Book 1: Breaking the Ice Chapter 1

"I'm sorry!" A white /w black spotted she-weasel screamed as she got slapped in the face by her abusive step- father, Tim (A/N,I used that name that Manny thought was intimidating ). "Why are you so late, you worthless girl!" Rosalina's blue eyes were filled with tears and she was shaking like a leaf. She screamed in pain as her step-father slapped her again and she fell to the ground. "You better not be home by dark again, or else it will be worse than this!" He left Rosalina shaking and sobbing on the floor.

When Tim left, Rosalina's twin sister, Roxanne, ran to her and held her close and shushed her. "Sis, I hate to see you get hit all the time, that's why we are leaving tonight." "And what, get beaten by Tim again, I am not sneaking out." Rosalina looked into her sister's eyes with fear. Rosalina sniffed and said, "I wish our mom was here, she would keep us safe from his wrath." ( Rosalina and Roxanne's mom died of some disease years ago.) Roxanne sighed, "I know sis, but we got to move on and take care of ourselves." Her hazel eyes gleaming with tears, but she wiped the tears away.

Finally, Roxanne stood up, "Tonight, we leave this place, whether you like it or not."