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Chapter 21: Shadowing Gaze...

Takahiro pulled Manami into one of the many abandoned streets, he clasped his hand over her mouth so she wouldn't scream. Her head harshly hit the wall as Manami tried hard not to cry from the pain of the bruise she got. His eyes narrowed when he looked at her, his feelings of love for her had dissipated into nothing. He didn't think he even had any in the first place and she was the only woman who was actually interested in him at the time. All he wanted now was Misaki, to get Misaki back after such a long time of not being able to hold him in his arms.

Tears gathered in Manami's eyes when she stared into his eyes. She didn't know those once gentle eyes could stare at her so harshly. Her cell phone started ringing out of nowhere which had Takahiro break their eye contact to search for the source of the phone. From the ringtone, she knew it was her mother calling to check up on her and to see when they should meet up again.

Takahiro took her phone out of her pocket with his free hand, looked at the name on the caller I.D and he answered with a sickeningly sweet smile. "Okaa-san! How wonderful it is to talk to you!"

Manami felt his hand tighten around her face, silently telling her to keep her mouth shut.

"Taka-chan! I didn't know Kajiwara was meeting you! Am I interrupting you two?"

"Not at all okaa-san," His nails slightly dug into her skin, making Manami flinch. "We were just having a long discussion over how to handle our situation at the moment."

"Don't you worry Taka-chan, I want you and Kajiwara to stay together but she doesn't seem to get it. You two are so perfect together and she is pregnant right now, she can't be without her husband at this time."

Tears ran down Manami's face as Takahiro smirked. "Oh we are resolving a few things right now okaa-san...and on the matter of the baby, she should know better than to endanger herself." Manami's hands instantly went over her abdomen as she glared at him despite the terror which filled her body. "There are so many dangers out there."

"I know what you mean, I am going to leave you two in your talk. And don't worry about Mahiro, he will be entertained by the time Kajiwara comes to get him."

"Why thank you okaa-san, I'll talk to you very soon." He hung up the phone after that as he placed Manami's phone back in her pocket.

Manami froze when his eyes connected back to hers.

"You talked to him." Takahiro stated coldly, he knew she talked to Misaki and he didn't even have to say anything else.

He caught Misaki walking down the street right across from him during his usual walk away from work which brought so much joy to his heart. This was the first time since his hospital visit that he was able to catch a glimpse of Misaki. His work and making sure Manami wouldn't warn Misaki of anything she knew about him took out a good portion of his time out of the day. He found his little 'warnings' to Manami were more entertaining than he expected so he called her more often than necessary.

But it seemed she didn't think he was serious about his warnings. He wanted to know how much Misaki knew before he reprimanded her about this whole situation.

Manami's glare lessened as her fear took over body. Her body trembled as her hands gripped the front of her shirt and Takahiro still had his hand over her mouth. She wanted to ask him how he knew she met Misaki, she made careful precautions not to have him find her if she ever returned to the city. Unless Takahiro was stalking her or Misaki, then he would have never known about this meeting at all.

Takahiro got close to her as he asked. "How much did you tell him?"

Manami remained silent due to the hand covering her mouth as Takahiro chuckled. "Why excuse me, I forgot about my hand was covering your face." He took it off as he asked again. "How much did you tell him, Kajiwara?"

She gulped as she remained against the wall and she couldn't find an answer that could placate Takahiro enough to leave her alone. If she lied, he would find out when Misaki ran away from him when he sees him. She was sure by the time Takahiro found Misaki, he would be walking around without a problem and he patched everything up with Hiroki. She wished he would do it soon so the danger surrounding everything lessened down.

The fact Misaki confided in her that he wasn't a Takahashi but a Kamijou shocked her to the core but it brought another element on the protectiveness of Misaki. When Takahiro's parents passed, the responsibility of hiding Misaki passed onto him. She had met Takahiro's extended family, they were stable and could have raised Misaki while he went to university like he had planned before the accident.

Most of the family found it noble that Takahiro dedicated every moment to Misaki and took on so many jobs just to raise him. There were also a few who thought it was odd that Takahiro was too protective of Misaki, every single moment Misaki was out of their home he had to check in while telling Takahiro exactly where he was. Yet, no one ever questioned Takahiro since he worked hard to raise Misaki on his own.

She never imagined that when she married Takahiro she would end up in this mess.


"Why what?"

"Why are you doing this to me?"

Takahiro smirked as he caressed her face and she moved her face away when his fingers touched her. "To keep my beloved brother from getting the wrong influences that's why. You are turning into a nuisance and I'm sure you won't do anything stupid again once I am done with you."

