in rest for atleast 3 more weeks before even considering moving. Kyoya...this is really serious. The infection you cantracted in your hip wound has gotten worse due to the blood loss and lack of immune system therefore. You really need to stay and take your antibiot-"

"Fuck antibiotics! Fuck LIVING. If I don't know where Tamaki is, I iwant/i to be dead!"

Kyoya actually managed to yell to his fathers surprise, though it seemed to take the air out of him. Kyoya cursed the very air he breathed, and looked at disgust at his pale, weak, and thinning body. He cursed that too. Kyoya looked at each wire and bandage on him and begin ripping them off violently, sending some of his own precious blood flying out of some wires and important medications out of others.

"I need to find Tamaki..NOW." Kyoya begged, pulling at his father suit jacket.

Kyoya's Father nodded his head and allowed his son to climb off of the table. He took a needle that was lying around, went to the bag of precious immune boosting substance, and pierced it filling the syringe to the brim.

"Ok son, let's go and get you clothes."

Back at the cold and greusome place Tamaki thought to be hell, they were telling jokes and playing cards right infront of the younger. He was chained to the adjacent wall, with medieval style chains. Both on his hands and feet, by one joining chain leading to a stone wall. Tamaki looked as if he was some sort of peasant boy. He was black and disgusting from all the filth that looked like ashes on the floor, and also sort of muddied from a trickle of water that would occasionally fall down from the ceiling and onto his head.

"How's the dirt doing?" A deep booming voice asked, that just walked into the room.

A man holding a deck of nothing but aces dropped his cards down onto the table and looked greedily at the pot on it. He smiled and extended his hands, raking in the various monies and trinkets he won on that hand.

"Can't complain. He hasn't said one word since the last time you talked to him." The man said, snickering while counting his earnings.

The other thug raised an eyebrow, and walked over to Tamaki, humming a little toon as if nothing was wrong.

"So, I hear someone's trying to be a big boy." The man grumbled, kicking Tamaki's chains to freighten him.

Tamaki did jump out of shock, but then glared at the thug like he was a monster.

"What could I possibly have to talk about with those ingrates you call human beings?" Tamaki said in his smooth as silk voice that even tempted the thug.

"Hmmm. Well that's true." The thug siad, looking back at his minions he thought were idiots. "But, you're not even going to scream in fear, or anything?" The man asked, perplexed.

Tamaki just continued glaring, then looked away at the wall.

"I've already been hurt and scared more than I ever will be in my entire life again." Tamaki's eyes began to glisten, and his face seemed as if it was broken. Tamaki was breaking down. "I saw the man I love die infront of my eyes! What more do you want, you have already taken my soul!" Tamaki yelled, shaking out of anger.

The thug raised his eyebrows and seemed to understand.

"So, you loved the billionaire." The thug said, as if he was studying Tamaki. "Well i've gotta admit, he had nice taste in ugh.."The man looked at Tamaki's body fully. "..Assets."

Tamaki rolled his eyes amidst his tears.

"That's all it ever is for you gangsters isn't it? Handsome young men you can rape, drugs, and money!" Tamaki spat.

Tamaki didn't neccesarily understand why he was having a conversation with the man who kidnapped him twice, but he did know that anything was better than letting the images of Kyoya's beaten body flood his mind over and over again.

"Well now. That's not all we ever think about. I think.." The man said, innappropiately joking at Tamaki's expense.

Tamaki stared at him, glaring as hard as his purple eyes would let him.

"Look, give it a rest. Kyoya's dead, and next week you're going to be sold to our friends in Honduras. That should be great for you, since you don't really care what happens to you anymore." The man sneered, pulling out a candy bar from his back pocket and eating it grossly.

Tamaki looked up at him, hatered rearing it's ugly head.

"Unluckily for you, I don't speak thier language." Tamaki said, so much sarcasm in his voice.

The thug nearly choked on his candy bar from the laughter that involuntarily prodded at his throat. He swallowed hard, stifling tears.

"You think they give a flying FUCK about the language you speak? Boy, there are teenagers from all over the world getting sold. Some don't speak a lick of english, some don't speak a lick of spanish...but guess what?" The man asked, holding his arms out as if the answer was so suspensful. "They get fucked the same way!"

The man was laughing his ass off, holding the side of his body to prevent his ribs from hurting. He finished the last bits of the candy bar, and then got right in Tamaki's face.

"You're never...ever getting saved. Accept that, ilittle one/i." He snickered, before turning on his heel and exiting the room.

Tamaki shrugged and sighed, because that was the only thing he could do.

Kyoya's father had wrapped a skin like bandage around Kyoya's hip as best as he could, and dressed him with spare clothes he kept for his son in the hummer he drives daily. He then, forced Kyoya to eat a meal with alot of nutrients, like potatoes with vegetable mix and steak. Kyoya could hardly eat because of Tamaki on his mind, but he knew he had to to keep his strength up. Afterwards, Kyoya's Father stuck him with the syringe full of his medication and equipped him with a standard glock he always kept in his car.

