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Chapter One

The Story Continues

Wilhelmina Vandom, more commonly called Will, lay on her bed with music playing and the door locked. The last thing she wanted was to have her mother or stepfather bother her right now. It wasn't as if she was in a bad mood or anything, she just hated having to be around them.

She'd taken to being out of the house for as long as possible during the day, going to one of the guardians houses, going to the arcade, walking to the park or library, anything but being at home. Her mother and stepfather's newly wed behavior was over the top. All the kissing, sneak hugs, giggling, cheek pinches and of course Will knew what they did every night.

More than anything, she wished September the first would come so she could go back to Hogwarts and back to her friends there. Ron Weasley, the red haired jokester, Hermione Granger, the academic one, Luna Lovegood, the dreamy one, Ginny Weasley, the feisty one, and Harry Potter, her boyfriend.

Her friends weren't the only things she missed; she missed the castle, the classes, and the magic. She even missed some of her professors; Hagrid of course, and she'd always liked Professor Flitwick, and she even found herself missing the presence of the headmaster, Albus Dumbledore.

Two months and no contact with any of the wizarding world was almost too much to bear. Because of the thousands of miles between Heatherfield and England, no letters could be sent between the guardians and any of their friends. The only person Will had met last year who she still saw was Sirius Black, Harry's godfather, who'd become a quite a good friend to her. She still visited him once a month at the least. She was the only link he had to the world he had been born in.

Almost worse than not being in contact with her Hogwarts friends was not having any idea what was going on.

Last year had been an eye opening experience for all the guardians. They weren't the only ones in the world who possessed magical powers (although theirs were different that anyone else's) and there were dangers that threatened both sides of the veil that they hadn't even known about.

Voldemort was still alive, Will knew that much. He had to be, he simply couldn't be dead. He had supposedly died sixteen years ago but came back thirteen years afterward. He had never died, Will knew that, Harry had told her the whole story, or as much of it as he knew anyway.

Phobos was alive too, imprisoned in Meridian with his legs permanently paralyzed. He had regained some use of his arms, for the all the good it did him. Elyon kept him watched every hour of the night and day, using every precaution to make sure he wouldn't escape again and threaten her people.

Upon hearing the front door of the apartment open, she drew herself from her thoughts. Her stepfather was home, and her mothers voice was already greeting him. She waved a hand at her CD player, shutting it off and waited, knowing they'd have to leave the hall to the front door eventually.

Finally she heard footsteps heading towards the back of the apartment and she grabbed her backpack and bolted to the door. Once outside, she locked the door behind her, and walked off, with no idea where she'd end up.

She knew that Irma and Hay Lin were both out of town, no chance of running into them. She supposed she might run into Taranee or Cornelia, but Taranee usually spent her Sundays at the library and Cornelia generally was hard to find anyway.

Ultimately, she decided on the park, since it was basically the default location for her to go to on her walks.

This was also the place where it had all began, the place where she and the others had met Albus Dumbledore for the first time and accepted the journey that had started them on possibly their greatest adventure. It had been almost more surprising than discovering the veil and history behind it.

She came to her favorite bench and sat down, taking off her lightweight jacket in the early August sun and lay her head back, intending to fall asleep to the peaceful sounds of birds chirping.

Unfortunately, she never got the chance.

Just as she was dozing off, she felt something nibbling her ear. She waved her arm in the direction without opening her eyes, hoping to shoo it away. But when the nibbling started again, more sharply this time, she sat up and glared over at whatever it was, but the creature there made her glare fade into a puzzled stare.

It was an owl. A somewhat small brown and black one that was looking at her as if it was expecting something, an envelope in its beak.

"Oh yeah." She said tonelessly. "Owl post." She took the letter from the owl, pulled a knut from her coin pocket in her jeans (she had made carrying wizard money a habit) and placed it in the small pouch around the owl's left leg. "Thanks very much."

The owl gave an appreciative hoot and flew away.

Will turned her attention to the back of the envelope, having already decided that the letter was probably not from Hogwarts because the address was no where near as precise as it would have been if it had been from Hogwarts. It was sealed with purple wax, no crest, and the paper was bleached pure white, unlike most wizarding paper.

She opened it and noticed that there two letters and an invitation. Deeply curious, she read the invitation first.

'Your presence is requested at the wedding of Mr. Bill Weasley and Ms. Fleur Delacour at the Weasley's family home, the Burrow, on the 18th of August.'

'Short and sweet.' Will thought, picking up one of the other letters to read.

'Dear Will,
Hope your summer's going all right. Mine'll be a lot better once I leave for the Burrow tomorrow.
Bill's invited you to his wedding, although he's never met you, but I'm sure he wants to. Everything's in place for you to come and stay at the Burrow too, if you say yes. If you can't get a reply back, we're sending Percy down anyway, and you can tell him yes or no. It's no trouble to the Weasleys, I promise.
I miss you, Will, and hope to see you soon, be it at the wedding or Hogwarts.

Will was beaming. He'd found a way to write to her, even if she couldn't write back. Stupid owl, leaving before it's job was done.
Figuring the final letter was probably from Percy, she opened it.

