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Chapter 1: Accidental Worries

"Sumi-sempai, I can't go with you to the arcade today. I need to make sure Usagi-san isn't killed by Aikawa-san because he didn't finish his work. Usually, she is there this time of the week and he worries about me if I am late anyway." Misaki explained to Sumi as they walked away from Mitsuhashi, the older student glared at Misaki from the corner of his eyes.

Sumi didn't know if Misaki was oblivious to the hateful glares his friend showed him or he just didn't care. No matter how many times he slipped up and presented his feelings of displeasure, Misaki was either looking away or dismissed his sudden change of mood with a laugh. That annoying laugh made Sumi want to wipe that smile off of Misaki's face. Though, he managed to keep himself under control.

He didn't want his one link to Usami-sensei to disappear from his life.

He smiled down at Misaki when he told him. "It's perfectly fine, you have other responsibilities at home that keep you away from your friends."

"If only it was that simple." Misaki sighed as he gripped the strap of his backpack.

"He has to make sure to keep his writing credibility up, maybe that's why he's making your life a little harder so he can have inspiration."

"It's like that every single day senpai, nothing is going to change anytime soon." Misaki shivered at the word inspiration, he knew the overall meaning behind it went toward him making sure Akihiko was happy.

"Maybe asking Usami-san to make your life a little better is what needs to be done to make you happier."

Misaki sighed. "You don't know how hard it is to make sure Usagi-san meets his deadlines. It's as if he doesn't care about his job and becomes such a lazy ass." He heard the chime from his cellphone and took it out of his pocket, he peeked at the screen: Akihiko Usami. "Again? I told him I would be there after I visited nii-san and I wouldn't stray too far. It's as if he doesn't trust me.." He put it back in his pocket. "I got to go, later senpai."

He walked ahead of Sumi who caught up to him pretty quickly. "How about I walk you home? We might be going in the same direction and it's no trouble at all. I have all of the time in the world to waste."

This alerted Misaki's suspicion, Sumi always went the opposite direction when he left home. "It's okay..besides I have to pass by my nii-chan's place. He wants to give me something for my birthday tomorrow and my nephew always wants my attention when I'm there so you are going to be bored if you go with me." Misaki made up a quick excuse, it was logical since his brother naturally doted on him.

A while ago, Misaki realized that Sumi was in love with Akihiko. The incident when he stayed over at Sumi's house and heard Sumi trying to seduce Akihiko opened his eyes. The conversations they had together pretty much ended on a comment or statement on the famous author. The obsession was crystal clear and Misaki was tired of putting up with this charade of not knowing anything. Misaki didn't stay dense for long after what happened at Sumi's house. He berated himself for being so stupid. He knew the details yet he remained friends with the guy, it was only to keep a close eye on him. Feigning this so called friendship was his way of figuring out information without asking questions, Sumi spilled everything out in every conversation.

Although, Misaki had no choice but to stick with Sumi. His lack of friends was a result of when he first arrived at the university. Akihiko's presence intimidated many of the people who tried to befriend him. His new friends were either transfer students, exchange students or even rare ones who liked his favorite comic "The Kan". His future best friend had to like the comic so they could have long discussions he always dreamed of having.

Akihiko thought he had no true friends in school. Sometimes he teased him about it but it only hurt Misaki. It was not his fault Akihiko scared them away. Even if he found any new people to talk to, he revealed none of his secrets to his new acquaintances. They didn't know him well enough to know any of the private details in his life. Not that he had any secrets to hide, well only his relationship with Akihiko. He still kept this hidden from his brother.

Misaki knew he became jaded when people asked about Akihiko right off the bat. He sometimes thought he was a stepping stone for people to meet the author but in different occasions he rationalized it as paranoia. Staying suspicious of every single person he met wasn't a good thing. He wouldn't make any new friends in this matter.

"I wouldn't mind if Usami-san happened to go and visit your brother as well. Do you think he will be there?"

The statement Sumi just uttered made Misaki want to run. Sumi wanted Akihiko and his matter of speaking only proved it.

Misaki shifted his backpack over his shoulder. "Usagi-san is busy with his manuscript so that is unlikely. He;s too busy to accompany me to see nii-chan, Aikawa-san is never going to let him leave with finishing his manuscript."

