"I still don't like you," Ron grumbled, taking out a bag full of galleons to pay for his book. "But since you helped me out with this, I suppose I can deal with you hanging around Harry."

"Oh my! I feel so accepted and loved!" Draco said sarcastically, putting a hand to his heart and rolling his eyes.

Harry laughed, watching the exchange. It had been a week since Draco had started working in the bookshop, and so far, he loved it. He really liked being able to work a scheduled time and keep all the books organized. Michael—the shop's manager—had really taken a liking to him, claiming that he was just like Draco when he was younger. Devilishly handsome and very sneaky. Harry had barked out at laughter at that, and Draco had smacked him upside the head.

Today, Ron had come in, looking for a book for Hermione since their anniversary was coming up. With Draco's help, he had gotten the perfect book, and was now seemingly getting used to the idea of Harry dating Draco.

"Did you hear that, Harry? Ronald is in love with the idea of us! He thinks we should get married!" Draco snickered.

"Shut up, you sodding prat. I'm leaving. You both better be there for dinner tonight, or Hermione will kill you."

As Ron left the store, Harry walked over and put his arms around Draco.

"Harry, not at work," Draco blushed, looking around at the customers.

"It's okay—I know the owner," Harry smirked. "Come now, love. Can I at least get a kiss before I leave for practice?"

Draco rolled his eyes but smiled and leaned into Harry, giving him a long, sweet kiss.

"Another for luck?" Harry asked, opening his eyes.

"Why do you need luck? It's just practice! Besides, no amount of good luck can make the Cannons win, Harry."

"I don't care about the Cannons, I just want another kiss," Harry laughed, pulling Draco in again.

"Harry," Draco whined, pushing Harry away slightly. "Save it for when we get home!"

"Okay, okay, I'll just have to wait," Harry sighed. "Plus Teddy is coming over today, so there goes our sex for the weekend too."

"Don't pout—I'm the only one who can do that. How about this? If you can hold out, I'll make it worth your while."

"Oh yeah? What do I get?" Harry asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I'll speak French all night long… I've been practicing, and I've even learned a few more words that you'd find... appetizing," Draco grinned.

"Damn, Draco, I'm starving for you."