"Here son, take this. I'm going ot be going with you, but it's just in case."

Kyoya looked up at him and smiled a weak smile.

"Thanks, Dad."

As soon as the Ootori's gathered all their men and basically formed a milita of private officers, they set off to the one place no one would ever suspect to find the South Market Clan, back at the dingy showroom where Kyoya first laid eyes on Tamaki. It was a briliant plan. Kyoya almost didn't think about it, but he remembered something that one thug said about taking back what was rightfully theirs. Kyoya figured the only way they could buy or sell anything was in their infamous spot in the bad neighborhood.

"Son, are you sure you're right about this?" Kyoya's Father asked, driving his hummer and leading his fleet of men behind him in GMC's.

Kyoya simply nodded his head. Kyoya didn't want to waste any breath or use any energy if he didn't have to. Kyoya reached underneath the wide seat, and ripped open the insides with a military grade knife. He searched around for what he presumed to be there, and to his liking they were. He pulled out two MP5's and a grenade.

"Dad, since when do you keep a grenade in the hummer?" Kyoya asked, letting his curiosity get the better of him.

"Since Call of Duty."

Kyoya rolled his eyes, and adjusted the glock against a secret strap on his chest. Then, he quickly examined the MP5 and saw that it was ok and fully loaded.

"Ok, mines good and so is yours." Kyoya said, putting on of the longer weapons in the middle consel.

It was a good twenty more minutes before they got there, but sooner than later they arrived at the familiar shady parking lot Kyoya remembered all too well. The night he fell in love.

"Tamaki.." Kyoya whispered, grasping onto his guns handle.

Kyoya's father signaled the following cars with his hand and they automatically began passing him one by one as if it was a race. You could see men inside fiddling with rifles and other weapons that were way too illegal. The cars made a sharp turn into the entrance and the hummer followed. One of the men didn't hesitate and smashed his car into one of the brick walls, men flying out of it immediately after a hole was punched through.

"They've made contact, let's GO!" Kyoya yelled, holding onto his hip as he dashed out of the car running like a mad man toward the giant hole in the wall.

All around, you could already hear shots being fired and men being killed. Blood was beginning to pour mercilessly from their men's bodies laying on the ground. Thugs were running around, shooting anyone not familiar, trying to leave no survivors. But, Kyoya had a bigger reason than himself for needing to stay alive, and that's exactly why he cocked back his MP5 and pulled the trigger. A spew of bullets mercilessly blasting out from his weapon and into the many of hearts of men attempting to stand in his way. Before, he would've let them live, but now he hated each and every single one of them with a burning passion. He killed them all and watched the screams and cries of bodies hitting the ground, sometimes breaking skulls in the process. He didn't care. He ran over dozens of dead men to enter the gross building, only to find even more still running from their grotesque hiding places in that dirty edifice to meet the same fate. Kyoya, once more, pulled back the trigger on his gun and let the bullets rip out of his weapon, sometimes forcing his arm back, to murder all who wished it.

"DIEEE!" kyoya yelled, gritting his teeth and holding his hand up with his other hand for balance.

One by one they all fell like butterflies. Like cockroaches even, scrambling out of their hiding place only to be stomped. No chance even recognized if they dared to cross the angry and hurt Kyoya Ootori. Soon, they either died or learned their lesson, because they stopped flooding out from a particular door dead ahead Kyoya. Kyoya took a moment to re-collect himself, and not to break down over the multiple murders he had just committed. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a couple more magazines to stuff his weapon with, and he was back in the game, running like a wild man through the mysterious door before him. The second he entered it, a met a long and mysterious black hallway. The hallway had to be atleast fifty feet long, with dozens of doors to choose from. It seemed surreal, like something you would find in an Alice in Wonderland book. The floor was even a black and white tile. But the atmosphere, was not so nice. The walls were a cold and wet stone, that looked as if they were plucked from castle walls themselves. The ceiling was rusted, and was lined with endlesss broken mirrors and fans. There were old spider-webs and new spider-webs all along the sides of the ceiling. It smelled like rotten fish, and water was leaking down the wall. It seemed as if this was the hallway to the bedrooms where all the men Kyoya killed lived. He knew that because every single door was open, except for the one at the end of the hallway with a dim light shining through the bottom. Kyoya had enough of how his heartbeat was beating irradically and how he was having a hard time keeping balance, but he pushed himself further. He pushed himself to continue walking those long and painful steps to the end of the hallway. He was almost there, when he heard a gunshot come from the room. Kyoya quickly lost all sense of logic and bolted the last few feet to the room kicking the door down with his foot.

"Why, hello ."

