Book 1: Breaking the Ice Chapter 10

They walked silently near the entrance cave until Buck said, "This is it, lassies. This was fun." Rosalina asked him with tears glazing her eyes, "B-Buck? Will we see you again?" His ears drooped. He really wanted them to stay down here with him, but he was afraid that they would say no. Finally Buck said, "I may come up there and visit you."

Rosalina had a tear rolling down her cheek and she asked him, "C-c- can we…" Her sentence was interrupted by seeing a pair of red eyes behind Buck. He froze and asked them quietly, "We're not alone, are we?" The weasels stepped back and Buck got in front of the she-weasels and smirked, "Hello, Rudy."

Rudy came out of the cave and roared loudly. "RUN!" Buck screamed. They started running away from the dinosaur until the she-weasels were cornered by Rudy and hugging each other protectively. Rudy got closer until he heard Buck yell, "Ova' here, you colossal fossil! Looking for something?" Buck taunted him with his knife and asked him, "Then why don't you come and get it? Go to the cave. Go!" Rosalina and Roxanne wasn't going to let Buck die, so they ran to where Rudy and Buck were and ran to help him.

Rosalina yelled, "Buck, throw me your knife! Trust me!" Buck threw his knife to Rosalina and she stabbed Rudy's foot with it. He roared in pain and flicked his foot up, trying to pry the she-weasel off of his bleeding foot. Rosalina held on tight and climbed onto Rudy's snout and started slashing him with her claws.

He roughly shook his head and finally got the she-weasel off of him. Rosalina screamed until she felt a pair of arms catch her and she looked up and saw it was Buck who caught her before she fell on the ground. She jumped out of his arms and yelled, "Buck! I'll handle Rudy while you find some vines and tie him down."

He nodded and ran through some bushes and found some vines and catapulted himself onto Rudy's snout. He saw Rosalina slashing the Baryonyx all around his face, but he continued to tie up Rudy's snout and flew down through his sides to his feet. Rosalina jumped down and helped Buck pull Rudy down. After they finally defeated Rudy together, Roxanne came out from hiding in a bush and high-fived her sister.

Buck walked towards Rudy and patted his snout, "Better luck next time, snowflake." He tuned around and asked Rosalina, "Lass, did you want to say something earlier." Finally, it was her chance to ask him if they could stay. She cleared her throat and asked him, "Buck, can we stay down here with you. I wondered if you ever wanted kids of your own, and I thought maybe we could be your first. I sorta' think of you as a dad to me." Buck's beautiful blue eye glazed with tears and his heart swelled when she said that. Roxanne pulled Rosalina into an arm-around-shoulder hug and asked him, "Yeah. Would you like it if we were your foster-daughters?" Buck never thought that he would have daughters of his own, and he finally had some. Buck said through tears of happiness, "Of course, I would love that very much." Rosalina in a verge of tears, "Oh. Give me a hug, dad." He pulled both of the girls in a hug. He asked them excitedly, "Who would like to ride on Rudy?" The girls giggled and climbed on the dinosaur with Buck slashing one of the vines off and throwing it over Rudy's snout and into his mouth.

"YEHAW!" The girls and Buck yelled as they rode Rudy through the trees.