Sumi frowned as he sighed. "If you are so insistent to go on your own then it's alright." He lead Misaki to a different crossroad. "At least let me walk you down the street before I go to on my own way home."

Misaki nodded his head. "Okay."

He missed the dark smile forming on Sumi's face when a car turned the corner up ahead and came to their direction a little too fast. Drunk or insensitive drivers were uncommon at that time of day but not unheard of. One push was all he needed, Misaki would be out of his way for good.

When Misaki smiled, Sumi hated it with a passion. In his mind, it was as if Misaki laughed at his failure on winning over Akihiko. Misaki was the one person in his way on his road to happiness, he envied how Misaki brought out the fire from the author.

He hurried Misaki through the street and tried to hide the glee in his voice. "You better hurry up, your brother is waiting for you right?"

"Y-Yes but it doesn't mean I have to run all the way there. I can take all the time I need to get there."

"No, no, it is bad of me to make you late if you don't hurry up. I wasted enough of your time already."

Misaki turned to him with an incredulous expression on his face. "What's with the rush senpai?

A car screeched beside them as Misaki tried moving out of the way. His foot tripped over a solid object and the last image he saw was the face of the driver before the impact.

He had dark sunglasses, a baseball cap, a small smirk on the man's face with a relaxed demeanor.

The driver stomped on the breaks harshly as Misaki slid off of the car onto the road. He was face down and he was going in and out of consciousness. The male scrambled out of the car and ran away from the scene, Sumi wasn't in a hurry to call for help as he stood near Misaki.

A good number of students heard the commotion, they wandered over to check and most of them stood frozen when they saw the amount of blood forming underneath Misaki.

Sumi walked backwards when he muttered. "You never should have gotten in my way."

Hiroki walked near the scene when he saw the crowd forming in the middle of the road. He wondered what happened as he got closer. Assuming it was a car accident, he tried to hurry up. His hand in his pocket, he clutched his phone if he needed to call the ambulance. The people surrounding that specific area didn't seem to hurry in getting any help.

He noticed one of his students from an earlier class, he demanded in a gruff tone. "What the hell is going on here?

The girl exclaimed in fear, her eyes didn't stare directly in his eyes. "P-Professor! A-A boy got slammed into a car and no one has done anything to help yet!"

Nodding his head, he walked away from her and broke through the crowd of students. The ones in his way removed themselves quickly when they identified him as Demon Kamijou.

He bumped into Sumi as the student hurried away from the scene. Hiroki's eyebrow twitched but chose to access the situation before reprimanding a student for being rude. Someone might be hurt and it was his duty as a teacher to check what was going on.

Having a doctor as his boyfriend made him more aware of people when they got into accidents. It didn't matter which department, there was always some sort of accident happening at Mitsuhashi.

In many occasions, Nowaki was saddened over a patient who he treated and died in his care. He was the type of doctor that talked to his patients and got to know them. Which was why when they got worse, Nowaki took it to heart. Hiroki didn't complain when Nowaki cuddled against him without a word. The devastation on his face was enough for Hiroki to get the picture.

Hiroki wasn't heartless toward the man he loved, even if he sometimes came across as rigid and mean. He'd rather deal with the energetic fool than a depressed one that questioned life. Hiroki thought he couldn't comfort anyone properly without making it worse. Maybe it was because he just held Nowaki and didn't say anything. He let his natural instincts take over. If he tried too hard then he came out as fake and he knew it.

He moved another student out of the way and that was was when he saw the blood trickling toward his direction in a small stream. Hiroki made sure there were no cars in sight when he ran over to check if the person was alive by placing two fingers on his jugular vein on the side of the neck.

His fingers caught a pulse and relief washed over him. This person wasn't out of danger yet but he needed to relocate him to the side of the road.

Hiroki snapped his head toward the group of onlookers when he yelled. "Call an ambulance now!" They stood there and wouldn't move a muscle. "Well? What are you waiting for?"

They hastily took out their cellphones and dialed the number. Hiroki checked the student over for any broken bones. He noticed large amounts of blood running down the student's brown hair, there was a bone sticking out of place. Those were the outer injuries Hiroki caught on. The internal injuries he didn't see might kill the kid, he couldn't see if he bled from the inside.