'Dear Miss Vandom,
I will come to collect you to bring you to the Burrow at ten o'clock on Tuesday the 12th of August (I have taken the time difference into account). Please have yourself and all your things ready. If you are not at the departure site, I will assume you do not wish to attend my brother's wedding.
The address of the departure site is enclosed.
Regards, Percy Weasley'

'Stuffy as always.' She thought, remembering the extremely formal, but polite young man who had collected her and her friends to take to England last year.

What was even better was that today was August 10th. The day after tomorrow she'd be at the Burrow, back in the world she'd grown to view as a second home, away from her annoying mother and stepfather.

Still smiling, she got up from the park bench to go home and pack. She'd also have to explain to her mother where she was going, and she smiled even more in amusement as she wondered exactly how she was going to tell her stepfather.

"Right, that's everything." Harry said, looking around at his trunk and packed bags. He still couldn't believe it, he was leaving for the Burrow, and then he'd be off to Hogwarts… and he'd never have to come back to Privet Drive again. He'd never have to hear Dudley's taunting again, Uncle Vernon's growling or Aunt Petunia's disapproving sniffs.

Mr. Weasley, Lupin, Tonks and Ron would be there to get him anytime now, by Floo powder. He supposed he could have left any time he wanted himself, since he was now of age and could do magic any time he wanted, but the Ministry would've known, and Order thought it was best that Fudge didn't know exactly where Harry was, to which Harry had agreed.

He took one last look around the small room that he'd lived in every summer for the last seven years, although it still had never felt like it was his. "This is it Hedwig. You'll never have to be locked up in that cage again after today." Harry said to his owl, who'd been his only friend during each of those seven summers.

Hedwig gazed at him from her cage with her yellow eyes and hooted impatiently, as if she didn't want to stay in the room a moment than she had to.

Harry decided it was time to just leave and be done with it, so he enchanted his trunk and couple of bags to float along behind him, but carried Hedwig's cage. He left the room and shut the door, without looking back.

Once in the living room, he set everything down and noticed the Dusleys in the room, but as far away from the fireplace as they could get, looking nervous, except, strangely, Dudley.

"Well, in a couple minutes you'll be rid of me." Harry said, sticking his wand in his back pocket. "You'll never see me again, I swear."

"What's going to happen to you?" Dudley asked suddenly.

"What?" Harry looked at him, puzzled.

"With this dark lord or whatever, what's going to happen?"

Harry was silent, partly from puzzlement that Dudley actually cared, and also from trying to think of an answer to his question. "I don't know." He answered finally.

They were all looking at him oddly, and it wasn't just anxiety in their eyes.

Harry almost jumped when Uncle Vernon strode forward and thrust his hand out toward him. "Goodbye then." Uncle Vernon barked. Harry, still confused, shook his uncle's hand for a moment.

Dudley, having seemed to win a war with himself, came forward and shook Harry's hand too. "You're not so bad you know."

"Erm, thanks." Harry mumbled, completely bewildered now.

Aunt Petunia remained in the corner, not speaking but staring at him. She looked the most anxious, but obviously she was not willing to shake his hand or anything.

There was a green light cast over the room and flames sprung up in the fireplace and Mr. Weasley, Lupin, Tonks and Ron came out of it, all smiling faintly at him.

"Ready to go Harry?" Lupin asked somewhat brightly.

"Yes." Harry said at once.

The group each picked up one of Harry's bags (Harry had Hedwig), and moved back to fireplace. Tonks, Lupin, and Ron went and then Harry was to go before Mr. Weasley. He stepped into the fireplace, which still had roaring green flames going. "The Burrow."


Harry looked back, surprised that it was Aunt Petunia's voice he was hearing, but it was too late, the living room and those in it had dissolved into spinning green flames. A moment later he stepped out of the Weasley's fireplace, somewhat used to traveling by Floo Powder now, while Hedwig hooted angrily. Harry moved to the back door and let her out, and she flew off to the roof.

Aunt Petunia had never called him by his first name before, at least not that he could remember. What was it she had been going to say?

Mr. Weasley stepped through the fireplace, shaking soot off of himself and trying to clean his glasses on his robes.

"Mr. Weasley? Did my aunt say anything to you before you left?" Harry asked, wondering (although doubting) that Aunt Petunia might've told Mr. Weasley what she had to say.

"No, pity she chose to try and talk to you right as you were leaving." He said, walking towards the back door himself. "I'll go tell Molly you're here Harry." And he strode off into the garden, where Harry could see Crookshank's bushy tail sticking up out of a patch of tomatoes.

On his way upstairs to Ron's room, he passed Tonks and Lupin, who said that they'd be back for dinner, but they had some business with Moody, and Ginny's room, where Ginny shot out of the door to give him a sort of tackling hug. Upon reaching Ron's room, he found both Ron and Hermione, sitting by the open window and gazing out at the vast fields around the Burrow.

Hermione turned around and got to her feet instantly, wrapping him in the same kind of hug Ginny had given him a moment ago. "You're here!"

"Yeah." Harry said, smiling as she pulled away. "Now all we're missing is Will."

"She'll be here before you know it, don't worry." Ron said, stroking Pig absentmindedly.

Hermione turned to look at Ron. "Will's coming?"

"Yeah, for the wedding. Sorry, I thought I told you."

"That's fantastic. Then Harry'll have someone to dance with at least." Hermione teased.

Harry gave a kind of nervous laugh and scratched his ear.

End Chapter One

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