She glared at him as she mustered up the strength when she told him. "He's staying with people who will protect him from you. Don't think Misaki is going to go back to you when all of this is over."

His smile turned into a frown when he slapped her face and she gasped in pain. "Don't make me ask again." He gripped her shirt as her eyes widened. "What did you tell him?"

Manami decided to lie on a few things, that slap was the last straw, she wasn't going to risk her children because she was being cowardly. "I just told him about your medicine," His grip tightened on her shirt. "But not the effects and what it is trying to cure...he doesn't know about what you have been doing with me. Nothing at all."

Takahiro got close enough so that their noses were touching. "Are you sure about that? Because I will find out if you are lying to me."

Manami said. "I am not lying." She needed to get Mahiro and leave, she would abandon everything she knew and find a new life somewhere else.

Her mother wasn't going to house her anymore and would certainly ship her to Takahiro if it meant they got together. She was so enamored with Takahiro that she would ignore the dangerous signs so there wouldn't be a divorce. That was a ridiculous reason to keep a marriage together and they wouldn't have survived long after everything settled back to normal.

Takahiro put his hand on her abdomen as she slapped it away and exclaimed. "Keep your hands away from my child!"

He sneered. "Don't you mean our child, dearest?"

Manami grit her teeth. "You renounced the baby long ago, don't you dare act like you care."

Takahiro smirked when he put his hands up. "You got me there, I could care less about this child." He moved her hand away again as he pressed her belly and she froze on the spot. "Now, are you sure you are not lying to me?"

Manami knew she couldn't back out now, he would hurt her and the baby if she changed her story right there. Her cheek still stung from his slap from earlier and she didn't want to know what else he was capable of if she faltered.

"I am not lying." She stated without any hesitation.

She had to be strong for her children, they were all she had left in this world..

"I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, for now." Takahiro said, he roughly kissed her and Manami jerked herself away as if he was poison itself. "Consider yourself lucky I am feeling generous today, seeing Misaki has made me a little amicable."

Takahiro let go of her as he laughed at the expression on her face. The utter disgust and revulsion of kissing him was something he felt for her as well. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand as walked away without a care in the world. An evil smile face formed on his face as Manami slid down onto the concrete floor.

She pulled her knees to her chest and she sobbed her eyes out.

Misaki heard his phone ring and he checked the caller I.D as he stood outside of Hiroki and Nowaki's apartment complex. He wondered why Manami was calling him when she had just met him in the morning. This didn't bother him at all, he loved talking to his sister-in-law. Though, her words still resonated inside of his head as he remembered how she described this new Takahiro who might actually hurt him if he got to him.

This scared him a little but he knew Manami would never lie to him. She didn't benefit from him being scared when she insisted that he still call himself Mahiro's uncle and her new baby's uncle when he or she was born. He was already thinking of names for the baby to suggest to Manami when she told him the sex of the baby. Although, she might leave it as a surprise just like when she was pregnant with Mahiro, he hoped the baby came out healthy when he or she was finally born.

Misaki answered as he sat on one of the benches so he wouldn't tire out his good leg. "Hello, Nee-san?"

Her voice trembled when she told him. "Misaki, I will be leaving with Mahiro. When I am situated at my new location I will call you again."

Misaki was confused by how afraid she sounded as he asked her. "What's going on?! Nee-san?!"

"I am so sorry...I can't..I can't stay around here any longer."

"Please tell me what's going on? Why do you sound so scared? Nee-san?"

He heard her sob when she told him. "Promise me you won't get near Takahiro. Promise me."

Misaki shivered, knowing that new information of Takahiro had him imagining the worst. "I will. But please tell me, what did he do to you?" He held the phone closer to his ear. "Tell me?"

"He caught me when I was walking back to meet my mother and he threatened to hurt the baby this time if I didn't tell him the truth of what I told you. I lied which is why I am leaving before he finds out you know everything." He heard the zipping of a bag and Mahiro was babbling in the background. "I don't know if he stalked me or you but be careful from now on. Don't leave home without Kamijou-san, Kusama-san or anyone from now on. For your sake, get everything settled with Kamijou-san so he can protect you."

Misaki felt tears in his eyes as he nodded his head. "I-I will, I am so sorry this had to happen to you...can I say goodbye to Mahiro at least?"

"Don't worry about it Misaki, this gives me a chance to start somewhere fresh. You have nothing to be sorry about. Let me pass you to Mahiro right now." She sniffed as he heard the shuffling of clothes as Manami said. "Mahiro, Uncle Misa is on the phone."

Misaki smiled as he wiped the tears from his eyes. "Mahiro..it's Uncle Misa."