First, the student had to be identified. Hiroki hooked one hand under the torso while another hand supported the neck. He flipped him over and recognized him instantly.


Misaki groaned lightly as his eyes opened and he was lethargic.

Hiroki knew he wasn't coherent enough to understand the situation but he started yelling at Misaki. "You need to stay awake you brat! A large gash on your head might cause a severe concussion!"

Green eyes started faltering as Hiroki insisted. "Stay awake until the paramedics really take a look at you! Fall asleep and there will be consequences for doing so!"

Misaki's world went into darkness as Hiroki's face disappeared from his view and his head slumped onto Hiroki's hand. The professor winced when he saw the bone sticking out of Misaki's left leg. He was glad he never considered entering the medical field, his stomach churned when he saw blood or any injuries.

Hiroki gritted his teeth when he heard the ambulance moments later. It's about time!

Misaki opened his eyes and saw a pure white curtain surrounding half of his bed. The heart monitor beeped beside him, there were IV's inside of his left arm which replenished the blood he lost at the accident site and another one for the painkillers to dull the pain. His memory was fuzzy and numb. He winced when his head started pounding, his left leg was in a cast, elevated a few inches over the bed. He breathed slowly when he noticed the bandages on his chest which kept his stitches intact. There were a couple of scratches on his right shoulder from when he skidded on the road.

He was in a world of pain and in misery.

He groaned when a ringing sound entered his ears. Misaki wanted to block it out but his arms felt like they were made of lead. He turned his head and saw someone asleep in one of the sofas in the room. The one person he never expected to see outside of classes: Professor Kamijou.

Misaki wanted to yell in surprise but when he remembered his state he restrained himself. Another impulse of pain coursed through his body and he closed his eyes. Misaki settled onto his fluffy pillows and opened his eyes when his pain settled down. He noticed a large bandage in Hiroki's left arm, squinting his eyes so his vision would be clearer. He had to make sure it was real and his pain wasn't producing illusions.

Misaki flinched when he saw Hiroki move slightly form his spot. He mentally pleaded to anything in the world so the man would go back to sleep.

His day couldn't get any worse but then Hiroki's eyes opened.

Hiroki rubbed his eyes with the back of his right hand, he stretched his arms carefully when he yawned. He heard his stomach growl, he really needed to eat when he left the hospital. His eyes wandered over to Misaki's bed, connecting to Misaki's terrified green eyes. The lines under Hiroki's eyes intensified his glare to another level. For a moment, Hiroki's pair showed a hint of worry but the emotion went away as quickly as it came.

Hiroki asked him. "Remember anything?" He wanted to avoid any awkwardness between them, he wasn't always the best teacher to this kid.

Misaki shook his head then stopped when pain hit him. "My mind is blank after the impact...so I don't remember anything." The throbbing stopped when he asked. "Who was the one who kept telling me to stay awake?

Hiroki muttered as he scratched the back of his head. "I did, I pulled you onto the sidewalk before anymore cars passed through the road. I have some first aid training so I know I didn't injure you when I moved you."

Misaki's eyes widened in surprise. So the demon has a heart after all.

He remembered Sumi when he asked. "Did you see Sumi anywhere? He was right beside me when the car was swerving...there isn't another person who got hurt right?"

Sumi...who the hell is...wait..the kid who sits next to this one. The one who bumped into me, he might have something to do with this accident but I have no proof. Hiroki noticed Misaki's eyes starting to water and he cringed. Why is this kid making my heart hurt so bad? The lack of blood must be getting to me.

"Look Takahashi, there is no other person who got hurt. You were the only one there and Sumi has to be fine since he walked away from the scene. The rude punk bumped into me when he left the area." Misaki paid full attention to him as Hiroki arched a brow. So this is what Takahashi paying attention looks like.

Misaki muttered. "He left? He didn't help me?"

"No...he left."

Misaki sighed. "I guess he wasn't a true friend after all, I shouldn't have given him another chance if he wasn't going to help me out in my time of need. I must mean so little to him if he made no effort to see me here at the hospital if he was worried..."

Hiroki rolled his eyes. "Take it with a grain of salt kid, you can move on and find a better friend than this guy. From my experience, the ones with few friends are happier than others who have countless amounts of them. The trust isn't fully there and they don't want to reveal any secrets that might get leaked out by untrustworthy people. I never had a lot of friends and I turned out just fine. "

Misaki uttered. "P-Professor?"

