Aftermaths: Chapter 2: Shiskebaboo


Corobo was ready for the fight. He was surprised by the feel of the area. It was oddly relaxing, even though he was in a rival kingdom. He ordered his soliders to attack what looked like a gate, and hoped the battle would be easy.


The battle turned out to be the exact opposite of what Corobo was expecting. It was like a pinball game, with Shiskebaboo as the ball. He had already lost two hunters in this battle.

"If this keeps up, I'll lose, I need to defeat him at his own game." Corobo found that talking to himself helped him focus better. Getting angry like with the Onii king would end badly here. After Shiskebaboo got near a fork, Corobo had a plan. "Focus on getting Shiskebaboo to run into that fork."

After that, the battle turned in Corobo's favor. In a few seconds, the battle had finally ended with Corobo as the victor.


A new princess, new land, Alpoko had very good reasons to have a Festival. Corobo knew he would find the two hunters on the beach the next day. So he decided to fully enjoy this festival. He walked around his kingdom, taking the time to fully reflect on the state of his kingdom. Things were going perfectly, but Corobo wondered how much longer it would last for. Still, he enjoyed the moment and had a lot of fun.


Spumoni and Apricot had established a quick friendship over similar interests. Of course in terms of major interests they were very different. Spumoni would generally stay in the castle and eat while Apricot would go on walks throughout the kingdom. Unknown to them, Verde secretly hated both of them.

"Corobo is such a sleeze, those useless girls get all the free time they want. While I do some of the most important work here and have no time to myself." Verde had only allowed herself to voice her opinion when no one could listen. She couldn't stand how Corobo had already married twice without talking to her. Couldn't he see that she cared for him more then those dolls.


"Howser, I need your opinion on this." Corobo was not used to asking, he never had to, and it was hard to get out of his bell ringing habit.

"What do you need?"

"The people are becoming to relaxed, no deaths or defeats. But if we don't focus, then that will happen. What should I do to motivate them?"

"The moment you command them, fulfilling your orders are motivation enough. That's how dedicated they are even if rarely shows out of battle."

"So I shouldn't worry?"

"Yes, it's good to relax."

"Okay, I'll go to the princess tower." Corobo hoped Howser was right. He didn't want anyone dying in the upcoming fights. He supposed he could try to relax a bit outside of the festivals.


Skinny Ray had heard the news about the expansion of the Kingdom. He wondered if he could set up another telescope in the new territory. The more the kingdom knew about the end of the world the better. Plus it would be a nice way to avoid that stupid priest and his rantings. Yes, another telescope in the new territory would be nice, if he could get there in the first place. And even then, he still had much to learn for his current one. So Skinny Ray decided he could deal with the nearby annoyance for a little while longer.

Not over yet

Liam was looking over his notes and adding onto them. Being an anything minister was very hard. He knew the King would need his knowledge, so he rarely took breaks. The only exception being the post king fight festivals. But Liam knew he would only get a vacation when all of the other kings were defeated. For everyone else each Kingdom conquered may be different parts of the job. But for Liam it was all one big part of his job with no breaks. He would enjoy the end of the conquest more then anyone else, that was for sure. He prepared his notes for the next Kingdom.

A/N: I'm using this story as a test of my editing skills, so forgive me for any mess ups. I've decided each chapter is going to have seven 'sections.' This was harder to write then the first chapter because the Shiskebaboo fight just made me annoyed at the sudden gameplay change and not worried like the Onii king did. And I got lazy, so that explains why this chapter took so long. Also, there's a new Little King's Story game in development for the Playstation Vita. I'm not a fan of the new artstyle but I'll check it out when it comes out.