Title: What happened there?

Author: MrsSmithySmith

Rating: T

Pairings: Tony D. Ziva D.

Summary: A new case opens, and Ziva's sick!

"Ziva! Have you seen my tie anywhere?"

"Tony it is here on the kitchen table, where you left it."

"When did I-Oh."

"I am glad you remember the reason it is here, but if you do not hurry up, we will be late for the third time this week."

"You're not the one who got head-slapped multiple times." Rubbing his head, clearly reliving the memory.

"My little furry mutt, is still in pain?" Ziva stepped towards him, and placed her hand on his cheek.

"A kiss may help you know." She smiled, and gently placed her lips on his.

The kiss ended as quickly as it started. "Come on Tony, we will be late." She tugged on his hand, pulling him and their coats and bags out of the door.

"I'm just saying, why didn't you get head-slapped?"

"Because Tony, I am your wife." Before he had a chance to respond, Gibbs reappeared in the bullpen, yelling orders.

"Dead marine. Grab your gear." The team grabbed their bags and rushed to keep up with their fearless leader. "McGee!"

"Sorry Boss."

"You three, take the charger, I'll meet you there." Gibbs then tossed the keys in the air, to see who could catch them first. Ziva had a look of victory on her face, when she caught them; even more so when both Tony and McGee groaned heavily. It took them 10 minutes to arrive at the scene, Tony and McGee dramatically gripped the ground, when they exited the charger. Ziva merely rolled her eyes, and set up her kit, taking photographs of the scene, leaving McGee and Tony to do their own thing. Gibbs arrived 15 minutes later, McGee was bagging evidence, and Tony had just finished gathering the victims prints.

"Hey Boss. The victim is Lieutenant Commander Amber Wilkinson. 29. Just returned from a tour in Iraq. Currently stationed in Maryland, no family members, lives alone." Tony said.

Ziva popped up behind them, her notepad in her hand. "I have just finished co-ordinating with the witnesses, no one heard anything, seemingly silent. No gun shots, shouting, arguing, whenever this happened no one knows."

"McGee bag and tag. DiNozzo photos. Ziver, with me." Each team member went off in separate directions, prepared to complete their orders.

"What do you need me to do, Gibbs?"

"Who was the first witness you interviewed?"

Flicking through her notepad to find the name, she said, "A Mr Cameron Beets. Lives next door, acted very nosy and approached me to see what was happening."

"You got a description?"

"Uh average build, Caucasian, dark hair, quite muscular. Looks about 31/32. Why?"

He remained silent, and gave Ziva a knowing glance. "You want to talk to him?"

He nodded, "Yeah. Let's go." They walked over to the next house, the door was ajar causing them to raise their guns. Stepping inside the agents separated moving to opposite sides of the room.


"Gibbs!" He appeared seconds later at her side. "Blood splatter. I think this is the primary crime scene."

"Corner this house off. I'll get DiNozzo over here to give you a hand. I'll take McGee back to HQ." Ziva nodded towards her boss, and went back outside to gather her kit, and corner off the scene. When she returned, she found Tony bagging evidence.


"Hi. Have you found any relevant evidence yet?"

"Yeah I did. I found a 9mm casing by the door. I've taken swabs from the blood trail, to take to Abby. Just need you to photograph the rest of the scene."

"Good job."

"Thanks honey. I'll go put these out in the charger." Hint of sarcasm; gesturing towards the bags of evidence in his hands. Ziva suddenly grabbed hold of his arm.

"Wait Tony, did you not see that, over there?"


"The shattered window, there is a fibre on the edge." She then let go of him, and photographed the evidence, whilst Tony pulled the fibre away.

"Navy blue cotton fibre. Matches the jacket we found the victim in."

"We need to bag it Tony."

It wasn't until half an hour later, that Tony and Ziva returned to HQ. Gibbs was clear to point this out to them, before they had the chance to speak themselves.

"What took you so long, DiNozzo's?"

"We found evidence at the primary crime scene, we believe it could be where the lieutenant was first struck, Gibbs."

"You sent it to Abby?"

"Yeah Boss, she's working on the fibre we found as we speak."

Gibbs nodded and sat down at his desk. A minute later his phone rang. "Yeah Gibbs." He nodded. "Ok. Be right there." He stood up and headed for the elevator. Abby was blaring her BrainMatter CD through the lab, it took Gibbs a few minutes to get her to recognise his presence. When she did, she turned down her music.

"Abs whatcha got?"

"Hi Gibbs. I analyzed the fibre that Tony and Ziva found. It's a match to the jacket you found the victim in. I also ran a check on the blood swabs; it's a match to the victim too. I think Ziva's hunch was right, next door may be the crime scene."

"Thanks Abs." He then placed a Caf-Pow in front of her, and left.

"Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs! Don't you want to hear my theory?"


"Ok, the fibre found on the glass, I think that maybe there was a tussle, and the lieutenant was pushed into the window, and she fell causing a blow to the head."

"She has more than one blow to the head Abs."

"Maybe that happened during the tussle, you know she was thrown about. I mean she could have hit her head on anything in that house."

"McGee! You contact a next of kin?"