Hiroki face warmed up at the realization of his passionate speech, he tried redirecting their conversation. "My friend called your guardian to come over to see you. You were passed out the whole night and the man briefly came by and left quickly."

Misaki was confused when he asked. "Then how come you were in here sleeping?"

"N-Kusama-sensei suggested I stay since I had my blood drawn out of my body. He didn't want me fainting in the street if I left to go home."

"Why did you...?"

Hiroki answered Misaki's incomplete question with a sigh. "It turns out my blood is compatible to yours and the doctors couldn't find your blood type. They asked me to donate some and I said they could." He rubbed his shoulder with his right hand. "This hospital is big enough to have blood packs of every type but it turns out they didn't I guess."

"Oh...thank you for giving me your blood Professor Kamijou."

"It's the least you can say to me, the nurse who took out my blood was asking me a lot of questions. I told them the answers and to check my folder for extra information if they doubted my answers."

"Strange...who is my guardian in my medical records? I sort of forgot..."

"Why ask me?"

"You...said my guardian came last night so..."

Hiroki answered him. "It was your brother and his family. His wife had to take away their son since he was crying when he saw all of the machines around you. Around that time I was talking with the doctor about your condition, you'll be fine."

"Are they coming back anytime soon?"

"I don't know...the doctor might tell you when she comes in here to check up on you." Hiroki answered as his phone rang, he pressed the ignore button without even checking it and placed it on the sofa.

Misaki asked. "...Aren't you going to answer?"

Hiroki glared at him. "Is it any of your business if I don't answer my phone Takahashi?"


"Then don't assume you can, before I forget Akihiko passed by yesterday to see you."

"He did! B-But his manuscript!"

"He has his laptop with him so he could work on it here, he didn't do shit when he saw how badly hurt you were. He had to be forced out of here by your brother when visiting hours were over. I got to stay since I was asleep when they left, I could call him back."

"No! That's unnecessary; he might cause a riot and ask me so many questions when I'm supposed to rest."

"If you say so kid."

Someone knocked on the door as a woman walked inside. "I see you're awake Takahashi-kun, I'm your doctor Katakura-sensei."

"Nice to meet you doctor."

Hiroki got up from the sofa and grabbed his phone before he forgot it. He wasn't needed when the doctor would inform Misaki about everything.

Katakura informed Hiroki with a smile. "Kusama asked me to tell you to go see him when you woke up."

"Thanks." Hiroki muttered as he left them, Misaki and the doctor were left in the room.

She smiled as she sat on one of the chairs. "So how are you feeling?"

"Sore...confused about how this happened, I don't remember anything."

"That's normal; you might have a slight case of amnesia when your head got cracked open on impact. You have painkillers inside your I.V so you don't feel anything."

Misaki said. "Oh...then I'm glad I have been asleep for this long then."

Katakura-sensei chuckled. "Everyone says that, now the police are investigating the man who hit you with the license plate. Your brother doesn't feel the need to press charges but another man who was accompanying him disagreed. He wanted to get every bit of information to put this person in jail for injuring you, what do you think?"

"That," Misaki groaned. "This is the worst birthday of my life."

"That is a given, but the current matter at hand?"

"Well...I don't want to cause any trouble when I don't remember anything about the accident. It might not even be the driver's fault and I'm making accusations." Misaki answered, he closed his eyes when the light started affecting his eyes. "Can you close the curtains please?"

"Of course." She told him as she reached for the curtain surrounding the bed and pulled it around Misaki's bed. "All that matters is that you recover and have a relaxing vacation from university."

"Wha- But I can't! My professors-"

"Will understand when they find out you are injured and cannot put any strain on yourself in this condition." She explained to him and she heard her beeper chime, she checked the screen and she got up from the chair. "If you will excuse me, I have to attend to another patient but have a good sleep hmm?"

Misaki smiled and nodded his head as the doctor walked out. He rested his head on his fluffy pillow and tried to relax.

I wonder if Usagi-san is coming, even if Professor Kamijou told me he wouldn't call him. Knowing Usagi-san he would've demanded the doctors to call him when I regained consciousness. Misaki winced when he moved his leg. Yes, this is the worst birthday ever.