Kyoya froze in terror with his gun held high and shaking in his hands at the image before him. The thug, had Tamaki blindfolded, and strapped to a chair. The thug himself was kneeling by him, a knife directly pointed at Tamaki's head.

"I was expecting you. I heard all the racket that was going on outside, so I thought it best if I made-" The Thug turned to Tamaki, and licked the defensless boy's cheek with his dirty tongue, driving Kyoya absolutley wild he couldn't stand it. "Precautions."

Tamaki whimpered, his tears clearly visible though blindfolded.

"M-Mr. Ootori-san. I-Is that you?" Tamaki whimpered. "I-I, Just w-wanted to k-know, If, K-kyoya somehow-" Tamaki was already to choked up by the entire situation, and could hardly breath. "Survived?"

Kyoya's heart clenched. All he wanted to do was lunge forward and pull Tamaki from the evil grasp of this man, but he couldn't.

"T-Tamaki, sweetheart, I-It's me. Kyoya." Kyoya said, his eyes already red from being terrified of the situation.

Tamaki's head shot up, his body became fully aware, and his blonde hair flung everywhere as he frantically jumped up and down while moving forward trying to escape. A loud cry of desperation and pure rage and excitement fleed from Tamaki's dry, cracked mouth.


The tears trailed tears upon tears as the thug stood up, not moving the position of the knife against Tamaki's head, and kicking him hard in the ribs. Tamaki's body jolted forward, shutting him up in the process. He writhed in pain, and continued screaming Kyoya's name even louder.

"KYOYAAAAA! KYOYAAAAAAAAAA! !" Tamaki cried, not knowing what else to do.

If all ended. If nothing else mattered, not even his body, and all ended. He wanted to die screaming the name and the only word that had ever brought him joy.

"GODDAMMIT, STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT!" kyoya screamed, shooting his gun in the air out of pure frustration.

Dozens of pieces of drywall fell to the floor as his machine pelted bullets everywhere.

"That's fine, but you better not shoot me. Because if you missed, your precious blonde bitch gets it." The thug snickered, playfully twirling his knife in and around Tamaki's hair accidentally slicing some strands.

Kyoya knew it was a military grade knife, no doubt about that.

"Well. What do you want?" Kyoya spat, aiming his MP5 directly at the Thugs forhead.

The thug just giggled.

"I need you to wait, while I pull my gun out..."

The man reached behind him and pulled out a long extended gun, that was in a secret holster the entire time. Kyoya shook his head violently, not believing his eyes for a second. The stress and the panic were too much for his body to handle, and he collapsed on the floor yet still somehow managed to keep the gun pointed at the Thug.

"Why are you doing this? What are you trying to prove? That your better than me? Alright, you're better than me. Is that what you want?" Kyoya asked, through barely controllable quivering lips.

Tamaki's lips looked about the same. He was shaking and even convulsing from the cracked ribs on his side, and his moving around was causing him to get sliced in tiny little areas by the knife, but was still very painful nonetheless, and made him cry and bite his broken lips.

"You want to know why i'm doing this Ootori? Because you deserve it, ithat's/i why. You come in here and steal all of our young men, letting them lose in some Godforsaken hospital. Then you KILL some of my best friends, and expect me to send you a bouqet of roses?" The man chimed, glaring at Kyoya and threatening to kill Tamaki with his stare. "You made me lose alot of money, that day, Ootori. How will I ever pay for my friend's tomb stones?" He spat.

Kyoya just sat there, a heaping mess of human on the floor, holding an unbelievably heavy gun up with God know's what strength.

"I want to see you suffer, Kyoya. Is that enough? We'll see." The man said, turning and facing the petrified Tamaki.

The man didn't even have to look at Kyoya to point the gun at him and pull the trigger. The bullet flew right inbetween Kyoya's hand and his MP5 seperating him from the gun that went flying all the way to the other side of the room. Kyoya stared at the man's intention with his heart, and in all but a second saw his and Tamaki's life flash before his eyes before the Thug was even able to lift up his arm in one swipe. The man was doing it, the man was about to kill Tamaki right infront of Kyoya. His arm was in mid-air and was about to pierce the very same soft tender flesh that Kyoya kissed the very day before. He was about to destroy the brain matter that contained thousands and thousands of memories of Tamaki's existence, and there wasn't a damn thing Kyoya culd do about it. Or was there? Like a reflex Kyoya groped at something through his shirt and yanked it off his being, taking the shirt with it. He pointed, shot, and fired. No thinking required. The bullet went directly through the man's skull, spewing blood everywhere the instant it made contact. It splashed all over Tamaki and Kyoya's face, and then the bad man was no more.

"!" Tamaki screamed, thinking Kyoya had been shot.