"No Boss, she had no family. I have however managed to contact her CO, a captain William Hodge, he's on his way over as we speak."


"I headed down to autopsy, and Ducky confirmed the victim suffered blunt force trauma prior to her death, and the bullet found in her chest is what topped her off."


"I went through her financial records, nothing out of the ordinary."

Gibbs nodded, and gestured for McGee to follow him. Picking up a file, he'd left on his desk, they headed for the stairs.

"Captain Hodge take a seat. Special Agent Gibbs, this is Special Agent McGee." The captain nodded in response.

"How long have you known Lieutenant Wilkerson?"

"About three years now."

"She's dead." Gibbs flicked through the file, pulling out a picture of the lieutenant, hoisting it forward to the captain; whilst McGee pulled out his notepad.


"Gunshot. Our coroner confirmed her death between 12 and 3 am last night. Did she have any enemies?"

"She had people that disagreed with her work ethics."

"What sort of disagreements?" McGee asked.

"Just about the way she did things, she had her own way of working, others didn't like that, Agent McGee."

"Boss, I checked out a place called Q-Tech, where Wilkerson was known to be heading, for the past three months. It's a base for navy men and women, just after they finish a tour, they get prepared for new tours, by trainers."

"It's a training ground?"



"I checked for any callouts to Q-Tech, and over the last three months, there have been 35 calls made to the Met police, for domestic disputes involving Amber Wilkerson. Witness statements confirm shouting, screaming, thrown furniture, lots of banging. This was happening every few days."

"Find out if she was close to anyone on that base, then bring 'em in."

"Where you going Boss?"

"See Ducky."

Ziva suddenly paled and ran off in the direction of the ladies room. Tony was instantly on his feet, and followed her.

She was rinsing her mouth out, when he locked the door. "Hey Honey. You ok?"

"Yes I am fine."

"Not sick or anything?"

"It must have been that Chinese we had last night. I cannot think of anything else."

"I would be sick too then. I had the same food as you."

"Tony, our bodies react differently."

"So what would you suggest it is?"

"I don't know, I just feel crap."

"You wanna go home?"

"No. I will just go and stay with Abby for a while, have a lie down."


"Thank you for worrying."

"I wouldn't be a very good husband if I didn't."

Ziva placed her hand on his chest and gave him a quick kiss, before leaving. When she arrived in Abby's lab, she recieved a bone crushing hug, Abby had a look of concern on her face, when Ziva didn't smile.

"Ziva, are you alright? You look very pale."

"I just feel a little sick, that is all. I want to relax."

"Was it something you ate?"

"Perhaps. I do not know."

Abby tried studying Ziva's figure, her posture, her body language, trying to figure out the signs of an illness. "Ziva are you sure you're ok? Tony should've taken you home."

"Abby I-I just want to lie down. Please."

"Sure. The futon's in my office, as always."

"Thank you."

"Ducky claims the victim engaged in sexual activity before she died."

"I'll track her cell phone records from the past 48 hours, see if anything pops up."

"Good. DiNozzo! Find whatever you can, on a Cameron Beets."

"Next door neighbour?"


"Think he's involved?"

"Well, I'll know once you get me that information."

"On it Boss."

"Where the hell is Ziva!"

"Down in the lab with Abby, she's not feeling too well."

"Why didn't you take your wife home?"

"I offered, she said no, and went to lie down."

"Boss, I got something."

Gibbs walked over and stood beside McGee waiting for him to continue.

"I found that Wilkerson's cell phone was in the vicinity of the seven bells club, last night, until at least 11:30pm."

"Tony get Ziva. Get down there."

"But Boss she-"

"Now DiNozzo!"

Tony huffed, and grabbed his and Ziva's bags and coats, and trailed down to the lab. He put their stuff on the ground, before greeting Abby.

"Hey Abby."

"Tony!" She gave him a classic Abby hug. Squeezing the life out of him.


"What's wrong with Ziva? Is she ok? She looks awful. I don't mean she looks awful; it's she just-"

"Abby its fine. I need to talk to her. Thanks."

Tony walked through the lab, into the office; he knelt down beside Ziva and began stroking her hair.

"Tony? What are you doing here?"

"Gibbs needs us to go to the Seven Bells club; the victim was there last night."

"Ok. Let's go."

"Sure you're feeling alright?"

"Yes. I am fine. I just need to do my job Tony." He nodded, and stood up, helping her up. They went back through to the lab. Ziva thanked Abby, and then allowed herself to be guided out the lab by Tony.

"Gibbs we spoke to the owner of the Seven Bells, and he confirmed that the lieutenant was there but she was not alone."

"Who was she with?"

"Beets." Tony interjected.

"Good job he's in custody then."

"What did you pick him up for?"

"FBI caught him on a drunk and disorderly charge."

"How long before you can interrogate him Boss?"

"Not til the morning, gotta wait til he sobers up. Go home. Nothing left for you to do, look after Ziva."

Tony nodded in response and grabbed his bag and coat, whilst Ziva did the same. Gibbs waited for them to enter the elevator, before speaking.

"Where ya going, McGee?"

"Home Boss?"

"Nuh-uh. We got work to do."

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