"Uncle Misa!"

"Hey buddy, I know I won't see you for a while and I wanted to tell you that I love you okay? I really love you and I will see you soon, be a great big brother for your little brother or sister for me."

"Okay! I love you!" Misaki was sure Mahiro didn't understand what he meant but at least he got to talk to him before Manami left.

He wasn't going to change his number anytime soon. He was going to thank Nowaki for having given her his number so she could have set up that meeting. So many things happened in such a short amount of time that he simply forgot to call her to give her his number in the first place. Hearing the truth about someone he thought he knew was hard but at least he got a new perspective out of it.

She risked her own safety to tell him this when he was too stubborn to listen to his actual brother who was just looking out for him. He was going to apologize the moment he saw him when he walked through the door of the apartment. Then, he would do the same to Nowaki who was just a messenger and he snapped at him when it was his sister-in-law who told him this information. Manami repeated this with more detail which had Misaki realize he was at fault.

He hoped they would forgive him. He was already getting scared when he imagined the original Demon Kamijou and not the usual Hiroki greeting him by the door and yelling at him to leave. Misaki gulped as he shook his head, no, Demon Kamijou was at school, Hiroki was a whole different person at home. Hiroki cared for him, he wasn't going to kick him out over an argument.

Manami got the phone back and she told him. "I'll talk to you soon Misaki, take care."

Misaki wiped his eyes again when he felt tears running down his face. "Yes...you too nee-san, when you get your new home, call me when you have the chance."

"Of course, I might have a new number so I'll give that to you too." She chuckled to hide her distress and Misaki could tell it was to hide it from Mahiro. "Goodbye, Misaki." Manami told him.

"Goodbye, nee-san." Misaki hung up the phone as he sat there and absorbed everything that had just transpired.

Misaki quickly made it up to the apartment, well as fast as his crutches could let him. He was still careful of his leg as he picked up speed. After getting used to speeding in his usual walk to class, he could very much control his crutches well enough that he doesn't fall flat on his face.

He passed by a young mother and her child, Misaki halted as he greeted them. The little girl waved at him eagerly while the mother gently smiled while she bowed before she left with her daughter. Misaki waited until they turned the corner until he made his way to the apartment.

His bag slid down his shoulder and Misaki swore under his breath when he stopped to fix the location of the strap. It went across his chest now and then he got closer to the door.

Misaki fished out the key from his pocket as he hastily opened the door. He flinched when he heard the loud slam but he couldn't have stopped it even if he tried. Both of his hands held onto the crutches after he opened the door so he wouldn't fall onto the ground.

Hiroki jumped when he heard the front door open with a slam as he exclaimed. "Nowaki! How many times have I told you not to slam the door!" He frowned as he sipped his tea from the kitchen, he assumed it was Nowaki because the guy sometimes forgot he was too hard on the door.

Misaki hastily took off his shoe as he followed the direction of his brother's voice and figured out he was in the kitchen. He didn't say it was him and not Nowaki because he was afraid of his reaction when he saw him. He didn't say he was home because he was so afraid of his reaction and he berated himself for even thinking negatively. Nothing came out good if he thought in a negative manner.

He made it to the door of the kitchen as he stood there, breathless as he stared over at Hiroki. Hiroki looked up and blinked when he saw Misaki right in front of him for the first time in days.

They stared at each other without saying a word to one another. Misaki tried not averting his eyes while Hiroki set down his mug on the table and gave him his full attention.

Misaki carefully made his way to Hiroki who stood up on his seat and didn't say a word. Hiroki wanted Misaki to talk to him first, it wasn't because he was prideful, he wanted to hear what Misaki had to tell him without interruptions. He really had missed hearing Misaki singing to some pop song in his room while he was grading papers and Nowaki was watching TV in the living room. The serenity inside of their home was dampened by the silence and the heavy atmosphere their argument from a few days prior.

They all fit together in their home without a problem, it was as if Misaki belonged there from the very beginning. Hiroki wanted that feeling to return and this tenseness to disappear from their lives. He knew that if he talked first, he might anger Misaki in some way and leave them. He didn't want his brother to leave his life already, he wanted him to stay.

When he was close enough to Hiroki, Misaki threw away his crutches and wrapped his arms around his brother. Hiroki was shocked by the action and he managed to keep himself standing up without them toppling down onto the floor. He didn't want Misaki to injure himself when his cast was almost going to get taken off.

Misaki had the words inside of his head but his mouth couldn't form them out. He trembled as he panicked and he didn't dare look at Hiroki in the face. The sadness he felt from Manami leaving with her children, the truth about Takahiro and his fight with Hiroki and Nowaki took a toll on him.