Kyoya gathered enough strength to limp over to where Tamaki was and remove the blindfold that had been blinding his vision. When Tamaki saw Kyoya's face, the word relief was an incredible understatement. Tamaki smooshed his lips hard on Kyoya's and Kyoya gladly accepted, dropping the gun on the floor and wrapping his arms around the boys unharmed body.

"I thought you were DEADD! I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!" Tamaki screamed, giving Kyoya millions of little kisses.

Kyoya winced. Now that the adrenaline was ceasing to run through his veins, the pain was hitting him and it was immense.

"M-My love." Kyoya whispered, running a hand across Tamaki's blood stained cheek. "I came back from the d-dead. To find you."

Hadn't he? Wasn't it humanly impossible to sustain such immense injuries, yet still be able to semi-function? Kyoya didn't care, Kyoya didn't care about anything but Tamaki, and he was in his arms again. Unfortunately, Kyoya passed out after one last kiss with Tamaki.

"I love you. I love you Kyoya." Tamaki repeated, over and over again.

Tamaki noticed Kyoya had passed out, and struggled to manage, but he finally picked up the dead man's knife from the floor and cut himself out of the rope. Tamaki rushed to Kyoya's side and picked him up almost effortlessly, running down the hallway with his man in his arms and not letting anything else hurt him.

"I lost you once, I'm not losing you again." Tamaki whispered as he dashed through the hole in the wall in which Kyoya came through.

When Kyoya's father looked up from killing one last enemy, his eyes watered at the beautiful sight of Tamaki and Kyoya both breathing.

When Kyoya awoke, he was in a hospital, with even more wires hanging from his body than before. But, he felt pretty good, so he knew he was on drugs. When he looked to his right, Tamaki was on another hospital bed, reading a "People Magazine". Kyoya smiled.

"My prince." He whispered.

Tamaki looked to his left to his king waking up.

"Kyoya!" Tamaki yelled in excitement.

Tamaki reached his arm out and grabbed Kyoya's, gently though, and squeezed it tenderly.

"Kyoya, you've been asleep for a couple of days now!" Tamaki said, excitedly.

"Really? Looks like i'm the one who's going into coma's now, huh?" Kyoya joked, stroking Tamaki's soft hand.

Kyoya got a good look at Tamaki. No scratches on his face, no blood, only a few stitches but that was it. It didn't seem like his ribs were hurting him either. Kyoya smiled, just because Tamaki was okay.

"Yes. You scared me so. Please my love, don't ever do it again." Tamaki whispered.

Kyoya felt his stomach rumble, and it began to growl loudly.

"O-Ouch. Have I eaten anything?"

"No. They said you could only eat when you were awake, so you haven't eaten in a couple of days either."

" long as we're ok. Have you been eating?" Kyoya asked, biggest brightest smile on his face.

"Oh of course. Your father's cooks have been sending over lobster, shrimp, steak, fancy tuna, and just about everything else humanly possible to eat. I've been eating like a pig Kyoya. You should really do the same soon." Tamaki said, looking into the eyes of his lover and feeling nothing but love back.

Just then, the door opened. It was Kyoya's father.

"Hi,Hi,Hi!" He exclaimed, holding a bag in his hand. "Guess who has more delicious rich people food?"

Tamaki turned his attention to Kyoya's father and smiled.

"Kyoya's awake -san!"

Kyoya smiled at his father who came rushing to his side.

"Son!" He exclaimed, bringing him into a tremendous hug.

"Dad." Kyoya answered, squished.

"I'm so happy you're awake. I brought you something.."

Kyoya felt a light jab to his left hand. He was being prodded to take something. He grabbed it, and instantly knew what it was, by the size, shape, and feel of it. He kept it out of Tamaki's sight.

"Well, i'm off. Have to go fake some police reports and what have you. Son, keep Tamaki entertained, yes? He has the attention span of a goldfish." Kyoya's father joked, as he excused himself from the room.

Tamaki giggle and turned to Kyoya.

"It's true."

Tamaki noticed Kyoya's face turn a bit more frigid and tense.

"Kyoya, are you ok do you need a nurse?" Tamaki asked, obviously concerned.

Kyoya turned a bright shade of red, and shook his head no slowly.

"No, it's ok Tamaki." He said nervously as he slowly began pulling his hand out from behind his back.

Once his arm was fully extended toward Tamaki, he knew why his face was red. Tamaki gasped.

"Tamaki Suoh, would you freaking marry me?" Kyoya asked, wondering how in the world Tamaki could say no.

Tamaki's eyes lit up as he stared at the pitch black metal ring, decorated with swirling diamond patterns. They also went along the inside of it too.

"Yes! Yes, of course! I can't live without you!" Tamaki exclaimed.

Kyoya let out a sigh of relief and bent forward, placing the ring on Tamaki's ring finger. Tamaki began to cry, not sad tears but happy ones.

"I love you my sweet prince." Kyoya whispered, staring into Tamaki's eyes.

"I love you too, my King."