Something unexpected but joy full.

HI everyone

This is my brand new story called

Something unexpected but joyful

It is nationals and new directions have won. Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson want to celebrate in style. They are both ready to sleep with each other. But when something unexpected happen after that night. But it brings them joy. Will they be able to get thought it?

Hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1: How it all started

I can't believe it we won nationals! IN NEW YORK CITY! And I finally got my one true love back. Finn Christopher Hudson. I finally knew that I loved him more then I have ever loved a boy before when we were singing Pretending and them words in that songs, just described us so much. When he KISSED me after singing Pretending in front of everyone! Finally I knew I was ready.

Finn P.O.V

We all came off stage the winners of Nationals and we felt some great but I felt brilliant because I just kissed the one girl I loved more then I love American football and that is saying a lot as I am the star quarterback. I was in my own little bubble. But I did not get to celebrate that long before I felt someone hitting my face, it finally brought me back to reality.

"What the HELL do you think you are doing, Kissing Rachel in front of everybody" Jesse St James or should I say Jesse St Sucks as Kurt had called him about two weeks ago and it sort of stuck had said after punching me.

I had been knocked on the floor with blood coming down my nose. But before i could exact or should i say defend myself Rachel came over to me and told Jesse once and for all who she wanted.

"Oh My God Finn are you ok" Rachel had said to me.

"Oh GOD Rachel give it up, don't you care how he treated you, he dumped you and then went back to his EX. Does that show you that he cares about you" Jesse Shouted!

"At least he didn't egg me" "he Loves me" Rachel shouted but she was not leaving my side

"Yeah Lo..." But he did not get to finish what he was saying as I Punched him in his face knocking him to the ground. "Just leave us the hell alone"

Rachel P.O.V

After that encounter with Jesse, Mr Shue (Sorry if spelled wrong don't know how it is spelt) wanted to take us out for to celebrate are win. But me and Finn did not want to go out any more. SO we decided to go back to the hotel where we have been for the last 4 days. Hotel Goodman (made up name).

We went back to Finn Hotel Room that he has been sharing with Puck and Sam to get cleaned up. As we walked into the door I just kissed Finn on the lips.

"What that for" Finn said

"For protecting me back there, and for being my knight in shining amour" I said as I went over to the sink to get a bowl of cold water and some cotton wool to clean Finn up with.

"I just wanted to protect my Girl, nothing will ever happen when I am around Rach" He was saying as i was walking back over to where he was sitting with the bowl and cotton wool. I love it when he calls me Rach.

As i was cleaning his face, "your girl!" I was saying with a smile in my face.

"Ouch Rach that hurt" Finn had said pulling his head back.

" Oh stop being a baby" I said laughing just then I kissed him again on the lips. Which turned into us making out.

"I am ready" I whispered to Finn after we finish making out. He just at me in a funny way. I had wanted to be Finn first and he wanted to be mine when we were first going out. BUT I had lied to him and told him that I slept with Jesse. HE slept with Santana.

"Are you sure you are ready" I just nodded "I WILL TAKE IT SLOW I PROMISE"

24th of June 2011 is the day that I will remember for more then one reason.

It the day win won Nationals

It the day i slept with Finn Hudson with protection of course.

It the day our life forever!

Ending on a cliffhanger!

What do you think will happen next?

What will change there life forever

Hope you enjoy this story it is only the second one that I have wrote so sorry if not very good.


Would like help in how to make it better and i would like at least 3 review before doing a new chapter. I am going to have fun writing this story.

Hope you enjoy