Hiroki suddenly heard Misaki sobbing into his chest and he freaked out. His older brother mode was activated as he started running his fingers through Misaki's hair.

"Whatever it is Misaki, you know you can tell me okay?"

Misaki bit the inside of his cheek to stop himself from crying even harder as he nodded his head. He should be comforted by the soft tone Hiroki was using but it might be disguised by the true expression on his face.

"What's wrong kid?"

Misaki clung to Hiroki as he cried. "I am so sorry nii-san! Please don't kick me out because of what happened the other day!"

Hiroki stood there, relief filled his body that Misaki didn't hate him at all. All this time he was worried over nothing. Misaki wasn't the type to hate anyone, he was too kind of a kid to truly have such negative emotions inside of his body. He felt Misaki's tears stain his shirt and he didn't mind it one bit, he had missed so much time with Misaki that they really had to make up for lost time.

Misaki was instantly worried when Hiroki didn't answer him right away. He gripped the back of Hiroki's shirt so he wouldn't be easily removed from where he stood. He knew Hiroki wouldn't push him away due to his cast but it was a safety precaution in his mind.

Suddenly, Hiroki smacked Misaki on the head when he barked. "I already forgave you days ago and who the hell told you I would be kicking you out brat!"

Misaki flinched from the smack as he looked up at Hiroki with tears in his eyes. "You are not going to kick me out?"

"Hell no!"

"It isn't because I am injured right?"

Hiroki rolled his eyes as he smiled lightly. "Kid, I don't take in just anyone in my home. "

Misaki nuzzled his face in Hiroki's chest as he kept a firm embrace. He was happy, he grew so used to being with Nowaki and Hiroki that it would be weird if he suddenly left them.

He told him again. "I'm sorry."

Hiroki embraced Misaki as he put his cheek on the top of Misaki's head. "I'm sorry too...I know I said some stupid shit the other day too."

Misaki smiled lightly. "You were only looking out for me...nee-san told me the same thing when I told her about it."

"Manami? You met with her today?" Misaki nodded his head. "What did she tell you?"

Misaki stiffened when he told him. "Exactly what you and Nowaki told but with a lot more details that I wish I never knew."

"Like what exactly?"

"Takahiro has been threatening nee-san and the baby. She told me about the real him and he sound so scary to me nii-san that I don't feel safe anymore. And...he might have stalked me or nee-san when she met me this morning."

Hiroki held Misaki close to him as his eyes narrowed. Takahiro wasn't going to get anywhere near Misaki if he had anything to say about it. He was glad Manami told Misaki everything, she used to be together with Takahiro and was the best source for this information.

At least now Misaki knew where he and Nowaki were coming from when they told him about this. They were neutral parties which looked at it from an outside view, Hiroki didn't give a damn about Takahiro anymore. Akihiko even less since he betrayed his brother and had no qualms to place the blame on someone else.

Akihiko could have just admitted he was in the wrong and fess up to kissing Takahiro. Hiroki wasn't blind, he saw Akihiko taking in that kiss, he wasn't quick to push him away until he was caught red handed.

He felt Misaki shivering in his arms when he said. "Don't worry about it, he doesn't know where I live anyway so he can't find you that fast."

Misaki shook his head. " I don't want to endanger you and Nowaki like nee-san did when she told me everything."

"It just means Manami really loves you so enough to tell you, most would just turn a blind eye you know." Misaki nodded his head. "Besides, by doing what she did, she demonstrated that she is a strong woman. I thank her for telling her side of this before she contemplated leaving."

Misaki sniffed as he said. "But...I won't be able to see Mahiro and the baby because of all of this."

"That may be but they are going to be safe now. Isn't that what you want?"

Misaki nodded his head. "I do. I want them to be happy."

Hiroki rubbed his back when he said. "Sit down kid, you are going to tire out your leg and I'm going to have to haul you to the couch like last time."

Misaki pouted as he softly hit Hiroki's chest. "That was one time!"

"I am not taking any chances, you are pretty heavy."

"No I am not!"

Hiroki smirked as Misaki huffed crossed his arms and looked away. His brother was seriously too easy to tease.

Misaki looked at him from the corner of his eyes when he asked. "Will Nowaki forgive me too?"

Hiroki scoffed. "Nowaki understands where you came from Misaki, he doesn't hold anything against you, so you have nothing to worry about."

"That's a relief." Misaki wrapped his arms around Hiroki and laid his head on his chest. "I'm glad I'm home, Hiro nii-san."

Hiroki's eyes softened as he embraced Misaki and he muttered. "I'm glad you are home too, kid."